plaything - Drbwho
Isn't everything just a game? Everyone is a part of it, even those who choose not to play. And it is sick, and it is twisted, and there are cheaters and liars at every turn. And it does not end, not really. Not ever.
!game.of.thrones  *petyr/sansa  =NC-17  wc:10-20k  author:drbwho  2015  age.disparity  kidnapping  power.imbalance  dubcon 
september 2015
Patience - ariannenymerosmartell
The ties around her wrists and ankles are made of the finest silk.
*petyr/sansa  !game.of.thrones  =NC-17  wc:1-5k  2015  author:ariannenymerosmartell  bondage  D/s 
july 2015
Willing, Undone - crossedlines
After the wedding to Harrold Hardyng, Alayne and Father are Sansa and Petyr once again - but it is Littlefinger’s plan that comes to fruition.
!game.of.thrones  *petyr/sansa  =NC-17  wc:1-5k  author:crossedlines  2015  first.time 
july 2015
Special As You Fall (The Whisper Softly Remix) - sassafrasx
Summer's haze has wrapped itself languorously around Arthur, muddied with wine and warmth, and Arthur wants. God, how he wants.
author:sassafrasx  !merlin  =NC-17  *arthur/merlin  canon.era  age.disparity  first.time  wc:5-10k  2015 
may 2015
trespass - Drbwho
you may be opposed
but i will be the instigator
trying hard to steal a kiss
from your lips tonight
everybody knows where you go for bad behavior
now i've got my arms around you
heaven is divine
=NC-17  *petyr/sansa  !game.of.thrones  age.disparity  first.time  wc:1-5k  2015  author:drbwho 
may 2015
Line - Akoya8
Petyr is surprised to find someone in his bed. What on earth could Sansa Stark be doing there?
!game.of.thrones  *petyr/sansa  =NC-17  wc:1-5k  age.disparity  2014  author:akoya8 
february 2015
Women and Men and Beds - Fabrisse
Allen has followed Lucien's advice and taken a girl out. He comes back from his date to find Lucien in his bed.
!kill.your.darlings  *allen/lucien  =NC-17  wc:1-5k  2014  author:fabrisse 
january 2015
make the sky sing - meroure
In opera, the tragedy is a comfortable expectation.
!elementary  +joan.watson  =PG  wc:1-5k  author:meroure  2013 
july 2014
Said the Spider to the Fly - GeekLover
This isn't a fairytale, but who cares?

