North Korea's prisons: How harsh are conditions? - BBC News
Amnesty analyses aerial pictures of the camps and says that one of them is three times the size of Washington DC contains 20,000 inmates.
Clearing Up the Integrated Tests Scam - The Code Whisperer
Strong integration tests, consisting of collaboration tests (clients using test doubles in place of collaborating services) and contract tests (showing that service implementations correctly behave the way clients expect) can provide the same level of confidence as integrated tests at a lower total cost of maintenance.
9 days ago
It is important to remember all the elitist political commentators telling us Jeremy Corbyn was “unelectable” were not “wrong”, they were trying to brainwash us. : unitedkingdom
his tactic was called “hegemony” by the famous Italian academic Antonio Gramsci. Put simply, hegemony is process of how the elites get their beliefs, outlooks and practices legitimized with the rest of the country. Their values, morals and way of seeing the world become accepted as common sense; the only way of running a country and seeing the world. And conversely, of how other beliefs, values or ways of seeing the world are marginalized.
10 days ago
Working with time in Postgres | Hacker News
If you're using Postgres right now and have any columns like start_* and end_* for anything (e.g numbers or dates), you need to stop what you are doing and use a range type. They are amazing. You can do things like a unique index that ensures there are no overlapping ranges, you can do efficient inclusion/exclusion indexing and much more.
11 days ago
React AJAX Best Practices
With Relay, you declare the data needs of your React components with GraphQL, and Relay automatically downloads that data and fills out the component props.

19 days ago
How are the 1000 charge cycles Macbooks holding up? - Ars Technica OpenForum
Your battery is designed to retain up to 80 per cent of its original capacity at 1,000 complete charge cycles.
26 days ago
Application Architecture - Amazon EC2 Container Service
Instead, you should create task definitions that group the containers that are used for a common purpose, and separate the different components into multiple task definitions. In this example, three task definitions each specify one container. The example cluster below has three container instances registered with three front-end service containers, two back-end service containers, and one data store service container.
4 weeks ago
Dockerfile reference - Docker Documentation
The ARG instruction defines a variable that users can pass at build-time to the builder with the docker build command using the --build-arg <varname>=<value> flag. If a user specifies a build argument that was not defined in the Dockerfile, the build outputs a warning.

4 weeks ago
Scaling a Simple PHP App With Docker Swarm - DZone Cloud
There is a solution to this, and it's in the form of 'dev.yml'. This extends the docker-compose.yml file to mount the local volume onto the web root.
4 weeks ago
n macOS. (Docker users on the stable channel
5 weeks ago
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