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Pump the brakes on stadium deal
"Now that the MLS deadline is looming, the franchise expects taxpayers to sacrifice answers and transparency for the promise of riches down the road. Slow the roll."
fc.cincinnati  cincinnati  hamilton.county  stadiums  government 
november 2017 by taestell
For Prosecutor's Office internships, political and family ties get you in the door
"Of his 186 employees, at least 31 were related to past or present county officials or employees or had political or business linkages to Deters."
joe.deters  hamilton.county  gop  hamilton.county.gop 
august 2017 by taestell
Newest MSD bombshell threatens to burn Cranley, Black
"The mayor didn’t do himself any favors Wednesday by either orchestrating or allowing his allies on council to shut down a special meeting whose purpose was to get more answers about the alleged threat."
john.cranley  harry.black  cincinnati  hamilton.county  msd 
june 2016 by taestell
Sierra Club says Cincinnati MSD needs full-time, court-appointed babysitter
"In its filing, the Sierra Club, which was granted a sort of watchdog status in the case by the late U.S. District Judge Arthur Spiegel, said it's fed up with the bickering."
sierra.club  msd  cincinnati  hamilton.county  utilities 
march 2016 by taestell
​City of Cincinnati to Hamilton County: You don’t – and won’t – own our sewer plants, other MSD assets
“[The city] will return to operating its own sewer system separate from the county system, as it did prior to 1968, unless a different outcome is negotiated between the city and the county.”
cincinnati  hamilton.county  msd 
march 2016 by taestell
​Ohio Supreme Court rules in Cincinnati blogger Randy Simes’s voting rights case
“Simes’ situation is unique because he cut ties with Illinois and cancelled his voter registration there, so there is no risk of him voting in more than one state.”
randy.simes  voting  boe  hamilton.county  ohio  politics  coast  voter.supression 
january 2016 by taestell
​Hamilton County commissioners want Cincinnati-Chicago high-speed rail study
"Hamilton County commissioners unanimously voted Wednesday to sponsor a potential Cincinnati-to-Chicago high-speed rail project and ask the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments to fund a feasibility study for it."
hamilton.county  oki  transportation  transit  rail  rail.transportation 
december 2015 by taestell
​Hamilton County Board of Elections ​searches for a new site
"The other sites are the Central Park building at 4700 Smith Road in Norwood; the Centennial Building at Ninth Street and Central Avenue downtown and Gateway West, a Neyer Properties building at 644 Linn St. in Queensgate."
boe  hamilton.county  cincinnati  elections  voting 
november 2015 by taestell
Hartmann out of commissioner race
Greg Hartmann: "Our County operation is 1500 people smaller than when I arrived. This represents a budget which has been cut by nearly $100 million."
greg.hartmann  hamilton.county  politics  election.2016 
november 2015 by taestell
How the Cincinnati public could be convinced to tax itself for Preschool Promise, expanded Metro
"But supporters of Metro and the Preschool Promise still could have an argument that these two levies won’t take much new money out of taxpayers’ pockets over the long run."
preschool.promise  cincinnati  metro  hamilton.county 
october 2015 by taestell
​Appellate court: UrbanCincy.com owner can vote in Hamilton County
"Randy Simes, the owner and managing editor of UrbanCincy.com, can vote in Hamilton County while he lives in South Korea for his job, the Hamilton County Appellate Court has decided."
randy.simes  coast  voter.supression  voting  ohio  hamilton.county  politics 
january 2015 by taestell
Cincinnati backs out of bike grant, $4.3 million headed back to Columbus
"Once the money, a part of the federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality program, is returned to the state, officials in Columbus can decide where it will be redirected."
cincinnati  hamilton.county  bikes  cycling  transportation 
november 2014 by taestell
Monzel's Motion May Backfire on MSD
Hamilton County elected not to perform sewer upgrades while the streets were already ripped up for streetcar construction, forcing taxpayers to repair them at a higher cost down the road.
cincystreetcar  hamilton.county  cincinnati  utilities  hamilton.county.gop 
october 2014 by taestell
​These buildings could be sold under a plan to overhaul Hamilton County facilities
"Hamilton County could save nearly $70 million over the next two decades if it sells some of its current buildings, renovates Mercy Health’s shuttered Mount Airy Hospital and moves some of the county government’s services there."
hamilton.county  cincinnati 
october 2014 by taestell
Christian Sigman proposes ‘bold’ changes to how Hamilton County is funded
"Notably, Hartmann referred to Sigman’s plan as a 'tax swap' instead of a tax increase. But he also acknowledged that voters are cynical about promises of property tax relief because the same thing was promised when they approved the 1996 stadium sales tax."
