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Producing a hint of a whiff of the near future is an alternative narrative strategy to the grand vision the old-fashioned futurists were likely to offer. And, ultimately — it’s this alternative narrative element that the PowerPoint deck and the ThinkTank white paper cannot offer. Those simply kill the fun in good, creative design work. They deaden the creative nervous system ruining the possibility of doing good design — of feeling inspired and invigorated. No one was ever invigorated by your typical PowerPoint or 87 page White Paper, were they?
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The excitement of a novel technology (or anything, really) has been replaced—or at least dampened—by the anguish of knowing its future burden.
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This War Photographer Embedded Himself in a Video Game - LightBox
"In a day of combat in Iraq, I’d generally file between eight and 10 photographs per day. I figured I could do the same thing with this assignment. I was wrong. In combat, I need to be in position, prepared for a shot, and I’ve only got hundredths of a second to make it before the situation changes and I have to move on. There’s one moment, one frame. Within the game, I could freeze time. I had unlimited time to experiment and find my shot using different angles, depths of field, exposure, grain, vignettes and lenses. The zen approach to how I work in the field is lost within a gaming console. There, I had the opportunity to second-guess myself every time I hit pause.

An additional challenge was that I could make photographs that seemed almost “perfect”. It wasn’t hard to make images that recalled posters for a war film, or that might be used in an advertising campaign for the game itself. It was too clean. The last thing I wanted to do was to advertise the game, so I tried to mess with the photos a little. Put unimportant information in the foreground. Tilt the camera. Pull back too wide. I needed to make the shots imperfect because, I believe, imperfections make photography human. In advertising things look perfect. In journalism, there’s always something off. What some people see as visual weaknesses in our work, I see as part of our tableau."
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september 2014 by straup – heres a terrible idea robot cars with adjustable ethics settings #4558d32c6168635269cbe39ed8ca6223
The thought-experiment is a moral dilemma, because there’s no clearly right way to go . It’s generally better to harm fewer people than more, to have one person die instead of five. But the car manufacturer creates liability for itself in following that rule, sensible as it may be. Swerving the car directly results in that one person’s death: this is an act of killing. Had it done nothing, the five people would have died, but you would have killed them, not the car manufacturer which in that case would merely have let them die.
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august 2014 by straup – the social laboratory singapore surveillance state #aee47b69858019f5e8a203b3f3e750c5
In 2009, Singapore's leaders decided to expand the RAHS system and the use of scenario planning far beyond the realm of national security -- at least as it's commonly understood in the United States. They established the Strategic Futures Network, staffed by deputy secretaries from every ministry, to export the RAHS methods across the entire government. The network looks beyond national security concerns and uses future planning to address all manner of domestic social and economic issues, including identifying "strategic surprise" and so-called " black swan " events that might abruptly upset national stability.
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Ten years after its founding, the RAHS program has evolved beyond anything Poindexter could have imagined. Across Singapore's national ministries and departments today, armies of civil servants use scenario-based planning and big-data analysis from RAHS for a host of applications beyond fending off bombs and bugs. They use it to plan procurement cycles and budgets, make economic forecasts, inform immigration policy, study housing markets, and develop education plans for Singaporean schoolchildren -- and they are looking to analyze Facebook posts, Twitter messages, and other social media in an attempt to "gauge the nation's mood" about everything from government social programs to the potential for civil unrest.
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august 2014 by straup – what is public f33b16d780f9 #3a56dea9b5ce5e8becf166bf5a749d34
The phenomenon of doxxing (revealing personal information about a person online) has made clear that public information exists in a context of power and consent, and we must construct our ethics in that context.
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july 2014 by straup – sderot cinema twisted conflict spectatorship in israel and palestine 721 #49432f7faf7ac74b67a3662889e56552
That’s part of what makes the scene so chilling. Sørensen, a veteran Middle East correspondent, points out that the sort of callous enmity on display at the “Sderot cinema” can be seen amongst Palestinians as well. “On both sides, there's a total lack of empathy that I've never seen before.”
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july 2014 by straup – the secret of minecraft 97dfacb05a3c #8f6597b3a8969a23bef3f7119493ceb2
The true Minecraft is the oral tradition: secrets and rumors shared in chat rooms, across cafeteria tables, between block-faced players inside the game itself.
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july 2014 by straup – tor spooks #ea9464b097dcecef96278f014c64cd42
This choice goes back to the original discussion that Mike Perry and I were wrestling with a few years ago… if we want to end up with a fast safe network, do we get there by having a slow safe network and hoping it’ll get faster, or by having a fast less-safe network and hoping it’ll get safer? We opted for the “if we don’t stay relevant to the world, Tor will never grow enough” route.
