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$45M apartment project planned in historic Crosley building
"The Crosley Building…was built in 1928 and designed by famed Cincinnati architecture firm Samuel Hannaford and Sons. It was the headquarters of the Crosley Radio Corp. and home to their design and manufacturing operations. It also was home to 700 WLW-AM’s studio for a time."
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june 2016 by taestell
Camp Washington companies to city of Cincinnati: Don’t you forget about me
"[Camp Washington Business Association Executive Director Joe] Gorman suggested the city make use of the partially completed, abandoned subway tunnel that stretches from Central Parkway downtown to Hopple Street, either by using it for the streetcar project or allowing people to bike through it."
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january 2016 by taestell
Historic Crosley building could be converted into apartments
After similar successful projects such as the American Can Lofts in Northside, a developer is now interested in renovating the Crosley Building in Camp Washington.
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june 2014 by taestell
Renewed pleas to clean up Crosley Building; Criminal charges filed
The owner of the iconic building, formerly home to 700 WLW, has failed to pay his taxes and has let the structure fall into disrepair.
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june 2012 by taestell

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