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With driving down, there's a growing backlash against unnecessary highways
“Around the country, new highway projects based on inflated traffic predictions are coming under closer scrutiny — with some states are starting to rethink things entirely.”
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august 2015 by taestell
Expert: Demand should decide parking prices
"Cities should set the right prices for curb parking because the wrong prices produce such bad results."
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october 2014 by taestell
The Hidden Reason Why Rent Is So Expensive In Cities: Parking Spaces
"Parking doesn’t happen by accident, and it doesn’t even happen because people necessarily want it (i.e. demand). Instead, cities require developers to include parking spaces with new homes or apartments."
donald.shoup  parking  automobiles 
october 2014 by taestell
Column: Want shorter trip? Move closer
"I need someone to now please enlighten me on what gives you the right to pave over my limited green space so you can have an easier commute for yourself or your goods to the urban core from which you have chosen to distance yourself? [...] I personally think the absolute worst thing we can do as a region is encourage more people to live/work 20-plus miles outside the city."
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september 2014 by taestell
​Cincinnati parking meter prices could be as flexible as cost of a Reds ticket
"The city of Cincinnati is on the verge of signing a contract with Xerox that would allow the city to install high-tech parking meters with analytic capabilities that allow the price of parking to change based on demand. [...] Under the contract, the city estimates it will net about $500,000 more in parking revenue than it would without the smart meters."
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september 2014 by taestell
Scott Walker, Tom Barrett square off over I-94 traffic plan
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett: "Not only will this option cost exorbitant sums of money, it will have a negative impact on property values and disrupt the lives of Story Hill neighborhood residents. I continue to oppose the double deck option and will continue to pursue all options to prevent its construction."
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june 2014 by taestell
What we can learn from millennials who opt out of driving
"Most of those millennials grew up in car-dependent suburbs. They stopped driving when they moved to cities because they now live somewhere denser, with fewer incentives to drive and better alternatives. Offer that same deal to Americans in other places, especially the poor, and many of them would gladly take it."
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march 2014 by taestell
New parking deal: Much of the pain without the one-time windfall
The parking deal proposed by John Cranley has all of the pain but none of the gain compared to the plan proposed by Mark Mallory's administration.
john.cranley  parking  cincinnati  automobiles 
february 2014 by taestell
Scenes of Half-Empty Parking Lots on the Busiest Shopping Day of the Year
If parking lots at big box stores aren’t full on Black Friday, when will they ever be full?
black.friday  shopping  parking  automobiles  big.box.stores  retail  suburbia 
december 2013 by taestell
The Data Changes, But the State DOT’s Traffic Projections Stay the Same
Automobile traffic is continuing to stay flat or decline, but state DOTs are continuing to plan for massive growth.
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october 2013 by taestell
“Smart Parking” and the Robert Moses Mistake
"What Moses failed to understand [...] is that adding more traffic lanes was increasing congestion. Open highways attract cars. Ease of driving meant more people were willing to drive more cars."
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october 2013 by taestell
Google cars versus public transit: the US’s problem with public goods
"The irony of the Google car for my circumstances is that it would be inferior in every way to a train."
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october 2013 by taestell
Turns out cities are safest places to live
"But guns — whether used accidentally or with intent — are much less likely to be the cause of death than another tool: cars. And people drive more, drive longer, drive faster and drive drunker in rural areas than in urban ones, where they can walk or take public transit."
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september 2013 by taestell
Baby boomers now buying more new cars than their children
"People aged 55-64 had the highest rate of new-vehicle purchases in 2011, according to the study, and they've become the age group most likely to buy a new car. Just four years ago, the population aged 35-44 was most likely to buy a new car [...]"
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august 2013 by taestell
TxDOT Tells Lawmakers Funding Crisis Around the Corner
More evidence that highways don't pay for themselves: Texas is looking to issue new debt, divert funding from the Department of Public Safety, use money from a rainy day fund, and approve more toll roads in order to fund new roads.
texas  transportation  roads  highways  driving  automobiles  gas.tax  from instapaper
july 2013 by taestell
Spot Pricing
"Imagine your city passes a law requiring that all hotels in town, from the fleabag on Mediterranean Avenue to the Four Seasons on Boardwalk, charge $100 a night. You don’t have to be an economist to know what will happen: the best hotels will be booked to capacity every night, and no one will ever stay at the CheapSleep. [...] No city price-fixes its hotels, but plenty make the same mistake with curbside parking spaces."
