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ACM Classic: Reflections on Trusting Trust
"I copied this page from the ACM, in fear that it would someday turn stale."
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march 2015 by straup
Argument preview: Social media as a crime scene : SCOTUSblog
In next week’s case, the Supreme Court has the task of clarifying what a person “means to communicate” when speaking in terms of violence on the Internet, and also what constitutes “an intent” to commit the crime of making an illegal threat.

Basically, this case presents the Court with two choices — first, to look at the issue of intent from a subjective perspective, focusing on the speaker, or to look at it from an objective view, focusing on both the speaker and on a hypothetical “reasonable person” exposed to the message.

Anthony Elonis and his supporters argue that his postings on Facebook were not “true threats” because he actually had no “subjective intent to threaten another person.” If that is the test, a jury would have to make its own assessment of what an Internet user like Elonis did have in mind, examining the specific words used and their context.

The federal government and its supporters, however, argue that Elonis’s statements were judged — and should have been judged — by two measures: first, did he make his statements intentionally (without regard to what he was thinking), and, second, would “a reasonable person” read the words used and their context as conveying to the target of the message that they would be injured or killed?

The Court probably will be able to pick one of those outcomes without pausing to decide whether Elonis should have been free to speak out because he was discussing public policy questions; even his own lawyers say he was speaking only about his own, personal frustrations with life, but his forum was, indeed, a public one, one in which his words may well have been picked up and conveyed to a much wider audience than the specific people about whom Elonis wrote.

The effect of the decision that does emerge almost certainly would be felt in the very public space of such Internet sites as Facebook. For that reason, Elonis is running interference for the Internet as a whole, and especially for those sites where expression is robust, indeed. Much of the discussion in the case, in fact, is on the potential impact on the very provocative postings of rap music, and its fairly common idiom of violence.
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november 2014 by straup
A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering: Zero Knowledge Proofs: An illustrated primer
One of the best things about modern cryptography is the beautiful terminology. You could start any number of punk bands (or Tumblrs) named after cryptography terms like 'hard-core predicate', 'trapdoor function', ' or 'impossible differential cryptanalysis'. And of course, I haven't even mentioned the one term that surpasses all of these. That term is 'zero knowledge'.

also, starting to think this is basically the technical version/basis of gibson's the peripheral...
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november 2014 by straup
Opinion: Smile! You may be on camera
It is important to try to understand more fully the ways our lives are now intertwined with cameras. The key questions are no longer about means: We are all subject to being recorded, and most of us possess the ability to record. Instead, they are about motive: Who’s watching, and for what purposes? Unlike even a decade ago, when tensions flare today a camera is as likely to be used as a defense mechanism as it is a tool in the abuse of power. I remember well the woman who, several years ago, used her cell phone to photograph a flasher on the subway, leading to his arrest and his picture on the cover of a tabloid newspaper.
november 2014 by straup
The Nor » All Cameras Are Police Cameras
Suspicion is a global variable. Once triggered it bubbles upward through the entire system. Walking down Park Lane, I was accosted by a man in a suit who demanded to know what I was doing. He took out his mobile phone, pointed it at my face, told me he was going to “circulate my description”.

Shortly afterwards, a colleague of his physically restrained me and called the police. Both men worked at the Grosvenor House Hotel, whose cameras were among those which had been trained on me as I walked, and so are included in my documentation.

When they arrived, the police officers explained that carrying a camera in the vicinity of Central London was grounds for suspicion. I might be a terrorist who posed a threat to the good citizens of London – my own city. Equally I might be casing the joint for some future crime, studying its defences in order to circumvent them.

Carrying a camera thus justified the suspicion of the security guards who stopped me and performed a citizen’s arrest, detaining me until the arrival of the police. This suspicion in turn justified the actions of the police, who threatened me with arrest if I did not identify myself and explain my actions. For carrying a camera, I was told, I could be taken to the station and charged with “Going Equipped”, a provision of the 1968 Theft Act which determines the imprisonment for up to three years of anyone carrying equipment which may be used to commit a burglary.

