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Introducing the Stellar Fun Pass
I'm happy to give money to support the continued operation of a great service.
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august 2013 by taestell
Why Has New York Become a Paradise for Tech Startups?
"One of the reasons that New York has succeeded, Hargreaves told Mashable, is that its density and public transport systems make it easy for entrepreneurs to get from meeting to meeting."
nyc  new.york  transit  transportation  tech  cities  urbanism  startups  from instapaper
july 2013 by taestell
Facebook and Instagram: When Your Favorite App Sells Out
Why Facebook wanted Instagram: It's a simple app that does one thing really well, and its users love it.
Instagram  iOS  iPhone  apple  Facebook  tech  startups  acquisition  business  from instapaper
april 2012 by taestell

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