The messy morals of eating Silicon Valley-backed veggie burgers — Quartz
"Brown argues that companies such as his can change which crops are grown on a large scale. Widespread demand for lentils instead of beef would undoubtedly be better for the health of our soil and water. But turning the lentils into a processed meat-like product, rather than selling them directly to consumers, introduces a middleman of questionable necessity. The result is more industrialized processes and a higher price tag. Consider this: Beyond Meat costs nearly $12 per pound. Grass-fed beef can cost as little as $3.70. A pound of dry lentils, meanwhile, sells for less than $2."
food  politics  environment  energy  modernity  Kapital  ethics 
may 2019
Snap Circuits® - Elenco
DA: "The micro bit is indeed fun. You can do so much with add on equipment, servos and switches and potentiometers and so on. I would skip snap circuits and instead use copper tape, LEDs, and watch batteries."
planC  consumer-lust  ludology  digitalLife  building  planCan 
february 2019
SONIC YOUTH: 03/01/97 - NYC, NY @ The Cooler
Being there was the best birthday gift a SY ever gave a SY.
echo  TheCity  SonicYouth  musique  performance  secret 
february 2019
Killing Commendatore - Wikipedia
Men Without Women;
The Elephant Vanishes
Murakami  consumer-lust 
february 2019
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