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After Trump Roundtable Invite, Silicon Valley Considers Postelection Role
"I've yet to see an example of somebody standing up to Donald Trump and suggesting policy initiatives and him embracing them."
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december 2016 by taestell
The Shape of Things to Come
"The buses have become a necessity for Silicon Valley, not because they expand the workday modestly, but because today so many young workers in the tech industry have no desire to live in the Valley. A 28-year-old with a place in Noe Valley is more likely to be willing to spend time on a luxurious bus with Wi-Fi than to want to sit behind the wheel of a car on the 101 Freeway, or to make his way to downtown San Francisco to take a commuter train that will deposit him at a station that is still likely to be several miles from where he works."
architecture  buses  transportation  transit  silicon.valley  san.francisco  silicon.valley.buses 
december 2013 by taestell

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