hamilton.county  ohio  taxes 
october 2014 by taestell
County looks to sell Times-Star building, other offices
"The Times-Star Building is by far the most attractive of those properties and county officials say they've received several calls about it from potential developers, even though the building isn't officially on the market yet."
hamilton.county  architecture  800.broadway  times-star.building  cincinnati  urban.development 
october 2014 by taestell
Column: Want shorter trip? Move closer
"I need someone to now please enlighten me on what gives you the right to pave over my limited green space so you can have an easier commute for yourself or your goods to the urban core from which you have chosen to distance yourself? [...] I personally think the absolute worst thing we can do as a region is encourage more people to live/work 20-plus miles outside the city."
hamilton.county  eastern.corridor  cincinnati  commute  driving  automobiles  sprawl  suburbia 
september 2014 by taestell
Opinion: Put Eastern Corridor money into Brent Spence
"With all of the other unmet spending priorities in this county, I cannot understand why the politicians continue to push for a plan that is overwhelmingly opposed by communities and their residents, threatens the valuable natural resource that is the Little Miami River and whose major beneficiaries are outside Hamilton County."
eastern.corridor  highways  transportation  transport  newtown  hamilton.county 
august 2014 by taestell
Ex-judge on icon tax saga: Chutzpah meets ignorance
"Instead, in a breathtaking display of chutzpah compounded by ignorance, two Commissioners, Chris Monzel and Greg Hartmann, at the last minute concocted a back-of-napkin alternate scheme that even they can't explain. And Monzel is not even sure he will vote for his own plan!"
chris.monzel  greg.hartmann  hamilton.county  saveouricons  music.hall  union.terminal  cincinnati  politics 
august 2014 by taestell
Editorial: Let the voters decide on icon tax
July 26, 2014: "The current proposal addresses the issues surrounding these buildings face in a more comprehensive way than we've seen before. If we don't seize the opportunity to hash this out now, we're unlikely to see this sort of momentum again anytime soon."
union.terminal  music.hall  saveouricons  cincinnati  hamilton.county 
august 2014 by taestell
Dennis Janson: Why the debate over funding Music Hall, Union Terminal repairs? Do it.
"As the lines are drawn over whether or not to fund refurbishment of Union Terminal and Music Hall, I find it hard to believe there is any debate at all."
dennis.janson  music.hall  union.terminal  saveouricons  cincinnati  hamilton.county  historic.preservation 
july 2014 by taestell
Appellate court will decide on Cincinnati blogger’s right to vote
"A three-judge panel on the Hamilton County Court of Appeals is expected to decide soon whether Randy Simes, the co-owner of UrbanCincy.com, has the right to vote in Cincinnati while he lives in Korea working for Parsons Brinckerhoff, a planning and engineering firm."
randy.simes  hamilton.county  tea.party  voter.supression  coast  ohio  politics 
july 2014 by taestell
Editorial: Let's shelve arena upgrade
"Even with steady tenants, there's no guarantee an arena will deliver enough economic benefits to justify the use of public money. Louisville's publicly financed KFC Yum! Center, which hosts the University of Louisville men's and women's basketball teams, and the taxing district that surrounds it haven't generated the projected revenue. Local government is paying $9 million a year toward arena debt, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal."
usbank.arena  cincinnati  hamilton.county  arena 
july 2014 by taestell
It's do or die for Eastern Corridor
"Some other East Side communities are simply indifferent to the project, mainly because funding appears unrealistic. Anderson Township has officially written a letter of support for the project, but 'nobody in the local communities really sees this incredible benefit to building this thing,' said Russell Jackson, an Anderson Township trustee. 'Nobody complains about traffic. It's a non-issue from our perspective.'"
eastern.corridor  cincinnati  hamilton.county  odot  highways  infrastructure 
july 2014 by taestell
COAST fights Music Hall, Union Terminal tax
"Members of the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes will go before Hamilton County commissioners Monday to make their case against the levy, which supporters say is needed to help pay for $331 million in renovations at the two historic buildings."
coast  union.terminal  music.hall  historic.preservation  cincinnati  hamilton.county 
july 2014 by taestell
Why GE chose the Banks
"Company officials told the city and the county that both parking for older employees and public transit was important because many of the employees who will work there will be millennials, who increasingly do not want to have to drive everywhere."
