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​New Cincinnati NAACP president: Alliance with COAST is over
"Under Smitherman, the NAACP and COAST frequently teamed up on ballot issues, including opposition to a sales tax to build a new jail and a city charter amendment to bar the city from selling Cincinnati WaterWorks without voter approval. It’s unlikely the NAACP will pursue such ballot issues in the future, Richardson said."
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december 2015 by taestell
Cincinnati Branch NAACP President Refused Discussions on Streetcars
The president of the Cincinnati NAACP admits that he childishly "refused to have any discussion(s) or conversation(s) that was remotely related to the streetcars" [sic].
ishton.morton  naacp  cincinnati 
march 2014 by taestell
Letting Cincinnatians Down
"The local Green Party, local chapter of the NAACP, and Green Township officials continue to let us down. What do these unlikely bedfellows have in common? They all seem to have a vested interest against the improvement of Cincinnati’s transit system beyond that of roadways."
urbancincy  randy.simes  naacp  cincinnati  chris.smitherman  green.party 
june 2013 by taestell
Somewhere Over the Rhine: Streetcars "Under Fire"
"The Cincinnati Enquirer ran two articles yesterday and today highlighting a new drive against the Streetcar System by the NAACP, Citizens Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes (COAST), WeDemandAVote and others. I’m not sure why the Enquirer felt it necessary to run two articles about this on two separate days, but it makes you wonder who they are looking out for."
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june 2013 by taestell
NAACP To Chris Smitherman: Stop Endorsing Or Lose Presidency!
"The Cincinnati Black Blog has obtained a cease & desist letter sent from the National Office of the NAACP to Cincinnati NAACP president Christopher Smitherman."
cincinnati  naacp  chris.smitherman  from instapaper
may 2013 by taestell
Cincinnati NAACP members to ask Smitherman to resign
"He is using the NAACP for his personal and political agenda, not for civil rights."
chris.smitherman  politics  naacp  cincinnati  from instapaper
april 2013 by taestell
Romney On NAACP Booing: If They Want More Free Stuff From The Government Vote Obama
Romney now calls people who favor government health care reform "freeloaders". Previously he claimed the purpose of the individual mandate was to eliminate "freeloaders".
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july 2012 by taestell
Stay Classy, Smitherman
"If the national office of the NAACP had any idea what Chris Smitherman is doing to their brand here in Cincinnati, they would’ve shown him the door years ago."
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august 2011 by taestell

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