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Better names for Amazon AWS services
aws  service  name  funny  plain  english  ec2  cloud 
4 weeks ago
VHS Camcorder
It's 1985, and you just got a new camcorder! It'll look that way when you record and send lots of really old, messed up-looking videos to your friends. They'll swear you invented a time machine: "OMG, how'd you shoot that?"
apps  ios  iphone  video  vhs  nostalgia 
12 weeks ago
Designer Marc Newson on Fountain Pens and the Sad State of Cars
"My creative process begins with: just thinking. I do a lot of thinking, a lot of pondering. I rarely watch films in airplanes; I just sort of sit there, looking at the ceiling. Day dreaming is the equivalent of doodling; it’s mental doodling."
marcnewson  apple  cars  plane  mental  doodling  mind  wander  blank  thinking  space  out  spacing  airplane  waiting  daydreaming 
12 weeks ago
How Google Failed Its Users and Gave Birth to an Internet Meme - ReadWrite
"While we mock those users, the simple fact is they haven't necessarily failed, something failed them. With all of our talk about the semantic Web and search engine optimization and tailoring search results to the individual user, there are thousands upon thousands of users performing the same simple search and following the same wrong road. If this were a standard traffic sign misdirecting this many people, it would have been pulled down long ago. There would have been outraged citizens at town meetings and special reports on the five o' clock news."
facebook  google  login  readwriteweb  web  search  seo  ux  thinking  users  signage  directions  sign  signpost 
august 2015
How To Get Rid Of Clutter And Live Abundantly
"Replace your couch with a pile of the least frustrated lentils you can find; no more than seven lentils."
clutter  funny  humor  minimalism  toast  thetoast  malloryortberg  ortberg 
august 2015
Cool risks outside the envelope of nature | Andart II
"How do we apply the precautionary principle to exotic, low-probability risks?

"[...] the CUORE experiment is actually going outside of the envelope of what we think is going on in the universe. In the past, the universe has been hotter, so there would not have been any large masses at 6 milliKelvins. And with a 3 Kelvin background temperature, there would not be any natural objects this cold. (Since 1995 there have been small Bose-Einstein condensates in the hundred nanoKelvin range on Earth, but the argument is the same.)

"How risky is it to generate such an outside of the envelope phenomenon? There is no evidence from the past. There is no cause for alarm given the known laws of physics. Yet this lack of evidence does not argue against risk either. Maybe there is an ice-9 like phase transition of matter below a certain temperature. Maybe it implodes into a black hole because of some macroscale quantum(gravity) effect. Maybe the alien spacegods get angry. There is an endless number of possible hypotheses that cannot be ruled out."
ai  physics  risk  fermi  paradox  cold  refrigeration  freezing  cuore  experiment  universe  existential 
august 2015
How Is Critical 'Life or Death' Software Tested? | Motherboard
"Your average scripter likely isn't writing a whole lot of proofs or going through the rigors of formal program verification, generally. Which is fine because your average scripter also isn't writing software for jet airliners or nuclear power plants or robotic surgeons. But somebody is—and the odds are pretty good that your life has been in their hands very recently. How do you know they're not a complete hack?"
software  testing  formal  proof  method  avionics 
june 2015
A Pixel Artist Renounces Pixel Art |
"Working in high resolution doesn’t prevent us from making great game art. The things that made pixel art great are the same things that make “HD” art great. Artists must make the decisions, not computers. Instead of hand-placing squares, hand-place curves. Good art is good art, and nothing beats the real deal. Embracing the medium simply ensures that everybody else knows it."
animation  art  drawing  pixel  pixelart  auro  game  retina  hd  ios 
may 2015
What Passes for Excellence — Medium
If you’re looking for housing in Silicon Valley, you may have come across the following listing for spots in a startup house/community of excellence outside of Stanford. Others have expressed thoughts about it, but what I think it’s really missing is a between-the lines interpretation of the requirements, which, according to at least one member of the house, are simply an amalgamation of the qualities “good” people in pursuit of “excellence” happen to have.

So to clear up any confusion about what infuriatingly vague words like “good” and “excellent” mean in this context, I have helpfully annotated the listing. Good luck, potential renter! Let me know if you get in!
elizabethspiers  siliconvalley  horriblepeople  housing  criteria  community 
may 2015
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