Old Home Week by Qweb
Danny Williams sees someone from New Jersey that he never expected to see in Hawaii.
read  h50  gen  casefic 
8 days ago
Red Light Special by Frankie_31
Eliot’s services are purchased for the night. His client doesn’t want to touch him, just enjoy his presence.
read  magicians  slash  queliot  au  make_ebook 
7 weeks ago
Take My Hand by Quentin Coldwater (Alineppenhallow)
“I can’t, I have to- I have to,” he sighed tiredly as he limply picked up a few loose rough papers to illustrate the work he was doing.

“Work yourself until your brain melts out of your ears in a desperate bid for freedom?” Eliot finished dryly for him. Quentin rolled his eyes.
read  magicians  slash  queliot  angst  episode.related 
7 weeks ago
What Else Can I Do? by BigBadLittleRed
Quentin tries to move on after he's banned from Fillory in order to save all of magic, but he can't leave behind the memories of the people he loves most in the world.
read  magicians  slash  queliot  angst  psych.issues  make_ebook 
8 weeks ago
Whole by Rizcriz
Oblivious Quentin tries to figure out who everyone thinks he's in love with.
read  magicians  slash  queliot  angst 
8 weeks ago
Smile (Like You Mean it) by Coldfiredragon
The two girls and 'Cute Guy' must have come together and intend to leave together, because 'Cute Guy' is still at the bar when Eliot gets back. Now, however, he just looks defeated.
read  magicians  slash  queliot  au  make_ebook 
8 weeks ago
Caught You Series by Lazarov
Quentin has issues with self-harm. Eliot tries to help.
read  magicians  slash  queliot  psych.issues  hurt/comfort  make_ebook 
8 weeks ago
Cry by Rizcriz
Quentin has had the depression key for too long.
read  magicians  gen  psych.issues  hurt/comfort  episode.related  make_ebook 
8 weeks ago
Most Useless Person Alive by Gwendolynflight
During their quest to complete the mosaic, Quentin’s depression sometimes gets the better of him. Eliot is there to help.
read  magicians  gen  psych.issues  hurt/comfort  episode.related  make_ebook 
8 weeks ago
The Spaces Between Words by TwistofAPen
Being imprisoned in a hallucination of a mental hospital leaves its scars on Quentin.
read  magicians  slash  queliot  psych.issues  hurt/comfort  episode.related  make_ebook 
8 weeks ago
Not Just Anybody (Help) by Kototyph
Sam meets a homeless veteran with a famous name.
read  avengers  slash  steve/sam  au  psych.issues  make_ebook 
9 weeks ago
Those Are the Days That Bind Us by s_a_m
His father wasn’t stupid. He was an officer of the law, trained to look for patterns. He confronted Stiles about werewolves and they shouted and Stiles tried to explain but his father was so, so, so mad, more mad than Stiles had ever seen him, ever in all his life and then his father looked at him and said,

“It’s like you’re not my son anymore.”

And Stiles broke.
read  teen.wolf  slash  derek/stiles  au  angst  hurt/comfort  psych.issues  make_ebook 
9 weeks ago
Leader of the Free World by Copperbadge
Clint Barton's presidential campaign started as a joke. It didn't end that way, except for Steve.
read  avengers  slash  steve/tony  clint/bucky  crack  political.fic  make_ebook 
9 weeks ago
The Morning After by Ambyr
Delicious just can't understand why it's the shy, quiet ones who get all the girls.
read  anthropomorfic  het  crack  meta.fic  make_ebook 
9 weeks ago
The Letter by MDJensen
D'Artagnan receives some news about his old regiment. Oneshot set a few months after Honest Songs.
read  musketeers  gen  angst  disability  psych.issues  make_ebook 
9 weeks ago
None So Blind by Viridian5
After Sanzo is blinded, everyone sees things differently.
read  saiyuki  slash  threesomes  hurt/comfort  disability  make_ebook 
9 weeks ago
Wake Up by Viridian5
Through time, they're trying to find themselves and each other.
read  saiyuki  slash  au  hurt/comfort  make_ebook 
9 weeks ago
One of Four by Sigmund
D'Artagnan feels he has been abandoned by the three musketeers, and starts a new life, but a return to France brings them together again.
read  musketeers  gen  au  angst  make_ebook 
9 weeks ago
Worthy by Emmram
The greatest heroes can be felled by the most ordinary things. Their strength lies in how they get up once they fall. D’Artagnan learns this the hard way.
