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Apartments, Airbnb, restaurant planned south of Rhinegeist
“‘You’re 63 steps from the northernmost streetcar stop,’ Beachler told me. ‘We’re bullish on the entire area.’”
cincinnati  over-the-rhine  cincystreetcar 
january 2017 by taestell
Cincinnati streetcar triggers millions in development along line
"We interviewed dozens of property owners to find out whether – and to what degree – the streetcar factored into their decision to build."
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  urban.development  tod 
december 2016 by taestell
​Cincinnati City Council will consider ordinance that could help streetcar, north-south traffic move faster
"Cranley has been skeptical of changing downtown’s traffic signal system, which has not been altered in 20 years. His campaign manager, Jay Kincaid, took to Twitter last week and proclaimed that making changes that would help the streetcar better meet its schedule was 'elitism.'"
cincystreetcar  transit  transport  transportation  john.cranley 
december 2016 by taestell
​Cincinnati, SORTA order streetcar operator to put more vehicles on the tracks
"Through Sept. 25, the streetcar averaged more than 5,000 rides per day, up from the original estimate of 3,000 rides."
cincinnati  cincystreetcar  transit 
october 2016 by taestell
Anderson Birkla to redevelop building along Cincinnati streetcar line
"Located at 830 Main St., the building will become about 60 apartments."
cincinnati  cincystreetcar 
october 2016 by taestell
Digging into the numbers as Cincinnati streetcar ridership tops 100,000
"Over the first 11 days of revenue service, average ridership was 4,753 a day, a number that far exceeds the projected ridership of 3,000 per day."
cincystreetcar  transit  cincinnati 
october 2016 by taestell
Sibcy Cline to move downtown office
“This puts us on the streetcar line on a very prominent corner in a brand new building.”
downtown  cincinnati  cincystreetcar 
september 2016 by taestell
Kroger eyes site for new Downtown store
"The store likely would be at the southeast corner of Walnut Street and Central Parkway along the streetcar line and next door to the Hamilton County Administration Building."
groceries  kroger  cincinnati  cincystreetcar 
september 2016 by taestell
What streetcar success will look like
The Enquirer finally lays out specific criteria for what need to happen for them to consider the streetcar a "success."
cincystreetcar  enquirer  cincinnati 
september 2016 by taestell
Property owners cashing in on Cincinnati streetcar
"Supporters of the Cincinnati streetcar promised it would spark new development and their promises were starting to take shape. All along the route, new buildings were popping up and old buildings were getting new life and new money."
urban.development  cincystreetcar  cincinnati  ohio  transit  tod  transport  transportation  over-the-rhine 
august 2016 by taestell
What's bringing new shops, restaurants Downtown?
"Downtown Cincinnati Inc. President and CEO David Ginsburg said small businesses are starting to follow the developments of downtown companies boosting worker headcounts, the streetcar opening to the public Sept. 9 and new residential options."
cincystreetcar  downtown  cincinnati  urban.development 
august 2016 by taestell
​It’s official: Cincinnati Streetcar is under budget
The streetcar project is coming in $2.5 million under budget despite "years of criticism and predictions of financial disaster."
cincystreetcar  streetcars  transit  transport  transportation  cincinnati  sorta 
august 2016 by taestell
Cincinnati sets official streetcar opening date
"The city’s newest form of transportation will open to the public with an official ceremony on Friday, Sept. 9."
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  transit  transport  transportation  downtown  over-the-rhine 
may 2016 by taestell
New OTR theater beats out competition for event
"The conference committee cited the company's new Over-the-Rhine facility, as well as the city's art scene, urban renaissance, walkability and streetcar development as the reasons why the Queen City topped that list."
cincinnati  over-the-rhine  cincystreetcar 
may 2016 by taestell
Cincinnati ramps up streetcar testing with final vehicle arriving soon
"System officials expect to begin running two streetcar vehicles simultaneously on the 3.6-mile loop in Over-the-Rhine and the Central Business District for eight hours a day starting next week."
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  streetcars  transit  transport  transportation 
april 2016 by taestell
Cincinnati streetcar signs 1st sponsorship agreement with Four Entertainment Group
"4EG has six locations along or near the streetcar route: Lachey’s Bar, Low Spark, Righteous Room, the Lackman, Igby’s and Vestry in the Transept. The company is currently building out a seventh location along the route, the Stretch at the Banks."
