Voicing Our Fears
“I’m convinced the best way to assuage our fear is to voice it. We have to name things to know them, and be able to act accordingly. Denying our fear of illness can prevent us from taking precautions, like giving up smoking, wearing sunscreen, or not sucking on bars of uranium. But no matter how careful we are, the accidents of fate that wound us can always win. We must learn to live with this uncertainty.”
optimism  cancer  the-paris-review  psychology  mortality 
18 days ago
Joker Movie Review
“Do you think Todd Phillips, who co-wrote and directed “Joker,”... really cares about income inequality, celebrity worship, and the lack of civility in contemporary society? I don’t know him personally but I bet he doesn’t give a toss.”
comicbooks  roger-ebert  review  venice  superheroes  alienation  film-festival  batman 
18 days ago
Public Books Mission
“Public Books began with these precepts: that experts who devote their lives to mastering their subjects need to be heard. That it is desirable for academics to speak to a broader audience, and exciting for readers outside of the academy to debate what scholars have to say. Most importantly, that boundaries between disciplines and ways of knowing deserve to be bridged—and that barriers between the academy and the public deserve to be broken.”
purpose  mission  literature  open-theory 
18 days ago
Naked Houses
“French novelist Gustave Flaubert was unimpressed by the advent of railways in the 19th century. He thought trains would only allow more people to move about, meet and be stupid. It’s easy to imagine what he would have thought of the internet.”
architecture  culture  design  economy  housing  interior-design 
7 weeks ago
Vampire Time
A podcast about every single vampire film ever made, hosted by Cortney Cassidy.
podcast  vampires  cinema 
7 weeks ago
Plaid Interview
“We tend to look at the new things coming, play with them, try to learn them, and evolve with the technology.”
interview  technology  hardware  software  musician  process  from pocket
8 weeks ago
Red Dead Redemption 2, clunky gameplay and professional reviewers : truegaming
“I'm not sure why someone thought having the button you use for every social interaction in the game be the same one you'd use if you wished to pull a gun on your target. I'm not sure why sometimes I pick up a gun by pressing L1, square to pick up a carrot and triangle to pick up a hat. Not only are the buttons you need to press for certain actions seemingly random, the main character just doesn't feel like doing the thing you wanted him to do constantly. I'm not more immersed in the story because Arthur climbed over a fence on accident on the way to his horse, only to stand next to it for 5 seconds without hopping on the saddle.”
video-games  game-design  reddit  review 
12 weeks ago
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