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Cincinnati brewers talk about impact of Ohio's new higher alcohol limits
"Listermann Brewing Co. in Norwood is already brewing a beer that's going to clock in at above 12 percent alcohol by volume. Listermann's Jason Brewer said if for some reason Kasich doesn't sign the bill as planned, the brewery will just distribute that beer to Kentucky."
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may 2016 by taestell
Infiltrating The New MadTree Expansion
"The brewery space is going to be located in an old aircraft hanger."
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january 2016 by taestell
​Five Cincinnati brewers will make special beers in streetcar’s honor
"To mark the arrival of the five streetcars that will be delivered starting next week, the five breweries or brewpubs along the streetcar line will make special commemorative beers for release the day each streetcar arrives."
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october 2015 by taestell
Christian Moerlein launches $5M expansion
"The expansion will bring Moerlein’s annual capacity from about 15,000 barrels to the 50,000-barrel range."
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october 2015 by taestell
Drink up: Rhinegeist tripling production
"A new 7,000-square-foot roof deck along the building's Elm Street side, with a 24-foot draft bar and room for 200 people, should be ready by late summer."
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march 2015 by taestell
Eden Park brewery will be housed in historic pump house
"Once it’s renovated, the building will house the brewery, a tap room, a second floor with a bar and balcony and potentially its own bottling and canning equipment in the basement. Martin said there’s a sub-basement that could be used for barrel-aging beer."
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march 2014 by taestell
Love of local brew fuels rapid rise of Cincy's beer market
"In our original business plan estimates, we underestimated [demand] so much that our monthly estimate is now like an average Saturday night."
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march 2014 by taestell
Once-condemned OTR church will become three-level brewpub
"The $7 million to $8 million brewpub will feature original beers crafted by Kevin Moreland, who started the Triple Digit brand at Listermann."
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december 2013 by taestell
Craft Brews Create Urban Revival
"What’s going on in Cleveland is happening across the country. Trendy small businesses like breweries and younger residents have been returning to downtown neighborhoods in many cities across the U.S. The biggest cities are growing faster than the suburbs around them, according to Census data."
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july 2013 by taestell
Craft Brews Slowly Chipping Away At Big Beer's Dominance
"'What Anheuser-Busch and Coors have done through Shock Top and Blue Moon is opened up a greater number of consumers to the universe of craft beers and their innovation, flavor and variety,' says Steinman, a 30-year veteran of the beer business. 'They're sort of gateway beers.'"
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july 2013 by taestell
A Little Change Will Do You Good
"Next week Rhinegeist will open and MadTree will no longer be the newest brewery in town. Depending on when Eight Ball Brewing gets up and running, Rhinegeist may well have the shortest reign as the new kids on the block."
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june 2013 by taestell
Moerlein opens restored Over-the-Rhine brewery
Greg Hardman: “This will be a regional brand coming out of Cincinnati. Just like Bell’s is to Michigan and Great Lakes is to Cleveland, Moerlein is to Cincinnati.”
Cincinnati  beer  microbreweries  craft  Christian  Moerlein  OTR  better.beer  Over-the-Rhine 
november 2012 by taestell
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s War On Craft Beer
Microbreweries in Wisconsin would be prevented from selling directly to restaurants and selling their own product on site.
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june 2011 by taestell

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