read  musketeers  gen  hurt/comfort  make_ebook 
9 weeks ago
Surface Tension by Mangacat
Steve’s been taken before, hurt plenty of times, and Danny has always, always dealt with what comes next, the distance, the silence. This time, it needs to be different.
read  h50  slash  steve/danny  hurt/comfort  episode.related 
9 weeks ago
Tired of This Deceit by Eoen
Logan returns to the mansion after ten years in prison and find things very changed.
read  xmen  gen  angst  deathfic  hurt/comfort  psych.issues  make_ebook 
9 weeks ago
Seven Ways Wolverine Knows Gambit is His Friend by Enemyfrigate
After the events at Three Mile Island, Wolverine and Gambit have each other's backs.
read  xmen  slash  logan/remy  angst  hurt/comfort  make_ebook 
9 weeks ago
The Turning Point by TinkerBella
D'Artagnan is pulling away from the others, unable to deal well with his emotions from everything that's happened to him since coming to Paris. Until something happens to make him realize what he has and what he could lose and that the others feel the same about him.
read  musketeers  gen  hurt/comfort 
9 weeks ago
Au Contraire by Doomcake
"He hated you. They all did—your so-called friends. They left you to bleed to death in the square." In which Athos, Porthos and Aramis beg to differ. (Or, a tagfic for s01e10 "Musketeers Don't Die Easily")
read  musketeers  gen  angst  hurt/comfort  episode.related  make_ebook 
9 weeks ago
And All Is Well by Schweinsty
The musketeers look after d'Artagnan's injuries after the first ep.
read  musketeers  gen  hurt/comfort  episode.related  make_ebook 
9 weeks ago
Soft Spot for the Hell Raisin' Boy by Ifeelbetter
The Winter Soldier takes an interest in Sam Wilson. Bucky Barnes wants to tell him how to be Steve Rogers's best friend.
read  avengers  slash  steve/bucky  make_ebook 
9 weeks ago
Danny at the End of the World by Cattraine
Danny was awakened by the continuous pounding on the steel door to the roof.
read  h50  slash  steve/danny  apocafic  zombies  hurt/comfort  make_ebook 
9 weeks ago
Timestamp II: Kahu a Alaka’i by Cattraine
The Guide hadn’t stopped talking or waving his arms and hands around since they stepped out onto the floor and began the test.
read  h50  sentinel  slash  steve/danny  au  fusion  humor  make_ebook 
9 weeks ago
War Dogs by Cattraine
They pulled the bullet-ridden Camaro out of the ocean down by the docks... (Feral Danny. Futuristic AU. Almost apocalyptic.)
read  h50  slash  steve/danny  au  apocafic  psych.issues  make_ebook 
9 weeks ago
Start Small, Like Oak Trees by SmallBirds
The months following Allison's death have passed Stiles by in a haze of monotony. He sleepwalks through days that seem to lose their color, an unwilling passenger in a body he no longer trusts. Eventually, he thinks, he'll just fade away. He isn't sure anyone would notice. Then, during a spur of the moment grocery run, he stumbles upon Derek Hale attempting to console a lost child, and for the first time in recent memory the world doesn't seem so awful.

He's not sure what he'd been expecting when he eventually convinces Derek to move into the Stilinski's spare bedroom, but a newfound passion for weeding and topsoil certainly isn't it.
read  teen.wolf  slash  derek/stiles  psych.issues 
december 2017
The Dashboard Melted (But We Still Had the Radio) by Storm_Petrel
In 2009, Jensen got a new team, fell stupid in love, and learned about sharks, the great organizing principle of the universe and crushing chest injuries. Not necessarily in that order.
read  losers  slash  cougar/jensen  hurt/comfort 
august 2017
Don't Tell Cougar by Amethystina
Cougar/Jensen | 40,062 words | Jensen's got love letters to Cougar in his bag but knows he'll never let anyone else see them. It's not that he wants to keep it a secret, he just knows that it might be best that way what with DADT, Cougar's Catholic values and the risk of getting a bullet between his eyes. Writing letters in secret is one of the few outlets Jensen has.