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july 2014 by straup – tor spooks #9b4c693c6bcae5eac1820a01f0e7ec48
Back in 2007, a Swedish hacker/researcher named Dan Egerstad showed that just by running a Tor node, he could siphon and read all the unencrypted traffic that went through his chunk of the Tor network. He was able to access logins and passwords to accounts of NGOs, companies, and the embassies of India and Iran. Egerstad thought at first that embassy staff were just being careless with their info, but quickly realized that he had actually stumbled on a hack/surveillance operation in which Tor was being used to covertly access these accounts.
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july 2014 by straup – tor spooks #8db75adec55bdc9ad03af2dbb52cca5f
To avoid taking a final exam he wasn’t prepared for, Kim hit up on the idea of sending in a fake bomb threat. То cover his tracks, he used Tor, supposedly the best anonymity service the web had to offer. But it did little mask his identity from a determined Uncle Sam. A joint investigation, which involved the FBI, the Secret Service and local police, was able to track the fake bomb threat right back to Kim — in less than 24 hours. As the FBI complaint explained, “Harvard University was able to determine that, in the several hours leading up to the receipt of the e-mail messages described above, ELDO KIM accessed TOR using Harvard’s wireless network.” All that Tor did was make the cops jump a few extra steps. But it wasn’t hard, nothing that a bit of manpower with full legal authority to access network records couldn’t solve. It helped that Harvard’s network logging all metadata access on the network — sorta like the NSA.
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july 2014 by straup – tor spooks #7101af1cca234b4b26d18121e0afc8ce
In the 90s, as public Internet use and infrastructure grew and multiplied, spooks needed to figure out a way to hide their identity in plain sight online. An undercover spook sitting in a hotel room in a hostile country somewhere couldn’t simply dial up on his browser and log in — anyone sniffing his connection would know who he was. Nor could a military intel agent infiltrate a potential terrorist group masquerading as an online animal rights forum if he had to create an account and log in from an army base IP address. That’s where onion routing came in. As Michael Reed, one of the inventors of onion routing, explained : providing cover for military and intelligence operations online was their primary objective; everything else was secondary:
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When I started at the State Department, I took an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States. I don’t believe that there is any valid interpretation of the Fourth Amendment that could permit the government to collect and store a large portion of U.S. citizens’ online communications, without any court or congressional oversight, and without any suspicion of wrongdoing. Such a legal regime risks abuse in the long run, regardless of whether one trusts the individuals in office at a particular moment.
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Executive Order 12333 contains no such protections for U.S. persons if the collection occurs outside U.S. borders. Issued by President Ronald Reagan in 1981 to authorize foreign intelligence investigations, 12333 is not a statute and has never been subject to meaningful oversight from Congress or any court. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, has said that the committee has not been able to “sufficiently” oversee activities conducted under 12333. Unlike Section 215, the executive order authorizes collection of the content of communications, not just metadata, even for U.S. persons. Such persons cannot be individually targeted under 12333 without a court order. However, if the contents of a U.S. person’s communications are “incidentally” collected (an NSA term of art ) in the course of a lawful overseas foreign intelligence investigation, then Section 2.3(c) of the executive order explicitly authorizes their retention. It does not require that the affected U.S. persons be suspected of wrongdoing and places no limits on the volume of communications by U.S. persons that may be collected and retained.
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july 2014 by straup – forgetting #0f23f23b64dbaeb7f8c44e813a7a69c9
I tried to stave off the threats to my digital reputation long enough; I defended my relevance at all cost. But said cost turned into debt, and those debts are all that has been remembered
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july 2014 by straup – awlaki secret drone memo #f42b18e78eede85ed6852c74c1632fa0
In an editorial today, The New York Times condemns the memo for relying on arcane notions of emergency “public authority,” but that criticism misunderstands the memo’s argument. It simply maintains that while private parties are rarely, if ever, authorized to kill another, government authorities may well be—especially when the victim is an enemy fighter in an armed conflict. The memo concludes that al-Awlaki fit that bill, and that his citizenship status did not protect him from being treated like other enemy fighters
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july 2014 by straup – distributed systems and the end of the api #bfb256764faf50497718e087beff9937
When people started hooking up computers over networks, it was natural to want to carry along this notion of using language as a way of naming things we interact with programmatically.  Of course, assigning names is not an issue; doing so is essential to being able to talk about them at all. The problem is that APIs are fundamentally only nominal descriptions. We assign names to the data and operations and objects our programs manipulate, but there is nothing in such a shorthand that talks about the semantics or limits or capabilities of those things. To abuse a Perlisism , the name of a thing is a perfect vehicle for hiding information
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july 2014 by straup – airbus submits patent application for windowless jet cockpit #5307aa0253bfccc8606e8225af7acf03
According to the application, the non-windows cockpit would contain "a screen and associated means for projection (including back-projection)" of various "scenes," including the environment immediately forward of the aircraft, and also "a device with lasers for forming a holographic image" to display items like "a 3D mesh of the earth’s surface," "a hologram representing for example an assistant pilot on the ground," or "a holographic representation…of one or more flight instruments
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july 2014 by straup – sana a #77c26bf1219e3daf1fde26fd70870507
As the plane dips a wing to begin its final approach, I notice that the monochrome ground becomes boxy and pixellated out towards the horizon, where thousands and thousands of tiny cubes seem to rise out of the desert, as if the Yemeni landscape had a bug in its loader
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Apart from the fact that tens of millions of Americans live and travel overseas, additional millions use simple tools called proxies to redirect their data traffic around the world, for business or pleasure. World Cup fans this month have been using a browser extension called Hola to watch live-streamed games that are unavailable from their own countries. The same trick is routinely used by Americans who want to watch BBC video. The NSA also relies routinely on locations embedded in Yahoo tracking cookies, which are widely regarded by online advertisers as unreliable.
