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Planning Ahead
"If you grew up here your whole life and you think OTR has been bad for decades, how can they believe that there’s a Japanese gastropub at 15th and Vine? That’s bizarre. Visual evidence is very powerful. In lieu of people actually visiting it and feeling it and touching it, they can at least see it through images."
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march 2015 by taestell
10 New Project and Policy Concepts From UrbanCincy
“It has become painfully clear that we are not building enough housing supply to meet demand for center city living [...] In order to meet those demands and prevent runaway price increases, now is the time to go big and develop thousands more units.”
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march 2015 by taestell
Who Wants to Live in Times Square?
"UrbanCincy kingpin Randy Simes wants to see the city lease its advertising assets but keep them limited to what has been fair game for years: bus benches, shelters, newsstands, bike share — all the familiar places you tend to see Nicolas Cage movie posters defamed. The idea, Simes argues, is to work together on one unified leasing strategy, which, he feels, 'will increase the value of public right-of-way advertising.'"
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july 2014 by taestell
Will Cincinnati find better ways to move people around — regionally and nationally?
The Cincinnati Business Courier covers UrbanCincy's city council candidate forum on urban issues.
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october 2013 by taestell
Letting Cincinnatians Down
"The local Green Party, local chapter of the NAACP, and Green Township officials continue to let us down. What do these unlikely bedfellows have in common? They all seem to have a vested interest against the improvement of Cincinnati’s transit system beyond that of roadways."
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june 2013 by taestell

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