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  4EG  downtown  over-the-rhine 
march 2016 by taestell
Cincinnati's streetcar could stop during major Cincinnati events as Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber considers moving Taste of Cincinnati, Oktoberfest Zinzinnati
"The organizers of all seven events pledged to work with the city and SORTA to make sure their events and the streetcar have a complementary relationship. For example, nearly 40 percent of participants in the Flying Pig are not from Cincinnati, so they could use it to get around the event, said organizer Iris Simpson Bush."
cincystreetcar  john.cranley  cincinnati  transit  transport  transportation 
march 2016 by taestell
Ono: Bring streetcar to UC
"'Easy transportation around the city is something that you're going to look for when you're trying to decide what your college destination is, but also where you're ultimately going to end up living,' Ono said."
cincystreetcar  santa.ono  uc  transit  transport  transportation  cincinnati 
march 2016 by taestell
$50M condo towers planned for downtown Cincinnati
“‘There are tons of apartments built there and more are being built; it has a strong residential feel,’ Rowe told me. ‘It’s also directly on the streetcar line, which is a huge benefit to these condo projects.’”
urban.development  urban.living  cincinnati  cincystreetcar 
march 2016 by taestell
Cincinnati dropping the ball on next phase of streetcar project
"As of today, Cincinnati has done little planning, nor is there even a current cost estimate for the streetcar's phase 1b – the Uptown connector that would run along Vine Street and connect downtown and Over-the-Rhine to Corry Street, near the University of Cincinnati campus."
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  transport  transportation  transit 
march 2016 by taestell
Cranley: Streetcar ‘going to end up like Kenwood Towne Place’
In 2013, John Cranley predicted that the Cincinnati Streetcar would end up like the then-stalled Kenwood Towne Place development.
john.cranley  cincystreetcar 
january 2016 by taestell
NewcrestImage CEO plans to invest $100 million into Fourth & Walnut Centre
"The proximity of the Banks, General Electric’s global operations center, the streetcar and Fountain Square all made Fourth & Walnut Centre attractive, Patel said."
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  urban.development  downtown 
january 2016 by taestell
Why national money loves Cincinnati's real estate
"[Investment broker Keith] Yearout said he was talking with an investor from Moscow, who told him he’s been reading about the city’s streetcar and General Electric bringing its global operations center to the Banks."
cincinnati  real.estate  cincystreetcar 
december 2015 by taestell
Cincinnati 'exceeded my expectations'
"[Site selection expert Terry] Hansen noticed traffic on Interstates 71 and 75 moving well during rush hour. He likes that rideshare companies Uber and Lyft are operating here, and that the streetcar is being built Downtown – good selling points in attracting recent college graduates and young talent."
cincinnati  cincystreetcar  young.professionals  urban.development 
december 2015 by taestell
Northern Kentucky Leaders: It's Time to Talk About a Streetcar
"If you can link at least Newport, Covington and Cincinnati together, it would help take care of the congestion problem that you're getting from commuters at certain parts of the day between cities and it would allow them to function as an economic unit so that the metropolitan area would be viewed as a larger city rather than individual cities on their own."
cincystreetcar  nky  northern.kentucky  kentucky  transit  transport  transportation 
december 2015 by taestell
Northern Kentucky begins streetcar conversation
"Covington Mayor Sherry Carran said there have been a number of people who asked if the city will discuss a plan to unite Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky using the streetcar."
northern.kentucky  nky  kentucky  cincinnati  cincystreetcar  streetcars  transit  transport  transportation 
december 2015 by taestell
How Cincinnati's Pro-Streetcar Campaigners Won in the End
"The group had just six weeks to sway City Hall to restart construction, before a funding deadline would pass, evaporating nearly $41 million in grant money from the federal government."
cincystreetcar  ryan.messer  believe.in.cincinnati  transport  transit  transportation 
december 2015 by taestell
Changing Demographics in Downtown Cincinnati Encourages Urban Development, CBRE Research Finds
"Cincinnati is in the midst of a revival of its urban core. Over the past 10 years, it has seen an incredible amount of investment with current projects valued at $620 million and counting. [...] The City of Cincinnati is also catering to the transportation demands of its younger residents. The Cincinnati Streetcar [...] is currently under construction and is scheduled to be completed in 2016. In September 2014, a bike-sharing service called Red Bike launched."