Of course, the threats of the policemen were utterly baseless. Of course the use of cameras in public, as dictated in numerous statements by the Metropolitan Police themselves, is not, and should not be construed as, a crime. But, as anyone who has ever encountered the police in an analogous situation knows, the law comes a distant second to the exercise of power itself.
motive  stml  london  roboteyes 
november 2014 by straup
Escape from Microsoft Word by Edward Mendelson | NYRblog | The New York Review of Books
A friend at Microsoft, speaking not for attribution, solved the mystery. Word, it seems, obeys the following rule: when a “style” is applied to text that is more than 50 percent “direct-formatted” (like the italics I applied to the magazine titles), then the “style” removes the direct formatting. So The New York Review of Books (with the three-letter month May) lost its italics. When less than 50 percent of the text is “direct-formatted,” as in the example with The New Yorker (with the nine-letter month September), the direct-formatting is retained.

No writer has ever thought about the exact percentage of italics in a line of type, but Word is reduced to this kind of arbitrary principle because its Platonic model—like all Platonic models—is magnificent in its inner coherence but mostly irrelevant to the real world. In order to make a connection between heavenly ideas and tangible realities, Plato himself was reduced to inventing something he called the Demiurge, an intermediate being who translates the ideal forms in heaven into something tangible in the world. The Demiurge is an early instance of what programmers call a kludge—a clumsy and illogical expedient for dealing with a problem that seems too intractable to solve more elegantly. Word’s 50-percent rule for applying styles is a descendent of the Demiurge, and just as much of a kludge.
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october 2014 by straup – heres a terrible idea robot cars with adjustable ethics settings #4558d32c6168635269cbe39ed8ca6223
The thought-experiment is a moral dilemma, because there’s no clearly right way to go . It’s generally better to harm fewer people than more, to have one person die instead of five. But the car manufacturer creates liability for itself in following that rule, sensible as it may be. Swerving the car directly results in that one person’s death: this is an act of killing. Had it done nothing, the five people would have died, but you would have killed them, not the car manufacturer which in that case would merely have let them die.
motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:e11ce3851efc7d70734d7e1373278018  dt:year=2014  dt:month=08  dt:day=19  dt:timestamp=1408450049 
august 2014 by straup
Schneier on Security: NSA/GCHQ/CESC Infecting Innocent Computers Worldwide
"The point of this is to create ORBs, or Operational Relay Boxes. Basically, these are computers that sit between the attacker and the target, and are designed to obscure the true origins of an attack."
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august 2014 by straup
Am I a Blogger? — The Message — Medium
Teens want to be a part of public life, but they want privacy from those who hold power over them. Having both is often very difficult so teenagers develop sophisticated techniques to be public and to have privacy. They focus more on hiding access to meaning than hiding access to content.
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august 2014 by straup – the social laboratory singapore surveillance state #aee47b69858019f5e8a203b3f3e750c5
In 2009, Singapore's leaders decided to expand the RAHS system and the use of scenario planning far beyond the realm of national security -- at least as it's commonly understood in the United States. They established the Strategic Futures Network, staffed by deputy secretaries from every ministry, to export the RAHS methods across the entire government. The network looks beyond national security concerns and uses future planning to address all manner of domestic social and economic issues, including identifying "strategic surprise" and so-called " black swan " events that might abruptly upset national stability.
singapore  publicpolicy  designfiction  motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:f085be621d9d91bb27ddbabce7bf8c05  dt:year=2014  dt:month=08  dt:day=05  dt:timestamp=1407244083 
august 2014 by straup – the social laboratory singapore surveillance state #9d7e0b3cb25130af117352933626cf7e
Ten years after its founding, the RAHS program has evolved beyond anything Poindexter could have imagined. Across Singapore's national ministries and departments today, armies of civil servants use scenario-based planning and big-data analysis from RAHS for a host of applications beyond fending off bombs and bugs. They use it to plan procurement cycles and budgets, make economic forecasts, inform immigration policy, study housing markets, and develop education plans for Singaporean schoolchildren -- and they are looking to analyze Facebook posts, Twitter messages, and other social media in an attempt to "gauge the nation's mood" about everything from government social programs to the potential for civil unrest.
