Why We Banished the Hamburger Menu From Our iPhone App | Redbooth Blog
"When we started working on a new chat feature for Redbooth’s iPhone app, our Product & Design team had some ulterior motives. Yes, we were excited about giving our customers a way to connect instantly with their co-workers, even away from their desks and on the go. But we also saw an opportunity to rid the app of one of our biggest pet peeves: the dreaded hamburger menu."
hamburger  design  ios  mobile  ux  ui  menu 
4 days ago
The Quest For Virality Is Making Everything Shitty
"It’s not that wanting to be noticed is a bad thing. I like it when people make movies people want to watch and write things people want to read. That’s fine by me and always will be. But I don’t want everything I fucking see to be a stream of deliberately random shit pre-programmed to go viral. The whole of something is almost beside the point now. It’s more important that an ad or a sporting event or an award show have some tiny particle of it that will garner the proper amount of attention, good or bad. Anything created on one platform (God, I hate that word) must have something in it that can thrive on other platforms. The dancing shark itself in an inert thing, but now it has an industry of bullshit built on top of it. I can’t trust the dancing shark to just be a dancing shark. There is now the lingering possibility that the shark was planted there as a viral agent for SeaWorld or something."
deadspin  virality  viral  marketing  guerilla  left  shark  nfl 
20 days ago
Danish "Archer" Demonstrates Gullibility of Audience - GeekDad
There’s this video, which at least a dozen people have forwarded to me, is circulating the Internet at the moment purporting to “demolish every Hollywood myth” about archery and “prove that Hollywood archery is not historical.” Since apparently hundreds of sites have uncritically repeated its many preposterous and unsupportable claims, with the result that many people have asked me about it, I thought I should offer a detailed analysis.
archer  archery  debunk  debunking  mythbusting  speed  video 
4 weeks ago
How To Escape From A Moving Car | The Knack | The Journal | Issue 199 | 13 January 2015 | MR PORTER
"Obviously the best way to survive these situations is to avoid them completely, but you might one day find yourself in a car that experiences a brake failure. Or be in the back of a dodgy cab where you think, Sweet Jesus, I may never see my loved ones again. A quick calculation reveals that an unconventional exit is your best option. How to do it?"
moving  car  jump  exit  stunt  escape 
6 weeks ago
Designing For Print With CSS - Smashing Magazine
"In this article, we’ll take a look at the CSS modules that have been created not for use in web browsers, but to deal with printed and paged media. I’ll explain how the selectors, properties and values that they introduce work. I’ll finish up with a working example that you can use as a starting point for your own experiments. For that example, we’ll need a user agent that supports this specialized CSS. I’ll be using Prince, which is a commercial product. However, Prince has a free version that can be used for non-commercial use, making it a good tool to try out these examples."
css  design  html  print  rachelandrew  smashing  magazine  webdev  page  paged  media 
7 weeks ago
Six Colors: Attack of the 50-foot Save Sheet
"This morning I tried to save a file in BBEdit, only to discover that I couldn’t see half of the save sheet—it was so large, it went off the bottom of the screen.

"It turns out—and thanks to Jon Gotow of St. Clair Software, maker of the excellent Default Folder X, for the answer to this—that there’s a bug in Yosemite that causes a sheet to grow taller by 22 pixels every time you use it."
bug  mac  osx  save  sheet  height  resize  sixcolors  yosemite 
7 weeks ago
CGI: Ruby's Bare Metal
My Sidekiq Pro server is as simple as humanly possible: it’s running only Apache. Perfect for serving static files but how do I handle an arbitrary request? That’s when I asked myself: How simple can you make a web request? The requirements are straightforward: Stripe will call my server with a subscription event when someone starts or stops their Sidekiq Pro subscription. I need a script to perform the magic to grant/revoke access and send the customer an email with access details. This call will only happen a few times a day, max.

