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Managing two million web servers
We do not have ONE web-server handling 2 millions sessions. We have 2 million webservers handling one session each.
march 2016 by talles
Erlang - software for a concurrent world
How do you program a multicore computer? Easy - do it in Erlang. Erlang is a concurrent functional programming language designed for programming fault-tolerant systems. With share-nothing semantics and pure message passing, Erlang programs scales on multicore computers. In this talk, Joe introduces Erlang, the ideas of Concurrent Oriented Programming and commercial applications written in Erlang.
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november 2015 by talles
The Mess We're In
Joe Armstrong is one of the inventors of Erlang. When at the Ericsson computer science lab in 1986, he was part of the team who designed and implemented the first version of Erlang. He has written several Erlang books including Programming Erlang Software for a Concurrent World. Joe has a PhD in computer science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.
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october 2015 by talles
Making reliable distributed systems in the presence of software errors
The work described in this thesis is the result of a research program started in 1981 to find better ways of programming Telecom applications. These applications are large programs which despite careful testing will probably contain many errors when the program is put into service. We assume that such programs do contain errors, and investigate methods for building reliable systems despite such errors. The research has resulted in the development of a new programming language (called Erlang), together with a design methodology, and set of libraries for building robust systems (called OTP). At the time of writing the technology described here is used in a number of major Ericsson, and Nortel products. A number of small companies have also been formed which exploit the technology.
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august 2015 by talles

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