cbre  real.estate  urban.living  cincystreetcar  cincinnati 
december 2015 by taestell
Prof: Let's exit highway to health problems
"They continue to ignore public comments and their own surveys where commuters and residents have demanded more transit and better transportation choices."
cincinnati  cincystreetcar  transport  transportation  transit  mark.policinshi  oki  pollution 
december 2015 by taestell
Startup GNGF leaves HCDC incubator for OTR
"Now we're down near the streetcar project and where things are. It certainly helped with recruiting [...] The streetcar gives us access to REDI Cincinnati and the Chamber and things going on downtown. We're not a retail business, but we still want to have that access and be able to go downtown or the ballparks."
cincystreetcar  over-the-rhine  cincinnati  transit  transportation  transport 
december 2015 by taestell
Cincinnati streetcar, developers win big
"Cranley and Council hope that the changes firm up the streetcar’s operations funding situation for its first 15 years of service and minimize the likelihood that the city’s general fund has to be used to pay for its operations."
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  transit  transport  transportation 
december 2015 by taestell
New Urbanism Is Fueling Cincinnati Craft Brewing
"Hampton shares stories of Over-the-Rhine’s brewing past as he guides me through a series of intricately planned underground brewing tunnels that are still being discovered and excavated today. Though it’s easy to become nostalgic, Hampton has no delusions of Over-the-Rhine reclaiming its 18 historic breweries. Instead, he simply wants to develop a mixed-used neighborhood where people walk and use public transit, like the Cincinnati Streetcar."
over-the-rhine  cincinnati  ohio  cincystreetcar  steve.hampton 
december 2015 by taestell
​Firm: Streetcar, new jobs spurring Cincinnati apartment development
"The Cincinnati streetcar and job expansion at the region's Fortune 500 companies is driving the apartment boom in the region, according to national real estate brokerage firm Marcus & Millichap's fourth quarter apartment market report."
cincystreetcar  urban.development  urban.redevelopment  urban.living  cincinnati  transit  transport  transportation 
december 2015 by taestell
Don't Support The Cincinnati Streetcar? You Hate Local Beer. Here's Why.
"These masses will need a way to get from one brewery to another, and our streetcar will soon be ready to shuffle them around."
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  brewing  transit  transport  transportation 
december 2015 by taestell
​Full-service hardware store coming to downtown Cincinnati
“The streetcar has been absolutely pivotal to the reason we’re making this investment.”
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  woods.hardware  downtown 
november 2015 by taestell
​Five Cincinnati brewers will make special beers in streetcar’s honor
"To mark the arrival of the five streetcars that will be delivered starting next week, the five breweries or brewpubs along the streetcar line will make special commemorative beers for release the day each streetcar arrives."
cincystreetcar  streetcars  transit  transport  transportation  cincinnati  beer  craft.beer  better.beer 
october 2015 by taestell
​Streetcar track completed on time and on budget -- now what about the next phase?
"Crews with Messer-Prus-Delta, the consortium of contractors building Cincinnati’s streetcar line, welded the final piece of rail into Main Street on Friday, completing the first phase of the project on time and within the construction budget set by Mayor Mark Mallory and the Cincinnati City Council in 2013."
cincystreetcar  streetcars  cincinnati  transit  transport  transportation 
october 2015 by taestell
Those “streetcar” rails going down on Elm Street are actually light rail tracks
"What Cincinnati is building on Elm Street today could easily become the light rail spine through the heart of the region, slicing diagonally across the downtown basin with seven Fortune 500 corporations, two-thirds of our region’s cultural institutions and thousands of potential new homes within a few blocks of the line."
cincystreetcar  transport  transportation  transit  light.rail  john.schneider 
october 2015 by taestell
Cincinnati streetcar maker adding more shifts to meet new delivery target date
“In a memo to Mayor John Cranley and the Cincinnati City Council, City Manager Harry Black said he ‘cautiously optimistic’ that streetcar service will start on time, which is in about one year.”
cincystreetcar  streetcars  cincinnati  transit  transport  transportation  caf 
august 2015 by taestell
​SORTA picks Transdev to operate streetcar
“Almost every rail project that I’ve ever been associated with starts out in controversy and ends up being a tremendous community asset that almost everybody embraces. I think that will be what happens here as well.”
cincystreetcar  rail  rail.transportation  transit  transportation  transport  cincinnati  sorta  transdev 
july 2015 by taestell
Kitchenware store to open next to Findlay Market on streetcar line
"But they expect, in addition to [Findlay Market], the streetcar, which runs along Elm next to their building, will drive customers to their business."