surveillance  motive  singapore  highlights  from:dogeared  url:f085be621d9d91bb27ddbabce7bf8c05  dt:year=2014  dt:month=08  dt:day=05  dt:timestamp=1407243639 
august 2014 by straup
Why the Security of USB Is Fundamentally Broken | Threat Level | WIRED
“Perhaps you remember once when you’ve connected some USB device to your computer from someone you don’t completely trust,” says Nohl. “That means you can’t trust your computer anymore. This is a threat on a layer that’s invisible. It’s a terrible kind of paranoia.”
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july 2014 by straup – tor spooks #8db75adec55bdc9ad03af2dbb52cca5f
To avoid taking a final exam he wasn’t prepared for, Kim hit up on the idea of sending in a fake bomb threat. То cover his tracks, he used Tor, supposedly the best anonymity service the web had to offer. But it did little mask his identity from a determined Uncle Sam. A joint investigation, which involved the FBI, the Secret Service and local police, was able to track the fake bomb threat right back to Kim — in less than 24 hours. As the FBI complaint explained, “Harvard University was able to determine that, in the several hours leading up to the receipt of the e-mail messages described above, ELDO KIM accessed TOR using Harvard’s wireless network.” All that Tor did was make the cops jump a few extra steps. But it wasn’t hard, nothing that a bit of manpower with full legal authority to access network records couldn’t solve. It helped that Harvard’s network logging all metadata access on the network — sorta like the NSA.
tor  surveillance  motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:f0477eabdd2ed0929656cd0bbd63b258  dt:year=2014  dt:month=07  dt:day=20  dt:timestamp=1405889841 
july 2014 by straup – tor spooks #7101af1cca234b4b26d18121e0afc8ce
In the 90s, as public Internet use and infrastructure grew and multiplied, spooks needed to figure out a way to hide their identity in plain sight online. An undercover spook sitting in a hotel room in a hostile country somewhere couldn’t simply dial up on his browser and log in — anyone sniffing his connection would know who he was. Nor could a military intel agent infiltrate a potential terrorist group masquerading as an online animal rights forum if he had to create an account and log in from an army base IP address. That’s where onion routing came in. As Michael Reed, one of the inventors of onion routing, explained : providing cover for military and intelligence operations online was their primary objective; everything else was secondary:
tor  network  motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:f0477eabdd2ed0929656cd0bbd63b258  dt:year=2014  dt:month=07  dt:day=20  dt:timestamp=1405841277 
july 2014 by straup – 8139adf8 045a 11e4 8572 4b1b969b6322 story #790fbba105988a7f9ea107f1f7f4b483
The NSA treats all content intercepted incidentally from third parties as permissible to retain, store, search and distribute to its government customers. Raj De, the agency’s general counsel, has testified that the NSA does not generally attempt to remove irrelevant personal content, because it is difficult for one analyst to know what might become relevant to another.
motive  nsa  surveillance  highlights  from:dogeared  url:a38f8d565a1044aedadceb87d60594e7  dt:year=2014  dt:month=07  dt:day=05  dt:timestamp=1404610960 
july 2014 by straup – 1e9a1886c4e4 #2857db23e9edc3324514e2e56c1e889d
In writing this essay, I’ve even become almost paralyzingly confused about the implications of publishing it. The thing we’ve learned to hope for, when sharing something we’ve created online, is that it goes, well, viral. We, as individuals, gain cachet when something we make goes viral, but that cachet is resting on infrastructures that I don’t trust, as a matter of course. What “going viral” means is that something has been shared widely across a platform that displays a count of user behavior. This means that our personal and heartfelt work legitimizes platforms when anything we do goes viral
motive  facebook  highlights  from:dogeared  url:2fbc0f6eaa60025dfd03d74f9fa700c0  dt:year=2014  dt:month=07  dt:day=04  dt:timestamp=1404500389 
july 2014 by straup
Schneier on Security: Web Activity Used in Court to Portray State of Mind
A bunch of this would not be admissible in trial, but this was a probable-cause hearing, and the rules are different for those. CNN writes: "a prosecutor insisted that the testimony helped portray the defendant's state of mind and spoke to the negligence angle and helped establish motive."