But it's really just a matter of time before the truth comes out...
unread  losers  slash  cougar/jensen  angst  WC5:25001-50000  make_ebook 
august 2017
A Different Game by DVS
Bodie/Doyle | 215K | When both Bodie and Doyle are hurt in the Brixton Riots (1981) the future looks bleak. Bodie's secrets hold the key to their future. Coming to terms with a disability is just as hard as coming to terms with love.
unread  pros  slash  bodie/doyle  disability  hurt/comfort  WC5:25001-50000  make_ebook 
june 2017
Sheppard's Law by Speranza
McShep | 34,555 words | "Weird? You don't know what weird is. Weird is being in a-- with the-- and the crazy alien--" He stopped, incoherent, hands flailing. "And then your best friend is twelve, and you're his piano teacher. That--now, you're talking weird!"
unread  sga  slash  mcshep  au  child.transformation  WC5:25001-50000  make_ebook 
june 2017
A World Called Catastrophe by Perspi
Gen | 8,156 words | When the world ends in a flash of orange and yellow, the last thing John feels is the sensation of flying.
unread  sga  gen  disability  hurt/comfort  WC3:5001-10000  make_ebook 
june 2017
Lean On Me by Elayna88
14,482 words | McShep | AU | Dishonorably discharged and down on his luck, John Sheppard agrees to a proposition that doesn't go as promised.
unread  sga  slash  mcshep  au  make_ebook 
april 2017
After You've Gone by Moodymuse19
30,000 words | McShep | AU | World War II AU.
unread  sga  slash  mcshep  au  make_ebook 
april 2017
I Believe in Wishful Thinking by Pentapus
UNK | Gen | AU | That’s ridiculous! You can’t publish anonymously in scientific journals.
unread  sga  gen  au  disability  WC5:25001-50000  make_ebook 
april 2017
Taibhsearachd by Sonadorita
UNK | McShep | Taibhsearachd is the Gaelic name given to “second sight”, the involuntary ability of seeing the future or distant events.
unread  sga  slash  mcshep  angst  WC4:10001-25000  make_ebook 
april 2017
Forget Me Not by Maisierita
46,642 words | McShep | John the servant turns out not to be anything like Rodney would have imagined.
unread  sga  slash  mcshep  WC5:25001-50000  make_ebook 
april 2017
Honor and Country by Bluflamingo
25,000 words | McShep | AU | When he was in sixth grade, Rodney McKay spent several hours being interrogated by the CIA, who decided they’d rather he was working with them than potentially against them. The same year, John Sheppard realized the Air Force would never let him fly since he was color-blind, and decided he’d join the Army instead, when he was old enough. Unsurprisingly, they managed to meet anyway...
unread  sga  slash  mcshep  au  WC4:10001-25000  make_ebook 
april 2017
The First Mission by Copperbadge
Getting four hundred men down three days' worth of Nazi-held road would be easier if Steve knew what the hell he was doing. Fortunately he's got Bucky Barnes and a stubborn disposition, not to mention a spare frying pan.
read  avengers  gen 
december 2016
More Than Just a Game by Ivalee
Merthur | 21,922 words | AU | When Merlin started his job as game designer at DragonVision, he was excited to join the team creating an RPG about the legends of King Arthur. Soon he was even dreaming about scenes from the legend, even if those were not part of the game. Or at least they weren't planned to be, but on each day after Merlin had a dream, scenes he programmed at work changed, resembling his dreams now. Instead of biting Merlin's head off, though, his creative director, Arthur, supported and encouraged him, even when Merlin's game scenes began to create a love story between the Once and Future King and his warlock.
unread  merlin  slash  merthur  au  WC4:10001-25000  make_ebook 
may 2016
Honest Songs by MDJensen
Eight years since he last saw his friends--eight years since everything changed--Captain d'Artagnan sets off to visit Aramis and Porthos at their distillery in the country.
read  musketeers  gen  angst  child.transformation  disability  hurt/comfort  psych.issues 
january 2016
The Importance of Being Spidey by Copperbadge & Scifigrl47
The Daily Bugle has some peculiar ideas about Clint Barton and a spandex bodysuit.
read  avengers  gen  humor 
november 2015
Little Wild Animal by DiscontentedWinter
Derek/Stiles | 61,034 words | AU | Derek Hale finds a feral human on his pack's property. Humans are supposed to be extinct. But then, Stiles is full of surprises.
unread  teen.wolf  slash  derek/stiles  au  hurt/comfort  psych.issues  WC6:50001-75000  priority 
august 2015
I Have a History of Taking Off My Shirt by Queenklu
Home repairs at Steve's leads to shirtlessness and revelations.
