Gen., Vader try to turn Luke and Leia but it backfire
Vader finds out he has children when Luke and Leia are around 12 years old and kidnap them/take them back.

He plans to turn them to the Dark Side and to rule the Empire with his children at his side ... It doesn't quite work out that way.

Instead of Vader turning his children, it's the twins who slowly turn him back to the light and make him a better person.

Leia tends to use logic and sarcasm ("If you really want to overturn the Emperor it would be more useful to let your troops live than to kill them don't you think"). Luke tries to appeal to his father compassion and use his own emotions as a weapon (for example he just project his horror and sadness at his father whenever Vader do something bad).

Vader is completely whipped by his children and can do nothing but spoil them. He never do anything to punish them, even when they blatantly help the Resistance, liberate prisoners or order his people to do things that goes against his own orders.

Bonus :

- Leia/Han and Luke/Wedge : Vader doesn't know what annoy him most, that Leia is dating someone who is both 10 years older than her and a smuggler or that Luke decided to date a member of the Resistance - probably the "10 years older and a smuggler" thing
- Vader end up killing Palpatine out of anger when the old fool cut his son's hand as some kind of sick lesson and electrocute his daughter when she tries to attack him. He doesn't really feel like ruling everything anymore and give the 'throne' to his twins. Luke and Leia immediately create a New Republic and a Jedi Academy to their father's consternation.
- Luke and Leia still receive some backlash from being Vader children but they simply remind people that without them, they'd still be under an Empire- it usually silence people really quickly
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @anakin  @leia  @luke  !gen 
march 2016
Genderswapped AU
f!Kylo decides to take more seductive approach to convince m!Rey to embrace Dark Side...

reversed interrogation scene would look especially fun
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  789  @rey  @kylo  !kylo/rey 
march 2016
Tentacles and Force
During another fight between Kylo and Rey they both let their Force abilities go out of control... However because of their lustful thoughts about each other Force creates tentacle monster which traps them both
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  789  @rey  @kylo  !kylo/rey 
march 2016
Han/Luke, AU, Bridget Jones sort of? au, age gap, initial angst
This can be set in a spacey-environment or not.

Han and Luke used to sort of know each other as kids, except Luke was about 10 years younger so Han never had much time for him.

Luke was a little cutie who used to run around Han's parents/guardians garden naked, and annoy Han by pestering the older boy for attention.

Fast forward many years and both are grown up now. Luke is attracted to Han when they meet at a gathering or something, but then Han disparages him, making him feel like a little child.

I don't mind if Luke has a relationship with someone else between this, but of course, eventually, over meeting each other several times over the course of the next year, both realise they like each other very much and end up falling in love.

Summary: Luke used to run around naked in Han's back garden (regrettably only when he was 4 and Han was 14), and even now that they're in their 20s and 30s it seems that Han Solo still holds Luke in the same disregard he did then. Or does he?

1. Leia as Luke's best friend and sister who likes to say fuck a lot.
2. Padme being alive, and reassuring Luke and constantly introducing him to 'nice' men, because she worries her baby is getting lonely.
3. Anakin being alive and scaring the living hell out of most of the men Padme introduces so it kind of evens out.
4. Or the parental figures are Owen and Beru, just being a bit awkward and cute.
5. Chewbacca in a Mr. Bingley sort of role, despairing over his friend's stubbornness.
6. Emperor Palpatine and some of the Imperial officers as pervy friends of Luke and Leia's parents.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  !han/luke 
march 2016
Rey/Ren femdom with kinky use of Force
telecinetical hands jerking him off, cock ring to block orgasm, bonds, fake pussy, her erotic images and so on

kudos if she tops him while in slave bikini)
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  789  @rey  @kylo  !kylo/rey 
march 2016
Luke/Han/Leia - bondage, teasing, edging, dom/sub-ish
Luke and Leia tie Han up in intricate ropework, gag and blindfold him, and then tease him until he's delirious. After making him squirm and whimper for hours, they finally let him have release. But rather than untie him, they leave him like that and cuddle for a while.

Han wouldn't want it any other way.

Bonus for improper use of the Force.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  @leia  !han/leia/luke 
february 2016
Rey, let it snow
Starkiller is Rey's first exposure to snow. Obviously, she's a little preoccupied at the time, so I'd love to see something set after the events of TFA, when she has time to enjoy how interesting and different snow is to Jakku's desert climate. Gen or pairings, I don't mind. :)
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  789  @rey  !gen 
february 2016
Rey/Rey... clone sex/masturbation
Rey decides that she hasn't seen enough of the universe. After passing out in a cantina somewhere, she wakes up at a cloning facility. Years have passed and she's been in cryosleep. The equipment automatically woke her, the cloners are gone. She's completely fine, and discovers a perfect copy of herself. She's transfixed - her clone is so peaceful, perfect, and supprisingly attractive. She unfreezes herself and they have mind-blowing sex.

Fingering, cunnilingus, and improvised sex toys from the lab, please. It'd be great if she has trouble convincing herself it's a good idea. It's a great idea. Wait, is that another clone over there?
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  789  @rey  !rey/rey 
february 2016
Obi-Wan/Anakin or Obi-Wan/Anakin/Padme, Groundhog Day Loop
So, I want Obi-Wan to pull a Homura. (I'm so cruel to my faves, I'm sorry!)

For those who haven't seen PMMM, basically after the end of ROTS, Obi-Wan gets offered a chance to go back (to whenever you prefer) and try to fix things. He takes it.

It does NOT GO WELL. At first, all he does is make things worse in each successive reset. No one believes him/He just pushes Anakin further away/ETC. Maybe he starts to break down, outbursts that confuse the fuck out of everyone.

But eventually something finally works, and he finds a way to save Anakin from Falling/Palpatine. Perhaps Padme and Obi-Wan working together is the key? Up to you!

(Yes Anakin = Madoka, Magical Space Jesus anyone? Does that make Palpatine Kyubei? Absolutely)
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  123  @obi-wan  @anakin  @padme  !anakin/obi-wan  !anakin/obi-wan/padme 
february 2016
[Anakin/Obi-Wan, Han/Luke, other or gen] Sex Toys
So many worlds with so many species and so much amazing technology - I'm sure they've developed the most mind-boggling sex toys.

My main ships are Anakin/Obi-Wan and Han/Luke, but feel free to go with other ships or gen.

