is a cross-platform GraphQL and REST client, available for Mac, Windows, and Linux
api  software  rest 
15 hours ago
Productivity Variations Among Software Developers and Teams The Origin of 10x
Some blog readers have asked for more background on where the “10x” name of this blog came from. The gist of the name is that researchers have found 10-fold differences in productivity and quality between different programmers with the same levels of experience and also between different teams working within the same industries. Individual Productivity …
productivity  developers 
5 days ago
10x managers: We’ve all heard the term, 10x engineer. What we don’t often talk about, is the 10x manager or supermanager.
management  manager  business 
5 days ago
The art of the one-on-one meeting
The definitive guide to the most misunderstood and yet powerful tool for managers.With a foreword by Lara Hogan, author of Resilient Management.
meeting  management 
5 days ago
Randomized Living
Max Hawkins is artist and computer scientist working at the boundary between computation and culture.
5 days ago
CSS Grid: Coupons!
Aka all the junk that I eat when I pull my all-nighters....
css  grid  layout 
5 days ago
The World-Wide Work.
A talk on automation, power, justice, and labor in the tech industry.
design  article  ethics  webdesign 
5 days ago
Weava: Organize your Research.
Never get lost in your search again! Keep track of what is important & Organize your research with Weava, a free but powerful research tool, to get 100% productivity boost up.
research  app  tools  productivity 
9 days ago
A doc as powerful as an app.
Coda is a new doc that grows with your ideas. We built it so the next generation of makers can build docs as powerful as apps. What will you Coda?
spreadsheet  productivity  collaboration 
12 days ago
Building the most inaccessible site possible with a perfect Lighthouse score
An experiment that proves that automatic accessibility testing is only a first step and that manual testing is vital.
accessibility  testing  a11y 
12 days ago
Experts explain how music publishing and licensing work
We reached out to publishers, administrators, licensing professionals, and sync agents to learn about music publishing and licesning.
publishing  music  business 
13 days ago
An exceptionally fast, tiny time series chart. Contribute to leeoniya/uPlot development by creating an account on GitHub.
chart  graph  interactive  javascript 
13 days ago
Data Visualization for All
Tell your data story with free and easy-to-learn tools. “Data Visualization for All,” an open-access textbook, shows how to design interactive charts and maps for your website. We begin with drag-and-drop tools and gradually work our way up to editing open-source code templates. This friendly introduction includes step-by-step tutorials, video screencasts, and real-world examples. Featured tools include Google Sheets, Tableau Public, Chart.js, Leaflet, GitHub, and more.
javascript  video  maps  dataviz  guide 
16 days ago
Stream — Track every change in WordPress.
wordpress  plugin 
20 days ago
A free guide to <head> elements
html5  html  reference 
22 days ago
In leaked audio, Mark Zuckerberg rallies Facebook against critics, competitors, and Elizabeth Warren - The Verge
ALL HANDS ON DECK In two hours of leaked audio, Mark Zuckerberg rallies Facebook employees against critics, competitors, and the US government. by Casey Newton…
from instapaper
22 days ago
The art of the one-on-one meeting
The definitive guide to the most misunderstood and yet powerful tool for managers.With a foreword by Lara Hogan, author of Resilient Management.
management  manager 
27 days ago
A simple alternative to WordPress' NavWalker. Contribute to Log1x/navi development by creating an account on GitHub.
wordpress  navigation 
27 days ago
Run checks and enforce conditions before posts are published. Built and designed for the WordPress block editor. -
27 days ago
Writing a federal government resume
A collection of guides and policies to help you with your work.
reference  resume 
29 days ago
An HTML attribute potentially worth $4.4M to Chipotle
We design and develop responsive websites and progressive web apps.
accessibility  autocomplete  autofill 
4 weeks ago
Watch full-length interviews by engineers from top companies
Then try it out for yourself. Get awesome at algorithmic questions, or just see how you stack up. Free, fully anonymous mock interviews with engineers from Google, LinkedIn, and more.