No luck, but a little lust and obsession turn a crush into something much darker.
wc:1-5k  author:geeklover  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  =NC-17  remix  angst  first.time  age.disparity  dubcon  voyeurism  masturbation  2014  underage 
july 2014
And They Come Willingly - sorrylatenew
Foreign visitors from far away come to Camelot, and they bring with them boy whores who’ve got cunts. The visitors happily present the boys to Arthur during their first formal meeting (Merlin at Arthur’s side, as always), but he declines their company, massively turned on but also disturbed. Eventually, though, Merlin and Arthur frantically enjoy one of the boys together, not having realised the boys are magical sex creatures who draw men in.
!merlin  *arthur/merlin  *arthur/merlin/other  wc:1-5k  =NC-17  author:sorrylatenew  threesome  canon.era  underage  dubcon  2013 
july 2014
Dudes Don't Just Lick Butts of Dudes They're Not Into - sorrylatenew
It gets to the point, a few years down the road, that all Colin has to do is mention alcohol and Bradley pops a semi.
*bradley/colin  !merlin.rpf  =NC-17  wc:1-5k  2014  intoxication  blowjobs  pwp  author:sorrylatenew 
july 2014
Pony - Violette_Royale
Arthur is just a boy when he realises that he gets excited from bridling his horse. When he's older, he steals a bridle and uses it to pleasure himself. One day, Merlin finds the bridle and offers to help him. As their mutual play develops, Arthur becomes Pony, Merlin's horse, and Merlin becomes his groom. Together they learn about love, responsibility and the value of service.
author:violette_royale  wc:50-60k  !merlin  =NC-17  *arthur/merlin  canon.era  kinkfic  2013 
november 2013
Emergency - samyazaz
The kid's chart says he's seventeen, but the livid black-and-green bruise mottling his eye and the cracked split lip that's left a smear of blood drying across his cheek make him look vulnerable. The way he glares the moment Merlin pulls aside the curtain and steps inside defies him to say a word about it.
author:samyazaz  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  =NC-17  wc:20-30k  2013  age.disparity  prostitution 
november 2013
Nubile - Anonymous
Arthur's trousers are just a bit too tight. They strain over his strong thighs and the thick meat of his backside. He's growing up so well; there's plenty of muscle on his frame now, but Merlin makes sure he still retains a bit of puppy fat. Sometimes, when Arthur leans forward, Merlin is rewarded by a glimpse of pale skin and the upper part of his cleft.
author:anon  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  =NC-17  wc:1-5k  2013  age.disparity  dubcon  underage  canon.era 
november 2013
This Monstrous Need - birdsofshore
The potions cupboard is really much too small for two people, let alone two people who can't stand each other. But with this urgent, unmistakable need in my stomach, pulling me forwards, Potter's warm body suddenly looks like the finest thing I've ever seen.
*draco.malfoy/harry.potter  !harry.potter  =NC-17  wc:1-5k  author:birdsofshore  sex.pollen  dubcon  2013 
november 2013
One & Only - freudian_fuckup
No one really teaches them any of it, they just sort of stumble upon it, these things, these amazing things they are able to do together, and neither is inclined to question it.
author:freudian_fuckup  wc:5-10k  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  =NC-17  2010  underage  reincarnation 
october 2013
Rumour has It - marguerite_26
“There is a rumour in the castle that you have a girl.”

Merlin’s eyes go wide and cheeks go pink. “I don’t,” he says, then he walks out of the room and slams the door.

Arthur snorts. “Of course you don’t.”
author:marguerite_26  =NC-17  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  wc:1-5k  2013  canon.era 
october 2013
Touch Me (Not) - veronamay
In which Merlin is reluctantly pure, Arthur is unfairly tempting, and the Great Dragon sits back with popcorn to watch.
author:veronamay  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  =NC-17  canon.era  2011  magic.reveal  ust  wc:5-10k 
october 2013
The Omega Run - marguerite_26
Arthur immediately recognises what he has stumbled upon. He has heard rumours of the barbaric practice still occurring, but he hadn’t believed it could be on Camelot’s soil again. Omega Runs have been banned from this land for more than twenty years, but this couldn’t be anything else.
author:marguerite_26  =NC-17  *arthur/merlin  !merlin  2013  canon.era  alpha/omega 
september 2013
Blackberry Picking - Camelittle
Bradley has a big heart and loves everybody, especially Colin. He also has a secret magical power: he draws pictures that come to life. But will he use his talent for good or ill? Featuring: a cast of ninjas and eejits, pranks that go wrong, angst, misunderstandings, broken hearts, and two boys growing up.
author:camelittle  *bradley/colin  !merlin.rpf  wc:10-20k  =NC-17  2013  misunderstandings  first.time  breakup 
september 2013
My Thoughts (drift to you) - hermette
The small tent is warm and even across the small stretch of space Arthur is like a furnace
author:hermette  =NC-17  *arthur/merlin  !merlin  wc:1-5k  2010  canon.era  masturbation  comeplay  first.time 
september 2013
If Greater Want of Skill - Emjayelle
Merlin's Friday isn't going to plan, to say the least. Especially when he takes the wrong late-night bus and ends up in Frat Row where he meets Arthur, the annoying frat boy that sits behind him in poetry class, who, by the way, is entirely to blame for the drunkenness, betting, sex, and poetry reciting that follows.
author:emjayelle  =NC-17  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  2013  wc:1-5k 
september 2013
The Other PA - anonymous
Arthur/Merlin, modern office AU

