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What is the difference between Alan Kay's definition of OOP and Carl Hewitt's Actor Model?
Subsequently, the Actors work remained more true to the original object ideas than our Smalltalk work at Parc.
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july 2018 by talles
A Conversation with Bjarne Stroustrup, Carl Hewitt, and Dave Ungar
What happens when you put three titans of programming language design and computing in a room and turn a camera on to capture what takes place?

That's the thought experiment that led to this conversation with C++ language creator Bjarne Stroustrup, Self language creator Dave Ungar, and actor model creator Carl Hewitt. Thank goodness all three of them were present at Lang.NEXT 2014. Many topics are covered, as you can imagine. It's best that you find some quality time to watch, listen, and learn from some true masters. This is a long conversation and there is great programming history herein!

This is a rare (and very candid) gathering of some of the best minds in the programming world today.
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november 2015 by talles
Wittgenstein versus Turing on Inconsistency Robustness
uring differed fundamentally on the question of inconsistency from Wittgenstein when he attended Wittgenstein's seminar on the Foundations of Mathematic.
october 2015 by talles
Hewitt, Meijer and Szyperski: The Actor Model (everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask)
What are actors, exactly? No, really. What are they? When is an actor an actor? Everything you wanted to know about actors, but we're afraid to ask... It's all right here.
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october 2015 by talles
How to Program the Many Cores For Inconsistency Robustness, Carl Hewitt
Carl Hewitt gives a presentation addressing the current state of Moore's Law and looks at how Alan Turing's Model of Computation relates to this. He shows how this law can be applied to small system as well as very small systems.
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october 2015 by talles
Scalable Inconsistency Robust Information Systems
Since the last conference, there has been major progress on two fronts:

1. Technical

a. Inconsistency Robust Direct Logic is now in good shape. It even allows proof by contradiction!
b. Classical Direct Logic is also in good shape. All of classical mathematics (including meta-theoretic) is elegantly encompassed including the proof that mathematics self-proves its own consistency (contra the current standard understanding of Gödel’s results). Classical mathematics can be used freely in inconsistency-robust inference.
c. Important progress on statistical reasoning, i.e., BIGGER data ;-)

2. Practical applications

a. Health
b. Security and Privacy
c. Law
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october 2015 by talles

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