pageleaf: some of that strawberry
The two tentacles around his wrists tug them above his head, where one leaves, the other looping around both wrists easily, keeping Viktor thoroughly immobilized.

"Good?" Yuuri asks, raising his eyebrows.

"Very good," Viktor replies breathlessly. "Fucking—amazing." (1,300 words)
Author permission statement: https://archiveofourown.org/users/pageleaf/profile
fandom:yuri.on.ice  medium:fic  creator:pageleaf  length:1k-5k  *transformative.works.policy:blanket.permission  focus:yuuri.katsuki  focus:viktor.nikiforov  relationship:slash  pairing:viktor.nikiforov/yuuri.katsuki  concept:tentacles  smut:bondage  bookmarked:2017-08  posted:2017-09  smut:oral  smut:fucking  smut:finger.fucking 
9 weeks ago
a sensible adult discussion about sex - fascinationex - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
Nnoitra, it turns out, is the kind of hollow who looks at a twelve foot musclebound boar monster and thinks: I’m gonna ride that into the sunset.

(There’s no sun in Hueco Mundo so, metaphorically speaking, that’s a long, long ride.) (1,200 words)
Author permission statement: https://archiveofourown.org/users/fascinationex/profile
fandom:bleach  relationship:slash  beings:hollows  medium:fic  creator:fascinationex  *transformative.works.policy:partial.permission  posted:2017-09  bookmarked:2017-09  concept:crack  focus:nnoitra  focus:tesla.lindocruz  pairing:nnoitra/tesla.lindocruz  length:1k-5k 
9 weeks ago
darkparts: throw the fear
he is blinding, with his easy charm and soft eyes, so bright that sometimes you have to look away because it hurts. it leaves a physical ache in your chest you have come to treasure, a burn you have named his and his alone. you want to keep it there forever, cradle it tenderly and pray to god that the fire never goes out. (1,100 words)
fandom:dream.daddy  medium:fic  length:1k-5k  focus:dadsona  focus:damien.bloodmarch  pairing:dadsona/damien  relationship:slash  topic:asexuality  topic:trans*  posted:2017-08  bookmarked:2017-08  !no.smut  creator:darkparts  *transformative.works.policy:unknown 
august 2017
sardonicsmiley: Wings Wetted Down
It was his favorite shirt. Of course it was. Torn to shreds, along with his leather jacket, which groaned in protest before ripping apart at the seams. And suddenly, the street that had been so goddamn noisy, was utterly and completely silent. (8,800 words)
Author transformative works policy: http://smiley.zonezine.net/
Podfic by dodificus here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/445246 or here: http://podslash.livejournal.com/58730.html
*transformative.works.policy:partial.permission  fandom:supernatural  medium:fic  medium:podfic  creator:sardonicsmiley  creator:dodificus  length:5k-10k  relationship:slash  relationship:siblings  relationship:brothers  relationship:incest  pairing:dean/sam  posted:2007  bookmarked:2016-08  smut:oral  concept:wingfic  focus:sam.winchester  focus:dean.winchester 
august 2016
flooj9235: Meant to Be
"Oh, Won-Won," she breathed as he kissed her neck, her blonde hair tickling his cheek. The sound of Hermione's frustrated huff brought a smile Ron's face. He'd have her jealous in no time, and once she admitted it, he could break it off with Lavender and finally get with Hermione. After all, they were meant to be together, right? (600 words)
*transformative.works.policy:unknown  !no.smut  medium:fic  fandom:harry.potter  relationship:het  relationship:femslash  focus:ron  focus:hermione  focus:lavender  pairing:lavender/hermione  posted:2013-10  bookmarked:2016-08  length:-1k 
august 2016
Lost_gallifrey: Fadebound
Cole struggles to adapt to his newly human state, and the dreams and sensations that come with it. Things become more confusing when he finds Solas in the fade enjoying the company of spirits in a way that Cole never thought possible.

Out of curiosity, Cole joins with other spirits and becomes Solas' lover within the fade. In the waking world he seeks to establish a relationship with the elf who doesn't recognize that it's Cole he's meeting every night. (6,700 words)
fandom:dragon.age  fandom:dragon.age:inquisition  medium:fic  !WIP  length:5k-10k  creator:lost_gallifrey  relationship:slash  relationship:queer  topic:dreams/nightmares/hallucinations  smut:dream.sex/fade.sex  beings:ghosts/spirits  focus:solas  focus:cole  pairing:cole/solas  posted:2016-05  bookmarked:2016-07  topic:insomnia  pairing:dorian/the.iron.bull  smut:masturbation  smut:handjob  *transformative.works.policy:unknown  challenge:dragonage-kink 
july 2016
Stonestrewn: Writing love all over
Cassandra takes the book as it is returned to her. She will not ask Josephine what she thought. She will tell her she is welcome, she will put this thing away, they will take their goodbyes and she will not instigate more of this nonsense.