Merlin is Arthur's PA. Arthur shows Merlin his "other PA" (his Prince Albert piercing). He's a bit taken aback when Merlin largely ignores the PA in favour of Arthur's pierced nipples.
author:anon  wc:1-5k  =NC-17  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  2013  piercings 
september 2013
Intended - new_kate
"Kids have crushes on teachers all the time. It's perfectly normal."
author:new_kate  wc:10-20k  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  age.disparity  =NC-17  2011 
september 2013
Invite the Pack - samyazaz
Stiles knows to be careful in the woods, he knows how to avoid poison oak, but whatever he's fallen into during one of Derek's latest pack exercise, he's very sure no one ever warned him about it, and that is epically unfair.

It started off as a flush as he jogged after the rest of the pack. By the time they'd finished their run, he was hot all over, but figured a run would do that to you. But several hours and one icy shower later, he's still feeling flushed and his breath is short and he's very sure something is very wrong.

He texts Derek because Scott may be his best friend, but they'll never be able to look each other in the eye again if they have this conversation. Sos need ur help stat. He unlocks the window, then falls into bed feverish and aching.
!teen.wolf  *derek/stiles  *stiles/others  2013  wc:0-1k  =NC-17  author:samyazaz  sex.pollen 
september 2013
Wonder - Violette_Royale
Merlin is sixteen, and a virgin. He's got something that Arthur wants. Arthur tells him about it, in great detail.
author:violette_royale  wc:1-5k  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  2013  age.disparity  first.time  size!kink  =NC-17 
september 2013
When I Close My Eyes - samyazaz - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Gwaine's parties are the stuff of legend, if his own bragging is to be believed. He holds them every month or so, and he's been trying since freshman year to get Merlin to come to one of them. "C'mon," he always says, wheedling. "You don't know what you're missing. It's not like you're going to be doing anything, anyway."

Gwaine thinks anything less than full-blown partying is "not doing anything", and Merlin long ago gave up the fight to convince him that an evening spent in his room with a challenging essay or a good book is actually an enjoyable way to pass the time for him, and not grounds for pity. Merlin's never going to win that battle, and he knows it.

Usually, he shrugs Gwaine off. He's heard rumors about what goes on at Gwaine's parties, and mostly, it sounds like what goes on is orgies. Definitely not Merlin's scene.
author:samyazaz  *arthur/merlin  !merlin  wc:10-20k  =NC-17  first.time  2013 
august 2013
A Bird In Hand - versaphile
Merlin was a sincere little puzzle-box, and Arthur wanted nothing more than to take him apart, and perhaps even see how best to put him back together. He didn't realize that Merlin might be the key to his own heart.

An anti-reveal/pre-reveal fic. There is also fun with an enchanted boar, pre-Round Table Knights, and more fallout from The Curse of Cornelius Sigan. Oh, and smut. Lots of smut.
author:versaphile  wc:20-30k  canon.era  2013  *arthur/merlin  !merlin  established.relationship 
august 2013
A Lot Like Life - Shinybug
Arthur tugged sharply on Merlin's neck and leaned forward to growl in his ear. "Fine. If you want to serve me so badly, then I'll teach you what that means."
author:shinybug  *arthur/merlin  !merlin  =NC-17  wc:5-10k  canon.era  first.time  2012 
august 2013
Virgin Territory - ingberry
Gwaine’s parties are legendary. It’s mostly because of the orgy in the basement where people offer themselves up for the greater good. Merlin figures that’s a smashing way to get rid of his virginity, mostly because he’s never seen anyone he from his high school at Gwaine’s.

The idea seems a lot worse when he’s on his knees, naked and blindfolded.

