[1904.09724] RowHammer: A Retrospective
In this article, we comprehensively survey the scientific literature on RowHammer-based attacks as well as mitigation techniques to prevent RowHammer. We also discuss what other related vulnerabilities may be lurking in DRAM and other types of memories,
18 days ago
Gamasutra - How Naughty Dog broke Sony's hardware rules to create Crash Bandicoot
“I think it was Kelly Flock, who was one of the heads of [Sony], was like, ‘You're doing what with the CD?’ He's like, ‘This is only rated for, like, 400,000 reads,’” recalled Gavin. If Sony’s estimates had held true, Gavin said a PlayStation CD drive would’ve only been able to handle three weeks of Crash Bandicoot play.

25 days ago
PS MM3 led
The optional LED *: 

The connection of an LED (optional) is used to see when the chip transmits codes to the console. It also allows to see the state described above - active chip (LED on) - chip inactive (LED off). To install the LED it suffices simply to weld the long leg of the LED (A - Anode) to the leg 1 of the chip and the short leg of the LED (K - Cathode) to a resistor of 600 ohm which will be itself welded to the leg 2 of the chip (see diagram below).
4 weeks ago
The Shield: "Family Meeting"
But there are fates worse than death, and transplanting the big, bad Mackey from the mean streets of The Shield to the sterile environs of The Office was a stone cold masterstroke: predictable only retrospect, darkly comic, and the only possible fate for a man too clever to get caught and too damned to ever escape his demons. He's not in prison, but in his stifling, oversized gray business suit, Vic looked like a castrated bull. As he decorated his desk with idealized remnants of his broken life–pictures of his three kids, and Lem–Vic gave himself over to the darkness of his reality for a long moment, recalling the heart-stopping pause from last week's confession, yet somehow with even more hopelessness. Then, inevitably, Vic pulled on what remained of his shield and marched away, a shark looking to cause more damage because that's what sharks do.
5 weeks ago
An interview with Rob Northen » Codetapper's Amiga Site
This is true. I wanted to test how effective the protection was, so I buried my telephone number in the heart of the encryption. I did receive a call from a German hacker several weeks after the game was released (I think the game was called R-Type on the Atari ST) very early one morning. I don't remember receiving any other calls. In my opinion the protection had passed its test!

6 weeks ago
Library cat outlasts councilman that wanted him gone - CBS News
Mayor Ron White says as far as he’s concerned, Browser’s job title is now “Library Cat for Life.”

10 weeks ago
Schwarzenegger Orchestrated a Legendary Hollywood Troll
Legend has it that Schwarzenegger read the script, thought it was terrible, but decided to purposefully leak it to the press that he was interested in starring in it in order to lure Stallone into getting jealous and trying to steal the film out from under him.
11 weeks ago
What do I need to know when specifying MR16 lamps? | MR16 Lamps | Lighting Answers | NLPIP
For example, "EXN" stands for 50 watts, MR16 lamp, 40 degrees or 50MR16/40°
12 weeks ago
Announcing ARISS/NOTA Slow Scan TV Event
ARISS is planning another of their popular Slow Scan Television (SSTV) experiment events. Transmissions are scheduled to begin Friday, Feb. 8 at 18:25 UTC and run through Sunday, Feb. 10 at 18:30 UTC. SSTV operations is a process by which images are sent from the International Space Station (ISS) via ham radio and received by ham operators, shortwave listeners and other radio enthusiasts on Earth, similar to pictures shared on cell phones using twitter or instagram. 
february 2019
packages - Does Android keep the .apk files? if so where? - Stack Overflow
You can use package manager (pm) over adb shell to list packages:

adb shell pm list packages
and to display where the .apk file is:

adb shell pm path com.king.candycrushsaga
And adb pull to download the apk.

adb pull data/app/com.king.candycrushsaga-1/base.apk
february 2019
BBC - Future - The ghostly radio station that no one claims to run
Anyone, anywhere in the world can listen in, simply by tuning a radio to the frequency 4625 kHz.
february 2019
Statement from Citizen Lab Director on Attempted Operations Against Researchers - The Citizen Lab
This failed operation against two Citizen Lab researchers is a new low. Citizen Lab research is public, and the evidence that we use to draw our conclusions is public as well. We have always welcomed debate and dialogue about our work, but we condemn these sinister, underhanded activities in the strongest possible terms. Such a deceitful attack on an academic group like the Citizen Lab is an attack on academic freedom everywhere.
january 2019
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