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Variable Fonts
A simple resource for finding and trying variable fonts.
fonts  typography  font  variablefont  variabletype 
june 2018 by tedw
How to use variable fonts in the real world
There are plenty of sites demoing the possibilities of variable fonts, but very few using them in a real-world context. In fact the new Ampersand website may be the first. Learn how we did it.
css  typography  fonts  variablefont 
march 2018 by tedw
Flow is a typeface built for wireframing
. The font comes in three weights – circular, rounded and block. Pay what you want.
font  typography  wireframing  ux  design 
july 2017 by tedw
Fontjoy - Get smart font pairings in one click
Fontjoy helps designers choose the best font combinations using deep learning
design  font  typography 
june 2017 by tedw
Font Map
Hundreds of fonts arranged using machine learning
font  design  typography 
may 2017 by tedw
CSS Typesetting Tool | Generate Beautiful CSS | Type Nugget
We’re building Type Nugget - an online typesetting tool that gives you fine control over a robust base for hella fine web type - all via a pleasant user interface. We’re keen to use it ourselves, but thought, ‘hey, I wonder what features you want us to build in?’
typography  type  tools  css 
february 2017 by tedw
Harmonious Typography and Grids
I’m going to outline a process for answering all of those questions, speeding up the time it takes to arrive at consistent typography that matches your grid system, and minimizes thrashing. A…
typography  design 
november 2016 by tedw
Chinese language on the web
If you hadn’t realised by now, I am Chinese. I was born in Malaysia, then studied and now work in Singapore. Like many others with similar backgrounds, we sp...
typography  fonts  writing  chinese  japanese  asia 
november 2016 by tedw
An Introduction to Writing Systems
The tutorial will provide you with an understanding of key requirements for implementing writing systems in information technology. It will do this by examining real examples of a wide range of modern scripts to discover features that a computerized implementation must support.
unicode  characters  typography 
october 2016 by tedw
Your Body Text Is Too Small
Why website body text should be bigger, and ways to optimize it.
design  typography 
october 2016 by tedw
Seven rules for perfect Japanese typography
“Our product has traction in Japan! What now?”
typography  japanese 
october 2016 by tedw
Flexible typography with CSS locks
In early 2012, I shared a formula for “molten leading”, or fluid line spacing. Experienced typographers know that long lines of text need more line spacing, but line spacing can be tighter for short lines of text. The problem is that on the web, our texts are flexible. So our line spacing needs to flex,…
typography  css 
august 2016 by tedw
A Comprehensive Guide to Font Loading Strategies
A post by Zach Leatherman (zachleat), a Front End Engineer.
performance  typography  fonts  webperf  font-face 
july 2016 by tedw
- Simple, CSS utility classes for advanced typographic features.
sass  typography  opentype 
july 2016 by tedw
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