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  over-the-rhine 
may 2015 by taestell
Findlay Market drives investment north of Liberty
“‘We like (property) north of Liberty, but we only like it within the streetcar line. That makes people like us want to develop there,’ said Wyant, referring to the Cincinnati streetcar system set to open in 2016.”
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  over-the-rhine  urban.development  transit 
may 2015 by taestell
Streetcar opponents just can't seem to 'move on'
"Homewood/Hampton Suites ribbon-cutting ceremony at the gorgeously renovated old Enquirer Building? Check. Mayor bashes the streetcar. Presentation on new Open Data Cincinnati portal? Check. Mayor bashes the streetcar."
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  john.cranley 
april 2015 by taestell
Will Cranley ride the streetcar?
"Many also want to know whether the mayor will attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the streetcar, which is scheduled to open to passengers in mid-September 2016. Cranley said he'll wait and see what his schedule will be like then."
john.cranley  cincystreetcar  cincinnati 
april 2015 by taestell
Outbreak of streetcar syndrome has cure
"They believe it would be a crime against humanity to move the beer tents or funnel cake vendors even one foot during Oktoberfest so that the streetcar can still run down Walnut Street."
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  coast  don.mooney 
april 2015 by taestell
Cincinnati streetcar team details more complete cost estimate for 2013 pause
"Councilwoman Yvette Simpson said the costs of the delay lay squarely on council’s shoulders. Council members Kevin Flynn, David Mann, Charlie Winburn, Christopher Smitherman and [Amy] Murray voted to pause the project. Flynn and Mann joined P.G. Sittenfeld, Chris Seelbach, Wendell Young and Simpson to restart the project."
cincinnati  cincystreetcar  streetcars  transit  transport  transportation 
april 2015 by taestell
CBRE Announces 2015 Market Outlook for Greater Cincinnati
"Downtown’s recent growth is phenomenal, investment is increasing and the anticipation of the streetcar has increased development along its route. The live, work and play dynamic is accelerating and transforming our city in to a 24-hour walkable urban environment."
cincinnati  cincystreetcar  urban.development  transit  transport  transportation  walkability 
march 2015 by taestell
Streetcar prompts upscale condo developer Rick Greiwe to target downtown Cincinnati
"If we want to be a place where young people want to relocate to and empty nesters want to live, you have got to have those kind of amenities. We're there. Now we need to connect (the streetcar) to Uptown. Then you have an urban center with 160,000 people living and working and playing in one place."
rick.greiwe  over-the-rhine  cincinnati  cincystreetcar  urban.development  urban.living 
february 2015 by taestell
Five things you need to know today, and a word to the streetcar haters
"I hear anti-streetcar talk constantly. My neighbors call it a trolley. They say it's doomed. They question the sanity of anyone who thinks it might actually work. And they say all of this VERY LOUDLY. They also don't get downtown very often."
cincinnati  cincystreetcar 
january 2015 by taestell
​Commentary: Another December with unnecessary streetcar drama
"Maybe Mayor John Cranley needs to threaten to fire John Deatrick once a year just to get it out of his system."
john.cranley  cincystreetcar  cincinnati  politics 
january 2015 by taestell
Streetcar solution: Meter money, rider fares, & lesser tax abatements
"Some money will come from meters in Over-the-Rhine and Downtown; the maximum cost per hour would be $2.25 Downtown and $1.25 a hour in Over-the-Rhine."
cincystreetcar  kevin.flynn  transit  transportation 
november 2014 by taestell
Councilman Kevin Flynn: Cranley plan will fund streetcar startup, but contingency also an option
"Cranley's plan is expected to include revenue from a new Over-the-Rhine on-street residential parking permit program and increased parking rates and hours at meters in Over-the-Rhine."
john.cranley  kevin.flynn  cincystreetcar 
october 2014 by taestell
Monzel's Motion May Backfire on MSD
Hamilton County elected not to perform sewer upgrades while the streets were already ripped up for streetcar construction, forcing taxpayers to repair them at a higher cost down the road.
