Filosofem - Wikipedia
The album was recorded under purposefully bad conditions in order to retain a raw lo-fi sound. No guitar amplifier was used; instead Vikernes plugged his guitar into the amplifier of his brother's stereo and used an old fuzz pedal.[7] For the vocals, he asked a sound technician for the worst microphone he had, and ended up using a headset.[7]
6 weeks ago
Nothing to Envy - Wikipedia
She still wanted to believe that her country was the best place in the world. The beliefs she had cherished for a lifetime would be vindicated. But now she couldn't deny what was staring her plainly in the face: dogs in China ate better than doctors in North Korea.
6 weeks ago
Tesco Clubcard - Wikipedia
In January 1995, Frank Riolfo, a former member of the Royal Army Medical Corps, attempted to blackmail Tesco, forcing the introduction of the previously trialed discount card.
9 weeks ago
What Mark Carney knows but dare not say out loud - Business Insider
More recently, the BOE has become concerned that UK car finance has become unsustainable. Personal contract purchases — a type of rent-to-buy agreement — allow drivers to own cars while paying less than the total price of the car at the beginning of the contract. And that is creating a supply of high-quality used vehicles which is greater than the entire aggregate demand for new cars in Britain in some years.

What has been the response of the finance sector? To bundle all those car loans together and sell them as asset-backed securities.

As Morgan Stanley analyst Harald Hendrikse told Business Insider recently, "The mechanics of the situation are exactly the same" as the mortgage crisis. "We are repeating exactly the same problems in the US and the UK specifically that happened with the mortgage market in 2007," he said.
10 weeks ago
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