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Enjoy the best technical videos and share it with friends, colleagues, and the world.
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june 2018 by tagaligtas
Pond5.com | Royalty Free Stock Video, Music, Photos, Illustrations, Sound Effects, After Effects and 3D Models
Download the Perfect Content for All Your Media Creations - (1,850,029) Stock Footage Clips, (423,448) Sound Effects, (115,134) Royalty Free Music Tracks, (8,267,521) Stock Photos, (753,609) Vector Graphics, (4,145) After Effects Template and (1,018) 3D Models.
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february 2016 by tagaligtas
Popcorn.js | The HTML5 Video Framework
tch a demo of Popcorn.js, our HTML5 javascript library for integrating the web into video production.

Start the video to watch popcorn.js change your webpa
html5  video  javascript  framework 
march 2011 by tagaligtas
RockPlayerBase Plays DivX, AVI, and Other Videos You Want on Android
then jumps into a player when you've picked your file, with simple play controls and timeline scrubbing. You'll see the frames-per-second count in the upper-right corner, but you can kill it by clicking the DivX button
android  divx  video 
june 2010 by tagaligtas
Khan Academy
an Academy is a not-for-profit organization with the mission of providing a high quality education to anyone, anywhere.
education  math  video  tutorials  learning  science  tutorial  youtube  teaching 
april 2010 by tagaligtas
YouTube - Introduction To Christianity - Comedian Dave Allen On Religion
Allen himself, "what you might call a practising atheist"), he would often make jokes about religion, particularly the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England. Along with his seated stand-up routines, his television shows were interspersed with sketch comedy. He had a lasting influence on British comedy, and influenced many 21
video  humor  religion 
june 2009 by tagaligtas
Giz Explains: Every Video Format You Need to Know
Containers aka Wrappers
Alright, well you've probably noticed that none of your video files have the extension .h264 or .vc1 or the like. That's because videos are packaged in containers or wrappers that stuff things like the audio, navigational info, etc. along with the video in a single pretty file. Naturally, there are about as many of them as there are codecs. To be clear, you would take a video encoded with, say, H.264, and wrap it up as a .mp4 or .avi file.
reference  video  media 
february 2009 by tagaligtas
How To: How to Burn Any Video File to a Playable Video DVD
open-source application that supports over 45 different file formats, includes subtitle support, and makes creating a DVD from most common (and even uncommon) vi
video  tutorials  dvd  converting  lifehacker  tools  software 
november 2008 by tagaligtas

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