So few things fully take advantage of their medium.
reading  literature  creative  books 
11 days ago
X-Wikimedia-Debug - Wikitech
Tagging this as a lot of things so I can link folks to it on the occasions I need to.
mwdebug  mwdebug1001  mwdebug1002  mwdebug2002  mwdebug2001  wikimedia  debug  extension  browser 
11 days ago
A thing or two about messing around with packet radio
Zine about AX.25 Packet radio via Baofeng UV-5R
radio  ham  baofeng  zine 
12 days ago
Will Stanich's Ever Reopen? Why America's Best Burger Spot Closed Down - Thrillist
This right here is another good example of how the internet is fucking broken.
food  lists 
23 days ago
Against software development
Work on something that matters, if only to you.
business  ethics  software  programming 
4 weeks ago
Secrets of the Perfect Salsa - Chowhound
Roasted tomatoes and pepitas. Blazey and I made this once circa 2006. IIRC, it was too sweet for me, but I would try it again.
cooking  food  recipes  salsa  chow 
6 weeks ago
Gerrit Code Review - Uploading Changes
tl;dr git push ssh://john.doe@git.example.com:29418/kernel/common HEAD:refs/for/experimental%r=a@a.com,cc=b@o.com
gerrit  refs/for/master  git  wikimedia 
8 weeks ago
30 Seconds of CSS
I guess I have to relearn how to make a box appear next to another box.
9 weeks ago
Why Do We Equate Genius with Precocity? | The New Yorker
old and young genius looks different. I dislike that I enjoyed this article so much.
genius  malcomgladwell  newyorker 
9 weeks ago
A thing or two about packet radio zine
Looks like a neat book/pdf about how to use my cheap baofeng radio for AX.25 packet radio fun.
pdf  radio  ham  baofeng  ax.25  books  zine 
10 weeks ago
Oak Barrel Care Guide | MoreWine
tl;dr: store 1g citric acid 2g K-meta/liter of liquid

~50g citric acid/100g K-Meta
beer  brewing  barrel  sulfite  wine 
12 weeks ago
Crinkly Curves | American Scientist
A martin gardner-esque article about hilbert curves
math  cantor  curves  hilbert 
12 weeks ago
These Are the 20 Books Travelers Are Always Leaving Behind at Their Hotels | Travel + Leisure
These books all look like crap; which is exactly the kind of thing I like to read on planes.
september 2018
Piotr Limanowski 🔥 Reading for Programmers
Evidently you can link from your notes to a part of a pdf because emacs/org-mode is fucking amazing.
org-mode  org-ref  emacs  notes  pdf 
september 2018
Why Read the Classics? | by Italo Calvino | The New York Review of Books
Reading some of the classics might be a good goal for the coming few years.
classics  books  goals 
september 2018
Generate Mozilla Security Recommended Web Server Configuration Files
This is what the letsencrypt webroot plugin seems to use to generate configurations for webservers
security  ssl  nginx  apache  certbot  letsencrypt 
august 2018
The Org Manual: Agenda commands
All the shortcuts I always forget for org-agenda
org-mode  emacs  org-agenda 
august 2018
CLI: improved
lots of utilities to look at. fd and bat seem useful.
bash  terminal  tools  commandline 
august 2018
Tyler Cipriani :: Milky Way
Quick processing of a milky way picture I took. Will fiddle with siril a bit and hopefully eventually get a better result
photography  tylercipriani.com  milkyway  astrophotography 
august 2018
Why I Ripped The Same CD 300 Times
I really want to start a CD collection I think.
audio  cd  rip  music 
july 2018
org mode with capture and xmonad
Really fucking cool way to put stuff on my todo list.
org-mode  org-capture  xmonad 
july 2018
The hotel bathroom puzzle | Alec Nevala-Lee
Why there are not locks at the Louie XIV hotel
design  locks  louie-xiv 
july 2018
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