read  h50  slash  steve/danny  angst  episode.related 
august 2015
Everything That Makes You (Who You Are) by Fandomlver
The Fight That Will Give You the Right (To Be Free) series ; 3 | Finally back in France with his brothers, d'Artagnan does his best to pick up the pieces of his life. This is the sequel to Precious, NOT Dreams.
read  musketeers  gen  au  angst  episode.related  hurt/comfort  psych.issues 
june 2015
Lost and Found by Arsenicarcher (Arsenic)
SES series ; 3 | The collapse of SHIELD and Hydra brings some pretty nasty surprises with it.
read  avengers  het  steve/natasha  au  angst  hurt/comfort  psych.issues 
april 2015
Retrograde Series by LtLJ
The Atlantis expedition has been lost for three years. SG-1 goes to find them, and arrives just a little too late.
read  sga  sg1  gen  threesomes  au  crossover  angst  hurt/comfort 
march 2015
The Grand Tour by Enemyfrigate
Gambit makes one last stop. Wolverine does his laundry.
read  xmen  slash  logan/remy  angst 
march 2015
Precious Things (Are) by Fandomlver
The Fight That Will Give You the Right (To Be Free) series ; 2 | An alternate version of Dreams Unto an Exile. D'Artagnan and Louis end up on the galleys after all. Trapped away from his brothers and with only himself to rely on, d'Artagnan must do everything in his power to keep them both alive and get them back to France. Remix of Dreams Unto an Exile by Fandomlver.
read  musketeers  gen  angst  au  episode.related  hurt/comfort  psych.issues 
february 2015
Dreams Unto an Exile by Fandomlver
The Fight That Will Give You the Right (To Be Free) series ; 1 | D'Artagnan and Louis end up on the galleys after all. Trapped away from his brothers, d'Artagnan must do everything he can to protect Louis and get them both back to France. Remixed as Precious Things (Are) by Fandomlver.
read  musketeers  gen  angst  au  episode.related  hurt/comfort 
february 2015
Lifetime Achievement by Mad_Lori
Sherlock/John | 47,352 words | AU | John Watson has just won an Oscar and gotten engaged in the same day. Now what? Sequel to: Performance in a Leading Role.
unread  sherlock_bbc  slash  sherlock/john  au  angst  priority  WC5:25001-50000 
january 2015
4 Minute Window by Speranza
Steve/Bucky | 24,128 words | "Look, if they catch me," Bucky muttered, "they're either going to kill me or they're going to put me in a box with a little window and—Steve, I can't."
unread  avengers  slash  steve/bucky  angst  priority  WC4:10001-25000 
january 2015
Boot by GingerS
This story is a prequel to "The Wedsworth Townsend Act" when Johnny first graduated from the academy and joined L.A. County Fire Station 10
read  emergency!  gen  angst  hurt/comfort 
january 2015
Empathy by Blind_Author
Sherlock/John | 35,739 words | AU | John is an empath. Which isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds. Most of the time, it’s not even useful.
unread  sherlock_bbc  slash  sherlock/john  au  angst  WC5:25001-50000  make_ebook 
november 2014
Doesn't Weigh Me Down at All by Kellifer
Stiles/Derek | 17,657 words | AU | "Your brother is cool. What happened to you?"
unread  teen.wolf  slash  derek/stiles  au  WC4:10001-25000  make_ebook 
october 2014
An Exercise in Self-Discipline by Gottalovev
Stiles/Derek | 15,933 words | AU | Roughly translated, the five Tenets of Taekwondo are courtesy, integrity, patience, self-discipline, and invincibility. Derek, who is a senior Taekwondo instructor in the family business, starts having trouble upholding several of those when Sheriff Stilinski and his jailbait son, who hits on him at every occasion, register for classes.
unread  teen.wolf  slash  derek/stiles  au  WC4:10001-25000  make_ebook 
october 2014
Last of Them by Gaelicspirit
Set post Season 1. It’s an unwritten rule of the Musketeers not to delve too deeply into another man’s past; it’s simply enough to be one of the brotherhood. But when their Captain goes missing, the Musketeers realize the only way to save him is to learn what he’s kept hidden for so long. And these men would willingly go through Hell to rescue the man who at one time saved them all.
read  musketeers  gen  hurt/comfort  angst 
september 2014
One for All by Gaelicspirit
Soldiers follow orders, no matter where they lead. Even if they lead to death. d’Artagnan discovers how far he is willing to go to save his brothers. Set sometime after d’Artagnan receives his commission (post 1.09, Knight Takes a Queen).