“What did you think?”

Maker preserve Cassandra Pentaghast from herself.

(Sometimes she looks at Josephine and everything else in the world falls away around her.) (8,300 words)
*transformative.works.policy:unknown  fandom:dragon.age  fandom:dragon.age:inquisition  medium:fic  creator:stonestrewn  length:5k-10k  relationship:femslash  challenge:wintersend.exchange(2015)  posted:2015-04  bookmarked:2016-07  !no.smut  topic:fandom  focus:cassandra.pentaghast  focus:josephine.montilyet  pairing:cassandra/josephine 
july 2016
madamebadger: Fire Exercises
In which people with floofy pauldrons like Cullen should probably not stand so close to the woman waving around a lit candle on the end of a board. (700 words)
fandom:dragon.age  fandom:dragon.age:inquisition  medium:fic  creator:madamebadger  length:-1k  *transformative.works.policy:unknown  relationship:gen  focus:cullen.rutherford  focus:josephine.montilyet  posted:2015-02  bookmarked:2016-07  !no.smut  concept:crack 
july 2016
Bloodpage-Alchemist: History Lessons
Children are products of their environment. A look at what Dudley Dursley could have been under the right influences, namely that of his History teacher and new friends, and what could have happened due to those changes... (36,600 words)
!no.smut  medium:fic  creator:bloodpage-alchemist  fandom:harry.potter  length:20k-50k  relationship:gen  focus:dudley.dursley  focus:harry  posted:2008-01  posted:2016-06  bookmarked:2016-06  topic:bullying  concept:epistolary/letters  beings:animals  *transformative.works.policy:unknown  au:canon.divergence 
june 2016
MissLouisa: November Pink
Cora can barely remember what it's like to do the proper family thing - she moved around from pack to pack for the years she was missing, like an unwanted foster child, and she's experienced Thanksgiving and Christmas with families, but they haven't been her own family in a long long time.


Somehow, Cora and Derek end up hosting Thanksgiving for Lydia and the Stilinskis. (3,600 words)
*transformative.works.policy:unknown  !no.smut  fandom:teen.wolf  medium:fic  creator:misslouisa  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  relationship:femslash  pairing:cora/lydia  pairing:derek/stiles  focus:cora.hale  focus:lydia.martin  posted:2013-11  bookmarked:2016-03  challenge:twfallharvest  concept:holidays  beings:shapeshifters/weres 
march 2016
defcontwo: going up, going down, anything for the crown
The media makes them out to be sworn enemies. The media always does, with things like this. Girls fighting, tearing at each other's throats, bared teeth over lipstick drawn on like warpaint -- now that'll sell ya newspapers over sisterhood any day of the week. It's not exactly the truth, but. Well, it's not exactly a lie either. (2,000 words)
Transformative works statement: http://archiveofourown.org/users/defcontwo/profile
fandom:young.avengers  fandom:marvel.comics.verse  medium:fic  creator:defcontwo  *transformative.works.policy:blanket.permission  length:1k-5k  relationship:femslash  focus:kate.bishop  focus:america.chavez  au:sport  posted:2014-02  bookmarked:2016-03  pairing:america/kate  smut:frottage 
march 2016
IrenaK: Creatures Great and Small
Between the bees, the chickens and Clyde, it's practically a menagerie in the brownstone.


