Voyager Golden Record - Wikipedia
This is a present from a small, distant world, a token of our sounds, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts and our feelings. We are attempting to survive our time so we may live into yours.
8 days ago
RHME2 Writeup -- Balda's place
Ebian Corp has a repository to store its adminstrators' public keys.
1)If you are a customer you can list all the public keys.
2)If you are an admin you can update your keys.
Just sign the plaintext "admin" and more options will be provided.
The parameters to be used for the signature are SHA1 and PKCS1_v1_5
Public Key List:
9 days ago
Shor's algorithm - Wikipedia
Shor's algorithm, named after mathematician Peter Shor, is a quantum algorithm (an algorithm that runs on a quantum computer) for integer factorization formulated in 1994. Informally it solves the following problem: given an integer N, find its prime factors.
9 days ago
Unraveling the Lamberts Toolkit - Securelist
To run unsigned code in kernel mode on 64-bit Windows, White Lambert uses an exploit against a signed, legitimate SiSoftware Sandra driver. The same method was used before by Turla, ProjectSauron, and Equation’s Grayfish, with other known, legitimate drivers.
9 days ago
Golang SSH Security | Hacker News
There are three places that were identified as affected: Packer and Terraform with SSH provisioners
14 days ago
seriously, the guy has a point
In effect, Fearless Girl has appropriated the strength and power of Charging Bull. Of course Di Modica is outraged by that. A global investment firm has used a global advertising firm to create a faux work of guerrilla art to subvert and change the meaning of his actual work of guerrilla art. That would piss off any artist.

14 days ago
Tuxera | NTFS-3G Manual - Tuxera
This option prevents files, directories and extended attributes to be created with a name not allowed by windows, either because it contains some not allowed character (which are the nine characters ” * / : < > ? \ | and those whose code is less than 0x20) or because the last character is a space or a dot. Existing such files can still be read (and renamed)
linux  osx  reference 
15 days ago
Applying the Linus Torvalds “Good Taste” Coding Requirement
The fewer conditions you test for, the better your code “tastes”.
dev  programming 
4 weeks ago
How Did the Game Genie Work? | Mental Floss
Nintendo claimed that Galoob's device modified Nintendo games, creating "derivative works" and thus infringing the copyrights of game makers. (This is fairly similar to the lawsuits of that era regarding music sampling.) If the Game Genie were indeed creating derivative works every time it ran, then those works would either be illegal (if the game maker/copyright holder didn't approve them) or at the very least require some sort of licensing structure by which Galoob would compensate the game maker for them.
game  history  nintendo 
5 weeks ago
Did a woman die trying to find Fargo's buried treasure?
During the second week of December 2001 an unbelievable story circulated around the internet. It concerned a Japanese woman called Takako Konishi who, under the power of some terrible misunderstanding, had travelled to the snowy wastelands of Minnesota to search for nearly $1 million that had been buried by a fictional character in the Coen Brothers’ black comedy Fargo.
6 weeks ago
USB Socket-Outlets | Electrical Safety First
This is because our initial findings revealed that the extra‑low voltage parts of the USB power supply were not always suitably segregated and/or electrically separated from the low voltage (230 V) parts of the accessory and/or, in the case of 13 A sockets, of the fixed wiring.

7 weeks ago
Tech Interview Torture Chamber | mattfriz.com
You can't be bothered to meaningfully analyze the project, so compensate by skimming, nitpicking, and being arbitrary. "FOUR space indents? I didn't realize it was amateur hour."

7 weeks ago
Anthropomorphism: the apple moves like the snake, man was made to the image of god and so on.
Apocalypticism: the game just ends after a few moves without notice.
Asceticism: the game ends if you eat the apple, you are supposed to be like a faquir.
Capitalism: you start the game with 50, spend 10 each apple you eat - when you are broke you can't afford the apple.
Casualism: I had to Google this one, the screen just flashes with random squares.
Conservatism: just the plain old snakes game.
Determinism: the snake just moves by itself and you are unable to control the game - your destiny was set in stone the moment you were born.
Dualism: you can control the snake body with the regular controls, and you can move the snake mind with your mind. My mind is too weak so I was unable to move the snake mind.
Existentialism: you move the snake in a dark screen - after reading the wikipedia I guess the joke has to do with freedom in a meaningless world.
Holism: the whole screen moves with the snake (makes it very hard to get the apples in the corners)
Idealism: imagine you are playing a game of snakes
Monism: your play is not restrained by the walls - after reading it I guess the joke is about you being made of the same substance of god or something like that
Narcissism: when you finish the game it sends an email to the creator about how much you love his work.
Nihilism: just a black screen, no snake, no apples - nothing in the world really exists.
Optimism: you see apples everywhere but looks like they are not nourishing because the snake doesn't grow.
Pessimism: the play field is smaller and the apples appear outside of the walls where you are unable to reach.
Positivism: you see only a narrow part of the play field, I guess the joke is that you are unable to know the universe because our senses are limited.
Post-apocalypticism: no apples, you just move through a scrambled play field.
Romanticism: every time you eat an apple you see a cheeky statement like "food tastes like ashes when I'm not sharing it with you".
Stoicism: like a plain old snake game but you don't die when you hit the walls or yourself - after reading the wikipedia article I guess the joke is that virtue is sufficient for happiness, so the sage is immune to misfortune.
Utilitarianism: you have only two very narrow paths, one with 5 apples and other with one apple. If you take the one with more apples you win, otherwise you loose.
game  games  philosophy 
7 weeks ago
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