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'It's going to take a village' to fix Forest Fair
"The mall's owner – New York-based World Properties – may be willing to sell the property and there's an out-of-town entity interested in buying it, according to Forest Park and Fairfield city officials. The cities are looking forward to the time the region's largest shopping mall can be redeveloped."
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september 2015 by taestell
As we lose shopping malls, are we losing something sacred?
"Is a shopping mall a sacred place? Not a question often asked. The provocative documentary 'Malls R Us' seriously argues that malls serve similar functions today that cathedrals, temples, parliaments, arenas and town squares did in earlier times. Then the film slowly works its way around to the possibility that they may be a plague upon the Earth."
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june 2013 by taestell
Portrait of a Dead Mall
"The ominous hum of the Segway’s electric motor filled my ear as a Cincinnati Mall security guard rode her mighty steed beside me, leading me towards the mall exit. I had been 'asked to leave' and they were going to make damn sure I didn’t provoke any more 'security concerns' with my picture taking ever again."
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june 2013 by taestell

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