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Top 5 Recommended Google Font Combinations
A nice set of combinations (header and body) of fonts available on Google Fonts.
design  typography  web 
march 2014 by thelibrarian
Anonymous Pro
Anonymous Pro is a family of four fixed-width fonts designed especially with coding in mind.
font  typography  freeware 
may 2012 by thelibrarian
Makes a nice readable version of a web page.
typography  web 
may 2011 by thelibrarian
TeX linebreak algorithm in JavaScript.
design  javascript  tex  typography  web 
july 2010 by thelibrarian
Font flowchart
A good flowchart for choosing a font.
typography  design 
april 2010 by thelibrarian
Pristine font rendering for the web - ruby program to generate text images with nice anti-aliasing.
macosx  development  web  typography  ruby  font 
october 2009 by thelibrarian
Free Quality Font Foundry
typography  font  free 
february 2009 by thelibrarian
CTAN: listings
Source code listing package for TeX/LaTeX
latex  tex  development  typography 
january 2008 by thelibrarian
Nice Mac install of TeX etc.
freeware  latex  macosx  typography  software 
july 2007 by thelibrarian

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