Build Basic
makkelijke bouwplannen
bouwplan  hout 
22 days ago
clone or copy one volume to another
docker  volume  clone 
5 weeks ago
offline-first db for webapps also working with dodgy internet connections.
turtledb  offline-first 
8 weeks ago
Blockchain google drive like thing
collaboration  documents  storage 
10 weeks ago
Storyboarding in Sketch
Woo! An all-in-one kit for creating some pretty cool storyboards in Sketch. Neat! ✨🎉
sketch  kit  resource  storyboard 
10 weeks ago
Flow - Features
Create animations in sketch and export to code (swift)
animation  code  swift  ios 
11 weeks ago
Notist. Your speaking portfolio.
create and share your presentation information
12 weeks ago
Font pairing lists | Typ.io
find fonts that go well together by looking at font combinations
font  combination  type 
august 2018
600+ Must-Have Tools & Resources for Freelancers
600+ Must-Have Tools & Resources for Freelancers
tools  resource  resources 
july 2018
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