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The Hangover: Cantilevered Buildings of New York
“Some people may not like it [but] with people not willing to sell their property to you, but willing to sell their air rights, the cantilever almost becomes a necessity.”
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june 2014 by taestell
What Happens When 140-Year-Old Water Main Bursts
A New York City water main dating back to 1877 bursts, "disrupting eight subway lines and leaving a van-sized hole in the ground."
new.york  nyc  infrastructure 
january 2014 by taestell
A Getaway Apartment, in Your Own Building
"'I have reached a point in my life where I want to write,' he said. 'I have a book in mind, and I wanted a sanctuary that didn’t require me to get dressed and go outside. I wanted to go to the passenger or service elevator and just go to a different floor.'"
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august 2013 by taestell
The LaGuardia Curfew: Why Your Late Flight Ended Up At JFK
"The flights, which most likely none of which had passengers, are comically short. A Delta MD-88 took off from JFKs runway 31L, made a left turn, followed by a quick right turn to enter the LGA runway 22 approach. The total flight time was 15 minutes, from 8:10am to 8:25am."
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july 2013 by taestell
Why Has New York Become a Paradise for Tech Startups?
"One of the reasons that New York has succeeded, Hargreaves told Mashable, is that its density and public transport systems make it easy for entrepreneurs to get from meeting to meeting."
nyc  new.york  transit  transportation  tech  cities  urbanism  startups  from instapaper
july 2013 by taestell
NYC’s massive subway project
"The Second Avenue Subway is the first line to be constructed in New York City since 1932. The $4.5 billion transportation project will improve access to mass transit and reduce overcrowding and commuter delays on the east side of Manhattan."
nyc  new.york  transportation  transit  subway  mta  rail  from instapaper
june 2013 by taestell
New York City To Get LED Street Lighting
"New York City’s Department of Transportation has tapped the Office for Visual Interaction for testing LED street lighting around the Big Apple. If successful, all of the city’s 300,000 street lamps could one day be made up of LEDs."
nyc  new.york  LEDs  energy 
june 2013 by taestell
Will Coney Island’s Surf Ave Become a Mecca for Franchises?
Johnny Rockets, Applebee's, and Checkers are among the chains coming to Coney Island.
coney.island  nyc  new.york  retail  chains 
march 2013 by taestell
City Seeks Lilliputian Living Unit
"They way we [thought] about housing policy over the last 100 years was all about sanitation, health, fire safety and an underlying idea that the more space people could have the better. We have very different solutions today about health and safety and cleanliness."
housing  nyc  apartments  new.york 
july 2012 by taestell
Moving home: The new key to success
Aaron Renn: "New York City is like a giant refinery for human capital. […] Taking in people, adding value, then exporting them is one of New York’s core competencies."
nyc  new.york  brain.drain  aaron.renn  cities  urbanism 
june 2012 by taestell
The Onion's Bumpy Ride to Chicago
Only one-third of the editorial staff is willing to make the move from NYC to Chicago.
chicago  new.york  nyc  cities  the.onion 
march 2012 by taestell
Thoughts on prioritizing urban space and roads
"While American cities are synchronizing green lights to improve traffic flow and offering apps to help drivers find parking, many European cities are doing the opposite: creating environments openly hostile to cars."
urbanism  transit  nyc  transportation 
june 2011 by taestell
In NJ, proximity to rail becomes alluring
"Businesses are beginning to recognize that many employees care less about living in sprawling estates and more about living in diverse areas with restaurants and entertainment within walking distance."
urbanism  transit  new.jersey  new.york  suburbs  nyc 
june 2011 by taestell
Regretting Move, Bank May Return to Manhattan
UBS considers relocating from the suburbs back to the city because that's where their employees live and would prefer to work.
urbanism  new.york  cities  nyc 
june 2011 by taestell
The man who thinks Manhattan isn’t dense enough
Increasing density can be a good thing, but not at the expense of historic preservation.
urbanism  density  new.york  nyc 
june 2011 by taestell
Food Cheaper in City—No Baloney
"In nearly every case, New York products were cheaper than in places such as Memphis, Indianapolis and Milwaukee."
food  urbanism  new.york  nyc  from google
may 2011 by taestell

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