jobs  career  interviews  interviewing 
5 weeks ago
Ten Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer
When the story of how I landed a job at Airbnb went viral, I was surprised at how infatuated people were with my negotiations. Media stories portrayed me as some kind of master negotiator—a wily ex...
career  job  advice  negotiation  salary 
5 weeks ago
The Holloway Guide to Equity Compensation
Stock options, RSUs, job offers, and taxes—a detailed reference, including hundreds of resources, explained from the ground up and made to be improved over time.
business  negotiation  finance  startups 
5 weeks ago
Compensation in 2019 new grad tech offers
I have quite a few friends going through the new grad Software Engineering hiring process and thought I’d write up a “State of Tech Offers” for 2019 - it’s meant to help shine light on how an offer is structured, how the big players are constructing their offers, and how to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of or being deceived.
jobs  business  career 
5 weeks ago
Is This the World’s Most Accessible Museum?
Those without disabilities might not notice the innovations, but a museum in London is winning plaudits for its design and content.
a11y  accessibility  museum 
6 weeks ago
Why Accessibility Is the Future of Tech
Why designing accessible solutions for people with disabilities means embracing the most exciting design challenges in tech.
accessibility  a11y 
6 weeks ago
Questions to ask the company during your interview - viraptor/
hiring  interview  career  interviews  job 
6 weeks ago
The Best VS Code Extension List for Full Stack Developers - Jon R. Corbin
An entire compilation of every best vs code extension for full stack developers. This comprehensive list contains every great extension. Check it out!
plugins  extensions  editor  vscode 
6 weeks ago
Too many of us expect our jobs to give meaning to our lives. There is a better way.
work  culture  life 
6 weeks ago
40 Favorite Interview Questions from Some of the Sharpest Folks We Know
Trying to figure out how to interview someone? We asked founders and startup leaders to share their favorite questions to ask in interviews.
management  interview  hiring  hr  interviewing 
6 weeks ago
is a simpler static site generator.
javascript  static  staticsite 
6 weeks ago
Ask me anything on Twitter
javascript  d3  visualization  tutorial 
6 weeks ago
How to be a mentor
Mentorship tends to be a hot topic at any company that cares about its employees. I’ve experienced a variety of mentorship approaches in my career and learned one important lesson: very few people...
mentor  management  developer 
6 weeks ago
How to do a code review
Google’s Engineering Practices documentation
google  programming  engineering  code 
6 weeks ago
Designing address forms for everyone, everywhere
Addresses are old. Like really old. The first documented use of a postal service dates to 2400 BC, when Egyptian runners delivered documents carved in stone. But, as you would expect, addresses have…
forms  ux 
8 weeks ago
Public Sans
A strong, neutral, open source typeface for text or display.
typography  font  typeface  fonts 
9 weeks ago
Performance Matters
Last year I got certified as an EMT. As part of the training I shadowed an ambulance for a day and assisted with each run. For each patient we treated, we had to fill out a patient care report. A patient care report. (source) EMTs are just one part in a long chain. If they transport a patient to a hospital, the hospital needs to know everything about the patient and everything that happened since the call.
programming  performance  optimization 
9 weeks ago
Noteflight - Online Music Notation Software
Noteflight is an online music writing application that lets you create, view, print and hear professional quality music notation right in your web browser.
piano  notation  music  score 
9 weeks ago
.org is an instrument that measures the happiness of large populations in real time. The hedonometer is based on people’s online expressions, capitalizing on data-rich social media, and measures how people present themselves to the outside world.
dataviz  twitter  analysis  happiness 
9 weeks ago
Native lazy-loading for the web
This post covers the loading attribute and how it can be used to control the loading of images and iframes.
chrome  lazyload  image 
11 weeks ago
Designing for Accessibility at Scale - Adobe
Accessibility is no longer an afterthought. It’s a requirement & should be considered from the very start of your design process for all projects.
accessibility  a11y 
11 weeks ago
The simplest flowchart maker
Create Flowcharts, Process Flows, Org Charts, Sitemaps with our Online Flowchart Maker. Loved by users from +140 countries. Sign Up Free!
diagram  tool  flowchart  chart 
11 weeks ago
Captions and Transcripts and Audio Descriptions, Oh My!
