Becoming a dramatically better programmer - Henry @ RC S1
Advice about deepwork, becoming a better programmer, the recurse center, and the kind of shit I should be doing rather than reading this blog post and thinking it's really good.
programming  work  deepwork  recursecenter 
13 days ago
Windmill walking creatures are cray.
art  design  technology  windmill 
16 days ago
Perl's Email::Valid source
The email regex on this page is truly staggering.
email  regex 
18 days ago
Re: 2.6.18-stable release plans? []
"if a user reports a bug that's attributable to a single bit
memory error that's otherwise unreproduced and unexplained, it's
totally reasonable to chalk it up to cosmic rays until some sort of
pattern of reports emerges."
lwn  cosmicrays 
4 weeks ago
Tearing apart printf() – MaiZure's Projects
nice really deep dive into printf and compiled c in general
c  programming  printf 
4 weeks ago
Tact Filters
This to me seems mostly like bullshit, but it's an interesting idea.
8 weeks ago
Dan McComas, Reddit Product SVP and Imzy Founder Interview
tl;dr: top-down growth push is destroying the internet. Not really news for anyone working on the internet, but needs to be said publicly more often.
internet  politics  growth 
9 weeks ago
Chart Template Guide
Built-in Objects helm template objects
k8s  helm 
9 weeks ago
Why SQLite Does Not Use Git
sqlite uses fossil which is a think I'd like to use.
sqlite  fossil  git 
10 weeks ago
Clear Beer Draught System
Kind of want. Looks like a floating dip tube basically. Would be very nice for beers that you want sparkling really fast. Lager, etc.
10 weeks ago
kubectl for Docker Users | Kubernetes
kubectl commands and their docker equivalents
11 weeks ago
Moon Phases Calendar
Looks like a good lunar calendar
astronomy  moon  lunar  calendar 
march 2018
Xmonad/Frequently asked questions - HaskellWiki
This is a script that prints window information. Helpful for Managehooks.
march 2018
Usual planetary processing (avi) [Siril 0.9.8]
Planetary photography. My. god. this tutorial is buried.
siril  astrophotography 
february 2018
Mugwort Lemon Beer Recipe
Looks like a fun 1-gallon experiment in my future.
beer  wildcraft 
february 2018
How to read a mathematics textbook | David R. MacIver
This seems based on that "How to Read a Book" book that I bought that I may never read because I'm terrible at things.
books  math  reading 
february 2018
Web application from scratch, Part I · Bogdan Popa
Might be fun to do this as an exercise in learning other languages. Might be fun to do in python, too...
programming  python  tutorial 
february 2018
The ¼ Wave Droopy Ground Plane 2 Meter Antenna
The ¼ Wave Droopy Ground Plane 2 Meter Antenna
ham  radio  antenna 
february 2018
Pragmatic Debian packaging | Vincent Bernat
mukunda recommended this around the time he packaged keyholder. Had to dig a bit to find it again.
debian  packaging  linux 
february 2018
schlatter family website
This is a good example of what I wish people did on the internet.
february 2018
Debian New Maintainers' Guide
I am always grateful when I find this when I'm flailing at packaging.
debian  linux  packaging 
february 2018
I don’t understand Graph Theory. – freeCodeCamp
Article on graph theory that I will probably never finish, but I started and it was neat.
math  algorithms  compsci  graphs 
february 2018
CoCoRaHS - Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network
This is that amateur citizen-science rain gauge thing that I want to do but never do.
weather  rain  snow  rain-gauge 
february 2018
Let's talk about usernames
Article that lists a whole bunch of "gotchas" about usernames.
usernames  security  authentication  unicode  django  development  programming  login 
february 2018
Moon Globe
A moon globe from before 1959 when no one had any idea what the far side of the moon looked like
moon  astronomy 
february 2018
Start Your Own ISP
A how to guide for starting a WISP ISP
internet  ISP  WISP 
january 2018
Senior Python Programmers, what tricks do you want to impart to us young guns? : Python
The one I remembered from reading this was multiprocess vs threading. I thought there was one about pickle vs json, but I guess not.
january 2018
Sending Infrared Commands From a Raspberry Pi Without LIRC
This is a blog of someone who seems just as frustrated with LIRC as I am.
raspberrypi  lirc  ir 
january 2018
GNU make - Functions for file names
I'm almost always looking for this documentation when I write makefiles
make  gnu  gnumake 
december 2017
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