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California’s $64 Billion Bet on North America’s First True Bullet Train
"Downtown Bakersfield will be less than two hours (1 hour and 47 minutes) from Downtown San Francisco, and then by 2029, less than one hour (47 minutes) from Downtown Los Angeles. That is a faster commute than most freeway drivers face every day from the San Fernando Valley."
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june 2016 by taestell
The Shape of Things to Come
"The buses have become a necessity for Silicon Valley, not because they expand the workday modestly, but because today so many young workers in the tech industry have no desire to live in the Valley. A 28-year-old with a place in Noe Valley is more likely to be willing to spend time on a luxurious bus with Wi-Fi than to want to sit behind the wheel of a car on the 101 Freeway, or to make his way to downtown San Francisco to take a commuter train that will deposit him at a station that is still likely to be several miles from where he works."
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december 2013 by taestell
Spot Pricing
"Imagine your city passes a law requiring that all hotels in town, from the fleabag on Mediterranean Avenue to the Four Seasons on Boardwalk, charge $100 a night. You don’t have to be an economist to know what will happen: the best hotels will be booked to capacity every night, and no one will ever stay at the CheapSleep. [...] No city price-fixes its hotels, but plenty make the same mistake with curbside parking spaces."
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july 2013 by taestell

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