- Anakin loves modifying droids, but Obi-Wan sputters more when he uses that creativity on sex toys.
- If Obi-Wan had ever gotten Anakin to read the xenobiology part of their mission primers, he wouldn't be explaining why what Anakin scavenged isn't droid parts.
- Jedi aren't supposed to have possessions, but Obi-Wan has some pleasures hidden in his room.
- Anakin did want Obi-Wan to stop flinching at the touch of his durasteel hand and well, what better way than to mod it in mutually pleasurable ways?
- Han was running hentai tentacle monsters. Illegal sex toys are easier cargo since they (usually) don't try to kill you.
- The Millennium Falcon's finicky nature may have rubbed off on Han's extensive collection of sex toys. Luckily, Luke's jedi knight self is patient.

Feel free to go with wherever your imagination takes you. I just want anything with exotic, futuristic sex toys from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

(The sex toys tag is woefully underused in the Star Wars section at AO3)
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  123  @obi-wan  @anakin  !anakin/obi-wan 
february 2016
Luke/Leia, "I've always known"
Post-Episode IV, Luke & Leia have sex with each other. It's here where Leia starts to suspect that Luke is her brother, but she doesn't care either way. Meanwhile, Luke can't help but feel that something's wrong, but he's not sure what.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @luke  @leia  !leia/luke 
february 2016
Han/Luke, ghosts are being cockblocks
Basically a short time after ROTJ, Han and Luke keep getting annoyed because the force ghosts keep popping in to give Luke advice on training in the middle of sexytimes.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  !han/luke 
february 2016
gen, crack, weird jedi family instincts, luke, leia and vader sense each other
The moment Luke steps foot on the Death Star, he can sense Someone's presence. He follows it like a beacon, until he comes face to face with the man he knows is his daddy.

Vader scoops him up and takes him to meet his sister.

No incest please, can be crazy or serious if you can make it so, I don't mind!

Bonus for Palpatine trying to intervene in this family reunion, and gets his ass handed to him, before Vader returns to doting on his babies.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @anakin  @luke  @leia  @palpatine  !gen 
february 2016
Obi-Wan/Luke - The Ol' Time-Travel fix-it trope
(this is going to be mostly cliché, the twist will be the pairing since i haven't seen any of those fics with obi-wan/luke before)

Things don't work out in ROTJ, the Emperor sense what Vader is going to do and kill him first. Then he continue to torture Luke. The Resistance fail. Luke is dying.

He's is offered a second chance by the Force Ghosts. He will be sent back in time to the beginning of Anakin's training and has to help Obi-Wan to keep his father on the right path.

In the Past, the Council and Obi-Wan are the only one Luke tell about the future.

While working alongside to train Anakin, Obi-Wan and Luke fall in love and have to hide their relationship (years before Anakin and Padme meet again).


- Luke doesn't particularly care about the Jedi Code, what he has learned was to follow the Force and that's how he deals with things despite what other Jedi might think of him. This kind of drive Obi-Wan up the wall not only because of the disregard to the rules but also because Luke is right more often than not
- Things Luke do that ignore the Jedi Code include finding a way to free Anakin's mother and sneaking Anakin to go see her - Obi-Wan is of the opinion that Luke is spoiling Ani and they often argue about it (they're basically an old-married couple from the very beginning, it's like Anakin has two dads)
- Luke helps Obi-Wan to deal with his grief and have to confront his own at the same time (of losing his aunt and uncle, his mentors, his sister, his best friends, his co-workers and his father)
- The time travel was permanent and Luke is stuck in the past whatever happens - even after his own past self is born (they're basically clones which makes things kind of weird but not any weirder than Jango Fett raising his clone as his son)
- Eventually Obi-Wan and Luke's relationship is discovered and there is several debates to figure out if they should expulse both of them but in the end Luke and Obi-Wan manage to convince the Council that the rule is obsolete and will only hurt them in the future - although they're still put under surveillance
- Obi-Wan is surprisingly the first to make a move on Luke
-filled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @luke  @obi-wan  !luke/obi-wan 
february 2016
GEN, cuddling & rocking, mention of torture, slight non-sexual infantilism.
Vader is not harmed when he kills Palpatine, and he escapes with his son. Luke is weak and traumatised after the torture, and Vader sits with Luke on his lap, and rocks him.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @anakin  @luke  !gen 
february 2016
Some guy/Luke, Han/Luke sexual harassment, overprotective Han
Some drunk guy sexually harasses Luke when they are in a bar with Han. Luke tries to shake him off and maybe even gives him a good punch in the face.

But the guy after this just gets more violent, persistent and disgusting so Han beats him up.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  !han/luke 
february 2016
Anakin force-choking the chicken
Anakin injures himself trying to jerk off using the Force.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @anakin  !gen 
february 2016
Five ways Kylo Ren didn't fall to the dark side
Just--I'd like to see lots of speculation, different ideas about how, what his motives were. Different ways he might imagine (and misunderstand) Darth Vader, and what he thinks Vader "started" that he now wants to finish.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  789  @kylo  !gen 
february 2016
Gen. Obi-Wan raise Luke and Leia
I just read a great fic where Obi-Wan raised Luke because the Lars were killed (I think the fic was 'An Island in a Sea of Sand' if that interest someone), so it inspired me to prompt this.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @obi-wan  @luke  !gen 
february 2016
Obi-Wan/Luke - Han jumps to conclusions
So you've got a weird old guy with a teenage boy that clearly doesn't belong to him, who won't say what's going on but definitely needs to get off the planet in a hurry. What's a worldly smuggler to think but that Obi-Wan's running away with his barely legal boytoy before Luke's family catches up to them?

And Obi-Wan's willing to play along with his assumption, since it's safer than the truth, but once Han's planted the idea in his head it's...harder than he expected to stop thinking about it.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  @obi-wan  !luke/obi-wan 
february 2016
Han/Luke possibly unrequited, Chewie & Luke, hurt/comfort, cuddling
Chewie thinks as Luke as like a cub, and kind of adopts him after ANH events. He likes to cuddle him and pick him, bring him food. Basically it's similar care to what he gives Han, but Luke allows all the coddling, because he kind of misses it.

Chewie knows Luke is in love with Han, and can sense his little heart breaking when Han first starts seriously going after Leia, and rubbing Luke's nose in it to boot. Chewie just gives him a big hug afterwards, and tells him he's not sure why things turned out this way, as he'd have been willing to bet Han was just as enamoured with Luke, given his actions up until now, but it just doesn't seem to be so.

Han notices Luke's withdrawn behaviour, and is a little jealous that whatever's upsetting the kid so much is something he'll only go to Chewie for comfort for.

I don't mind whether Han ends up with Leia and Luke just has to sort of deal and be happy for them, or if he does realise/embrace his feelings for Luke and go after him instead, or if we end up with a threesome. It can be that Han just always believed Luke loved Leia, and was jealous and wanted to keep them apart/be kind of at the same level etc, but deep down just wants Luke. Please don't crap on Leia or anything though, I love her. She can also maybe be concerned over Luke's sad behaviour, and wonders what the problem is, or totally figures it out from the beginning.