This case aside, is there anyone reading this whose e-mails, text messages, and web searches couldn't be cherry-picked to portray any state of mind a prosecutor might want to portray? (Qu'on me donne six lignes écrites de la main du plus honnête homme, j'y trouverai de quoi le faire pendre. -- Cardinal Richelieu.)
motive  law  schneier 
july 2014 by straup – valley of the meatpuppets #c9ab17c68dbff33819a94ab32ff86bd2
The connecting thread that runs through them is the scale and diversity of ways in we are actually experiencing an increasing ambiguity about where autonomy lies in the ever growing intricate relationships between people (citizens), technologies (of machine intelligence) and architectures of control (state and non-state actors including JTRIG, 4GS, Serco and many more
motive  superflux  highlights  from:dogeared  url:2e0c30579f06e39b864f5352aadf63f9  dt:year=2014  dt:month=07  dt:day=02  dt:timestamp=1404324143 
july 2014 by straup – the war nerd googles big new dog #8cec0a3fc7a5378f6477444e18d14f46
For that matter, why is Big Dog a robot? It’s a small vehicle, with legs instead of wheels, but there’s no evidence it can choose its own route or mission. With a little help from Google, your Nissan can drive home without your touching the steering wheel, but that doesn’t seem to qualify it as a “robot” or entitle it to a fraction of the press Big Dog is getting
robots  motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:87e69455e542d851e216489bcd0bd975  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=27  dt:timestamp=1403882286 
june 2014 by straup
CRASH (Clean-slate design of Resilient, Adaptive, Secure Hosts)-Worthy, Trustworthy Systems R&D | SRI International
CTSRD's resulting systems will enable existing operating systems and applications to execute securely while at the same time supporting evolutionary adoption of advanced security features. This hybrid strategy involves development of new security-oriented capability-based hardware, trustworthy low-layer hypervisor software, and high-risk applications.