Five times Sherlock brought home a stray and one time Joan did. (2,000 words)
fandom:elementary  medium:fic  creator:irenak  *transformative.works.policy:implicit  length:1k-5k  relationship:gen  focus:joan.watson  focus:sherlock  beings:animals  posted:2015-12  bookmarked:2016-02  !no.smut  challenge:yuletide(2015) 
february 2016
Serpenscript: Bedside Manners
Poppy Pomfrey liked to sing. It was a little known secret, because although she indulged in singing quite frequently she very rarely gave anyone the chance to hear her sing. To put it kindly, she was tone deaf; to put it bluntly was to say she sounded like a hippogriff caught in a harpy's nest. (2,700 words)
Also at http://hp-holidaygen.livejournal.com/38162.html
With podfic by Mab at http://archiveofourown.org/works/2287568
Mab's transformative works statement: http://archiveofourown.org/users/Queenie_Mab/profile
fandom:harry.potter  medium:fic  creator:serpenscript  medium:podfic  creator:mab/queenie_mab  length:1k-5k  relationship:gen  focus:poppy.pomfrey  focus:minerva.mcgonagall  focus:luna.lovegood  topic:music  posted:2009-12  bookmarked:2015-08  posted:2014-09  !no.smut  *transformative.works.policy:implicit  *transformative.works.policy:partial.permission  beings:magic.users  challenge:hp.podfic.fest(2014)  challenge:hp-holidaygen(2009) 
september 2015
Selkit: On The Same Page
Evelyn wants to make sure her adventuring, treasure-hunting fiancé is on board with the quieter, less exciting aspects of a librarian's life. But life, as usual, doesn't exactly go according to plan. (3,000 words)
creator:coppermarigolds/selkit  fandom:the.mummy  medium:fic  length:1k-5k  relationship:het  focus:evie.carnahan  focus:rick.o'connell  pairing:evie/rick  *transformative.works.policy:unknown  challenge:yuletide(2013)  posted:2013-12  bookmarked:2015-08  !no.smut  concept:crime  focus:jonathan.carnahan 
august 2015
icarus_chained: The Tough Get Going
Just a few years after waking up from the ice, Jack Frost has a magical encounter he sorely needed. The magic does as it will, after all. For a prompt that wanted Jack Frost and Molly Grue.

ETA: Chapter 2 has the magic drop Molly down once more, after the events of RotG, to see Jack with the Guardians.
Also at http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/416147.html (chapter 1)/ http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/427764.html (chapter 2)
Author transformative works statement: http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/410425.html
fandom:guardians.of.the.galaxy  fandom:the.last.unicorn  fandom:*crossover  medium:fic  creator:icarus_chained  length:1k-5k  relationship:gen  focus:molly.grue  focus:jack.frost  posted:2013-04  posted:2013-06  bookmarked:2015-08  !no.smut  *transformative.works.policy:partial.permission  beings:anthropomorphized.concepts  beings:magic.users 
august 2015
icarus_chained: Tea and Conquest
"You know," Sybil commented mildly, "Rosie was asking me what it was like, to have the two most powerful men in Ankh-Morpork among my conquests."

Sybil Vimes, Havelock Vetinari, and some mildly kinky flirting in his office. (800 words)
Also at http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/491614.html
Author transformative works statement: http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/410425.html
fandom:discworld  medium:fic  creator:icarus_chained  length:-1k  relationship:poly  relationship:het  relationship:slash  focus:sybil.ramkin  focus:havelock.vetinari  pairing:havelock/sam/sybil  pairing:havelock/sybil  posted:2015-08  bookmarked:2015-08  !no.smut  *transformative.works.policy:partial.permission  verse:power.trio.of.ankh.morpork  topic:negotiation 
august 2015
icarus_chained: Thirteen Hours
Once a year, for thirteen hours, Sarah is returned to the Labyrinth whether she wants it or not. It is not Jareth's doing, however, and he deals with it maybe even less well than she. For a while, anyway. (1,400 words)
Also at http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/472346.html
Author transformative works statement: http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/410425.html
fandom:labyrinth  medium:fic  creator:icarus_chained  length:1k-5k  relationship:gen  *transformative.works.policy:partial.permission  focus:jareth  focus:sarah.williams  focus:the.labyrinth  beings:fairy.folk  posted:2014-11  bookmarked:2015-08  !no.smut  challenge:comment_fic  beings:anthropomorphized.concepts 
august 2015
icarus_chained: The Winter King
In the last ages of the world, for the love of his people, there died a winter king. The passing of Thranduil Oropherion, in the winter of the world, long after the last ship has sailed. (3,200 words)
Also at http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/473849.html
Author transformative works statement: http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/410425.html
fandom:tolkien  fandom:hobbit  fandom:fairy.tales&mythology  medium:fic  creator:icarus_chained  length:1k-5k  relationship:gen  focus:thranduil  focus:oc  *transformative.works.policy:partial.permission  !no.smut  concept:character.death  posted:2014-11  bookmarked:2015-08  topic:religion  topic:magic  beings:elves 
august 2015
icarus_chained: Springs Eternal
"The Spring brought to Fangorn an elf." Thranduil Oropherion, to be precise, heartsick and in need of healing, and sent to Fangorn by a son who knows him all too well. (2,900 words)
Also at http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/486984.html
Author transformative works statement: http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/410425.html
fandom:tolkien  fandom:lord.of.the.rings  medium:fic  creator:icarus_chained  *transformative.works.policy:partial.permission  length:1k-5k  relationship:gen  focus:treebeard  focus:thranduil  beings:elves  beings:ents  topic:grief  posted:2015-06  bookmarked:2015-08  !no.smut 
august 2015
icarus_chained: Sunshine and Rain
The War of the Ring has been won, and Elrond will soon ride south with his daughter to Minas Tirith, for one last joy and one last sorrow. Before that, however, he has a talk with Bilbo, which goes rather more messily but perhaps also more brightly than either of them might have expected. (3,500 words)
Also at http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/491199.html
Author transformative works statement: http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/410425.html
fandom:tolkien  fandom:lord.of.the.rings  medium:fic  creator:icarus_chained  length:1k-5k  relationship:gen  focus:bilbo.baggins  focus:elrond  posted:2015-08  bookmarked:2015-08  topic:grief  topic:old.age  *transformative.works.policy:partial.permission  !no.smut  beings:elves  beings:hobbits 
august 2015
icarus_chained: Handfasting
Hades and Persephone, the first time she returns to him after the price of pomegranate seeds is revealed.

