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Crash Course: Artificial Intelligence | PBS

Watch Crash Course: Artificial Intelligence videos on demand.
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13 days ago by tfinin
Extracting knowledge from knowledge graphs using Facebook Pytorch BigGraph.
Knowledge embeddings seem to behave pretty similar to inner workings of the human brain.
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14 days ago by tfinin – NLP newsletters and more
Democratizing Artificial Intelligence Research, Education, Technologies.
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17 days ago by tfinin
Open-sourcing Polygames, a new framework for training AI bots through self-play
In a collaboration with universities in France and Taiwan, Facebook AI is releasing Polygames, a new open source framework that enables researchers to...
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18 days ago by tfinin
Why asking an AI to explain itself can make things worse - MIT Technology Review
Creating neural networks that are more transparent can lead us to over-trust them. The solution might be to change how they explain themselves.
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19 days ago by tfinin
Social scientists battle bots to glean insights from online chatter
Automated production of social-media posts can confound research studies.
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20 days ago by tfinin
The mostly complete chart of Neural Networks, explained
The zoo of neural network types grows exponentially. One needs a map to navigate between many emerging architectures and approaches. Fortunately, Fjodor van Veen from Asimov institute compiled a…
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21 days ago by tfinin
Google AI Blog: Reformer: The Efficient Transformer
we introduce the Reformer, a Transformer model designed to handle context windows of up to 1 million words, all on a single accelerator and using only 16GB of memory. It combines two crucial techniques to solve the problems of attention and memory allocation that limit Transformer’s application to long context windows. Reformer uses locality-sensitive-hashing (LSH) to reduce the complexity of attending over long sequences and reversible residual layers to more efficiently use the mem...
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4 weeks ago by tfinin
How neural networks work—and why they’ve become a big business | Ars Technica
How neural networks work—and why they’ve become a big business
Neural networks have grown from an academic curiosity to a massive industry.
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4 weeks ago by tfinin
Logistic Regression in Python – Real Python
In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll get started with logistic regression in Python. Classification is one of the most important areas of machine learning, and logistic regression is one of its basic methods. You'll learn how to create, evaluate, and apply a model to make predictions.
5 weeks ago by tfinin
Enterprise Knowledge Graph 2020 - Dan McCreary - Medium
10 trends that will help you develop your enterprise graph strategy
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6 weeks ago by tfinin
Dive into Deep Learning — interactive deep learning book with code, math, discussions
interactive deep learning book with code, math, and discussions,
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6 weeks ago by tfinin
Play this bingo game with your kids to teach them about AI - MIT Technology Review
Designed at MIT and tested by kids ages 9 through 14, it builds off research that shows how exposing kids to technology fosters their interest in STEM.
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6 weeks ago by tfinin
The Decade of Deep Learning | Leo Gao
As the 2010’s draw to a close, it’s worth taking a look back at the monumental progress that has been made in Deep Learning in this decade.[1] Driven by the development of ever-more powerful compute
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6 weeks ago by tfinin
What is Machine Learning? Machine Learning Courses –
Whether you want to build algorithms or build a company,’s Machine Learning courses will teach you key concepts and applications of AI.
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6 weeks ago by tfinin
The Promise of Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Uh oh. This doesn't seem to be a thing...
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6 weeks ago by tfinin
2019: The Year of BERT - Towards Data Science
As we wrap up 2019, it’s interesting to reflect on the major recent trends in the field of machine learning for language. 2019 has been a landmark year for NLP, with new records across a variety of…
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7 weeks ago by tfinin
Don’t trust AI until we build systems that earn trust | Open Future | The Economist
Progress in artificial intelligence belies a lack of transparency that is vital for its adoption, says Gary Marcus, coauthor of “Rebooting AI”
7 weeks ago by tfinin
Baidu has a new trick for teaching AI the meaning of language - MIT Technology Review
Inspired by a difference between Chinese and English, it shows how AI research benefits from diversity.
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7 weeks ago by tfinin
Generative adversarial networks: What GANs are and how they've evolved | VentureBeat
Generative adversarial networks (GANs) are among the most versatile kinds of AI model architectures, and they're constantly improving.
7 weeks ago by tfinin
Neural network visualization of MNIST
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
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8 weeks ago by tfinin
AI Debate at NeurIPS 2019: Yoshua Bengio vs Gary Marcus (YouTube)
This is an AI Debate between Yoshua Bengio and Gary Marcus from Dec 23, 2019
8 weeks ago by tfinin
Hugging Face – On a mission to solve NLP, one commit at a time.
We’re on a journey to solve and democratize artificial intelligence through natural language.
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8 weeks ago by tfinin
A free online introduction to AI for non-experts - Univ. of Helsinki
Learn more about Reaktor's and the University of Helsinki's AI course - no programming or complicated math required.
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8 weeks ago by tfinin
How to do Deep Learning on Graphs with Graph Convolutional Networks
Machine learning on graphs is a difficult task due to the highly complex, but also informative graph structure. This post is the first in a series on how to do deep learning on graphs with Graph…
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november 2019 by tfinin
What AI Can Learn From Romeo & Juliet
Some AI systems today combine right-brain machine learning with left-brain symbolic reasoning. If we want human-level question-answering, that becomes a necessity.