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july 2014 by straup – 8139adf8 045a 11e4 8572 4b1b969b6322 story #790fbba105988a7f9ea107f1f7f4b483
The NSA treats all content intercepted incidentally from third parties as permissible to retain, store, search and distribute to its government customers. Raj De, the agency’s general counsel, has testified that the NSA does not generally attempt to remove irrelevant personal content, because it is difficult for one analyst to know what might become relevant to another.
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july 2014 by straup – 8139adf8 045a 11e4 8572 4b1b969b6322 story #43876981d1fd6357cf9b3aa0f3f10de3
The surveillance files highlight a policy dilemma that has been aired only abstractly in public. There are discoveries of considerable intelligence value in the intercepted messages — and collateral harm to privacy on a scale that the Obama administration has not been willing to address.
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july 2014 by straup – 373662 #44ccca7b5945d1d72584f0bd75cb634d
The idea of the Internet as a place of no forgetting might be our contemporary, “secular understanding of continuation,” Meaney says, one that’s exemplified by his video project Big_Sleep. While working with computer scientists and engineers at the National Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee,  Meaney and his collaborator, Amy Szczepanski, wrote a program they called Decasia.PY that perfectly preserves digital files, keeping their encoding intact at high resolutions. The name is a reference—as well as a response—to Bill Morrison’s 2002 film Decasia , which uses found footage to document the decay of nitrate film. Decasia.PY stores digital files in an archival vault codec, which preserves their encoding at high resolutions. But, the catch is, once the files are preserved, “you can never open or view the content again.” The data will always be there, but inaccessible
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july 2014 by straup – 373662 #3d460c0b7d1bfdd169f8cb4eaed0e9d6
When we hear that data lives forever on the internet, it’s hard to understand that it’s sometimes more like garbage that won’t biodegrade than it is a reconstructible fragment
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july 2014 by straup – 373918 #78d04ed0883b85a707815b0d8a94aa29
One of them is a company out of Austin, Texas, called SnapTrends, founded in 2012. They provide a “social listening” service that analyzes posts to provide insights about the circumstances of the poster, one of the most important of which is the poster’s location. The company uses cell tower density, social network knowhow, and various other elements to figure out who is posting what and where. Are you someone who refuses to geo-tag your tweets out of concerns for privacy? Do you turn off your phone’s GPS receiving capability to stay under the proverbial radar? It doesn’t matter to SnapTrends.
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july 2014 by straup – 373918 #5f3b9b634efef429dec303406dfc0530
Open-source intelligence can take a variety of forms, but among the most voluminous, personal and useful is Facebook and Twitter data. The availability of that sort of information is changing the way that DIA trains intelligence operatives. Long gone are the spooks of old who would fish through trash for clues on targets. Here to stay are the eyes looking through your vacation pictures.
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july 2014 by straup – 14bac424 004e 11e4 a3f2 00144feab7de #08b5cacadde71d54719d3df36b654163
Perhaps, however, architects, engineers and airport authorities need to stop thinking in the language of the generic and instead build airports as if they were embedded elements of the metropolis, as grand and solid as the stations once were, buildings scaled to city streets and civic architecture rather than to the blank expanse of runways or to the mega-malls they increasingly resemble.
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july 2014 by straup – 14bac424 004e 11e4 a3f2 00144feab7de #2114b4dfe5a347d749364226f296afb8
Possibly most impressive of all, however, is the weird and wonderful world of Georgia’s aesthetically integrated transport infrastructure. Here almost the whole caboodle has been entrusted to German architect J Mayer H. Everything from border crossings to motorway service stations have been turned into opportunities for audacious national branding. Mestia’s Queen Tamar airport might be a tiddler, with its terminal building bent upwards like a paper clip to create a viewing tower, but it is also a symbol of a country that is using airports – and everything else it builds – to signal an identity.
