Architecture as Photography - David Campany
Essay about architectural photography ranging from View from the Window at Le Gras circa 1826 until today.
longreads  architecture  photography 
14 days ago
Institutional memory is still a weak area – interi
Google docs and institutional memory. Man oh man do I hate Google docs.
memory  google  googledocs 
18 days ago
Action Castle (PDF) — Memento Mori Theatricks
An AFK text-based adventure game. Unclear if this will be any fun for the human text-based but it's probably worth $1.99 to find out.
games  text-based-adventure 
18 days ago
War to the Knife: Bleeding Kansas, 1854-1861
History book from when Kansas was interesting.
kansas  books  toread  via-brennen 
18 days ago
Kyle Isom: "OpenSSH Keys: A Walkthrough"
Walk through of various key formats and conversions.
ssh  security  openssh  cryptography  golang 
18 days ago
How to measure noise in digital camera raw images | PanoramaShots
Measuring sensor noise with open source tools. Seems neat. I have not yet grok'd to fullness.
photography  ISO  sensor  noise 
27 days ago
Nikon D610 Quick Reference Guide
A quick version of all the settings you care about on the d610. This is pretty much what I'm looking for every time I google something I should already know about my camera.
photography  nikon  d610 
10 weeks ago
Taking Interior HDR Vertorama Shots - HDR Cookbook by farbspiel
I see lots of cool photos of interiors that are excruciatingly detailed. I guess these are called "vertoramas" since they are vertical space panoramas. Anyway, this is a neat page about making HDR vertoramas. For whatever that is worth.
photography  panorama  hdr  tutorial  360 
11 weeks ago
Equirectangular Panorama with AutoPano Giga | Shutter Experiments
A short tutorial on creating 360° panoramas using a DSLR hand held. I have been interested in getting something like a Sigma 8mm precisely for its 180° FoV; however, this tutorial makes it seem like with a little extra work I could get similar results without another lens, which is appealing to me.
photography  linux  panorama  360 
11 weeks ago
Photo Funnel: Drag-and-Drop Photo Copying Tool For Linux – Medium
Bash script for drag and drop upload of photos on Linux. Uses YAD and exiftool to import a whole bunch of photos. Now that rapid photo downloader has started to be unusable for me, I am just using a dumb bash script. This seems like a different paradigm than what I'm looking for, but I'd like to keep it around for ideas.
linux  photography  tools  bash 
11 weeks ago
pearsontechnology/deployment-pipeline-jenkins-plugin: Continuous Deployment for Kubernetes using Jenkins
This is a system that Pearson technology is using as a deployment pipeline. There are amazing parts that I totally want to steal :)
k8s  containers  docker  CI  jenkins 
12 weeks ago
How to Write a Git Commit Message
Great article with git commit message tips:

1. Separate subject from body with a blank line
2. Limit the subject line to 50 characters
3. Capitalize the subject line
4. Do not end the subject line with a period
5. Use the imperative mood in the subject line
6. Wrap the body at 72 characters
7. Use the body to explain what and why vs. how

Most of this summarizes to: use the imperative in the subject line, use vim to make sure of formatting, and use the body to explain WHY!!!! So much explain Why.
february 2017
Build a Modern Computer from First Principles: From Nand to Tetris (Project-Centered Course) - Hebrew University of Jerusalem | Coursera
A course where you start with NAND gates, build a hardware platform, a machine language, an assembly language, a VM implementation, a high level language, and (finally!) an application written in the high level language. Wheeeeeeeee!
programming  compsci  computing 
february 2017
The format=flowed FAQ (Joe Clark)
format=flowed is the way to prevent your emails from looking like shit on mobile phones.
email  mutt 
february 2017
Harvard Botanical Museum Leaflet (1947) - Chicha
This is a leaflet from the Harvard Botanical Museum on making Chicha the fermented Peruvian corn drink made by chewing corn and spitting it out.
beer  brewing  chicha 
february 2017
Advogato: Sovereign Computing
Describes a possible future of computing using free/libre software from the past. This is a future we've implicitly rejected in favor of more commercial alternatives.
freedom  p2p  future  libre 
february 2017
Basic Flashlight Tutorial - An Introduction to High Performance Flashlights
Everything you ever wanted to know about flashlights. Interesting info on rechargeable batteries, too!
flashlight  battery 
february 2017
Flag map of the United States
All the flags of all the states on an svg image. Is neat.
vexillology  flags  maps  states 
february 2017
awkiawki - A Tiny And Fast WikiWiki-Clone Written In (n|g|m)awk
Tiny wiki engine written in 2002 in awk. Works perfectly.
awk  web  wiki 
january 2017
Puppet coding - Wikitech
Wikimedia foundation's puppet code guidelines.
puppet  wikimedia  wikitech 
january 2017
Congressional District T-Shirt by BorderlineApparel on Etsy
Express your support for disenfranchisement of voters, I guess. Politics are awful :(
gerrymander  congress  politics  gifts  via-greg 
january 2017
How To Be Good - The New Yorker
An Oxford philosopher thinks he can distill all morality into a formula. Is he right?
philosophy  architecture  assonance  longreads 
december 2016
functional programming - Monad in plain English? (For the OOP programmer with no FP background) - Stack Overflow
Explains the ">>=" (greater-than greater-than equal) and "=<<" (equal less-than less-than) things you see all over haskell code.
haskell  xmonad  functional  programming  monad  via-stackoverflow 
december 2016
A decentralized web would give power back to the people online | TechCrunch
Decentralized web article that mentions a bunch of things I like: bitcoin, git, merkle dags, freenet, gnu social, etc. Pretty neat overall.
web  decentralized 
october 2016
GitHub - solid/solid: Solid - Re-decentralizing the web (project directory)
Tim Berners-Lee's new decentralized web project. Mentioned in the TechCrunch article on "Web 3.0" which is not a term I've seen before to describe the decentralized web.
web  rdf  semantic-web  decentralized 
october 2016
Seder-Masochism « Nina Paley’s Blog
woman animator who gave a ted talk on copyright abolition
creative-commons  copyright  animation 
october 2016
Bugs & Priority
tl;dr: Communicating a shared understanding of task priority is important. I should figure this out.
software  tasks  workboard  bugs  bugtracker 
september 2016
Grooks of Piet Hein
Put up in a place
where it's easy to see
the cryptic admonishment
language  poetry  writing 
september 2016
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