For efficient software implementation, two major components reinforce the software security and design: Capability Hardware Enhanced RISC Instructions (CHERI) and Temporally Enforced Security Logic Assertions (TESLA).

CHERI allows incremental adoption of higher-assurance approaches, with a focus on security-critical components. At each system layer, hardware capability semantics may be selected to support different risk-protection approaches, such as high-assurance design (for separation kernel and type-safe language runtimes) or hybrid models that blend traditional virtual addressing with capability operation (for commodity kernels and applications).

TESLA adapts techniques of static model checking into dynamically executed run-time software assertions that are evaluated on the fly. Programmers may represent these assertions as simple temporal properties, which are mapped into explicit automata.
security  motive  spacetime 
june 2014 by straup
utah13.dvi - utah13+x4.pdf
"Trust is what you have to do – whether you like it or not –
when you must depend on something to satisfy desired properties."
motive  trust  pgn 
june 2014 by straup – 372107 #b2d8916139c2785e91cb9e785057a258
Given an absence of evidence either way, why not choose the more aggressive interpretation: Everything that takes place on the bridge of the Tamarian vessel during the episode is encapsulated into the single move, “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.” So dense and rich is Tamarian speech, that these five words are sufficient to direct a whole crew to carry out an entire stratagem over two days’ time, and not by following a script, but by embracing it as a guiding abstraction
motive  ibogost  startrek  highlights  from:dogeared  url:c63f8911cc6c3b9ea0177764cd85df8c  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=19  dt:timestamp=1403187150 
june 2014 by straup – buzzfeeds jonah peretti goes long e98cf13160e7 #3e7ffc75437559d8a8320be5d777212a
So there’s not going to be one metric that you look at. I love metrics and I love thinking about optimization, but I think that the optimal state is being slightly suboptimal because as soon as you try to actually optimize, particularly for a single metric, you end up finding that the best way to optimize for that metric ends up perverting the metric and making the metric mean the opposite of what it used to mean
metrics  motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:2ad7d6d74678a1d467b2460bc585443c  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=18  dt:timestamp=1403148035 
june 2014 by straup – Qv4DhNLIRGI #4116c5495fbb79a8f104c05a56eb5d99
The characteristic feature of closed-world competitions is that there is a clear and unambiguous external error feedback signal from an authoritative source that also supplies extrinsic rewards such as money and status. Learning to incorporate that signal in your ongoing deliberate practice is the purpose of the metacognition.
motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:531c9479db625fe1d44fa3f9fd8e8ad1  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=13  dt:timestamp=1402668864 
june 2014 by straup – spectacular sports visualisations #94d912bb8a23c7b2a260607f8df552ed
This total release of the visible “point of view” from any “human” viewpoint corresponds to the perceived freeing of decision-making from human error
stml  sportsball  motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:3ca1b99e8d96359f55b4657616a69068  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=10  dt:timestamp=1402420221 
june 2014 by straup – spectacular sports visualisations #eb63a091d0190d3a95f003d6b6c03a08
Sporting fields have become the testing grounds for these technologies, providing as they do enclosed, hermetic fields of view, and strictly managed rules of movement and engagement - the kind of laboratory only dreamt of by scientists developing surveillance and monitoring platforms for military and urban situations, their most common applications
stml  sportsball  motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:3ca1b99e8d96359f55b4657616a69068  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=10  dt:timestamp=1402420221 
june 2014 by straup – Trusting Browser Code #0f599714519162d4ad6359d15e1a47f5 , a secure-offline-backup provider, has a more so­phis­ti­cat­ed war­rant ca­nary ; a doc­u­men­t, signed with their key, as­sert­ing that no war­rants have been served on them, con­tain­ing headlines-of-the-day scraped from a well-known news­pa­per
surveillance  security  motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:2bd7809cabb86c732b128ab308186421  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=10  dt:timestamp=1402420225 
june 2014 by straup
On the admissibility of photos taken at a red light
roboteyes  law  motive 
june 2014 by straup – the anxieties of big data #5ecac53df6348c5c6fbde8e01a0534cf
Of course, this was just one of many en masse data-collection programs exposed in Edward Snowden’s smuggled haul. But the Squeaky Dolphin PowerPoint deck reveals something more specific. It outlines an expansionist program to bring big data together with the more traditional approaches of the social and humanistic sciences: the worlds of small data. GCHQ calls it the Human Science Operations Cell, and it is all about supplementing data analysis with broader sociocultural tools from anthropology, sociology, political science, biology, history, psychology, and economics
motive  gchq  surveillance  highlights  from:dogeared  url:07ba2d0c38e75e319879c77b11e5f0af  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=03  dt:timestamp=1401798273 
june 2014 by straup – sp special report an outsiders guide to the city of london #44e2403ac29e45b4df235dd893a3f526
“Two thirds of the people that were surveyed said financial-sector professionals were overpaid, and two thirds of them also said they were in it for the money. If you draw a Venn diagram, you can see that there are a significant number of people who are in it for the money and feel the profession is overpaid, which I think is the kind of conscientious difficulty that the church ought to be sticking a crowbar into and prising open.”
finance  motive  religion  highlights  from:dogeared  url:0cf4b405d9dfedab8e8d4e507d0d927a  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=01  dt:timestamp=1401626363 
june 2014 by straup – sp special report an outsiders guide to the city of london #a7092704a4dbea1b649da0287fb500f6
“How they survive is by self-delusion,” he argues. “They completely deny and ignore their own vulnerability.” The City, he points out, is full of psychotherapists giving help to troubled financiers. “The bankers are the best-paid victims of a system that turns all of us into victims. The whole culture of always squeezing more growth and wealth out of something makes for a very totalitarian system where everybody's constantly after success.” Luyendijk sees Canary Wharf as the empty heart of City life – towering offices, glitzy shops and a setting that (except for the dreary London weather) could be anywhere in the world. “It's the crassest illustration of the human condition in the 21st century,” he says
finance  motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:0cf4b405d9dfedab8e8d4e507d0d927a  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=01  dt:timestamp=1401622787 
june 2014 by straup – scalpers inc #371af6f8a8d2abbc9e4f63d55250648c
This is part of a consistent pattern in the modern world of finance, whereby legislation introduces complexity, and complexity offers the chance of profit-making. If you have super-smart people who have powerful incentives to spend all day every day working out ways to game the system, the system is going to be gamed
finance  motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:677ac3d1a60c3f47d0239c979569bed5  dt:year=2014  dt:month=05  dt:day=29  dt:timestamp=1401358266 
june 2014 by straup – scalpers inc #064404714314a963a1c8115b0ff8d3be
As for the prices, they move when you try to act on them, and anyway, as Lewis says, there’s the problem of the ‘dark pools’, which are in effect private stock markets, owned for the most part by big investment banks, whose entire function is to execute trades out of sight of the wider public: nobody knows who’s buying, nobody knows who’s selling, and nobody knows the prices paid.
finance  motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:677ac3d1a60c3f47d0239c979569bed5  dt:year=2014  dt:month=05  dt:day=29  dt:timestamp=1401357706 
june 2014 by straup
US cybercrime laws being used to target security researchers | Technology |
“Right now they are probably killing careers, because they're not accounting for intent,” said Grossman.
security  motive 
may 2014 by straup
Computer vision at scale with Hadoop and Storm |
"Over time, many of us have started taking more photos, and it has become routine — especially with the launch last year of our free terabyte* — for users to have many un-curated photos with little or no metadata. This has made it difficult in some cases to find photos, either your own or from others."

meanwhile in great moments of engineering masquerading as philosophy...
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may 2014 by straup
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