TLDR: Chewie and Luke bond after ANH, with Chewie taking on an almost parental role with him. Luke's broken hearted over Han flirting with Leia, and he goes to Chewie for comfort. Han doesn't understand why Luke won't come to him for whatever's hurting him.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  @chewbacca  !han/luke 
february 2016
Han finds out Luke was in a porn, Han/Luke
Basically a short time before ANH started the farm fell on hard times and someone talked Luke into being in a porn for the money.

Now post ANH Han somehow stumbles across this movie.

Details of what happened in the movie are up to you (one on one, gangbang, bondage, etc.), but I'd prefer bottom!Luke
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  !han/luke 
february 2016
AU, Darrth Vader is doting Daddy; completely ruins reputation.
So at some point after transitioning completely to Darth Vader, Annie gets his kids back and turns into to most doting dad ever, thereby ruining his repution as a badass Sith Lord forever.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  123  @anakin  !gen 
february 2016
Gen, Luke gets sick on Hoth, caring!Vader
Han manages to rescue Luke on Hoth, but Luke gets sick. Han takes him with him, Leia, Chewie and the droids on the Falcon, and of course they're all ambushed by Vader on Bespin.

So Vader has Luke, but Luke's ailing. Any attempts to harm or mistreat his friends causes Luke a lot of distress and his condition to spiral, and so Vader realises he's going to need to be gentle. Not his speciality, but he'll have to try if he doesn't want to lose Luke after just having found him.

Vader trying to fight off protective, sentimental fatherly instincts, but they just keep on coming.

Don't mind any pairings, but please no incest.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @anakin  @luke  !gen 
february 2016
Finn/Rey, Anakin ships it, crack
Force ghost Anakin took decades of soul-searching turmoil to resist the power of an evil regime. He's pretty impressed by the man who noped out of a similar call after about twenty minutes of screentime, and is very happy to see Finn on the path to getting together with his (granddaughter/protege) Rey, because hey, at then at least one person in this (family/group of protagonists) will be sure what their priorities are.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  789  @finn  @rey  @anakin  !finn/rey 
february 2016
Ahsoka & Leia
Ahsoka, knowing this is Anakin's daughter, training Leia in secret on Aleraan. Not a full time apprenticeship, since she's busy with the Rebellion and can't take Leia with, but every time she visits she checks up on Leia's progress and teaches her something new.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @ahsoka  @leia  !gen  !ahsoka/leia 
february 2016
Wedge/Luke/Lando, Post ROTJ
Wedge and Lando both want Luke. At first they have a rivalry going on but soon realize that it will be easier to team up to seduce him.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @luke  @lando  @wedge  !lando/luke/wedge 
february 2016
Obi-Wan/Padme, 'Wait For It', infidelity
'[Padme] writes me a letter everyday
I'm keeping the bed warm while her husband is away'

'And if there's a reason I'm by her side
When so many have tried
Then I'm willing to wait for it
I'm willing to wait for it.'

Obi-Wan and Padme have been carrying on an affair for years - an affair no one knows about. After he refuses to marry her, too committed to the Jedi Code, her angry response is to gratify Anakin by starting her relationship with him. However, marrying in the middle of a war is a dangerous pastime - while Anakin is away being a general and fighting Obi-Wan is visiting the unhappily married Senator.

BONUS: Obi-Wan is the father of the twins
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  123  @anakin  @obi-wan  @padme  !obi-wan/padme  !anakin/padme 
february 2016
Han/Luke, AU Luke's a prince, clumsy!Luke, damselID!Luke, flirtation
AU, Luke is raised as a prince with Leia. Luke is captured, and maybe Leia escapes and goes to Tatooine to find Obi-Wan and then meets Han that way.

Leia is all determined and strong, and although Luke is as well he's still kind of dorky and naive, and inevitably ends up as a damsel in distress several times throughout the adventure. Good thing that Han, despite his exasperation over this, just sort of automatically runs to Luke's aid.

So poor Luke is first kidnapped by the Empire, then tortured, then forced to watch Alderaan destroyed, then is still nearly drowned by that tentacle thing, and on and on it seems to go. Just want to see the slightly clumsy Luke from canon but as a bit of a bratty prince who dreams of becoming a pilot. And the thing is? He doesn't know anything about the Rebellion.

His adoptive parents keep Luke from getting involved with the rebellion, either because of some kind of sexist assumption that Luke, as the boy, would be more likely to turn against them than a girl, or more likely to be recognised by Vader, or because they both consciously decided they needed at least one child around on Alderaan to avoid suspicion and it just happened to be Luke, and Leia, as heir for whatever reason, had all the training required to be the one involved. Ironically, Luke's kidnapping saves him from dying when their home planet is destroyed.

So he's knows Leia's alive, maybe feeling slightly betrayed by the secrecy when she turns up, but he gets over it in time to destroy the Death Star. Suddenly he feels more capable and involved in the entire thing. Then, Leia produces Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber, and says she doesn't know why, but they need to be able to wield it, and to train as Jedis. Except the guy she thought would be training them has been killed.

And of course Han sticks around, flirting outrageously with the prince and very much not leaving like he insisted he had to.

TLDR: Luke's raised with Leia as a prince. He's a bit of damsel in distress and is the one kidapped by the Empire and questioned about the Death Star plans. Except he had no idea until then that his sister was involved with the Rebellion. He'd be more angry with her about the whole thing, but they need to escape, and it so happens she's brought with her a rather handsome rogue who seems to have made it his job to rescue Luke.

Bonus for:
1. Leia just managing to sneak around in a stormtrooper outfit, and Luke knows it's her the moment she busts him out of his cell, because she's like a foot tall and it's hilarious.
2. Luke in pretty white robes that he regrets getting dirty.
3. Luke being all brave when Vader and Tarkin interrogate him. Maybe Vader senses Luke really doesn't know anything about the Rebellion, and finds this in itself deeply suspicious, as Luke is so carefully kept out of most affairs, it seems. He makes plans to find out more about Luke, which is why he's kept alive.
4. Han carrying Luke because the robes keep slowing him down. And just because.
5. Crafty!Luke actually plays at being a bit of an airhead with Vader and Tarkin, which fools Tarkin but not Vader.
6. Luke sensed Leia was keeping a secret from him, but always trusted that it was for good reasons. Leia hated having to do so.
7. Twins mourning together, and vowing revenge for their family and planet in a scary, psychic twin sort of way.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @luke  @han  !han/luke 
february 2016
Anakin/Padme/Obi-Wan - Obi-Wan stumble upon them
Obi-Wan is looking for Anakin and stumble upon him and Padme kissing (or more). Anakin feels his shock through the bond and jump away from Padme but Obi-Wan has already disappeared.

