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Market Play: Why developers are betting on Findlay
“‘We like (property) north of Liberty, but we only like it within the streetcar line. That makes people like us want to develop there,’ said Wyant, referring to the Cincinnati streetcar system set to open in 2016.”
cincinnati  cincystreetcar  findlay.market  urban.development 
9 weeks ago by taestell
3CDC, GCRA to acquire parking lot near Duke Energy Convention Center
“’What it really is, the best use of the site, it’s a great convention center hotel site,’ Leeper said. ‘A real convention center hotel is going to be critical to our convention center business.’”
3cdc  port.authority  cincinnati  downtown 
december 2018 by taestell
Chamber chief says Cincinnati needs to improve transportation after region’s Amazon loss
"Both Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber CEO Jill Meyer and REDI Cincinnati CEO Johnna Reeder noted that each of those regions is farther along in overhauling their transportation networks than Cincinnati. Indianapolis has passed a regional tax increase to overhaul its bus system and add rail-like bus rapid transit service. Columbus received a federal Smart Cities grant, worked with local businesses to make bus rides free for downtown workers and realigned its bus routes. Pittsburgh has rail servic...
pittsburgh  columbus  indianapolis  amazon  hq2  cincinnati  transit  transport  transportation 
january 2018 by taestell
Pump the brakes on stadium deal
"Now that the MLS deadline is looming, the franchise expects taxpayers to sacrifice answers and transparency for the promise of riches down the road. Slow the roll."
fc.cincinnati  cincinnati  hamilton.county  stadiums  government 
november 2017 by taestell
Former downtown Cincinnati P&G office purchased for conversion to boutique hotel
"Sun Companies plans to convert the more-than-125,000-square-foot building into a 130-room Cambria Hotel."
choice.hotels  hotels  cincinnati  historic.preservation 
june 2017 by taestell
Former Bengals player Chinedum Ndukwe acquires OTR property for redevelopment
"Ndukwe said the team is still finalizing its plans for the site but expects it to be a mix of retail and office space."
cincinnati  over-the-rhine 
may 2017 by taestell
Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley: Why the November election will be different
“The mayor hopes to mend fences with conservative voters…who got angry at him for embracing a ‘sanctuary city’ designation for Cincinnati as a place that welcomes and embraces all immigrants, including undocumented ones.”
DINO  john.cranley  cincinnati  election2017  politics 
may 2017 by taestell
Cranley: Election 'wake-up call for me, whole city'
“‘There's definitely a wake-up call for me and my campaign,’ Cranley told The Enquirer on Wednesday as he sat quietly on a sofa in City Hall office.”
john.cranley  cincinnati  politics  election2017 
may 2017 by taestell
Voters don't have to settle for more of the same in Cincinnati mayor's race
"Furthermore, on issues that should have been unifying such as the parks levy, [Cranley] squandered a long-term revenue source by resorting to an old-boys, behind-closed-door style of politics that was exposed and defeated at the ballot."
john.cranley  cincinnati  politics  greg.harris 
april 2017 by taestell
Cranley Calls for U.S. Moratorium on Syrian Refugees
“However, the federal government should halt its actions until the American people can be assured that exhaustive vetting has occurred.”
john.cranley  refugees  cincinnati 
january 2017 by taestell
Apartments, Airbnb, restaurant planned south of Rhinegeist
“‘You’re 63 steps from the northernmost streetcar stop,’ Beachler told me. ‘We’re bullish on the entire area.’”
cincinnati  over-the-rhine  cincystreetcar 
january 2017 by taestell
Will black voters turn out for Cranley? Or will criticisms by former campaign chair drive them away?
“’I am personally very deeply disappointed in John,’ said Tillery, who was co-chairman of Cranley’s 2013 campaign. ‘He has let the black community down, and he has let me down.’”
dwight.tillery  john.cranley  cincinnati  politics 
january 2017 by taestell
Pearl Cos. converting downtown Cincinnati building to condos
"The project, called Eight One Three, will offer condos ranging in size from 730 square feet to nearly 1,470 square feet. The condos are priced between $266,000 and $477,000 with the average price per square foot coming in at about $345."
downtown  cincinnati 
january 2017 by taestell
Cincinnati streetcar triggers millions in development along line
"We interviewed dozens of property owners to find out whether – and to what degree – the streetcar factored into their decision to build."