Thank fuck for the guy who grabs him and hauls him back up the stairs.
author:ingberry  =NC-17  *arthur/merlin  !merlin  wc:1-5k  2013  first.time 
august 2013
Just Like Rita - Violette_Royale
Sometimes Colin gets lost, and Bradley needs to help him find his way back.
*bradley/colin  =NC-17  !merlin.rpf  2013  author:violette_royale  angst 
july 2013
Status Quo - samyazaz
It's easy, holding himself back. Arthur's the guy who's got a new girl on his arm every other week, the sort of guy who groans and covers his eyes and objects loudly should he be witness to even the briefest glimpse of male nudity in a TV show or movie. It makes it easy for Merlin, knowing he's straight, knowing there's no chance.
author:samyazaz  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  =NC-17  wc:0-1k  2013  intoxication  first.time  scent.kink 
july 2013
Overflow - flammablehat
Arthur knows Merlin likes him. It's textbook hero-worship with a twist. Merlin dawdles after class, actually answers when Arthur asks after his weekend, and he goes smiley and squirmy when Arthur compliments or teases him. It's very pleasant — what Arthur imagines it would feel like to get a nice scratch behind the ears if he were a dog — and it's dangerous.
author:flammablehat  =NC-17  wc:0-1k  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  age.disparity  2013  first.time  power.imbalance 
july 2013
Dear Diary - samyazaz
There's nothing weird about Merlin writing a diary. At least not until the diary starts writing back.
author:samyazaz  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  =PG  wc:1-5k  2013  epistolary 
july 2013
Underneath it All - samyazaz
Arthur acts without thinking, grabs Merlin's arm and pulls him around. And Merlin makes a sound that goes straight to Arthur's heart and stops it cold. It's a cry, low and ragged and his eyes are round as marbles, staring straight at him.

"Fuck, Merlin," Arthur snarls. "You're still going to tell me nothing's wrong? You're hurt."