This is a perfect case for going down to the bare metal and using the oldest web technology: CGI.
cgi  ruby  webdev  apache  simple 
7 weeks ago
A mile wide, an inch deep — Medium
"If what you care about — or are trying to report on — is impact on the world, it all gets very slippery. You’re not measuring a rectangle, you’re measuring a multi-dimensional space. You have to accept that things are very imperfectly measured and just try to learn as much as you can from multiple metrics and anecdotes."
evwilliams  twitter  metrics  optimization  impact  user  analysis  time  value  cost 
8 weeks ago
The bizarre, multibillion-dollar industry of American fantasy sports - Quartz
"Over the past two decades or so, a cultural phenomenon has taken hold in America. It involves grown men and women pretending to be the owners of imaginary professional sports teams on the internet. It is known as fantasy football."
culture  fanduel  fantasy  sports  foorball  business  leisure  usa 
11 weeks ago
2014 FFFC Spotlight: A Quick Look at Champion Scott "escot4" Hanson
Scott “escot4″ Hanson was the winner of Sunday’s FFFC, and is now $2 million richer. A personal trainer who hails from California, Scott started playing on FanDuel this past September. And although he has only spent $35 on contests, lifetime, two of those 35 helped him qualify for a seat at the 2014 FFFC. That’s right, Scott Hanson turned $2 into $2 million.
fanduel  fffc  fantasy  sports  football  nfl  vegas 
11 weeks ago
Why we should stop using Grunt & Gulp
"I realise that someone, somewhere will have a valid use-case for build tools like Grunt and Gulp. I believe, however, that npm can handle 99% of use-cases elegantly, with less code, less maintainence, and less overhead than these tools. Since working with Grunt and Gulp and trying to overcome the problems they have, I can say with confidence that npm is an excellent alternative. On your next project, I encourage you to keep things simple - start with npm as your build tool, and switch only when you see your package.json becoming unweildy. I think the results might just give you a pleasant surprise."
build  grunt  gulp  javascript  npm  make  broccoli  pipe  stream  tools  webdev 
12 weeks ago
Loading front-end code at will with Scoutfiles - RightScale Engineering Blog
"Our code is split into a back-end and front-end system. The back-end system is deployed using our Cloud Management product (we eat our own dog food). The front-end system is ‘deployed’ on every git push to GitHub. This is not visible to users, since which of these ‘deployments’ is visible is governed by a database record on the back-end. This field propagates to the entry point of the front-end: the index.html. From here we load what we call a Scoutfile, this gives us considerable flexibility to load any other ‘deployment’ if specified, or default to the ‘production’ deployment."
frontend  webdev  rightscale  scoutfile  js  deployment  javascript  scout  load  s3  build  artifact 
november 2014
Steve Albini on the surprisingly sturdy state of the music industry – in full | Music | The Guardian
"In short, the internet has made it much easier to conduct the day-to-day business of being in a band and has increased the efficiency. Everything from scheduling rehearsals using online calendars, to booking tours by email, to selling merchandise and records from online stores, down to raising the funds to make a record is a new simplicity that bands of the pre-internet era would salivate over. The old system was built by the industry to serve the players inside the industry. The new system where music is shared informally and the bands have a direct relationship to the fans was built by the bands and the fans in the manner of the old underground. It skips all the intermediary steps."
music  internet  business  stevealbini  recording  touring  economics  disintermediation  label  band  producer 
november 2014
PostgreSQL vs. MS SQL Server
"I work as a data analyst in a global professional services firm (one you have certainly heard of). I have been doing this for about a decade. I have spent that decade dealing with data, database software, database hardware, database users, database programmers and data analysis methods, so I know a fair bit about these things. I frequently come into contact with people who know very little about these things – although some of them don't realise it.

"Over the years I have discussed the issue of PostgreSQL vs. MS SQL Server many, many times. A well-known principle in IT says: if you're going to do it more than once, automate it. This document is my way of automating that conversation."
database  databases  postgres  postgresql  sqlserver 
november 2014
Every Comment On Recipe Blogs
“Due to dietary restrictions, I am only able to eat Yatzhee dice. I made the necessary substitutions, and it turned out great.”
food  humor  toast  malloryortberg  ortberg  recipe  web  blog  comment 
november 2014
How to measure frontend performance with Grunt | 4waisenkinder
"When you are a frontend developer, you are on the constant journey to find the right tool to measure the performance of your site. Sure, there are the Developer Tools of your choice, Google Pagespeed or webpagespeed.org available. And those tools are great (if you do not know them, you should definitely check them out), but for me it was always “just” nice to use these tools. They provide lots of useful information and I check them on a regular basis, but as far as I know, these tools do not provide a kind of timeline view of my daily work. They only give useful information to a given time – that is it. What I want to know, is how the site evolved after my latest deploy to production …

"Did the size of CSS / JavaScript decrease or increase? How many Ajax requests are made on page load? How many DOM queries are executed? And how did my latest changes effect the overall performance of the site?"
frontend  grunt  javascript  performance  phantom  phantomas  gulp  build  ci  js  webdev 
november 2014
Software Developer | Geoff Pado
"Over the last two years, this change in conversation tactics led to a shift in how I felt about the people I interacted with. People who I knew weren’t jerks in real life ended up seeming like jerks on Twitter. Late last year, it reached a tipping point; I unfollowed 85% of the people I followed in an attempt to get rid of the negativity I was feeling."
twitter  negativity  psychology 
november 2014
Why Gandhi Is Such An Asshole In Civilization
"In the original Civilization, it was because of a bug. Each leader in the game had an "aggression" rating, and Gandhi - to best reflect his real-world persona - was given the lowest score possible, a 1, so low that he'd rarely if ever go out of his way to declare war on someone.

