iconic/open-iconic: An open source icon set with 223 marks in SVG, webfont and raster formats
Open Iconic is the open source sibling of Iconic. It is a hyper-legible collection of 223 icons with a tiny footprint—ready to use with Bootstrap and Foundation.
icons  design  assets  webdev  resource  opensource  ui 
15 days ago
Hover.css - A collection of CSS3 powered hover effects
A collection of CSS3 powered hover effects to be applied to links, buttons, logos, SVG, featured images and so on. Easily apply to your own elements, modify or just use for inspiration. Available in CSS, Sass, and LESS.
css  webdev  design  hover  effects 
8 weeks ago
The Aleph: Infinite Wonder / Infinite Pity
I wanted to present a version of what The Aleph might look like now, designed as an endless stream of descriptive passages pulled from the web. For source texts, I took the complete Project Gutenberg as well as current tweets. I searched for the phrase "I saw."
The title of the piece is a reference to the narrator's summing up of the vast whirring world he's seen, one of "infinite wonder and infinite pity".

A few notes: the piece defaults to only displaying text from Project Gutenberg. Clicking on the buttons in the upper right of the screen changes the output. The Twitter feed may include offensive language as the the only filtering done is to ensure that the phrase "I saw" is contained within.
twitter  projectgutenberg  art  netart  code  inspiration 
9 weeks ago
CSS filter generator to convert from black to target hex color
The goal was to be able to create custom style sheets and allow for the coloring of icons

For this code to work well the starting color needs to be black. If your icon set isn't black you can prepend "brightness(0) saturate(100%)" to your filter property which will first turn the icon set to black.

For as long as I worked on creating this solution from multiple resources I found some had spent far longer to create this already completed solution. Only slightly modified to focus on HEX colors. Credit goes to MultiplyByZer0 for their post https://stackoverflow.com/a/43960991/604861
color  css  design  filter  webdev  tool 
11 weeks ago
Migrate your site to a Progressive Web App
Progressive Web Apps are well and good, but how do I get there from where I am now? Let's migrate an existing, desktop-only site to support amazing new web features like install, push and offline. These features will make your sites more accessible and compelling to your users on their increasingly mobile devices—and they'll also make your desktop users more engaged.
webdev  coding  tutorial  progressivewebapp  howto 
12 weeks ago
kgolid/chromotome: A collection of color palettes saved for personal use.
A collection of color palettes used in order to easily colorize new creative coding projects. New palettes will be continuously added, and all existing ones are subject to change.
design  color  webdev  resource  palettes  npm 
12 weeks ago
Next.js - The React Framework
Why Next.js

The world’s leading companies use and love Next.js
Server Rendering
With Next.js, server rendering React applications has never been easier, no matter where your data is coming from.

Static Exporting
No need to learn a new framework. Exporting a static site with Next.js is as easy as a single command.

Next.js comes with styled-jsx included, but it also works with every CSS-in-JS solution you know and love.

Zero Setup
Automatic code splitting, filesystem based routing, hot code reloading and universal rendering.

Learn Next.js
Fully Extensible
Complete control over Babel and Webpack. Customizable server, routing and next-plugins.

View Full Documentation
Ready for Production
Optimized for a smaller build size, faster dev compilation and dozens of other improvements.
nodejs  framework  react  coding  webdev 
12 weeks ago
Svelte • Cybernetically enhanced web apps
Svelte is a radical new approach to building user interfaces. Whereas traditional frameworks like React and Vue do the bulk of their work in the browser, Svelte shifts that work into a compile step that happens when you build your app.

Instead of using techniques like virtual DOM diffing, Svelte writes code that surgically updates the DOM when the state of your app changes.
webdev  coding  framework  nodejs 
12 weeks ago
Duotone Effect Generator
Add duotone color effect/filter to images.
tool  design  duotone  color  filter  image  manipulation 
june 2019
Undesign | Collection of free design tools and resources for makers, developers and designers
Collection of free design tools and resources for makers, developers and designers
webdev  design  resource  directory  tool 
june 2019
Add a dark-mode / night-mode to your website in a few seconds

