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Those “streetcar” rails going down on Elm Street are actually light rail tracks
"What Cincinnati is building on Elm Street today could easily become the light rail spine through the heart of the region, slicing diagonally across the downtown basin with seven Fortune 500 corporations, two-thirds of our region’s cultural institutions and thousands of potential new homes within a few blocks of the line."
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october 2015 by taestell
Getting the streetcar route right in Cincinnati
Long-time advocate John Schneider explains how the Cincinnati streetcar route was chosen.
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october 2013 by taestell
John Schneider on Cincinnati's riverfront rebuild
"Since 1788, the problem with Cincinnati’s Central Riverfront has been that it floods fairly regularly. Cincinnati never had the means to build a flood-proof riverfront until the massive infrastructure budget that accompanied the two sports facilities was on the table."
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august 2013 by taestell

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