Written for the prompt of: "Pomegranate juice stained her fingers like the blood of a ruby." (800 words)
Also at http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/449785.html
Author transformative works statement: http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/410425.html
challenge:comment_fic  fandom:fairy.tales&mythology  medium:fic  creator:icarus_chained  *transformative.works.policy:partial.permission  !no.smut  focus:hades  focus:persephone  pairing:persephone/hades  concept:kidnapping  concept:marriage  posted:2014-01  bookmarked:2015-08  relationship:het  length:-1k  beings:gods 
august 2015
icarus_chained: More Delicate Than Silver
"There are more delicate things than stone or metal. Things that will not last near so long, or keep near so well. Very undwarven things, most of them. And perhaps it makes me a very undwarven dwarf, a very fussy creature ... but I don't think that makes them less beautiful, or less worthwhile, regardless. Don't you agree?"

Or, the tale of how Dori, for a brief time and in his own inimitable fashion, courted Gandalf the Grey. (3,000 words)
Also at http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/406923.html
Author transformative works statement: http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/410425.html
fandom:tolkien  fandom:hobbit  medium:fic  creator:icarus_chained  *transformative.works.policy:partial.permission  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:dori/gandalf  focus:gandalf  focus:dori  posted:2013-02  !no.smut  bookmarked:2015-08  beings:magic.users  beings:dwarves 
august 2015
icarus_chained: On Omelettes
Bilbo interrupts an argument between Bombur and Dwalin to explain the hobbit approach to ancestral weaponry, and the insanity of more or less the entire Took line.

Or: why frying pans are a hobbit's weapon of choice. (900 words)
Also at http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/454235.html
Author transformative works statement: http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/410425.html
fandom:tolkien  fandom:hobbit  medium:fic  creator:icarus_chained  *transformative.works.policy:partial.permission  challenge:comment_fic  length:-1k  relationship:gen  focus:bilbo.baggins  focus:bombur  focus:balin  focus:dwalin  focus:ori  posted:2014-02  bookmarked:2015-08  !no.smut  concept:crack  beings:hobbits  beings:dwarves 
august 2015
icarus_chained: Weary Heads To Rest
In the quiet after the war is won, Gimli watches Legolas sleep that strange half-sleep of the elves, and slowly and perhaps begrudgingly comes around to the realisation that he loves him. (2,300 words)
Also at http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/483214.html
Author transformative works statement: http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/410425.html
*transformative.works.policy:partial.permission  !no.smut  fandom:lord.of.the.rings  fandom:tolkien  medium:fic  creator:icarus_chained  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  beings:elves  beings:dwarves  pairing:gimli/legolas  focus:gimli  focus:legolas  posted:2015-04  bookmarked:2015-08 
august 2015
icarus_chained: Ka, Akh, Ren
In their defence, the dead man they shot woke up again almost immediately. In their further defence, that didn't normally happen, even in Egypt, so they could be excused some mildly violent curiosity on the subject, couldn't they?

Shortly after the first movie, Rick, Evie and Jonathan meet Methos. It goes surprisingly well, really. After a few hiccups. (2,800 words)
Also at http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/476821.html
Author transformative works statement: http://icarus-chained.livejournal.com/410425.html
fandom:the.mummy  fandom:highlander  medium:fic  creator:icarus_chained  !no.smut  *transformative.works.policy:partial.permission  length:1k-5k  fandom:*crossover  relationship:gen  relationship:het  pairing:evie/rick  focus:evie.carnahan  focus:jonathan.carnahan  focus:rick.o'connell  focus:methos  posted:2015-01  bookmarked:2015-08  concept:immortality  challenge:comment-fic 
august 2015
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