"Only, there was a problem. When a player adopted democracy in Civilization, their aggression would be automatically reduced by 2. Code being code, if Gandhi went democratic his aggression wouldn't go to -1, it looped back around to the ludicrously high figure of 255, making him as aggressive as a civilization could possibly be."
videogames  civilization  civ  gandhi  nukes  pacifism  funny  kotaku  bug  overflow  integer 
november 2014
Node.js Best Practices | Just Build Something
"I’ve recently been working on a lot of Node.js projects, for myself, with my students, and for national organizations. Because I’m a University instructor I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what the best practices for Node.js are from every project I’m involved with. I’ve worked with Node.js for years and know all the best practices myself, but I had never seen a list that explained the best practices to my satisfaction. So, I have put one together taking all the best practices agreed on by the community and explaining why each practice is the best way to write Node.js code."
dev  javascript  node  nodejs  js  frontend  webdev  bestpractices 
october 2014
Ed Snowden Taught Me To Smuggle Secrets Past Incredible Danger. Now I Teach You. - The Intercept
"After the dust settled, I sat down to write a simple tutorial for using the open source tools that allowed me, Poitras, Greenwald, and Snowden to communicate securely, and I ended up with a 30-page whitepaper called Encryption Works: How to Protect Your Privacy in the Age of NSA Surveillance. I took the name from Snowden’s now-famous quote: “Encryption works. Properly implemented strong crypto systems are one of the few things that you can rely on. Unfortunately, endpoint security is so terrifically weak that NSA can frequently find ways around it.”"
encryption  privacy  security  internet  gpg  pgp  ssl  surveillance  snowden  edwardsnowden 
october 2014
These Stasi-style outrages show just how low Britain’s spies will stoop | Zoe Williams | Comment is free | The Guardian
"The alternative explanation for these Stasi-style outrages (which may be rare, or may only be rarely discovered) is that once you start spying on somebody, it is incredibly difficult to stop. It doesn’t really have anything to do with politics – you could be trailing a communist agitator or an environmentalist, a potential jihadist or a suspected white supremacist. Once you’ve started, the piece of evidence that comprehensively proves innocence doesn’t exist. All that exists is absence, the lack of definitive proof of guilt. One more push might be all it takes."
surveillance  state  police  suspicion  logic  mi5 
october 2014
How Apple Pay Really Works and Why You Should Begin Using it Immediately — Kirk Lennon
"One of the objections I’ve seen to Apple Pay is “How is it faster/easier than just sliding my card?” The truth is, it isn’t always. It’s rarely going to take longer than sliding a card, but it’s not always going to be radically faster either. However, it is much, much more secure. Merchants simply can’t be trusted with your card number, and the only real solution is to never give it to them. Apple Pay solves that, and it does so in a way that embraces industry standards and is easy and maybe even a little bit fun."
apple  pay  security  credit  card  creditcard  pan  chip  pin  visa  mastercard  finance  payment  network  pci 
october 2014
Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue? - NYTimes.com
"There was nothing malicious or even unusual about the judges’ behavior, which was reported earlier this year by Jonathan Levav of Stanford and Shai Danziger of Ben-Gurion University. The judges’ erratic judgment was due to the occupational hazard of being, as George W. Bush once put it, “the decider.” The mental work of ruling on case after case, whatever the individual merits, wore them down. This sort of decision fatigue can make quarterbacks prone to dubious choices late in the game and C.F.O.’s prone to disastrous dalliances late in the evening. It routinely warps the judgment of everyone, executive and nonexecutive, rich and poor — in fact, it can take a special toll on the poor. Yet few people are even aware of it, and researchers are only beginning to understand why it happens and how to counteract it."
egodepletion  ego  depletion  decisionfatigue  decision  fatigue  judge  parole  blood  sugar  diet  energy  psychology 
october 2014
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