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Cupertino Mayor Barry Chang on Apple
"'I'm a simpleton. I've always had this view that we pay taxes, and the city should do those things,' Jobs said."
steve.jobs  apple  taxes 
january 2017 by taestell
Apple's HomeKit hub may already be in your house
"Wouldn’t it be better if each home had a small, power-efficient, always-on, platform-agnostic, Wi-Fi-enabled computer that could talk to your devices both remotely and over a local network?"
apple.tv  apple  ios  homekit 
june 2014 by taestell
Tim Cook Soundly Rejects Politics of the NCPPR, Suggests Group Sell Apple's Stock
"[Apple CEO Tim Cook] said that there are many things Apple does because they are right and just, and that a return on investment (ROI) was not the primary consideration on such issues."
tim.cook  apple  climate.change  global.warming 
march 2014 by taestell
iOS 7: The Pixel Envy Review
A great, in-depth review of iOS 7's design.
ios  ios7  apple  iphone  ipad  tech  from instapaper
september 2013 by taestell
A Photographer’s Take On The iPhone 5S Camera
"Unfortunately, cameras from many other phone companies like Samsung and Motorola simply don’t match up to the quality of images coming out of the iPhone. I’ve tried many, many different Android devices over the years which promised better images but none have delivered."
iphone  iphone.5s  apple  photography  from instapaper
september 2013 by taestell
Enduring design
"The only thing that hasn’t changed about Apple in the last fifteen years is that the company is apparently perpetually doomed, regardless of their bottom line."
apple  design  tech  from instapaper
june 2013 by taestell
FaceTime Audio brings built-in VoIP, free long distance calling to iPhone
"Because the iPhone is used by so many, a baked-in VoIP solution that is readily accessible and easy to use could face opponents in the wireless industry as the data-based service could disrupt long-distance calling revenue streams."
iphone  ios  apple  FaceTime  facetime.audio  voip  from instapaper
june 2013 by taestell
More Details Emerge on Official iOS Game Controllers
"We were just tipped off that a vague guide has been posted on Apple's developer site that mentions some basic guidelines on how game controllers should be used."
apple  ios  games  from instapaper
june 2013 by taestell
Bill Gates: iPod success won’t last
Bill Gates in 2005: "As good as Apple may be, I don’t believe the success of the iPod is sustainable in the long run. If you were to ask me which mobile device will take top place for listening to music, I’d bet on the mobile phone for sure."
apple  bill.gates  iphone  ipod  smartphones 
june 2013 by taestell
How Steve Jobs' Pixar experience helped lead to Apple's iCloud
"People in Hollywood and in the content industries, they think technology is something you just write a check for and buy. They don’t understand the creative element of technology."
steve.jobs  icloud  apple 
june 2013 by taestell
There Was That Whole Internet Thing, Too
"Talking about Apple v. Microsoft without mentioning the Internet and the browser is like talking about WWII without talking about the nuke."
apple  microsoft  tech  internet  from instapaper
march 2013 by taestell
Rands In Repose: Someone is Coming to Eat You
One of Apple's greatest strengths is willingness to introduce new products that destroy the demand for their previous products.
apple  tech  ios  ipod 
july 2012 by taestell
Busting the iOS 6 Transit Map Myths
Andy Baio explains how iOS 6's Maps app will deal with transit, biking, and walking directions.
apple  ios  iphone  ios6  ipad  maps 
june 2012 by taestell
Steve Jobs on the File System
Steve Jobs in 2005, two years before iOS was released: "And eventually, the file system management is just gonna be an app for pros and consumers aren’t gonna need to use it."
apple  ios  iphone  ipad  steve.jobs  file.system  tech 
june 2012 by taestell
Airlines Increasing Fuel Efficiency By Adopting The iPad As An Entertainment Device
Tossing out old entertainment systems and replacing them with iPads can increase capacity and save fuel for airlines.