Anakin fear the worst but can't find Obi-Wan who is heavily shielding himself. He goes back to Padme, resigned about his imminent expulsion from the Jedi.

Meanwhile Obi-Wan is more shocked about his reaction to seeing Anakin and Padme like that than by the fact that the two are together. He feels ashamed of himself and can't face Anakin when he had such impure thoughts ...

When Anakin finally tracks Obi-Wan down (wondering why he still hasn't been called by the Council) things come to a head.

Bonus :
- Obi-Wan is a complete virgin
- This somehow fix things and Anakin does't go dark
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  123  @anakin  @obi-wan  @padme  !anakin/obi-wan/padme 
february 2016
Luke/Lando, Overprotective Han, Fluff
The other Luke/Lando prompt gave me the idea.

Luke and Lando end up getting together and Han finds out. He ends up getting protective of Luke and ends up giving Lando some version of the "If you hurt him" speech (of course Lando is smitten with Luke and wouldn't).
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @luke  @lando  @han  !lando/luke 
february 2016
Chewbacca/Yoda, Crackfic, I'm Sorry
I don't know why. I just thought "what's the most crackfic thing I can think of?"

And the answer is Luke and Han finding out that Yoda and Chewbacca are lovers.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @yoda  @chewbacca  !chewbacca/yoda 
february 2016
Lando/Luke, comfort
At the end of The Empire Strikes Back, they're both in pretty bad shape. They find comfort in each other.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @luke  @lando  !lando/luke 
february 2016
Reylo - Kylo Ren tries really, really hard to pretend like he doesn't care about his prisoner
So most of you have probably heard the whole "Force Bonded Kylo Ren and Rey" theory by now - if not, it's all over the tag on Tumblr, it's not hard to find. This kinda follows along that: the two are force bonded, blah blah blah, feeling each other's emotions and whatnot.

Anyways. Rey is a prisoner of the First Order. Whether it's as an extension of her capture during TFA or during an entirely different situation, I don't care.

The problem for Kylo is that she is determined to make herself as uncomfortable as possible, which would be fine, if he wasn't feeling just as uncomfortable as she is no matter how far across the galaxy he is. So, he starts trying to make her more comfortable - purely for his own benefit, of course.

Basically, I just need a bunch of dumb scenes where Rey is refusing to eat to be contrary so he goes down there with a tray of food like, "Eat something. Your hunger is annoying." Or she's sleeping weirdly and so wakes up with all these aches and pains and so he shows up with a pillow and a blanket one night like "The crick in your neck is starting to vex me. Sleep better."

Basically, this ship is kind of fucked up and I want something kind of funny to go with all the fucked-up-ed-ness. I'm also down for it taking a turn for fluffy, angsty, sexy, or whatever else A!A would like.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  789  @rey  @kylo  !kylo/rey 
february 2016
Vader & Aphra join the Rebel Alliance
Vader turns early, somewhere between ANH and ESB (possibly because Palpatine finds out about Luke, no wait I don't care why) and of course Aphra's un-aligned anyway so she follows him.

After everything he's done the rebels barely tolerate him but that's okay, he doesn't have to sit alone in the cafeteria because his number one fangirl and bff is with him to the end.

The more Mean Girls you can make this the better. What is wrong with me.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @aphra  @anakin  !gen 
february 2016
Hux and Kylo Ren or Hux/Kylo Ren, giggle fits and crackfic
I'm hoping to see some crack with Hux and Kylo dealing with nervous laughter at an inappropriate time, eventually devolving into one of those contagious, unstoppable, full out hysterical giggle fits. Maybe during a meeting with Snoke, who gives up on trying to control the two of them and just waits it out in exasperation? Or maybe during an important meeting, where the department heads are unsure whether they should join in the laughter themselves.

idk, I just remember my sister and I always getting the giggles for no apparent reason whenever my dad was upset with us, even though we were only making our situation worse.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  789  @hux  @kylo  !gen  !hux/kylo 
february 2016
Kylo Ren/Rey/Hux threeway
Rey is captured by Kylo Ren and held in an interrogation room. Kylo Ren has come in to interrogate her. General Hux enters the room to deliver information to Kylo Ren and view the prisoner that Snoke was interested in. Suddenly Starkiller Base is attacked and the doors are temporarily sealed, all three of them are sealed into the room together. Rey convinces Kylo Ren to release her, and he agrees just until things get back to normal. The three are forced to spend the night in the room together. Things start to get more intimate as each talks about more personal details of their lives and why they are doing what they are doing. The heat has been knocked out and all three must share some blankets and padding found in a storage compartment. They huddle close together, Kylo Ren in the middle, Hux and Rey on each side. Things start to feel kind of sexy. Kylo Ren secretly uses his Force Persuasion to help matters along. Hux starts things going by kissing Kylo Ren while reaching over him to caress Rey. Rey and Kylo were already holding hands under the blankets. Uniforms get tossed to the side and.......
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  789  @hux  @rey  @kylo  !hux/kylo/rey 
february 2016
Rebel Alliance gets control of Vader, slavery issues
Say Anakin/Vader still has that slave tracker in him. The Jedi didn't really think about it and Palpatine didn't care because he had other ways of controlling his "apprentice" so it's just been sitting there forgotter all these years (except by Vader himself, but even he didnt think it would ever come up again.)

Until the Rebel Alliance stumbles onto secret lost records about who Vader is and where he comes from, and find the ACTIVATION CODE. It's... it's better than the worst of all blackmail. He rages but there's no way out, he HAS to submit, and now they have Vader on their side! Too bad about the awkward slavery part making them all super uncomfortable.

Debates among the leadership about the ethics of it, if it would be more in line with the kind of justice they believe in to just detonate it, and about how much they should pity him. Vader finding, after some initial rage, that he doesn't care as much as he expected--since he always has a master one way or another and everything is futile anyway. Leia--at any age and with any level of knowledge about her relationship to him--giving him ORDERS. Or something else! As long as they DON'T just detonate it (and he doesn't decide he'd rather just die) and everyone has to deal with this new, super awkward and problematic relationship.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @leia  @anakin  !gen 
february 2016
Han/Luke OR Obi-Wan/Anakin OR Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan - RIMMING
Whichever pairing of these you prefer, second one listed as the bottom. No preference between established relationship or first time, or any other details really, as long as it's consensual!

(Basically I just want a Jedi twink losing it while he gets eaten out)
-filled  *round:01  +prompt  123  456  @qui-gon  @obi-wan  @anakin  !obi-wan/qui-gon  !han/luke  !anakin/obi-wan 
february 2016
Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon lives AU
Darth Maul only wounds Qui-Gon, instead of killing him. Obi-Wan takes the trials and graduates to Knight, and Anakin becomes Qui-Gon's Padawan.