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  urban.development  tod 
december 2016 by taestell
OTR developers push $128M affordable housing plan
"Adam Gelter, executive vice president at 3CDC, said the $128 million plan is expected to result in at least 300 affordable residences and about 250 market-rate units."
3cdc  cincinnati  urban.development  affordable.housing 
december 2016 by taestell
​Cranley draws criticism over emails to Chicago mayor on police chief’s firing
"The emails [...] show Cranley speaking candidly about his role in [former Police Chief] Blackwell’s firing, which he insisted at the time was City Manager Harry Black’s decision. Under Cincinnati’s charter, only the city manager has the power to hire and fire city employees."
john.cranley  harry.black  jeffrey.blackwell  cincinnati  politics 
december 2016 by taestell
$25 million Over-the-Rhine project has a name, groundbreaking date
"Freeport Row will include a new building on vacant land, as well as four historic buildings that will be restored. The project will include 110 apartments, 17,000 square feet of retail space, and a two-phase parking garage, which will ultimately have 155 parking spaces."
over-the-rhine  cincinnati  urban.development  liberty.street  freeport.row 
december 2016 by taestell
Who’s on Board?
"Roughly $32,000 of the more than $1 million Cranley raised for his mayoral campaign came from 40 individuals who were later appointed to boards, and another $16,000 came from the spouses or parents of those appointees."
cincinnati  john.cranley  harry.black  government 
october 2016 by taestell
​Cincinnati, SORTA order streetcar operator to put more vehicles on the tracks
"Through Sept. 25, the streetcar averaged more than 5,000 rides per day, up from the original estimate of 3,000 rides."
cincinnati  cincystreetcar  transit 
october 2016 by taestell
Anderson Birkla to redevelop building along Cincinnati streetcar line
"Located at 830 Main St., the building will become about 60 apartments."
cincinnati  cincystreetcar 
october 2016 by taestell
Digging into the numbers as Cincinnati streetcar ridership tops 100,000
"Over the first 11 days of revenue service, average ridership was 4,753 a day, a number that far exceeds the projected ridership of 3,000 per day."
cincystreetcar  transit  cincinnati 
october 2016 by taestell
Sibcy Cline to move downtown office
“This puts us on the streetcar line on a very prominent corner in a brand new building.”
downtown  cincinnati  cincystreetcar 
september 2016 by taestell
Kroger eyes site for new Downtown store
"The store likely would be at the southeast corner of Walnut Street and Central Parkway along the streetcar line and next door to the Hamilton County Administration Building."
groceries  kroger  cincinnati  cincystreetcar 
september 2016 by taestell
Banks Phase 1A has $91M annual economic impact
"The majority of residents at Current at The Banks moved there from outside the city of Cincinnati, including 20 percent who came from outside the 15-county metropolitan area. The median annual income for Banks residents is $91,000. The residents are expected to spend about $22 million annually, including $1.2 million on dining out."
the.banks  cincinnati  urban.development  urban.living 
september 2016 by taestell
What streetcar success will look like
The Enquirer finally lays out specific criteria for what need to happen for them to consider the streetcar a "success."
cincystreetcar  enquirer  cincinnati 
september 2016 by taestell
Property owners cashing in on Cincinnati streetcar
"Supporters of the Cincinnati streetcar promised it would spark new development and their promises were starting to take shape. All along the route, new buildings were popping up and old buildings were getting new life and new money."
urban.development  cincystreetcar  cincinnati  ohio  transit  tod  transport  transportation  over-the-rhine 
august 2016 by taestell
What's bringing new shops, restaurants Downtown?