cincystreetcar  hamilton.county  cincinnati  utilities  hamilton.county.gop 
october 2014 by taestell
How often does Cincinnati's streetcar have to run? We'll have to read between the lines
"Cranley has said he will propose a complete plan within the next month to pay for streetcar operations, including additional parking meters and a residential parking permit program in Over-the-Rhine as well as other unidentified sources of revenue. He has said his plan will 'support the initial frequency' contemplated by planners."
cincinnati  cincystreetcar  john.cranley 
october 2014 by taestell
Gaslight LLC moving from Blue Ash to downtown Cincinnati
"It also will help with employee retention and attraction, Moore said. Employees and potential employees are interested in the urban lifestyle. And the streetcar stop that will be located just steps away was 'absolutely a factor,' Moore said."
urban.development  cincinnati  cincystreetcar 
october 2014 by taestell
​If Winburn wins Ohio Senate seat, he’ll have to change this law before state funds streetcar
"Today, Winburn is quoted again in the Enquirer, this time taking a few steps away from his opposition to the streetcar project. Winburn, who voted to cancel the project in December, said he would support asking the state for money to expand the streetcar if it was a part of a regional transportation plan."
cincystreetcar  charlie.winburn  cincinnati  ohio  politics 
october 2014 by taestell
Dusty Rhodes: Nothing to Hide
"Dusty dropped his political guard and gave me an earful about Obama’s presidency and that 'f**king streetcar,' how its supporters hate cars."
cincystreetcar  dusty.rhodes 
september 2014 by taestell
Haile's streetcar plan suggests this fare, here's how it compares
"[HDR Engineering] found that $1 fares generated 76 percent more riders but only 1 percent less revenue than if the fare was $1.75."
cincystreetcar  transit  transport  transportation  rail.transportation  rail  cincinnati 
september 2014 by taestell
Haile Foundation proposes plan to fund Cincinnati streetcar operations
Under a new proposal, the Downtown Cincinnati Inc. special improvement district (SID) would be expanded to cover Over-the-Rhine and Pendleton, and a portion of the revenue would be used to fund streetcar operations.
cincystreetcar  transit  transport  transportation  cincinnati  ohio 
september 2014 by taestell
Cincinnati City Council majority wants planning for next streetcar phase to start
David Mann: “We lose valuable planning time if phase 1 must be operating and financially solvent before phase 2 even can be planned. It has always been true that the success of phase 1 is best assured by phase 2.”
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  transit  transportation  rail  rail.transportation 
july 2014 by taestell
Chris Bortz will back off streetcar votes after ethics decision
Ohio Ethics Commission: "Those individual citizens whose properties are located along or adjacent to the proposed route ... will be affected by the streetcar project in a way that is particular, definite and direct."
chris.bortz  cincystreetcar  cincinnati  ohio.ethics.commission 
july 2014 by taestell
The Cincinnati Streetcar Lives!
"We are gratified that the project will move forward, and hope the city’s leaders will grasp the importance of extending the streetcar to the University of Cincinnati campus, a major source of urban activity and an obvious key destination."
cincystreetcar  conservatism  transport  cincinnati 
july 2014 by taestell
Why GE chose the Banks
"Company officials told the city and the county that both parking for older employees and public transit was important because many of the employees who will work there will be millennials, who increasingly do not want to have to drive everywhere."
cincinnati  cincystreetcar  economic.development  ge  general.electric  hamilton.county 
june 2014 by taestell
GE facility projected to have one billion dollar impact
"The streetcar was mentioned as one of the reasons The Banks [in Downtown Cincinnati] was chosen over the other sites."
cincinnati  cincystreetcar  economic.development  ge  general.electric  hamilton.county 
june 2014 by taestell
SORTA asks for federal funds to operate streetcar
Cincinnati's transit agency is asking for fuinding for the Cincinnati Streetcar from the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) program.
cmaq  cincystreetcar  cincinnati  transit  transport  transportation  rail  rail.transportation  streetcars 
june 2014 by taestell
Streetcar could open in time for a 2016 GOP convention
"The $133 million streetcar currently is scheduled to open on Sept. 15, 2016, but project leaders have started looking at whether they can open it in time for the [GOP] convention – most likely in July or August."