After the shock of almost losing Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan's romantic feelings for him are stronger than ever. And now he's no longer Qui-Gon's Padawan, Obi-Wan's ready to do something about it.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  123  @qui-gon  @obi-wan  !obi-wan/qui-gon 
february 2016
Kanan/any, sex pollen
Kanan gets hit with sex pollen. He is, of course, totally fine. He's a Jedi. He has control of himself. No, he's not sweating, that's just the lighting. He is. In. Control.

Any, be it one or multiple characters, finds Kanan's denial adorable. And also hot as hell, because Kanan stubbornly pretending everything is cool while he's flushed and dishevelled and really clearly turned-on is damn sexy.

My only stipulation is if Ezra is part of the 'any', that he be aged up/the fic be set in the future, so there's no underage.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  rebels/clonewars  @kanan  !any/kanan 
february 2016
Han/Luke, slight Leia/Luke & Leia/Han, jealousy/bickering over Luke instead
Rather than Luke and Han having the slight little tentative spats over Leia, it's Leia and Han bickering over Luke.

Doesn't have to be a serious crush on Leia's part if wanted (maybe she's just protective of him), but I'd love to see their version of the "You think a princess and a guy like me" exchange. But them being them, they're a bit more vocal about why they think the other is unsuitable. Leia's like: "You're selfish, arrogant; I bet you'd break his heart over a pile of money.", and Han's like: "Me? What about the way you throw him into situations where he can get himself killed? Doesn't sound like true love to me, Princess."

And the two proceed to be all territorial and stuff around Luke, trying to win him over/get his approval and such. Would love for Han to be all flirtatious and lovestruck, but in his own smarmy, dorky, "I'm an older, bigger male, I will prove myself, please, pleasure and protect you!!! rawr!!!", kind of way. Whereas Leia, whether interested in Luke romantically or not, is a bit more grounded and just worries and fusses over him in the way she does.

And Luke, unlike Leia in canon doesn't have initial reservations about being with Han, but is worried about the potential wedge between Leia and Han if Leia feels he's 'chosen' Han over her, but of course Leia and Han are deep down complete bros who can't admit they respect the hell out of each other.

TLDR, Leia and Han scrap over Luke as opposed to the initial canon arrangement.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  @leia  !han/luke  !leia/luke  !han/leia 
february 2016
Han dealing with repressed Skywalkers
So Luke and Leia are both kind of sexually repressed and self-conscious and shy about what they want and Han has had enough of being the only person in this OT3 capable of dirty talk. He refuses to keep sleeping with Luke and Leia until they have very vocal demonstrative sex and he gets to both watch and goad them on.

Han watching them strip each other and making them talk about what they like about each other’s bodies and adding his own commentary, they’re not allowed to do anything without saying it out loud first no matter how much they blush ('I want to touch...' 'Please touch me here' - while Han asks 'what does it feel like') . Bonus points if Han has created a monster and they then turn all that newfound talk against him. Talking about him like a piece of meat, about what they want to do to him, how good he feels...
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  @leia  !han/leia/luke 
february 2016
Luke/Biggs, Luke/Han, Domestic Abuse
So a plot bunny attacked:

What if while living on Tatooine Luke was in a relationship with Biggs Darklighter where Biggs was abusive.

The relationship only ended when Biggs left the planet.

Han notices Luke seems alarmed/upset when they run into Biggs at the rebel base, but Luke doesn't tell him what's wrong (maybe only says they had a falling out).

Biggs ends up going after Luke again.

Han starts to notice something's wrong and eventually finds out through either Luke telling him because Han sees the bruises or walking in on Biggs hurting Luke.

Han then proceeds to kick some Darklighter ass and comfort Luke.

Depending on how much you want to write eventual Han/Luke.

Note: How explicit you make the abuse/some details about what the abuse entails (such as non con) is up to you. I'm not triggered by anything so don't worry about that.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @biggs  @luke  !biggs/luke  !han/luke 
february 2016
Luke/other(s), Luke/Wedge - non-con, hurt/comfort
OT era, Luke is raped (captured on a mission? hookup gone wrong? other scenario?) and is too ashamed to tell anyone, but very much not alright afterwards. Wedge figures out something happened and there's a lot of comfort with optional healing cock.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @wedge  @luke  !luke/wedge  !any/luke 
february 2016
Luke and Leia swap bodies
This kinkmeme is lacking in body swapping and that needs to change.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @leia  @luke  !gen 
february 2016
Luke/Han, Han wins Luke in a game of Sabaac
So Han somehow wins slave Luke in game a game of Sabaac - only he wasn't expecting to win a slave, especially given his own feelings towards slavery. Luke, meanwhile, is terrified as he can tell Han is attracted to him and just sort of resigns himself to being raped. Han shocks him by freeing him and offering him a job on his ship. Luke accepts cause he's got nowhere else to go but is confused by Han's basic decency.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  !han/luke 
february 2016
Luke/Anakin, non-related modern day AU
Total crack. I'm about 3000% sure that no one else wants this but I thought of it and now I can't get it out of my head. So I came up with this scenario that I think is way funnier than it probably actually is, where Luke and Anakin are both at the same bar getting wasted and looking for someone to screw because they just broke up with their boyfriends. They end up meeting each other and hitting it off, so they go to one of their houses and are about to have sex...and it turns out that they are both the bottomiest bottoms in the world. Commence arguing. ("How could you not tell that I'm a bottom? Was the whole 'innocent farm boy' vibe not obvious enough for you?")

Maybe they do have sex, maybe they don't. Maybe they flip a coin to see who has to top. ("We are not determining whose dick goes in whose ass by flipping a coin!" "Well I don't see you suggesting any better ideas!") But what I really want is for them to bond and realize they have kind of a lot of stuff in common (grew up in the same shitty town, dead parents, etc.). And to share stories about their exes ("He got super religious and gave me all this bullshit about how he can't have attachments because they'll lead him down the 'dark side.' Whatever the fuck that is." "Oh yeah, well my boyfriend left me for my twin sister.") And then they become bffs.

Honestly I might end up writing this myself because now I want it really bad.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @luke  @anakin  !anakin/luke 
february 2016
AU, Dark!Luke, Vader + Luke, Luke/Leia (accidental incest)
AU where Darth Vader raises Luke, training him in the ways of the Dark Side, but refusing to let Palpatine train him at all. Frustrated by what he sees as overprotection and restriction, Luke wants to prove himself desperately.