Merlin's laughter is choked and completely humorless. "No. I'm really not."
!merlin  *arthur/merlin  =NC-17  wc:1-5k  2013  piercings  first.time  author:samyazaz 
july 2013
Bird With A Broken Wing - versaphile
Set a few weeks after the events of "The Curse of Cornelius Sigan". If only Merlin had never slipped on the stairs. He would have gone to Mercia with Arthur and never realized he was in love. Desperate, hopeless love.
author:versaphile  2013  canon.era  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  =NC-17  wc:10-20k  first.time  masturbation  hurt/comfort  sex.magic 
june 2013
Come around - andiwould
When Merlin finds himself rooming with Arthur on a high school field trip and the cold forces them to share a bed for warmth, the last thing he's expecting is to end up hooking up with his prattish classmate.  first.time  bed.sharing  author:andiwould  2013  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  =NC-17  wc:5-10k 
june 2013
Garter and Barter - Deminos
Virgin Merlin sells his body to Mafia boss Arthur Pendragon to pay off his father’s debt. Arthur has a certain kink for bondage, stockings and garter belts.
2013  author:deminos  wc:5-10k  !merlin  =NC-17  *arthur/merlin  breathplay  crossdressing  dubcon 
june 2013
Night Sky Changing Overhead (the Brighter When We Come Remix) - roughandtumble (flammablehat)
Merlin discovers it is one thing to want something, and another thing entirely to have the courage to say so.
!merlin  *arthur/merlin  wc:5-10k  =NC-17  bathing  first.time  author:flammablehat  2013 
june 2013
Love Is a Doing Word (Fearless On My Breath) - Alby_Mangroves
“You heard. Put. It. On.” Hesitating for only a moment, Merlin lifts his hand and places the gleaming crown of Camelot on his scruffy, irreverent peasant’s head. He smiles, white teeth even and perfect and— Arthur blinks. This was a very bad idea.
=NC-17  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  D/s  wc:1-5k  2012  author:alby_mangroves  canon.era  blowjobs 
june 2013
Starting Something - Alby_Mangroves
One would think that a silent man is incapable of causing much trouble in a library. One would be wrong.
ust  first.kiss  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  =PG-13  wc:1-5k  2012  author:alby_mangroves 
june 2013
Next time, I'll bring backup - Letut
When Arthur was six years old he enjoyed watching the knights train. He and Dagonet could often be found sitting on the stone wall, whooping and cheering as the knights beat each other up. The king had told him that when he’s eight years old he can start his training. Arthur didn't think time had ever moved this slowly.
de-aging  !merlin  =R  *arthur/merlin  wc:20-30k  canon.era  2013  author:letut 
june 2013
Favorite - astolat
Arthur was tipped back against the wall, his mouth open for breath and staring at the small arrow-slit window over Merlin's head, trying to work out how it could possibly be that good with Merlin, of all people.
wc:10-20k  =NC-17  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  court.politics  2009  author:astolat  canon.era 
june 2013
Press and Release - anon
Arthur downs the last of his drink, leaning back against the bar and signals the bartender to get him another one with a lazy wave of his hand. A tall girl in a crimson dress leans in next to him to grab the tall glass offered her and she looks him over, raising an eyebrow at the tie around his neck.
=NC-17  !merlin  breathplay  *arthur/merlin  wc:1-5k  2013  intoxication  author:anon 
may 2013
Newlyweds - ifyouweremine
They fuck on the floor of the honeymoon suite, too impatient to reach the bed.
=NC-17  wc:0-1k  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  marriage  2009  author:ifyouweremine 
may 2013
Drunken Shagging in a Flying Death Basket: A Romance - ifyouweremine
“If you’ve liquored me up to take advantage of me sexually,” said Merlin, leaning against him, “I’d like you to know that it’s working, and please continue.”
=NC-17  wc:0-1k  !merlin  intoxication  *arthur/merlin  2009  author:ifyouweremine 
may 2013
How Alexander Graham Bell Helped Arthur and Merlin Get Their Freak On from Long-Distance - ifyouweremine
“Prat. I don’t even know why I miss you.” “Probably because your life would be cold and empty without my heroic good looks and vivacious personality. Plus, I have a huge cock.”
wc:0-1k  !merlin  =R  *arthur/merlin  dialogue.only  2009  author:ifyouweremine 
may 2013
The One Where There is a Truly Ridiculous Amount of Fucking - ifyouweremine
They’ve been fucking all day or near enough to it and the room reeks of spunk and sweat—hot thick musk of sex, the air heavy with it. Weighted down.
=NC-17  felching  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  wc:1-5k  2009  canon.era  author:ifyouweremine 
may 2013
Untitled porny porn - ifyouweremine
500 words of Arthur and Merlin having sex. That’s it, basically.
