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UC to transform 1st Cincinnati Sears store into $16M innovation center
"It would cost significantly more to tear this building down and build a new poured concrete building than to renovate. Once we took a close look at it, we realized we could gut the entire building, rebuild the infrastructure which has been deteriorating in recent years and develop very functional space, all while saving a Cincinnati architectural gem."
uc  architecture  historic.preservation  cincinnati  university.of.cincinnati 
september 2015 by taestell
County looks to sell Times-Star building, other offices
"The Times-Star Building is by far the most attractive of those properties and county officials say they've received several calls about it from potential developers, even though the building isn't officially on the market yet."
hamilton.county  architecture  800.broadway  times-star.building  cincinnati  urban.development 
october 2014 by taestell
The Shape of Things to Come
"The buses have become a necessity for Silicon Valley, not because they expand the workday modestly, but because today so many young workers in the tech industry have no desire to live in the Valley. A 28-year-old with a place in Noe Valley is more likely to be willing to spend time on a luxurious bus with Wi-Fi than to want to sit behind the wheel of a car on the 101 Freeway, or to make his way to downtown San Francisco to take a commuter train that will deposit him at a station that is still likely to be several miles from where he works."
architecture  buses  transportation  transit  silicon.valley  san.francisco  silicon.valley.buses 
december 2013 by taestell
Museum Center building a white elephant
Unbelievable letter-to-the-editor from former Cincinnati Mayor Tom Luken, claiming that the city should not have stepped in to save Union Terminal. The building is now home to the Cincinnati Museum Center and is perhaps the city's most recognizable icon.
cincinnati  union.terminal  historic.preservation  architecture  art.deco  cincinnati.union.terminal  tom.luken  coast  from instapaper
june 2013 by taestell
Museum Center levy deserves support
"The Museum Center levy could be taken off the books and taxpayers wouldn’t even know the difference. But if Union Terminal was damaged beyond repair, Cincinnati and Hamilton County would never be the same."
cincinnati  union.terminal  historic.preservation  architecture  art.deco  cincinnati.union.terminal  taxes  from instapaper
june 2013 by taestell
Ancient Roman Concrete Is About to Revolutionize Modern Architecture
"The researchers now know why ancient Roman concrete is so superior. [...] The secret to Roman concrete lies in its unique mineral formulation and production technique."
construction  concrete  architecture  rome  from instapaper
june 2013 by taestell
America's Most Elegant McDonald's
"Thank God for the citizens of the New Hyde Park, who worked to secure landmark status for the building in 1987. McDonald’s had no choice but to restore the property and work within the parameters of the landmarks commission, which ultimately resulted in their most beautiful restaurant in America."
mcdonalds  fast.food  architecture  historic.preservation 
june 2013 by taestell
Renewed pleas to clean up Crosley Building; Criminal charges filed
The owner of the iconic building, formerly home to 700 WLW, has failed to pay his taxes and has let the structure fall into disrepair.
architecture  history  historic.preservation  Cincinnati  Crosley.Building  Camp.Washington 
june 2012 by taestell

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