When Princess Leia of Alderaan is captured, Luke is tasked with guarding her. She nearly escapes twice, insults him constantly, and forces him to question the nature of the Empire. He becomes infatuated, and she is reluctantly attracted to him too. Eventually, after her planet is destroyed, he helps her escape.

After a while, Palpatine finally begins training Luke. But now Luke has doubts about the Empire, and more importantly, has come to realise how broken his father has become. He eventually defects to the Rebels, not just because of his own morals and to reunite with Leia, but to help his father find a way back to the Light.

Relationships beyond that are up to the filler.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @luke  @anakin  @leia  !leia/luke 
february 2016
Obi-Wan/Luke, Drunken Dryhump, possible blowjob and Han/Luke
Basically like the title says, set during ANH, Luke and Obi end up getting drunk and dryhumping, with Luke taking a submissive role.

Optional depending on what you feel like writing: Luke winds up giving him a blowjob.

Bonus points (since I don't think this would qualify as a kink?):
Obi ending up acting like an asshole in some way and Han ending up defending Luke (Protective Han is the best).
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @obi-wan  @luke  !luke/obi-wan 
february 2016
Finn/Poe Princess Bride AU
You cannot tell me no one else has compared Poe's "Buddy" to Wesley's "As you wish." Though, honestly, I have no preference for who's Wesley and who's Buttercup. And the more The Force Awaken characters worked in, the better.

Kylo Ren yelling "Inconceivable!" at some point.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  789  @kylo  @finn  @poe  !finn/poe 
february 2016
AU, Luke and Leia find ou they share a birthday (thhen find out why)
Luke and Leia find they share a birthday. Someone (coughHancough) jokes that maybe they're secretly twins who were separated at birth amd pretty soon everyone's joking about it. To shut them up, Luke and Leia get a DNA to prove they're not related.

Turns out Han was right for once.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @leia  @han  @luke  !gen 
february 2016
The inevitabke Skippy's List propmt
So had anyone here heard of Skippy's List? It's a list of things an actual Member of the U.S Army either did or was informed he could not do (because his officers knew him.) It can be found here:

I figure with armies in the Star Wars galaxy, there's room for plenty of of military shenanigans.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  123  456  789  @any  !gen 
february 2016
Gen, Vader & Luke, Vader raises him, intense father-son feels, angst, slight imprisonment??
Further warnings: technically stockholm syndrome concerning Luke, as well as unintentional abuse of him mentally as a result of overprotectiveness and paranoia.

Vader raises Luke, keeping him well away from Palpatine and any Imperial entanglements. He's too paranoid to leave him on a planet with a nanny, so keeps him by his side, always. Even most of Luke's nannies are robots, and he's kept confined to Vader's private quarters.

Luke is very naive as a result. He has no idea that daddy is a murderer. Or that there's anything much in the universe except the Empire. Or even that there's a light side and bad side to the force.

And Vader can't ever bring himself to tell Luke the truth. He cannot bear the idea of losing that unconditional love Luke feels for him, the special bond that is completely their own. But he also knows that Luke is becoming lonelier as he's growing up. There were never any other children to play with. And Palpatine is starting to insist he see Luke.

Vader knows he must make a move. So one day, maybe he confesses to Luke, and/or (maybe when a certain Falcon lands on the Death Star), Vader senses a Rebellion presence... and lets them take Luke away from him. It's the hardest thing he's ever had to do.

Summary: Vader raises Luke, keeping him close. Luke is very sheltered and doesn't really know what his father is capable of, but he loves him dearly. When the time comes, Vader realises that if he doesn't want to see Luke die, he must let him go. So he lets the Rebels kidnap his son.


1. Luke insisting his father is a good man, that it's all a misunderstanding and that he can save him. Everyone just thinks he's been manipulated, which of course he has.
2. Vader cuddling his precious son even though he keeps telling himself he's going to stop.
3. Vader mourning the little girl that he knows was in the womb with Luke.

Please no incest or anything. Don't mind other pairings though.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @luke  @anakin  !gen 
february 2016
Hux/Kylo Ren, training Hux to resist Force-based interrogation
Similar to Snape teaching Harry Potter Occlumency, I want to see Kylo training Hux to resist that mind reading trick he does with the Force, just in case he gets captured by the Resistance. In doing so, Hux's humiliating secrets are brought to light, and once Hux learns to resist a bit he manages to see some of Kylo's thoughts the way Rey did. (I'm not sure if it's even possible for someone who's not a Force user to resist the Force, or if mind reading is only a dark side thing, but whatever. I'm sure you can make it work. Maybe Hux is slightly Force-sensitive without realizing it?)

The obvious outcome in my mind is the two of them realizing they both feel the same way toward each other and getting it on, but it can be gen too. I just like to see the two of them feeling all vulnerable and exposed.

Hux's secrets can either be fluffy (he's secretly a cuddler, he misses his Mom sometimes) or more indecent (he fantasizes about Kylo fucking him in front of the bridge crew, etc.), and the same goes for Kylo's secrets.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  789  @hux  @kylo  !hux/kylo 
february 2016
Palpatine/Luke, sexual harrassment, torture, angrydad!Vader
Sorry not sorry.

AU- The scene in ROTJ is a bit different. Palpatine asks Vader to leave after he escorted Luke there.

Palpatine tortures Luke first with the lightning then he sexually harrasses him.

This is when Vader storms in, and this is why he kills the Emperor.
Vader doesn't die, he comforts his son, and feels that this is all his fault- So he still turns to the light in the end.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @palpatine  @anakin  @luke  !luke/palpatine 
february 2016
Han/Luke, multiple orgasms
Maybe one or both of them is a virgin or just a bit inexperienced, but I want these two sort of messing about and being absolutely stunned and delighted they can achieve multiple orgasms together, being used to just coming once and that sort of being it for a little while.

Prostate play, anal sex, oral, rimming, anything you want as long as it's not too hardcore.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  !han/luke 
february 2016
Han/Luke, au scene, flirting, public dirty-talk, awkwardness
So, in the cantina scene, Ben has just turned away to talk to Chewie, and rather than that random guy attacking Luke for no reason, Luke finds a drink pushed into his hand. It's from this tall, smarmy guy who starts hitting on him like nobody's business, and Luke is interested but totally overwhelmed and aroused, and it all starts to get very x-rated when suddenly Chewie informs Han, "OH GOOD YOU'VE MET OUR OTHER POTENTIAL PASSENGER (i.e. stop dirty-talking to the kid I think I've been speaking with his father who was right behind you two)".

