Spatial Agency: About
a kind of database of interesting space-making projects and organizations
urban  design  urbanism  activism 
march 2013
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abroad abruzzo activism agricoltura agriculture alternative ambiente archaeology architecture architettura art arte artists bicycling bikers bikes biking biodiversity biosphere blog building business car-free cargo cities city community conservation construction container contemporaneo cool culture data demographics design digital drawing eat ecological ecology education embankments energy environment europe excavations farming fashion firm food forums france gardens gis giulia glass green gym heritage history hotels housing hub hybrid interest island italy l'aquila landscape lighting lodging magazine mapping maps materials medieval milan milano mobility modular money muraglioni news occupy onlus organization palimpsest participation pedestrian periphery photos photovoltaics pistoletto place planning politics portal prefab prints products program project public pv re-use recycling restauro ricostruzione river roma rome roof sanpietrini sketching software solar space spain squat studies studio study sustainability sustainable technology tevere tiber tourism traditional transit transportation travel treatise type university urban urbanism venezia venice vernacular via vitruvius waste water wine world writing

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