"Downtown Cincinnati Inc. President and CEO David Ginsburg said small businesses are starting to follow the developments of downtown companies boosting worker headcounts, the streetcar opening to the public Sept. 9 and new residential options."
cincystreetcar  downtown  cincinnati  urban.development 
august 2016 by taestell
$36 million condo tower approved for downtown Cincinnati
"The condos are expected to include a mix of 10 different units ranging in size from 1,650 square feet to more than 3,550 square feet. According to documents filed with the board, condo prices could range from nearly $800,000 to more than $2 million for the top floor unit."
downtown  cincinnati  urban.development  rick.greiwe 
august 2016 by taestell
​It’s official: Cincinnati Streetcar is under budget
The streetcar project is coming in $2.5 million under budget despite "years of criticism and predictions of financial disaster."
cincystreetcar  streetcars  transit  transport  transportation  cincinnati  sorta 
august 2016 by taestell
Newest MSD bombshell threatens to burn Cranley, Black
"The mayor didn’t do himself any favors Wednesday by either orchestrating or allowing his allies on council to shut down a special meeting whose purpose was to get more answers about the alleged threat."
john.cranley  harry.black  cincinnati  hamilton.county  msd 
june 2016 by taestell
$45M apartment project planned in historic Crosley building
"The Crosley Building…was built in 1928 and designed by famed Cincinnati architecture firm Samuel Hannaford and Sons. It was the headquarters of the Crosley Radio Corp. and home to their design and manufacturing operations. It also was home to 700 WLW-AM’s studio for a time."
crosley.building  camp.washington  cincinnati  ohio  historic.preservation  urban.development 
june 2016 by taestell
​Pushing its industrial strategy, Port Authority buys Cincinnati Gardens, ex-Gibson Greeting site
"The port’s board signed off on [buying] the 67-year-old Cincinnati Gardens, which will be demolished, prepared and marketed as high-tech manufacturing site."
cincinnati  cincinnati.gardens  port.authority 
june 2016 by taestell
Some not happy with MidPoint Music Festival changes
"Sadly, the magic of running around from venue to venue seeing bands that were on the cusp of stardom in small, intimate spaces with throngs of food, craft beer and cocktails choices is over."
mpmf  music  cincinnati 
june 2016 by taestell
Fourth and Race project back on track after being sidelined for 3 years
"3CDC will build seven stories – first-floor commercial space, plus six floors containing 700 parking spaces – and Flaherty & Collins will build seven stories of apartments on top of that."
fourth.and.race  downtown  cincinnati  urban.development 
june 2016 by taestell
Freeing up Liberty Street could spur development
"The proposal with the most community support calls for returning 20 feet of developable land to the south side of the street, narrowing the street to five lanes with a center turn lane."
cincinnati  over-the-rhine  liberty.street  roads 
may 2016 by taestell
Cincinnati sets official streetcar opening date
"The city’s newest form of transportation will open to the public with an official ceremony on Friday, Sept. 9."
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  transit  transport  transportation  downtown  over-the-rhine 
may 2016 by taestell
The Banks developers don’t want to lose control of momentum in downtown Cincinnati
"Originally, GE was projected to bring about 1,800 jobs to the Banks. Now, Gabelman said that projected employment is closer to 2,200 to 2,400 jobs when fully occupied."
cincinnati  downtown  the.banks 
may 2016 by taestell
New OTR theater beats out competition for event
"The conference committee cited the company's new Over-the-Rhine facility, as well as the city's art scene, urban renaissance, walkability and streetcar development as the reasons why the Queen City topped that list."
cincinnati  over-the-rhine  cincystreetcar 
may 2016 by taestell
​What do the Dennison Hotel’s neighbors think about demolishing it?
"Preservationists maintain that there is no true redevelopment plan [for The Dennison] on the table today from Columbia."
downtown  cincinnati  historic.preservation  dennison.hotel 
may 2016 by taestell
The Enquirer's 'Agenda' and the Dennison Hotel
"Cranley says he wants to stay out of the Dennison situation and let the 'free market' decide the building’s fate. But in a historic district like the one the Dennison occupies, that’s exactly what the Historic Conservation Board is supposed to do."
cincinnati  downtown  dennison.hotel  john.cranley  enquirer 
april 2016 by taestell
Cork ‘N Bottle opening wine market, bar coming in downtown Cincinnati
"The shop will have a full liquor license, meaning it will serve wine by the glass, craft beer on tap and liquor. But Craven said the emphasis will be on the retail side."