Needless to say, Han does stop right there and then... but maybe makes good on the promises he was whispering into Luke's ear during the journey to the Alderaan system.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  @chewbacca  !han/luke 
february 2016
AU Vader turns earlier, slave mentality, possible Palpatine/Vader non-con
AU where Vader turns and joins the Rebellion some time before ROTJ, and he's made the fundamental heel-face turn but is still nowhere near any kind of emotionally healthy. He's spent 20+ years with a master who plays head games and fucks with him for the lulz, who uses medical procedures as a flimsy excuse for torture porn, who's made it clear again and again that he is a thing to be used and not a person. Living with this has become normal, he's used to having NO safe space or personal rights, and he carries all this baggage to his new relationship with the Alliance leadership. It's not that he's hostile or defensive--it's that he's terrifyingly resigned (and *submissive*) to being used and abused.

The Alliance is like, wtf, we did not sign up to to give the evil murderbot therapy when we let him defect. But they are really invested in being BETTER than the Empire, so they can't just let that go on.

Bonus if Vader gets real medical treatment to repair/replace his lungs and reconstruct his face... and it actually makes him more anxious and insecure, because he knows the life support suit was all that kept Palpatine from molesting him for all those years.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @anakin  @palpatine  !anakin/palpatine 
february 2016
Luke/Biggs - Post Death Star
After the Battle of Yavin, whoever's in charge of the Rebel barracks tells Luke he can go through Biggs' things - someone has to do it, and everyone knows he and Luke were best friends, since Biggs hasn't shut up about the kid since he left Tatooine. Maybe he finds some keepsakes from home, or some holos of them he didn't even know Biggs had, or he takes some of Biggs' clothes, even though they're too big, because they remind him of him?

Biggs/Luke, or one-sided Biggs->Luke or Luke->Biggs are all good, I just want something sad.
-filled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @biggs  @luke  !biggs/luke 
february 2016
Snoke/Kylo Ren - Snoke's a dirty old man, voyeurism
Snoke's a dirty old man, and convinces his apprentice that stirring passions will make him strong with the Dark Side, and convinces him to do kinkier and kinkier things. He never touches Kylo himself, but knows everything that's going on through the Force and perves on it. Kylo doesn't ask enough questions.

I'd love it if it involved things like Kylo wearing a butt plug under his clothes, impact play, tentacles and lots of things going up Kylo's ass.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  789  @kylo  @snoke  !kylo/snoke 
february 2016
Asexual!Luke, wingman!Han, Luke makes lots of friends
Han is determined to try and set Luke up. The kid deserves to get laid! He tries everything, every gender, every species, relationship-material and one-night stands, and Luke never goes for any of it. None of the rejected dates really mind though, because Luke always becomes friends with them instead, and he's a really awesome friend.

Han becomes increasingly frustrated with how busy Luke's schedule is getting. "I can't meet your friend that night, Han, I'm babysitting Leela's daughter." "Who the hell is Leela?" "Don't you remember? She was the dancer at that club you took me to last week, the one you said I should talk to. You were right, she's really nice! She's trying to put herself through school, but she can't afford childcare so I offered to help out."
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  !gen 
february 2016
Han/Luke, seducing each other
Post ANH and Han and Luke haven't confessed their feelings, but are both trying to seduce each other. Han is more experienced and has all the appeal of an older man, but is a little bit fail-y because Luke isn't sure whether he's just trying to show off his manliness to impress Leia or something.

Then Luke, who is innocent and virginal, seduces Han by sort of turning this up a notch, whilst also doing a bit of cheeky bending over in a nonchalant way, or just happening to have his shirt off when Han walks into a room.... and it works.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  !han/luke 
february 2016
FTM Trans!Obiwan, Anakin finds out.
So I just finished reading a padawan obiwan fic where obiwan is a trans youth (female bodied but identifies as a boy) and transitions physically at the academy (Flat chested, on hormones, no bottom surgery, maybe packs. ensue drama), but is otherwise the cheeky Obi we all know and love.

Following that line of thought, I'd like a fic where Anakin finds out about his master being trans.

Possible scenario ideas:
Maybe Anakin sees him in the shower
Maybe Anakin puts two and two together and asks him (scars on chest+short/small ect)
****Maybe Anakin is trying to seduce him and Obiwan wants him to know before they start a physical relationship. (Favorite option, but feel free to make up your own situations!)

Anakin's reaction doesn't need to be good, doesn't need to be bad, I'm just looking for ANY reaction from Anakin, however you want to write it.

Not specifically looking for sex, but if you want, I don't mind. However! I don't want Obiwan to botton, lets have a TransGuy!top :D
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  123  @obi-wan  @anakin  !anakin/obi-wan 
february 2016
The Legend of Luke Skywalker
In TFA, Rey says she though Luke Skywalker is a legend - just what do those legends say about Luke? More importantly, what do some of the more exagerated tales sound like to the people who knew the actual dorky farmboy from Tatooine?
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  789  @rey  @luke  !gen 
february 2016
Han/Luke, jealousy, some potential sexual harassment, fluff
Luke is sad because he's in love with Han but doesn't think he will ever love him back.

They go to a bar, where Luke gets loads of attention as everyone wants the twink, which drives Han crazy as he tries to keep these guys away from him.

Luke's not hugely interested in being groped, but he doesn't mind the few who just want to chat and dance. Still, he's rather taken aback when someone casually refers to Han as his lover. More and more people seem to think this is the case, and he notices that most of the people seem to be backing off a bit now. He overhears Han telling or heavily implying to someone that Luke is his boyfriend, and he questions Han. Initially, Han says he's just trying to protect him, and Luke leaves, annoyed and depressed.

Han then chases after him and admits he's jealous, and wishes Luke WAS his boyfriend.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  !han/luke 
february 2016
Post-RotJ, Luke's reputation scares off Leia's boyfriends
Playing the dating game isn't easy when you're trying to rebuild a galactic alliance - so imagine Leia's dismay when every she seems to find a nice guy, they quickly find an excuse. Apparently having abrother who destroyed the Death Star, is the last of the Jedi and carries a lightsaber around is a major turnoff for most guys - no matter how much of a dork the afformentioned Death Star destroying Jedi brother actually is.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @leia  @luke  !gen 
february 2016
Kylo Ren: crack AU
This scene - - from This is Where I Leave You gave me a terrible idea. What if the voice in Kylo's head wasn't Snoke/Darth Vader? - What if it was Tina Fey.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  789  @kylo  @anakin  !gen 
february 2016
Han/Luke, a/b/o verse, omega!Luke, alpha!Han, protective dad!Vader, potential mpreg
Inspired by the crack prompt where Luke's a perfect angel.

Vader raises/captures and trains Luke and Leia. Vader is an Alpha, and so is Leia, and thus they're a more prone to outright aggression, which Vader teaches Leia how to harness and sort of multiply so they're both super scary.

But Luke is Omega, and his aggression is usually down. It's not non-existent, but it's nothing to match his sister's and father's... his anger is just a normal reaction to understandable things.

