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Meet the Libertarian Who Wants to Raise the Minimum Wage
“Conservatives began to take him seriously. 'Legislation to raise the minimum wage would elevate many low-wage earners above the income threshold that qualifies them for benefits,' wrote conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, 'and should result in reduced welfare spending.'”
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january 2014 by taestell
Conservative Leads Effort to Raise Minimum Wage in California
“There are so many very low-wage workers, and we pay for huge social welfare programs for them. This would save something on the order of tens of billions of dollars. Doesn’t it make more sense for employers to pay their workers than the government?”
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november 2013 by taestell
Last place aversion
People who oppose goverment welfare programs don't necessarily believe they will ever be rich him/herself... they just don't want to end up in last place.
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august 2011 by taestell

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