=NC-17  pwp  wc:0-1k  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  2009  author:ifyouweremine  canon.era 
may 2013
This Was Not in the Job Description (AKA Buggery, Yay!) - ifyouweremine
Being Arthur’s manservant was generally alright, Merlin supposed, except for all the blowjobs.
=NC-17  dubcon  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  wc:1-5k  2009  canon.era  author:ifyouweremine 
may 2013
The One Where Arthur Despoils Merlin in a Cave - ifyouweremine
“Yes I know what sex is, I’m not an idiot!” said Merlin. Arthur quietly disagreed.
=NC-17  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  fuck.or.die  wc:1-5k  first.time  2009  canon.era  author:ifyouweremine 
may 2013
Let the Right One In - neuroticnick
For the prompt: "The King (or Prince) pampers his arse, likes to keep it stretched loose and happy. Toys are all right, but eventually he realises he needs to find the perfect cock. The cock that would fill the royal arse with nice seed, and just generally pamper it and stay inside it as much as possible."
=NC-17  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  wc:1-5k  masturbation  toys  first.time  2013  canon.era  author:neuroticnick 
may 2013
Aliens Made Them Do It - Sophy
Arthur and Merlin are abducted by aliens and subjected to probing.
=NC-17  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  noncon  wc:1-5k  aliens  canon.era  2013  author:sophy 
may 2013
There's the Rub - Merartlinhur
Merlin and Arthur's study session devolves into a wrestling match and then a more salacious tug of war, thanks to an ill-timed phone call from Will.
=NC-17  !merlin  wrestling  *arthur/merlin  wc:1-5k  first.time  2013  author:merartlinhur 
may 2013
Into You - Violette_Royale
Oil wrestling had been Arthur's idea. It'd looked fun when they first saw it in one of the dodgy taverns Gwaine frequented.
=NC-17  wc:0-1k  !merlin  wrestling  *arthur/merlin  canon.era  2012  author:violette_royale 
may 2013
Now I Will Unsettle the Ground Beneath You - nu_breed
Merlin's dreams have always fuelled his art, but they've always been abstract and removed from reality. Soon after he meets Gwaine, he starts to see vivid images of a past full of death and magic and love for a King who was ripped from him. Things only escalate further when he spends a weekend in the country with Gwaine and meets his group of friends, which includes aristocrat and It Boy, Arthur Pendragon. Merlin soon realises that no matter how hard you try, one thing is certain, you can't fuck with destiny.
=NC-17  wc:40-50k  infidelity  !merlin  reincarnation  *arthur/merlin  2011  author:nu_breed 
may 2013
Lost in the Northern Lands - Magnolia822
What happens when four alphas and one in-heat omega get locked in a dungeon? Basically this. Written for the Perverse Bang.
=NC-17  omegaverse  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  *merlin/knights  wc:5-10k  2013  canon.era  author:magnolia822 
may 2013
Unbroken - samyazaz
It's not like there weren't signs. If Merlin had been paying attention, if he'd known what to look for, if he'd known that there was any need, he might have seen it coming. Maybe he could have done something about it. Maybe it would have always ended this way.
=NC-17  wc:10-20k  dubcon  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  creatures  canon.era  2013  author:samyazaz 
april 2013
Things Fall Apart - frantic
Merlin Emrys, a graduate student in the creative writing programme at Camelot University, really, completely, seriously hates his poetry professor and does not love him even slightly.
=NC-17  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  wc:5-10k  age.disparity  2011  author:frantic 
april 2013
and whatever you want - frantic
Arthur absolutely cannot stand anything about the housekeeper's son. Especially when Gwaine starts to take notice.
=NC-17  !merlin  possessive!arthur  *arthur/merlin  wc:1-5k  first.time  2012  author:frantic 
april 2013
Untitled Microfics - lettered
"What would you have been," Six says (always with that scythe of a smile), "if it hadn't been for me?" Gaius thinks about it--for the first time, honestly thinks about it: endless lines of code, defense software, databases; that sleek apartment, all glass--always still too close to the sick stench of sweet hay, always escaping the rough furrows of the plough, never far enough away (until now). "A machine," he tells her; the most basic command of any program is run.
wc:0-1k  *gaius.baltar/caprica.six  =PG  microfic  !battlestar.galactica  2013  author:lettered 
april 2013
Recall This Message - anon
In a flurry of snarky emails to co-worker Merlin Emrys, Arthur Pendragon composes and accidentally hits SEND on one with his true thoughts about what he'd like to do with him. (To clarify, Arthur finds Merlin very sexy and would never admit it, but in a moment of boredom or whatever, he types it out and it somehow gets sent, to Arthur's complete mortification.)