main.street  downtown  cincinnati  beer  alcohol 
april 2016 by taestell
Battle over downtown Cincinnati's former Terrace Plaza hotel continues
"Back in 2013, Friedberg had grand plans for the mixed-use property, but they never came to fruition."
downtown  cincinnati  terrace.plaza 
april 2016 by taestell
$75M mixed-use project planned for Uptown
"The residential space is planned to include more than 130 apartments catering to the 55 and older active adult community. Ealy said adding that segment to the area will help, especially in months when college students leave for break."
uptown  cincinnati  cuf  clifton.heights 
april 2016 by taestell
Human remains found during Music Hall renovation
"Part of the land where Music Hall is located was once a 'potter’s field' or public burial ground for at least 20 years in the early 1800s."
cincinnati  historic.preservation  archaeology  music.hall 
april 2016 by taestell
Cincinnati's historic conservation staff weighs in on Dennison Hotel demolition
“The applicant has not provided credible evidence that they cannot reuse the building nor can a reasonable economic return be gained form the use of all or part of the building.”
cincinnati  historic.preservation  downtown  dennison.hotel  urban.development 
april 2016 by taestell
Cincinnati ramps up streetcar testing with final vehicle arriving soon
"System officials expect to begin running two streetcar vehicles simultaneously on the 3.6-mile loop in Over-the-Rhine and the Central Business District for eight hours a day starting next week."
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  streetcars  transit  transport  transportation 
april 2016 by taestell
Cincinnati streetcar signs 1st sponsorship agreement with Four Entertainment Group
"4EG has six locations along or near the streetcar route: Lachey’s Bar, Low Spark, Righteous Room, the Lackman, Igby’s and Vestry in the Transept. The company is currently building out a seventh location along the route, the Stretch at the Banks."
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  4EG  downtown  over-the-rhine 
march 2016 by taestell
Neyer Properties plans $100M redevelopment of Baldwin Complex
"Neyer Properties Inc. [...] is planning a more than $100 million redevelopment project that will create a multi-use campus that includes loft-style apartments, the renovation of the 12-story office tower, the addition of up to two restaurants, a pocket park and a hotel."
cincinnati  walnut.hills  neyer.properties  urban.development 
march 2016 by taestell
Sierra Club says Cincinnati MSD needs full-time, court-appointed babysitter
"In its filing, the Sierra Club, which was granted a sort of watchdog status in the case by the late U.S. District Judge Arthur Spiegel, said it's fed up with the bickering."
sierra.club  msd  cincinnati  hamilton.county  utilities 
march 2016 by taestell
Cincinnati's streetcar could stop during major Cincinnati events as Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber considers moving Taste of Cincinnati, Oktoberfest Zinzinnati
"The organizers of all seven events pledged to work with the city and SORTA to make sure their events and the streetcar have a complementary relationship. For example, nearly 40 percent of participants in the Flying Pig are not from Cincinnati, so they could use it to get around the event, said organizer Iris Simpson Bush."
cincystreetcar  john.cranley  cincinnati  transit  transport  transportation 
march 2016 by taestell
Panel OKs tearing down Downtown building for condos
"The city Historic Conservation Board approved a certificate of appropriateness to demolish 719-721 Main St., which developers deemed a critical step to launching a more than $50 million project to yield two new 14-story buildings along the streetcar line."
urban.development  cincinnati 
march 2016 by taestell
Cincinnati restaurants face critical cook shortage
"Midwest Culinary Institute co-op coordinator Scott Holubetz said enrollment has fallen from about 600 five years ago to around 300 currently, with about 100 of those students graduating each year. He's seen co-op numbers fall from about 65 students working in local kitchens each semester three years ago to between 30 and 40 currently."
cincinnati  restaurants 
march 2016 by taestell
Empower MediaMarketing building new headquarters in heart of OTR
"3CDC will act as the developer for the office building. Empower will own it and occupy about 50,000 square feet across three floors. The fourth floor, which has about 14,000 square feet of space, will be available for lease. The top floor will be set back, giving tenants a rooftop space."