This library uses the css mix-blend-mode in order to bring Dark-mode to any of your websites. Just copy paste the snippet and you will get a widget to turn on and off the dark-mode. You can also use it without the widget programmatically. The plugin is lightweight, built in VanillaJS. It also uses localstorage by default so your last setting will be remembered !
webdev  javascript  plugin  darkmode 
june 2019
Relearn CSS layout: Every Layout
If you find yourself wrestling with CSS layout, it’s likely you’re making decisions for browsers they should be making themselves. Through a series of simple, composable layouts, Every Layout will teach you how to better harness the built-in algorithms that power browsers and CSS.
Employing algorithmic layout design means doing away with @media breakpoints, “magic numbers”, and other hacks, to create context-independent layout components. Your future design systems will be more consistent, terser in code, and more malleable in the hands of your users and their devices.
css  layout  webdev  reference 
june 2019
List of lists of lists - Wikipedia
This is a list of articles that are lists of list articles on the English Wikipedia. In other words, each of the articles linked here is an index to multiple lists on a topic. Some of the linked articles are themselves lists of lists of lists. This article is also a list of lists.
lists  meta  wikipedia 
june 2019
Beautifully Illustrated Hardcover Books | Folio Society
Founded in London in 1947, The Folio Society publishes carefully crafted editions of the world’s finest literature. We believe that great books deserve to be presented in a form worthy of their contents. For over 70 years we have celebrated the unique joy to be derived from owning, holding and reading a beautiful printed edition.

Beautifully crafted, imaginative editions of the world’s great works of fiction and non-fiction, Folio Society books offer a rich literary experience to readers of all ages. The books we select for publication are timeless – we know they will be enjoyed and appreciated now and in the future. Because each book is considered as an individual object of value in its own right, there is a variety to our aesthetic – the only uniformity is in the quality of every single book.
hardcover  design  gifts  shopping  books 
june 2019
metascraper, easily scrape metadata from an article on the web.
A library to easily scrape metadata from an article on the web using Open Graph, JSON+LD, regular HTML metadata, and series of fallbacks.
coding  webdev  library  npm  metadata  metatags  opengraph  scrape 
june 2019
Semiphemeral: Automatically delete your old tweets, except for the ones you want to keep
I realized that I didn't want ephemeral tweets, I wanted semiphemeral tweets. I want to automatically delete my old tweets except for those that meet specific criteria: if a tweet has more than a specific thresholds of retweets or likes, keep it. Also keep any other tweets that are part of a thread that includes a tweet I'm preserving -- I don't want to only keep the first tweet that passes the tweet/like threshold but then delete all the replies, or otherwise lose context. And of course, I wanted a way to tag specific tweets for exclusion from deletion.

So, I programmed semiphemeral to do just that. The code is licensed under MIT and programmed in python. Everyone is welcome to use it, but you'll need some tech skills to do so. It's a command line tool, not a service. And to use it, you need to generate Twitter API credentials with your Twitter account (roughly following these instructions) -- this means you'll be interfacing with the Twitter API directly, rather than giving some third party permission to access your Twitter account. It will work fine to run on your laptop, but if you want to make it automatically delete old tweets going forward, you'll probably want to schedule it to run on a daily cron job on a server somewhere.
tool  twitter  code  api  python  ephemeral 
june 2019
Quick Fix – Dries Depoorter
Quick Fix in an interactive installation. The artwork makes it possible to buy followers or likes in just a few seconds. For a few euros you already have 200 of likes on Instagram. 

“Quick Fix “is easy to use.  Choose your product, pay and fill in your  social media username.  You receive the like or followers just a few seconds later. The accounts that like or starting to follow you are fake accounts. 
interactive  installation  art  socialmedia  followers  likes  fake 
june 2019
Dialup is a voice-chat app that calls you and connects you to the people you want to stay in touch and connect with. Whether it's everyone you recently met at a conference, your book club, toymakers, poets, or just you and your mom—Dialup will ring your phone on an automated schedule and pair you in a one-on-one conversation.
voice  inspiration  fun  conversation  social  chat  app  phone 
june 2019
Reagan Ray
Collections of classic/historical/retro logos.
logos  branding  design  retro  classic  history  inspiration  graphicdesign 
june 2019
Flow State
Every morning, two hours of music perfect for working.
newsletter  music  flow  work  curation  recommendation  subscriptionmodel 
may 2019
api app art assets books branding chat classic code coding color comic conversation creativity css curation cyberpunk darkmode design directory duotone effects emoji ephemeral fake fiction filter flow followers framework freelancer fun futurism genre gifts graphicdesign hardcover history hover howto icons illustration illustrator image inspiration installation interactive javascript layout library likes lists logos manipulation meta metadata metatags multimedia music netart newsletter nodejs npm opengraph opensource palettes phone plugin popculture postapocalyptic prediction progressivewebapp projectgutenberg python react recommendation reference resource retro scrape service shopping social socialmedia subscriptionmodel thread tool tutorial twitter ui voice webdev wikipedia work

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