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PSA: Whitewashing A Character Is Different From Michael B. Jordan Being Cast As Johnny Storm | The Mary Sue
Racebending in the other direction — putting people of color in the roles of historically white characters — counters that, in a way. It demands a space for people of color to exist in franchises where they are severely underrepresented. Though the Fantastic Four reboot isn’t produced by Marvel Studios, like The Avengers, it is based on Marvel’s comics. Despite the comics offering a plethora of racial identities, however, racial diversity failed to make its way to the screen adaptations (are we just now getting a Black Panther movie?).
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may 2015 by talibusorabat
Look, Guys, Even 'Nice' Can Be Annoying
Harassment isn't once. Harassment comes from a lifetime of dealing with people constantly doing things to you, whether you wanted them or not, at random intervals. You learn not to trust people. And what might have been pleasant, once, as an isolated incident, starts to feel pretty oppressive when it's something you deal with on a weekly basis. It changes you, and then guys call you bitchy when you don't feel like playing along and pretending this is just about the coffee.
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december 2012 by talibusorabat
» The Revolution Will Not Be Polite: The Issue of Nice versus Good Social Justice League
Furthermore, I think the confusion of meanness with oppression is the root cause of why bigots feel that calling someone a “bigot” is as bad as calling someone a “tranny” or taking away their rights. You know, previously I thought they were just being willfully obtuse, but now I realise what is going on. For example, most racists appear to feel that calling POC a racist slur is a roughly equal moral harm to POC calling them a “racist fuckhead”. That’s because they do not understand that using a racist slur is bad in any sense other than it hurts someone’s feelings. And they know from experience that it hurts someone’s feelings to be called racist douche.

So if you – the oppressed – hurt someone’s feelings, you’re just like the oppressor, right? Wrong. Oppression is not about hurt feelings. It is about the rights and opportunities that are not afforded to you because you belong to a certain group of people. When you use a racist slur you imply that non-whiteness is a bad thing, and thus publicly reinforce a system that denies POC the rights and opportunities of white people. Calling a white person a racist fuckhead doesn’t do any of that. Yes, it’s not very nice. And how effective it is as a tactic is definitely up for debate (that’s a whole other blog post). But it’s not oppression.
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june 2012 by talibusorabat
What is cultural appropriation « The Long Way Home
What’s being appropriated in *cultural appropriation* isn’t the things themselves — the images, stories, artefacts, themes, etc. — it’s the capacity of people of oppressed groups to determine the meaning, scope, usage, and future of those things. Cultural appropriation involves taking over peoples’ control over representations of themselves. Cultural appropriation is an attack on cultural autonomy and self-determination, backed up by historically constructed domination.
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june 2012 by talibusorabat

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