aviation  transportation  apple  ios  ipad 
june 2012 by taestell
The EFF: ‘Apple’s Crystal Prison and the Future of Open Platforms’
The Electronic Frontier Foundation has gone a little crazy in their latest criticism of Apple's iOS.
apple  ios  iphone  ipad  tech 
may 2012 by taestell
Mastered for iTunes Offers Boost in Digital Sound Quality
"Mastered for iTunes unofficially began last year, when producer Rick Rubin was frustrated with his inability to make the Red Hot Chili Peppers' I'm With You sound as dynamic in the AAC format as it did on a CD. Working with Apple, he tinkered with the master recording, landing on a higher-than-usual bit rate – so when he sent it to iTunes for encoding, it sounded considerably better than a typical compressed audio file."
apple  itunes  music 
may 2012 by taestell
Glenn Britt, CEO of Time Warner Cable: ‘I’m Not Sure I Know What AirPlay Is’
"Glenn A. Britt, the company’s chief executive, said in a group interview on Friday that the challenge for digital video was that there was no simple way to get Internet-based video onto the television screen."
media  television  internet  apple  from instapaper
may 2012 by taestell
Facebook and Instagram: When Your Favorite App Sells Out
Why Facebook wanted Instagram: It's a simple app that does one thing really well, and its users love it.
Instagram  iOS  iPhone  apple  Facebook  tech  startups  acquisition  business  from instapaper
april 2012 by taestell
Fake Apple Store in China
"It's an actual store selling actual products but is obviously not affiliated with Apple in any way."
apple  apple.store  china 
july 2011 by taestell
Speculation on the iPhone 5 and iPad HD rumors
Nice roundup of the current iPhone and iPad rumors.
tech  apple  ios  iphone  ipad 
july 2011 by taestell
Consumers Don’t Want Tablets, They Want iPads
John Gruber: "Will the iPad’s long-term share be more like the iPod’s or the Mac’s? High-end and market-dominant? Or high-end but niche?"
apple  ios  ipad  tech  mac  tablets 
june 2011 by taestell
LetterMpress: A Virtual Letterpress on Your iPad
A kickstarter project to bring letterpress typesetting to an iPad app.
letterpress  ipad  ios  apple  tech  printmaking 
june 2011 by taestell
How Many iPhone Users Backup Via iTunes Tethering?
"About 50 percent of Apple Store customers who need to get their iPhones swapped have never plugged them into iTunes after the initial activation and sync."
apple  ios  iphone  icloud  tech  via:gruber 
june 2011 by taestell
Why Windows 8 Is Fundamentally Flawed as a Response to the iPad
"It’s the lesson that so many hardware and platform vendors can’t seem to learn: the pretty skin isn’t why people like Apple products, and applying a pretty skin over your products won’t make them compete better with Apple’s."
apple  mac  windows8  microsoft  tech 
june 2011 by taestell
Reeder for Mac Debuts, Featuring Full Readability Integration
Reeder, the best Google Reader client, is now available for the Mac. It has built-in Readability support so you can see the full text of articles, even if only a short snippet is available via RSS.
rss  reeder  google  reader  mac  apple  app.store  readability  from google
june 2011 by taestell
An Exhaustive List of iOS 5 Features and Changes
"You can use your phone while it's being synced with iTunes."
tech  ios  ios5  iphone  itunes  icloud  mac  apple  from google
june 2011 by taestell
The WWDC 2011 Keynote
Short summary of what's new and why it's important.
apple  mac  ios  icloud  wwdc 
june 2011 by taestell
How Steve Jobs' Pixar experience helped lead to Apple's iCloud
“One of the things I learned at Pixar is the technology industries and the content industries do not understand each other.”
tech  apple  icloud  pixar  from twitter
june 2011 by taestell
iMessage, Skype, Google Voice, and the death of the phone number
"I can’t think of a single telecom service that is as restrictive as the phone number: email can be accessed from any device, Skype makes apps for nearly every platform, IM works across any number of clients, there are web-based messaging solutions that transcend platforms entirely."
tech  google  apple  microsoft  skype  from twitter
june 2011 by taestell

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