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july 2013 by taestell
The End of Car Culture
"The Internet makes telecommuting possible and allows people to feel more connected without driving to meet friends. The renewal of center cities has made the suburbs less appealing and has drawn empty nesters back in. Likewise the rise in cellphones and car-pooling apps has facilitated more flexible commuting arrangements, including the evolution of shared van services for getting to work."
cars  automobiles  generation.gap  millennials  driving  transportation  transit  from instapaper
july 2013 by taestell
If You Can Repeatedly Close a Freeway For Months At a Time, Do You Really Need It At All?
"If you can keep closing this stretch of interstate for three months at a time to work on it, do you really need it at all? Why not just close it permanently and save all this money?"
Aaron.Renn  highways  transportation  roads  driving  automobiles  Indianapolis  Indiana  from instapaper
july 2013 by taestell
Don't let politics muddle parking
Even the Cincinnati Enquirer's editors have realized that the city's parking modernization plan is good for citizens.
cincinnati  parking  automobiles  transportation  from instapaper
june 2013 by taestell
Three golden miles net D.C. $28 million
"The nine New York Avenue cameras, spread over about three miles between the Washington Times building and Third Street NW, generated 93,313 tickets and almost $11.8 million last year. Five target red-light violators; four go after speeders."
driving  dc  automobiles  from instapaper
june 2013 by taestell
Austin Boulevard traffic exceeding 2035 forecast
More roads=more congestion, not less. New I-75 interchange in Dayton already exceeds projected 2035 traffic levels.
transportation  driving  roads  highways  automobiles 
june 2013 by taestell
Revamped parking system could yield additional $3M annually for Cincinnati
Back in 2010, UrbanCincy suggested that Cincinnati should create a public-private partnership to control the city's parking system. The article is relevant once again as the city's parking privatization plan moves forward.
cincinnati  parking  randy.simes  automobiles  from instapaper
june 2013 by taestell
Federal court says highway sponsors must first study transit, impacts on suburban sprawl
"The US District Court in Milwaukee has indicated that the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) cannot enlarge a major urban freeway connection without further study of the project’s impacts on transit-dependent populations and on regional suburban sprawl."
transportation  transit  highways  infrastructure  government.spending  sprawl  suburbia  roads  automobiles  from instapaper
june 2013 by taestell
Parking meter running out? Just pick up the phone
"Covington recently entered into an agreement with ABM Parking Services, a national facility management company, to offer Park-by-Phone. The program allows users to extend parking sessions by calling a phone number or using a mobile app created for Android or iPhone. It even allows users to see their parking history and receipts online."
covington  parking  automobiles  from instapaper
june 2013 by taestell
Planners propose easing city parking requirements
Parking requirements would be reduced in the Central Business District and eliminated in Over-the-Rhine.
cincinnati  over-the-rhine  automobiles  parking  urban.planning  from instapaper
june 2013 by taestell
Commute to Clifton off I-75 or I-74? Prepare to reroute
"Already, nearly $417 million has been spent on plans, the purchase of adjacent land and property and construction. Some portions of the overall I-75 reconstruction aren’t scheduled to be finished for more than a decade – and there are no guarantees the Brent Spence Bridge portion will start in 2015 because of political wrangling over funding."
highways  transportation  roads  driving  automobiles  i75  cincinnati  i74  from instapaper
june 2013 by taestell
No mechanism for electorate to challenge ODOT
"We are told [by ODOT] that the elimination of left-side ramps and improvement of safety shoulders – at a cost of about $3 billion for a few miles of roadway – will usher in a new era of prosperity."
transportation  highways  roads  automobiles  transit  from instapaper
june 2013 by taestell
Maija Zummo: Dear Downtown
A very bizarre CityBeat editorial complaining about the difficulty of parking during major downtown events.
parking  cincinnati  downtown  automobiles  driving  CityBeat 
june 2013 by taestell
Maija Zummo Wanted a BLUE Pony, Cincinnati!
"Get out the big box of tissues! CityBeat‘s Maija Zummo is upset about the Pony she got. Her pony, in this case, is the vibrant Downtown/OTR we had last weekend, with about a thousand things to do."
brian.griffin  cincinnati  parking  transportation  automobiles  CityBeat  driving  downtown 
june 2013 by taestell
Aaron Renn on I-74 Extension
"I’m a big believer in building infrastructure, and yes, even in building more roads where appropriate. But even among nominally fiscal conservative governors, it’s tough to find any highway boondoggle big enough that they are willing to cancel it. Here’s a perfect opportunity for Kasich to distinguish himself and step up to the plate."
highways  infrastructure  john.kasich  ohio  transportation  roads  driving  automobiles 
june 2013 by taestell
Young Americans less interested in driving
"Generation Y is less interested in driving and 'not as engaged with cars and trucks' as the last two generations, according to George Peterson, president of automotive market research firm AutoPacific."
driving  automobiles  generation.gap 
june 2013 by taestell
Has the automobile era jumped the shark?