mercer.commons  3cdc  over-the-rhine  cincinnati 
march 2016 by taestell
MidPoint Music Fest sold, poised to grow
"[New MPMF owner] MEMI is no stranger to the local and national music scenes. A subsidiary of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the company produces more than 250 events at its venues: Riverbend Music Center and PNC Pavilion, Taft Theatre and The Ballroom at the Taft, and The Rose Music Center (located in Huber Heights, Ohio). It has also produced festivals such as Lumenocity, Cincy-Cinco, The Ohio River Throwdown and Tall Stacks."
mpmf  cincinnati  music.festivals 
march 2016 by taestell
Ono: Bring streetcar to UC
"'Easy transportation around the city is something that you're going to look for when you're trying to decide what your college destination is, but also where you're ultimately going to end up living,' Ono said."
cincystreetcar  santa.ono  uc  transit  transport  transportation  cincinnati 
march 2016 by taestell
​City of Cincinnati to Hamilton County: You don’t – and won’t – own our sewer plants, other MSD assets
“[The city] will return to operating its own sewer system separate from the county system, as it did prior to 1968, unless a different outcome is negotiated between the city and the county.”
cincinnati  hamilton.county  msd 
march 2016 by taestell
Tom Neyer Jr. to redevelop former Hartford Insurance Building along downtown Cincinnati's streetcar route
"The previous owner had submitted plans to the Cincinnati Historic Conservation Board to convert the building into a garage and build four to five stories of apartments on top of it."
downtown  cincinnati  neyer.holdings  urban.development 
march 2016 by taestell
$90M apartment tower planned for Cincinnati's riverfront
"The project, which would be known as SkyHouse Cincinnati, would add 352 apartments and 3,000 square feet of retail space to the southeast corner of the Central Business District."
skyhouse.cincinnati  cincinnati  urban.living  urban.development 
march 2016 by taestell
$50M condo towers planned for downtown Cincinnati
“‘There are tons of apartments built there and more are being built; it has a strong residential feel,’ Rowe told me. ‘It’s also directly on the streetcar line, which is a huge benefit to these condo projects.’”
urban.development  urban.living  cincinnati  cincystreetcar 
march 2016 by taestell
Cincinnati dropping the ball on next phase of streetcar project
"As of today, Cincinnati has done little planning, nor is there even a current cost estimate for the streetcar's phase 1b – the Uptown connector that would run along Vine Street and connect downtown and Over-the-Rhine to Corry Street, near the University of Cincinnati campus."
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  transport  transportation  transit 
march 2016 by taestell
Using under-the-radar PAC, Cranley quietly pushes political goals
"The PAC also paid thousands of dollars to Cranley's chief of staff for consulting fees, reimbursed the mayor for travel expenses to a Hillary Clinton campaign event, and funneled campaign money to numerous state and local races."
politics  cincinnati  john.cranley  pac 
march 2016 by taestell
Cincinnati's apartment boom shows no signs of slowing
“Our peer cities are building much more aggressively than us. I don’t think we’re going to have an oversupply problem.”
cincinnati  urban.living  urban.development 
february 2016 by taestell
Ensemble Theatre is ready to stretch its legs
"What most people don’t realize is that ETC also owns the three properties immediately south of the theater. Beginning in May, you’ll see things start to change in that block as ETC reconfigures, rehabs and completely overhauls those three properties, leaving the theater with a splashy, 264-foot front along Vine Street."
over-the-rhine  cincinnati  ohio 
february 2016 by taestell
OTR's Main may become two-way street
"The request from the Main Street Business Association was built on three things: calming traffic speeds, improving pedestrian comfort, and promoting better vehicular accessibility to the businesses, Moore said."
main.street  over-the-rhine  cincinnati  traffic 
february 2016 by taestell
​How much will it cost to live at downtown Cincinnati’s newest apartment tower at Eighth and Sycamore?