cincinnati  cincystreetcar  economic.development  ge  general.electric  hamilton.county 
june 2014 by taestell
GE facility projected to have one billion dollar impact
"The streetcar was mentioned as one of the reasons The Banks [in Downtown Cincinnati] was chosen over the other sites."
cincinnati  cincystreetcar  economic.development  ge  general.electric  hamilton.county 
june 2014 by taestell
GE picks the Banks for 1,400-job center
Cincinnati's new riverfront development will be the home of GE's Global Operations Center.
ge  general.electric  the.banks  cincinnati  hamilton.county  ohio  urban.development 
june 2014 by taestell
Hamilton County is not even close to a breakdown
Commissioner Greg Hartmann (R) rips apart the claim that Hamilton County is on the verge of bankruptcy.
hamilton.county  greg.hartmann  politics 
march 2014 by taestell
Bengals Loss Reminds of County’s Terrible Stadium Deal
"When voters approved the 1996 plan for Paul Brown Stadium and Great American Ball Park, most locals had little idea that the deal could turn out so badly for the county government. Nearly two decades later, the deal is so bad that it’s garnered the attention of national outlets like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Bloomberg."
bengals  stadiums  hamilton.county 
february 2014 by taestell
Leaders, bring local governance into 21st century
"But any discussion of this funding should be based on reality: In Ohio, local government is antiquated. It is absurd that Greater Cincinnati alone has over 200 jurisdictions. It is absurd that Hamilton County has 48 local governments. While other Midwest regions (e.g. Indianapolis, Louisville) undertook major initiatives to streamline local governance, our region clings to parochial conservatism at the expense of fiscal conservatism."
greg.harris  politics  hamilton.county  ohio  government 
february 2014 by taestell
It's Not a Misprint: Vote for COAST Leader
In 2010, CityBeat endorsed Tom Brinkman of COAST over "Democrat" Dusty Rhodes.
citybeat  election2010  hamilton.county  dusty.rhodes  Tom.Brinkman 
december 2013 by taestell
Commissioners: No museum tax levy until there's a plan to fix Union Terminal
Hamilton County Commissioners won't allow the Cincinnati Museum Center to place their operating levy on the ballot until they present a plan to renovate the historic Union Terminal building.
cincinnati  hamilton.county  union.terminal  cincinnati.muesum.center  museum 
november 2013 by taestell
Qualls rips deal with Bengals; Bedinghaus responds with blast at mayor
From 1997: Roxanne Qualls "pledges that the city 'will not take any steps which would turn the riverfront over to a single private interest and abandon the community's vision of an economically vibrant district on the river.'"
roxanne.qualls  cincinnati  bengals  hamilton.county 
november 2013 by taestell
Audit blasts 'frozen in time' Sheriff's office
"You walk in and almost every aspect of the sheriff’s office looks, feels and behaves as if it were sometime in the late 1980s – with their policies and technology and equipment."
hamilton.county  politics  jim.neil  simon.leis 
october 2013 by taestell
COAST, Finney Helped Create Stadium Mess
In a CityBeat article from 2010, Kevin Osborne explains how COAST helped get Hamilton County into a financial mess. It includes Finney's infamous quote, "The plan makes sense, and it won't cost me a nickel."
coast  citybeat  kevin.osborne  hamilton.county  taxes  chris.finney 
october 2013 by taestell
Do suburbs like Arlington Heights need to exist?
The Business Courier analyzes UrbanCincy's proposal to merge several small political jurisdictions in Hamilton County into adjacent cities.
cincinnati  hamilton.county  ohio  politics  government  from instapaper
august 2013 by taestell
It's Time to Consolidate Local Governments in Hamilton County
"In Hamilton County there are 49 different political jurisdictions ranging from a few hundred people to approximately 300,000 in the City of Cincinnati. That is approximately 16,334 people per political jurisdiction. Certainly we are not serving our residents in the most effective and prudent way when there is so much fragmentation."
hamilton.county  cincinnati  ohio  government  annexation  cities  from instapaper
august 2013 by taestell
Cincinnati Blog: Someone at the Enquirer is Pushing an Anti-Downtown Bias, Again
"Downtown is not some foreign country. Downtown is not in Kentucky. Downtown is where the Hamilton County Commission meets."
cincinnati  hamilton.county  downtown  Enquirer  newspapers 
june 2013 by taestell
New stadium fund plan: Borrow more, defer payment
Hamilton County's "plan" for the stadium fund isn't much of a plan at all.
politics  hamilton.county  ohio 
june 2012 by taestell

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