"The tentative signs of the end to the dominance of cars in American culture are showing up in a number of ways. For example, the number of vehicles per person in America peaked in 2001."
kaid.benfield  driving  automobiles 
june 2013 by taestell
CityKin: Dirty Road Snow
"Snow melt is a great time to visualize the pollution caused by cars. When you see the filthy slush on the sides of the roads, do you ever stop to think, what is all that black stuff? Is it just dirt and sand? Well, the sidewalks don’t ever get so disgusting from the bottoms of shoes, not even close. Seems the filth must be a combination of engine oil and gasoline droplets combined with rubbings from tires maybe mixed portions of the asphalt that are continually breaking up. And what kinds of chemical additives and heavy metals are in all these pollutants?"
pollution  environment  driving  automobiles  roads 
june 2013 by taestell
Zombie Highways
PBS’s NewsHour reports on “zombie highways” — unnecessary interstate highways funded by an uncapped 80% Federal match.
highways  automobiles  roads  transportation 
june 2013 by taestell
House Quickly Sends $2 Billion More to ‘Cash for Clunkers’
"Right now buyers can get a $3,500 discount on new cars that get as little as 22 mpg. Small truck buyers are only required to improve 2 mpg to receive the same rebate, achieving a combined city and highway efficiency of 20 mpg."
transportation  automobiles  cash.for.clunkers  environment 
june 2013 by taestell
John From Cincinnati
"The reason I didn’t stay in Cincinnati after graduation was simple: I didn’t want to own a car. I currently have no car. Which means: no car payment, no car insurance, no car maintenance, and no gas to buy. It’s perfect. I bike to work. And if it’s raining – it take the tram. Or streetcar, as Cincinnati calls it."
cincinnati  driving  automobiles  cincystreetcar  streetcars 
june 2013 by taestell
Adding Roads Can Slow Traffic
"This is a concept that is hard for people to get [their] heads around."
transportation  driving  roads  highways  automobiles 
june 2013 by taestell
Texas DOT fesses up about endless subsidies for highways — will Wisconsin be next?
"For example, in Houston, the 15 miles of SH 99 from I-10 to US 290 will cost $1 billion to build and maintain over its lifetime, while only generating $162 million in gas taxes. That gives a tax gap ratio of .16, which means that the real gas tax rate people would need to pay on this segment of road to completely pay for it would be $2.22 per gallon."
texas  driving  transportation  gas  automobiles 
june 2013 by taestell
Sim City: An Interview with Stone Librande
"When I started measuring out our local grocery store, which I don’t think of as being that big, I was blown away by how much more space was parking lot rather than actual store. That was kind of a problem, because we were originally just going to model real cities, but we quickly realized there were way too many parking lots in the real world and that our game was going to be really boring if it was proportional in terms of parking lots."
simcity  parking  urbanism  cities  transportation  automobiles  parking.lots  from instapaper
may 2013 by taestell
What Drives Us? Car Sharing Reflects Cultural Shift
"People of my generation believed that our private automobile said a lot about who we are, that [it] defined our power and our status. The younger generations don’t seem to be buying into that anymore, and they are seeing automobiles as simply a tool."
generation.gap  millennials  cars  automobiles  baby.boomers  transportation  transit  from instapaper
april 2013 by taestell
When it comes to public subsidies, Twin Cities light rail seems a bargain
Average trip by car costs $2.56 in government subsidies. Light rail costs just $1.44 per trip in subsidies.
transit  transportation  automobiles 
june 2012 by taestell
Drivers: Don't ask us to pay for new bridge
Greater Cincinnati residents want a new $2.4 billion bridge across the Ohio river but don't want to pay for it through taxes or tolls.
Cincinnati  transportation  transit  highways  automobiles  bridges 
june 2012 by taestell
The Invention of Jaywalking
In the 1920's, "AAA and other auto clubs [...] funded safety patrols that taught kids they had to stop for traffic, not the other way around."
automobiles  cars  transportation  jaywalking  urbanism 
april 2012 by taestell

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