Unit testing, you’re doing it wrong – Dupdob (Over the Hill Coder) – Medium
TLDR; Existence of untested code in the wild should worry you: most of our lives is software controlled in a way or another. Good news is that you can do something about it. Bad news you may be doing…
TDD  testing 
19 hours ago
nodejs | detect computer, tablet and mobile nodejs | Net-Raft.com
See this solution - NODEJS solution: detect computer, tablet and mobile nodejs (nodejs,detect,computer,tablet,mobile) and see also next related nodejs solutions.
2 days ago
Microservice Architecture at Medium – Medium Engineering
The goal of microservice¹ architecture is to help engineering teams ship products faster, safer, and with higher quality. Decoupled services allow teams to iterate quickly and with minimal impact to…
2 days ago
Making Redux Modular – Alex Bettadapur – Medium
GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
reactjs  redux 
2 days ago
Building a real-time object detection iOS app that detects sushi
In this article, I’ll show you how to build your own real-time object recognition iOS app. Thanks to other people’s articles, you can easily train your own object recognition model using TensorFlow’s…
ios  tensorflow  ideas 
2 days ago
Train your own ML model using Scikit and use in iOS app with CoreML (and probably with Augmented…
In this article, we will train a machine learning model from scratch, convert it to CoreML model, and finally use the generated CoreML model to write a simple iOS application. The focus of the…
5 days ago
How I’ve Attracted The First 500 Paid Users For My SaaS That Costs $5/mo
Hello, it’s Takuya here. This is a story about my experience on my solo product called Inkdrop — a Markdown note-taking app with built-in cloud sync. It is a SaaS that earns $3,200 per month from 600…
ideas  apps  freelancing  sideprojects 
7 days ago
How to Extract and Analyze Data from Wikipedia - Mixnode
Use simple queries to get data from the web; on any scale, in any shape, with any complexity.
webscraping  data  datascience  etl 
7 days ago
GitHub - f/graphql.js: A Simple and Isomorphic GraphQL Client for JavaScript
A Simple and Isomorphic GraphQL Client for JavaScript - f/graphql.js
graphql  javascript 
9 days ago
GitHub - open-source-for-science/TensorFlow-Course: Simple and ready-to-use tutorials for TensorFlow
Simple and ready-to-use tutorials for TensorFlow . Contribute to open-source-for-science/TensorFlow-Course development by creating an account on GitHub.
TensorFlow  AI  programming 
9 days ago
Objections Are Goals – Kent Beck – Medium
After I published test && commit || revert, I got a variety of responses on Twitter and on Hacker News. The Twitter comments were mostly of the form, “I’ll try it and post how it goes.” Many of the…
Success  goals  programming 
13 days ago
A Year in Clojure
A lot has changed since my last post nearly a year ago. I want to write about my experience coming from a ML-family language to a Lisp. It’s not very informa...
16 days ago
TreeQL vs. GraphQL
TreeQL, a pragmatic GraphQL
Graphql  SOA  restful 
17 days ago
Transfer your registration and title from out of state | Mass.gov
If you are moving to Massachusetts, you will need to transfer your vehicle’s registration and title to Massachusetts to drive legally.
RMV  car 
19 days ago
Code and Poetry, a Conversation – Art of Code – Medium
In which I explore their similarities (while you remain skeptical)
20 days ago
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