!merlin  *arthur/merlin  =PG  office  wc:1-5k  2013  author:anon 
april 2013
Something Beautiful - cherrybina
King Arthur meets his new manservant, a 16-year-old boy named Merlin.
=NC-17  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  age.disparity  wc:1-5k  2009  author:cherrybina 
april 2013
Watching, Waiting, Wet - jelazakazone
Teaser: Merlin turns his back on the prince, shuffling over to a scrawny tree a few metres distant from the hut, as though it will provide some cover. Arthur feels he should turn away, knows he should not watch, but the gnawing in his belly compels him to crane his neck to get a glimpse of Merlin’s prick, of a stream of piss coming out, or even the steam rising off his urine, but he’s at just the wrong angle.
=NC-17  watersports  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  wc:1-5k  established.relationship  canon.era  2013  author:jelazakazone 
april 2013
Here be dragons (Or Arthur’s experiments with gay porn) - Tossukka
Arthur had no idea Merlin liked other men that way. Then again, he didn’t really know as much about himself either, before he stumbled across the porn. Well then.
=NC-17  porn.watching  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  wc:1-5k  masturbation  2013  author:tossukka 
april 2013
Watch Me - BeautifulBlues
For the prompt: Flatmates, but they don't share a room. Character 1 often masturbates with the door to his room open. Character 2 is uncomfortable about this and doesn't know to handle the situation. He starts to suspect that character 1 wants him to see, and actually - he's not totally averse to watching.
=NC-17  !merlin  *arthur/merlin  masturbation  roommates  author:beautifulblues 
april 2013
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!battlestar.galactica !elementary !firefly !game.of.thrones !harry.potter !kill.your.darlings !merlin !merlin.rpf !sherlock !teen.wolf !vampire.diaries *allen/lucien *arthur/lancelot/merlin *arthur/merlin *arthur/merlin/other *bradley/colin *derek/stiles *draco.malfoy/harry.potter *elijah/klaus *gaius.baltar/caprica.six *gwen/morgana *jayne/river *john/sherlock *lee.adama/kara.thrace *merlin/knights *petyr/sansa *stiles/others +hunith +joan.watson +merlin +severus.snape 2005 2006 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 =nc-17 =pg =pg-13 =r age.disparity aliens alpha/omega angst asexuality author:akoya8 author:alba17 author:alby_mangroves author:andiwould author:anivhee author:anon author:ariannenymerosmartell author:astolat author:beautifulblues author:bevinkathryn author:birdsofshore author:camelittle author:cherrybina author:crossedlines author:deminos author:drbwho author:emjayelle author:fabrisse author:ficbyzee author:flammablehat author:fleete author:fr333bird author:frantic author:freudian_fuckup author:geeklover author:glim author:halffizzbin author:helva2260 author:hermette author:hopeisathreat author:i_claudia author:ifyouweremine author:impishtubist author:ingberry author:inktomi author:jelazakazone author:kaizoku author:kateshines author:kick_flaw author:kim47 author:kinkmemefairy author:la_temperanza author:leseparatist author:lettered author:letut author:llama author:magnolia822 author:marguerite_26 author:marquise author:mellacita author:merartlinhur author:meroure author:millionstar author:minor_hue author:neuroticnick author:new_kate author:nightfox author:nu_breed author:nympha_alba author:oflittleuse author:planejane author:quintenttsy author:qwerty author:readwriteandavengers author:riventhorn author:rufflefeather author:samyazaz author:sassafrasx author:shinybug author:sophy author:sorrylatenew author:spowell author:thalialunacy author:thedreamisreal author:themostepotente author:tossukka author:ureshiichigo author:veronamay author:versaphile author:violette_royale author:vlaffles author:voleuse author:weepingwillow9 author:writcraft author:yadunkno barebacking bathing bed.sharing blowjobs bodyswap bondage breakup breathplay canon.era character.bleed club.fic comeplay court.politics creatures crossdressing d/s de-aging dialogue.only double.penetration dubcon epistolary established.relationship exhibitionism family felching first.kiss first.time fuck.or.die genderswap getting.together handjob humor hurt/comfort incest infidelity intoxication kidnapping kinkfic legilimency longing magic.reveal marriage masturbation medical.kink microfic misunderstandings noncon office omegaverse piercings porn.industry porn.watching possessive!arthur post-5.13 pov:first.person power.imbalance pre-slash prostitution pwp rec.list reincarnation remix resource resurrection roleplay roommates scent.kink sex.magic sex.pollen size!kink somnophilia submissive!arthur tear-jerker threesome toys underage unhappy.ending ust voyeurism watersports wc:0-1k wc:1-5k wc:10-20k wc:20-30k wc:30-40k wc:40-50k wc:5-10k wc:50-60k wrestling

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