@media (min-width: 800px) {.flex {display: flex;align-items: flex-start;}.flex div {flex: 1 1 55%;}.flex pre {flex: 1 1 45%;}.flex img {
video  audio  a11y  caption  transcript 
july 2019
Dynamic Periodic Table
Interactive periodic table with dynamic layouts showing names, electrons, oxidation, trend visualization, orbitals, isotopes, and compound search. Full descriptions from write-up sources.
education  elements  chemistry 
july 2019
Chrome Music Lab
Music is for everyone. Play with simple experiments that let anyone, of any age, explore how music works.
music  audio 
july 2019
Populating the page: how browsers work
a developer's goal should be to send requested resources as fast as possible, and ensure user interactions are smooth. To understand how to improve performance and perceived performance, it helps to understand how the browser works.
browser  Web 
july 2019
Margaret Hamilton: ‘They worried that the men might rebel. They didn’t’
The trailblazing computer scientist on being in charge of the software for the 1969 Apollo moon landing
programming  history  space  women 
july 2019
Staying Safe on GitHub: The Ultimate GitHub Security Tools Roundup
Check out this post comparing the top open-source security tools and how they outperform GitHub's default security tools against open-source vulnerabilities.
security  github  npm 
july 2019
What we learned from user testing of accessible client-side routing techniques with Fable Tech Labs
We conducted 5 user testing sessions with Fable Tech Labs to determine which client-side routing techniques are the most accessible to people with disabilities. With this research, we can make more informed decisions for accessible page changes in sites built with Gatsby, React, and beyond.
accessibility  a11y  reactjs  gatsby 
july 2019
A simple guide to coding interviews
What most people don’t realize is that interviewing is a skill in its own right, one that you can learn and get better at, by studying and practicing. Not only will your knowledge in algorithms and…
july 2019
When can I reuse this calendar?
Find out when you can re-use that calender you never opened!
july 2019
ACF Extended is a all-in-one enhancement suite which improves Advanced Custom Fields administration
wordpress  acf  plugin 
july 2019
We’ve created Musenet, a deep neural network that can generate 4-minute musical compositions with 10 different instruments and can combine styles from country to Mozart to the Beatles.
music  ai 
july 2019
The Myth of the Impartial Machine
Wide-ranging applications of data science bring utopian proposals of a world free from bias, but in reality, machine learning models reproduce the inequalities that shape the data they’re fed. Can programmers free their models from prejudice?
data  ai  ml  bias  statistics  dataviz 
july 2019
Building a resilient frontend using progressive enhancement
How to build web pages so they work in HTML first: starting with HTML, extra styles and features, using JavaScript.
javascript  progressive-enhancement 
july 2019
Dual N-Back
exercise online with top results rating and progress statistics. It is scientifically proven that the N-Back task improves working memory and fluid intelligence.
memory  training  health  brain 
july 2019
The Old Car Manual Project
homepage. Service manuals, brochures and literature for classic cars.
cars  vintage 
july 2019
5 Programming Patterns I Like
Examining my own programming this week and recognizing five patterns that I like implementing.
js  programming  tips 
july 2019
Pinegrow Snapshots
Take static HTML snapshots of dynamic web applications and use them for collaboration.
html  design  tool  app 
july 2019
Every video posted on Hacker News, the legendary tech forum built by Y Combinator.
june 2019
is the first tool for automatic image optimization at consistent image quality, with the highest compression ratio and performance. Trusted by thousands of photographers, designers and developers. Optimage comes with a simple yet powerful app for Mac and supports all common formats including JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF, APNG, MP4, WebM, WebP and PDF.
image  jpeg  compression  tool 
june 2019
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