So Vader and Leia are super growly and scary to any and all who approach Luke, and Vader knows it's getting ridiculous. The Empire, who suck, are all "Alphas are great and Beta's don't exist and Omegas should really know their place", and so the only way to really get them to a) take Luke seriously and b) stop trying to have him, would be to get Luke an Alpha. But Vader would rather die than see his son married off to one of the disgusting Imperial officers who are not terribly quiet about what they want to do to his son.

So Vader lets Luke choose for himself, and if it has to be that scruffy-looking wastrel Han Solo, then so be it.

TLDR: Vader knows he'll need to get his Omega son an Alpha if he wants to keep him safe and protect his position. He lets Luke choose Han Solo, no matter how much it baffles him.

1. Han is either prisoner, if Vader has captured his children then that's how they know each other, or...
2. Han is an officer, but a very low-ranking one who's constantly irritating his superiors. Needless to say, his colleagues are envious and baffled that Vader's son chose him... or
3. Han is just around, and maybe he owes Luke for his life and is willing to claim him to keep him safe, although he obviously wants to.

I don't mind how the actual situation plans out. Maybe they all destroy the Emperor. Maybe Han and Luke and maybe Leia run away together. Maybe Luke gets pregnant and the family just keeps on growing...
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  @anakin  !han/luke 
february 2016
kylo/rey, sex pollen
they're trapped somewhere together somehow, and kylo ren is dosed with an aphrodisiac or experimental stimulant of some kind. rey, having not been dosed, has no idea what's wrong with him. kylo tries to resist for her sake but eventually can't, but rey helps him through it.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  789  @kylo  @rey  !kylo/rey 
february 2016
She's attracted to danger and power and, especially, mystery. It's not exactly a sexual attraction per-say, but it's intense enough that it doesn't need to be. For his part, Vader will never really want anyone but Padmé, but he's been so isolated for so LONG that any kind of contact with another person that's based in more than violence and fear is. Interesting.

He never takes off any clothing and maybe neither does she, and they barely touch at all, it's mostly all force powers--which is really just that much hotter to Aphra anyway
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @anakin  @aphra  !anakin/aphra 
february 2016
Vader + Leia
Pre-ANH, Princess Leia complied with the Empire's regime while secretly being a key figure of the Rebellion. I would like to see her and Vader crossing paths over the years as she grows up and takes a more active role in politics. She is not afraid to challenge the Empire's leaders and policies (or Vader himself) but knows where to draw the line. She can also achieve compromises against an absolutist dictatorship, which is no mean feat.

Vader seems to have a huge, Leia-shaped blind spot in the Force for whatever reason, but I'd love to see him grudgingly begin to respect this girl, even as her insolence infuriates him. When she is finally arrested, he feels both gratified and strangely disappointed. When he finds out she is his daughter, it feels ... right, somehow.

If you'd like to include Force ghost!Anakin's perspective on Leia, or even make it an AU where Vader survives and has to face everything he has done to her, that would be great too :D But I'd be happy with anything that looks at their pre-canon 'relationship'
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  123  @Leia  @Anakin  !gen 
february 2016
Han/Luke, Luke's an inexperienced omega
ABO verse.

Uncle Owen was actually very protective of Luke because Luke was one of only a few omegas in their area and not many people were that nice to Luke. Now, Luke is around Han, who is alpha, as is possibly Leia. He's not used to being around alphas this long, particularly when they're lusting (aka Han) and his body isn't sure of what it wants.

Han senses his distress and backs off a bit, but can't resist a few cuddles here and there. Eventually Luke confesses his feelings and Han helps him work through them. Later claiming and such.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  @leia  @owen  !han/luke 
february 2016
Force ghost possession, Anakin + Other
The thought never crossed my mind until now and now, I really, really, really want a fic where Anakin possesses someone. X is in a pinch situation and Anakin appears and possesses their body. Can be smut if you really want it to be.

+Anakin doesn't act necessarily nice, the last time he had a corporal body was
+Person being possessed is Rey or Luke.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  123  456  @anakin  @rey  @luke  !anakin/any  !gen 
february 2016
Kylo/Hux, romantic(?) kidnapping
AU where Kylo joined Han when asked, or where Kylo pulls a Zuko and joins the Resistance, or any number of things the POINT being that Kylo and Hux are on opposite sides. Then Kylo starts kidnapping Hux at random intervals, when Hux isn't being well protected. It's just Kylo, and he always lets Hux go, and it maybe started out scary but just gets annoying eventually and Hux can't figure out why Kylo would continue to capture him and then not even torture him for information (Does Kylo think Hux DOESN'T HAVE IMPORTANT INFORMATION he has the MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION and this is the wrong thing to be indignant about but he's just under a lot of stress and confusion right now...)

Kylo just doesn't know how to ask Hux out.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  789  @kylo  @hux  !hux/kylo 
february 2016
Luke/Wedge, post-ESB
Since losing his and and finding out his father is a monster and failing to save his best friend AND discovering the girl he is crushing on is in love with said friend, Luke is bound to feel a little down, no?

Luckily Wedge makes it all better.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @luke  @wedge  !luke/wedge 
february 2016
Han/Luke, alpha-omega, fighting for the omega
Omega: Luke

Beta: Leia

Alpha: Han, Lando, Boba Fett (or anyone else but pls no Vader)

The alphas fight for Luke, because he is in heat. Leia tries to protect her brother.

Han gets to be the winner.
Then comes some hot sex.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @luke  @leia  @han  @lando  @boba  !han/luke 
february 2016
Han/Luke, it gets cold in space, cuddling, fluff
It gets pretty cold in space, and sometimes the Falcon's heating breaks. Just after ANH, Luke spends most of his time with Han when they're travelling to and from Rebel bases and such.

One night Luke is just SO COLD and Han puts his arm around him, and then they end up falling into bed together, not to have sex then, but just to cuddle to keep warm. It keeps happening, until one night they kiss and all the rest of it.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  !han/luke 
february 2016
Han/Luke dirty talk
Both of them enjoy some dirty talk...

Luke teasing a bit Han before sexy times.
Then during it Han saying things like:

"You are mine."
"I'll fuck you so hard, kid."
"You like that, huh?"
"I'll fill you up real good."

Or anything similar
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  456  @han  @luke  !han/luke 
february 2016
Ahsoka/Rex, reunion sex
Reunion sex after Ahsoka and Rex are reunited at the end of Relics of the Old Republic. Up to you whether it's their first time or if they'd been together before Ahsoka left the Order.
-unfilled  *round:01  +prompt  rebels/clonewars  @ahsoka  @rex  !ahsoka/rex 
february 2016
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