cincystreetcar  gop  transit  transportation  transport  infrastructure  cincinnati  streetcars 
april 2014 by taestell
St. Louis pizzeria to open in renovated AT580 building
“'We’ve been admiring the Cincinnati market for a few years now but just started our search about a year ago,' Pi co-owner Chris Sommers told nextSTL. 'We are amazed at the resurgence of Downtown and OTR and had to be a part of it.'”
pi.pizzeria  st.louis  cincinnati  downtown  restaurants  cincystreetcar  over-the-rhine 
april 2014 by taestell
Duke Energy's Cincinnati streetcar stance disputed
"City officials countered that they weren’t convinced an 8-foot separation was necessary. And a Business Courier review of practices in other cities and interviews with streetcar experts found the city appears to be right: Many communities have utilities located much closer to their streetcar rails – with no problems."
cincystreetcar  utilities  infrastructure  rail  transit  transportation  streetcars 
april 2014 by taestell
Young City Dwellers and Political Agency
Why are states like Ohio rejecting the very people they need most?
used.my.photos  cincystreetcar  cincinnati  ohio  john.cranley 
march 2014 by taestell
I-Team: Despite criticism, data shows most crashes not caused by streetcars
This sloppy WCPO article on streetcar-involved crashes was originally titled, "Critics: Streetcar will cause accidents & deaths."
wcpo  sloppy.reporting  rail  streetcars  light.rail  transport  transit  cincystreetcar 
february 2014 by taestell
Will Cranley sack Metro's board over its streetcar vote?
Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley plans to replace the city-appointed members of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Agency, as a result of the SORTA board's support of the Cincinnati Streetcar project.
cincinnati  cincystreetcar  transit  transportation  rail  streetcars 
february 2014 by taestell
Aaron Betsky: Cost of Cincinnati Streetcar Outweighs Benefits But Should Still Be Built
Cincinnati Art Museum Director Aaron Betsky backtracks on his previous claim that Cincinnati is building a "streetcar to nowhere."
aaron.betsky  cincystreetcar  cincinnati  transit  transportation 
december 2013 by taestell
Streetcar is a communist idea
Perhaps the best (worst?) anti-streetcar LTE the Enquirer ever published.
cincinnati  cincystreetcar  rail  transit  transportation 
december 2013 by taestell
Cranley: 'We're going to have a streetcar'
“We commend the leadership of Cincinnati for moving forward on a project that holds the real promise of transforming Cincinnati communities and accelerating economic growth in the region. Now, we can all get back to work as partners to get the streetcar project done.”
cincinnati  cincystreetcar 
december 2013 by taestell
Cincinnati to restart streetcar project
"However, Cranley's anti-streetcar coalition began to waver in the face of vocal support for the project. Flynn said he heard from a lot of people in the past two weeks who were previously against the streetcar but had come to feel it should be completed. The grassroots group Believe in Cincinnati signed up hundreds of volunteers who collected 11,000 signatures – if valid, almost twice as many as needed – in just eight days for a charter amendment to force the streetcar to go forward."
john.cranley  kevin.flynn  cincinnati  cincystreetcar 
december 2013 by taestell
A Triumph for Transit in Cincinnati Could Mark Major Policy Shift
"If a decision hadn’t been made by last night [to resume construction on the streetcar], the Federal Transit Administration would’ve taken back nearly $45 million in grants, and the city would’ve been stuck with the remnants of yet another unfinished public transit system."
cincinnati  cincystreetcar  transit 
december 2013 by taestell
On flip-flopping, liars and why Flynn voted ‘yes’ on the streetcar
Flynn, Mann, and Sittenfeld are being skewered by A.M. talk radio for apparently "breaking their promise" to kill the streetcar -- however, that's a promise they never made.
david.mann  kevin.flynn  pg.sittenfeld  cincinnati  cincystreetcar 
december 2013 by taestell
Cincinnati Will Complete Its Streetcar
"With an active proposal in the City Council to resume construction on the streetcar, Cranley said he 'would not sign the legislation because' he 'thinks it’s wrong.' But he was flanked by Council Member Kevin Flynn, the crucial vote on the City Council needed to override a mayoral veto."
cincinnati  cincystreetcar 
december 2013 by taestell
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