read  musketeers  gen  hurt/comfort 
september 2014
Vivid in the Golden Light by Ashbright
Derek/Stiles | 26,364 words | AU | Stiles puts on a brave face but leads a lonely life until a hand extended in friendship unexpectedly leads him to where he has always belonged.
unread  teen.wolf  slash  derek/stiles  au  WC5:25001-50000  make_ebook 
august 2014
Wings in Disarray Series by Moon_Rose
In Paris, France, 1630, in a world of wings that range from exotic birds and butterflies to common wings like dirt and beetle capped wings that cannot escape the confines of a shirt, there are some wings that society will *not* accept. At least, that is what d'Artagnan has always known.
read  musketeers  gen  au  hurt/comfort 
august 2014
Brothers In Arms by Copperbadge
Bucky Barnes gets a tune-up, a new pet, and a home.
read  avengers  gen  psych.issues 
july 2014
Robot Trip by Copperbadge
Tony is driving from Malibu to Manhattan with a robot in the back seat and Captain America riding escort at Pepper's behest. What could *possibly* go wrong?
read  avengers  gen  humor  make_ebook 
july 2014
Sabbatical by Rageprufrock
Summer House ; 3 | I've been watching a lot of CSI," John says, eyes crazy.
read  sga  eureka  slash  mcshep  crossover  earthside  humor  hurt/comfort  outside.pov 
may 2014
Shore Leave by Rageprufrock
Summer House ; 2 | Whipped, Jack thought, totally, totally whipped.
read  sga  eureka  slash  mcshep  crossover  earthside  humor  outside.pov 
may 2014
Summer House by Rageprufrock
Summer House ; 1 | Among the citizens of Eureka, Rodney McKay has a completely different sort of reputation.
read  sga  eureka  slash  mcshep  crossover  earthside  humor  hurt/comfort  outside.pov 
may 2014
Monroe's Fairytale Halfway House by MRSVC
Monroe looks at Nick, with his bright blue eyes and his silly teenage boy hair cut, and he thinks maybe it isn't so silly, that Barry thought they were together. It should be ridiculous, a Grimm and a Blutbad, and it kind of was, but right now, Monroe saw it as a whole different type of hilarious. It was trying to find every one's shoes at night when Barry and Roddy left to go out to eat, or slipping a few dollars in Gracie's pocket before she and Hansen left in the morning. It was Holly curled up on the floor with her head on Nick's knee waiting for her mom to come pick her up. It was beers at midnight, when the house was quiet, and coffee in the morning when it wasn't so peaceful.
read  grimm  slash  nick/monroe 
april 2014
To Find Our Long Forgotten Gold by Wealhtheow21
It is many years since tragedy struck the line of Durin when the youngest heir was lost to a pack of orcs. Now Bilbo Baggins, having agreed only to stealing treasure from a dragon, finds himself instead tangled up in a web of tragedy and revenge. Perhaps it's foolhardy of him to get involved at all, but really, someone has to try and keep these dwarves out of trouble. As for the rest, well, what is lost does not always stay lost forever.
read  hobbit  gen  au  angst  disability  hurt/comfort  psych.issues 
march 2014
Divided We Stand by KouriArashi
Derek is being pressured by his family to pick a mate, and somehow stumbles into a choice that they didn't expect and aren't sure they approve of...
read  teen.wolf  slash  derek/stiles  au  angst  food/cooking  hurt/comfort 
march 2014
Hush of the Battle-Weary by Etharei
Sometimes he worries that he will never get the sounds of battle out of his ears.
read  hobbit  gen  au  psych.issues  disability 
march 2014
An Old Wound, Mostly Healed by Nightwalker
Bilbo isn't sure about what he's seeing, but as he starts to piece it together, he mostly hopes he's wrong.
read  hobbit  gen  psych.issues 
march 2014
Heart of the Mountain by Scribe_of_Erebor
Legend of Durin ; 1 | After the War of the Ring, many believe that the tales of great deeds and mysterious powers have all been told, but there are powers in Middle Earth older than Sauron, and the Ring was not the only thing to have a will of its own. Upon the mountain above Minas Tirith, the night holds secrets that set in motion a new adventure for three thought long dead.
read  hobbit  gen  angst  au  disability  hurt/comfort 
march 2014
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