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Fantasy Map Generator
Procedurally generated fantasy world maps, with selectable layers and map types. Generates terrain, political and cultural borders, cities, roads, etc.
fantasy  map  resource  rpg 
february 2018 by thelibrarian
Vance Jack : Authors : Orion Science Fiction Gateway
A listing of Jack Vance's works, and links to stores selling ebooks of them, from his UK region publisher
book  fantasy  sf 
june 2013 by thelibrarian
BaenCD at the Fifth Imperium
A collection of all of the Baen CDs of free ebooks
free  book  fantasy  sf  fiction 
september 2012 by thelibrarian
Adventure Generator
A D&D dungeon generator, complete with map, treasure and encounters
rpg  fantasy  tool  gm 
september 2012 by thelibrarian
Girl Genius
A gaslamp fantasy comic from the Foglios
comic  humour  fantasy 
september 2012 by thelibrarian
An excellent comic about a lost wombat and a dead god, by Ursula Vernon, winner of the 2012 Hugo for best graphic novel.
This is a completed story.
comic  fantasy 
september 2012 by thelibrarian
The complete ElfQuest comic archive online for free. Unfortunately uses a slightly annoying Flash based tool to display the comics.
comic  fantasy 
september 2012 by thelibrarian
Dungeon Map Generator
Generates good random dungeon maps. A work in progress.
rpg  map  gm  fantasy  tool 
august 2010 by thelibrarian

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