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What’s Missing From the “Affordable Housing” Conversation?
"A common misconception is that middle-class families don’t want to live in the urban core. But this is simply not the case. Remember: if you build it, they will come. And if you don’t think that the most (economically) sustainable way to build an urban core is to build it for the hard-working middle-class, you are crazy."
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june 2014 by taestell
Kasich’s tax plan rewards rich, starves public services
"The bottom fifth of taxpayers, making less than $18,000 a year, would see an average tax hike of $63."
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june 2013 by taestell
Ohio's War on the Middle Class
"In 1980, he got his first professional job with a high school diploma in Cleveland for $28,000 a year. In 2007, I got my first professional job with a master’s degree in San Francisco for $27,000. A hundred dollars in my pocket today was the equivalent of $274 in his then."
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june 2013 by taestell
Maybe you are working class
The definition of “middle class” has expanded so much that the term is now mostly meaningless. That’s because most people want to think they’re in the middle class.
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june 2013 by taestell
On the Practical Exercise of Power – or why the Old White Dudes keep winning
"Obama says that the rich have stopped paying taxes, and they have. But why have we allowed them to do this? The answer is simple: the Big Lie of our generation is that one day we will be the rich, and therefore we keep and feed the Rich as if they were exotic game animals, letting them get away with murder because of our secret aspiration to one day be one of them."
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june 2013 by taestell
They Might Be Giants Return to 'Adult' Rock on 'Join Us,' Praise Teachers and Unions
"I have to tip my hat to the wealthy men of the right wing for fooling the poor people of America into thinking the middle class is their enemy. They have really hypnotized the under-informed. The idea that school teachers are the problem is just absolutely amazing."
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june 2013 by taestell

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