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september 2019 by tfinin
🏎 Smaller, faster, cheaper, lighter: Introducing DistilBERT, a distilled version of BERT
HuggingFace introduces DilBERT, a distilled and smaller version of Google AI’s Bert model with strong performances on language understanding. DilBert s included in the pytorch-transformers library.
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august 2019 by tfinin
Complete List of the Important Breakthrough Frameworks in NLP
This is the era of NLP. From Google AI to Facebook Research, check out the important NLP frameworks since the launch of the Transformers framework.
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august 2019 by tfinin
NLP's Clever Hans Moment has Arrived | Benjamin Heinzerling
tl;dr: While the problem has been known for some time already, Niven & Kao present quite an egregious case of a neural network not learning what we think it learns.
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august 2019 by tfinin
An Introduction to Recurrent Neural Networks for Beginners -
A simple walkthrough of what RNNs are, how they work, and how to build one from scratch in Python.
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july 2019 by tfinin
NLP NEWS Monthly newsletter
NLP News - Hi all,This month's newsletter covers some cool examples of how NLP is used in industry, some discussion about recent state-of-the-art models and lead
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july 2019 by tfinin
Google AI
At Google, we think that AI can meaningfully improve people’s lives and that the biggest impact will come when everyone can access it. Learn more about our projects and tools.
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july 2019 by tfinin
Graph Databases Go Mainstream
Look for semantic data systems to become more oriented around knowledge bases rather than inferential analysis, at least at first, while at the same time incorporating the latest advances in machine learning and auto-categorization.
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july 2019 by tfinin
WebVectors: Semantic Calculator
WebVectors: word embeddings, web interface and models to download
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july 2019 by tfinin
Using Graph Embeddings for Fast Named Entity Disambiguation
The core of our algorithm is the use of vertex embeddings created from our Knowledge Graph.
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july 2019 by tfinin
Facebook, Carnegie Mellon build first AI that beats pros in 6-player poker
Facebook AI and Carnegie Mellon researchers have built Pluribus, the first AI bot to beat top pros in six-player Texas Hold’em poker.
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july 2019 by tfinin
Empirical Semantics: Modelling knowledge as it *is*, not as it *should be*
Modelling knowledge as it *is*, not as it *should be*
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july 2019 by tfinin
The Data Fabric for Machine Learning – Part 2: Building a Knowledge-Graph
Before being able to develop a Data Fabric we need to build a Knowledge-Graph. In this article I’ll set up the basis on how to create it, in the next article we’ll go to the practice on how to do this.
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july 2019 by tfinin
dpressel/dliss-tutorial: Tutorial for International Summer School on Deep Learning, 2019
Tutorial for International Summer School on Deep Learning, 2019
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july 2019 by tfinin
Collaborating on the sum of all knowledge across languages
Wikipedia is available in almost 300 languages, each with independently developed content and perspectives. Sharing more knowledge across languages would allow each edition to focus on their unique contributions, and yet improve their comprehensiveness and currency.
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july 2019 by tfinin
A Common Sense View of Knowledge Graphs | AI3:::Adaptive Information

<p>This article, based on a comprehensive history and definitions of the concept, provides a common-sense view of how to understand knowledge graphs.</p>
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july 2019 by tfinin
This is why AI has a gender problem | World Economic Forum
A scarcity of female engineers has exacerbated gender stereotypes in virtual assistants and other "intelligent" tech
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june 2019 by tfinin
Trip Report: AKBC 2019
1st Conference on Automated Knowledge Base Construction held in Amherst, Massachusetts
june 2019 by tfinin
DeepMind’s AI has used teamwork to beat humans at a first-person shooter - MIT Technology Review
Deep-learning algorithms have already mastered games like Starcraft to beat humans, and now they have shown they can team up to beat us too.
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june 2019 by tfinin
Understanding the maturing role of graph databases in the enterprise
Graph databases are making their way into enterprises and revealing the value of relationships in data sets
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may 2019 by tfinin
Ontologies: Borrow, Build or Buy
The complexity of data modeling, and ontology creation, gives rise to whether it is better to borrow, buy or build your ontologies
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may 2019 by tfinin
Data Representation for Natural Language Processing Tasks
n NLP we must find a way to represent our data (a series of texts) to our systems (e.g. a text classifier). As Yoav Goldberg asks, "How can we encode such categorical data in a way which is amenable for us by a statistical classifier?" Enter the word vector.
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may 2019 by tfinin
Introduction to StanfordNLP with Python Implementation
StanfordNLP is a collection of pre-trained state-of-the-art models. These models were used by the researchers in the CoNLL 2017 and 2018 competitions. All the models are built on PyTorch and can be trained and evaluated on your own annotated data.
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may 2019 by tfinin
AllenNLP is an open-source NLP research library, built on PyTorch.
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may 2019 by tfinin
Introducing FastBert — A simple Deep Learning library for BERT Models
fast-bert import packages. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
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may 2019 by tfinin
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