"The developers, North American Properties and NorthPointe Group, believe the apartments will particularly appeal to empty nesters looking to downsize and move downtown."
downtown  cincinnati  urban.development  urban.living 
february 2016 by taestell
Opinion: City ignoring plan for bike safety
"In 2010, I was on the citizen advisory panel for the city’s bicycle plan – a plan that’s now sitting on a shelf."
cincinnati  bikes  biking  transportation 
february 2016 by taestell
OTR loses 2,000 low-income homes, but breakdown may be surprising
“We’ve got real diversity. Cincinnati has a chance to really be a real model on how to revive a neighborhood without displacing families.”
over-the-rhine  cincinnati  urban.living  gentrification 
february 2016 by taestell
A look at proposed downtown Cincinnati/OTR grocery stores
"Residents have clamored for a new grocery store downtown for years. Taking a look at recent coverage, going back to 2013, a half-dozen sites have been touted as the potential home for a grocery store."
over-the-rhine  downtown  cincinnati  groceries 
january 2016 by taestell
Emilio Estevez wants to call Over-the-Rhine home
“My plan is to eventually move [to Cincinnati] and live in Over-the-Rhine.”
over-the-rhine  cincinnati  urban.living  emilio.estevez 
january 2016 by taestell
Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority approves plans for $28M OTR grocery store development
"One rendering of the building included in documents submitted to CMHA shows the nine-story building topped with green space. The ramp to the parking garage is shown on the east side of the building, which sits on the north side of Central Parkway just east of the School for Creative and Performing Arts."
over-the-rhine  cincinnati  urban.development 
january 2016 by taestell
New site emerges for potential Downtown grocery store
"Covington-based Anchor is a retail developer whose past projects include the Corryville Kroger store, now under construction near the University of Cincinnati."
over-the-rhine  cincinnati  urban.development 
january 2016 by taestell
Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority could bring huge development with grocery store to Central Parkway
“The housing authority wants select a master developer 'with a proven track record in developing and/or serving as the master developer/redeveloper for urban/downtown development projects who have the funding or ability to acquire funding for large scale projects and can work in partnership with the authority.'”
cincinnati  over-the-rhine  urban.development 
january 2016 by taestell
Greater Cincinnati got $54M from Hollywood films in 2014-2015
"According to the study, the Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Film Commission has generated more than $54 million for the area economy and created more than 8,800 jobs through motion picture and television productions in the past two years."
film  filmmaking  cincinnati 
january 2016 by taestell
Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley tries to get the band back together for 2017
"Cranley's press office issued a news release that quoted him accusing council of raising property taxes, a dishonest accusation tailor-made for use in the 2017 campaign. Only in a tea party meeting or a remedial math class would someone argue that setting the property tax at 5.6 mills in 2016 and then setting it at the same 5.6 mills rate in 2017 constitutes a tax increase."
john.cranley  politics  cincinnati 
january 2016 by taestell
Camp Washington companies to city of Cincinnati: Don’t you forget about me
"[Camp Washington Business Association Executive Director Joe] Gorman suggested the city make use of the partially completed, abandoned subway tunnel that stretches from Central Parkway downtown to Hopple Street, either by using it for the streetcar project or allowing people to bike through it."
camp.washington  cincinnati  ohio 
january 2016 by taestell
Source 3 Development and partner to build $25 million mixed-use Over-the-Rhine project
"Source 3 Development, a downtown-based developer, and partner, 224 W Liberty LLC, plan to preserve four historic buildings, as well as construct a new mixed-use building with about 90 market-rate apartments and 15,000 square feet of street-level retail and restaurant space."
over-the-rhine  cincinnati  urban.development  urban.redevelopment 
january 2016 by taestell
NewcrestImage CEO plans to invest $100 million into Fourth & Walnut Centre
"The proximity of the Banks, General Electric’s global operations center, the streetcar and Fountain Square all made Fourth & Walnut Centre attractive, Patel said."
cincystreetcar  cincinnati  urban.development  downtown 
january 2016 by taestell
NewcrestImage buys Fourth & Walnut Centre, plans to convert portion to upscale hotel
"[NewcrestImage CEO Hehul] Patel said the company plans to convert a portion of the property to a 'hip, contemporary and upscale lifestyle hotel.'"
newcrestimage  downtown  cincinnati  urban.development 
january 2016 by taestell
Infiltrating The New MadTree Expansion
"The brewery space is going to be located in an old aircraft hanger."
madtree  craft.beer  beer  better.beer  brewing  cincinnati  local.beer  oakley 
january 2016 by taestell
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