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july 2014 by straup – what we mean when we say service transformation #3248c51b4bc10447bca0a2ed6f98bb99
This is an example of failure waste , and it’s endemic in public services. It leads to a huge amount of inefficiency and cost to government, and an unknowable amount of problems for users. In short, we shouldn’t be running public services with word processor macros.
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july 2014 by straup – 1e9a1886c4e4 #2857db23e9edc3324514e2e56c1e889d
In writing this essay, I’ve even become almost paralyzingly confused about the implications of publishing it. The thing we’ve learned to hope for, when sharing something we’ve created online, is that it goes, well, viral. We, as individuals, gain cachet when something we make goes viral, but that cachet is resting on infrastructures that I don’t trust, as a matter of course. What “going viral” means is that something has been shared widely across a platform that displays a count of user behavior. This means that our personal and heartfelt work legitimizes platforms when anything we do goes viral
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july 2014 by straup – 373819 #af8277ee24fe109c83458fc76c7acd69
What we do know is that Facebook, like many social media platforms, is an experiment engine: a machine for making A/B tests and algorithmic adjustments, fueled by our every keystroke
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july 2014 by straup – difficult bequest history smithsonian 2 #bb481439d8905e0abc25b25191f54cae
Many museums struggle with articulating their purpose, but the Smithsonian is particularly burdened by a mandate fraught with contradictions. It is expected to be all things to all people: a museum “of the people” and yet a place for elite scholarship; a museum that honors the free-minded pursuit of culture and yet doesn’t offend mainstream mores; a museum that serves the interests of Congress and is yet historically objective; a museum that selects, curates, and filters, but is all-inclusive; a museum that represents living culture and is yet a repository of objects; and finally, a museum at the vanguard of historiography and museum practice, yet governed by stakeholders with contempt for academic trends. The Smithsonian’s tortured bureaucratic maneuverings magnify the awkward fit between intellectual inquiry and American pragmatism; to some degree, the Smithsonian spells the fate of culture in mainstream America
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july 2014 by straup – difficult bequest history smithsonian 2 #e8a9b5469b26c928821df358aabe0d8f
Their function in a museum is not so much to represent history — they are not yet historical artifacts — but to accessorize personal memory
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july 2014 by straup – what tech offices tell us about the future of work #ab659d79786834a1149dedb4a9530d1e
In 2014, an invitation to a tech office is the industry’s version of an invitation to the home of a new friend or business partner. To be invited to the office symbolises trust and hospitality, a desire to share one’s culture and good fortune, so that when one enters the tech company as a visitor, one expects to be entertained, dined, and acculturated in the values and tastes of the company
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july 2014 by straup – difficult bequest history smithsonian 2 #c1f36ba5fc95a82b84b0e91c71dd4cc3
By that point, the Smithsonian had discovered that acquiring objects mollified Congress’s recurring complaints that the institution didn’t seem to do anything. Objects were tangible and concrete, and lists of objects satisfied the American emphasis on results. Thus, in the late 19th century, the Smithsonian reoriented itself around an aggressive collecting policy, funding expeditions to faraway places and amassing hordes of cultural artifacts and natural history specimens. In one seven-year span, from 1882 to 1889, the division of Arts and Industries alone acquired 3 million objects. Today the Smithsonian maintains some 400 buildings, encompassing 19 different museums and galleries, nine research facilities, and a zoo. The institution welcomes 30 million visitors a year (the New York Metropolitan reports about 5 million; the Louvre close to 10), and its collection comprises some 137 million objects. In other words, it exceeds Smithson’s most vainglorious hopes.  .
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july 2014 by straup – being a times square elmo #fd391132c3fe13d2cbdbee470b567437
I recalled something that Tompkins, from the Times Square Alliance, had told me: Times Square is the closest thing to Disney World that many of these tourists have ever experienced. (His point was that they could perhaps be forgiven, now and again, for skimping on tips; the Times Square scene could feel more like a show, put on for ambient amusement, than a web of business transactions
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july 2014 by straup – valley of the meatpuppets #afb7ad839817e15300b10e29e2950998
To a more multidimensional world with plurality of histories, presents and futures will help reveal the manufactured promises, and give us the capacity to choose, navigate and manoeuvre our journeys. In this lies the idea of taking the long view, looking at long stretches of the past, to see these evolving new ways of being from an imaginary vantage point in a future
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july 2014 by straup – valley of the meatpuppets #c9ab17c68dbff33819a94ab32ff86bd2
The connecting thread that runs through them is the scale and diversity of ways in we are actually experiencing an increasing ambiguity about where autonomy lies in the ever growing intricate relationships between people (citizens), technologies (of machine intelligence) and architectures of control (state and non-state actors including JTRIG, 4GS, Serco and many more
motive  superflux  highlights  from:dogeared  url:2e0c30579f06e39b864f5352aadf63f9  dt:year=2014  dt:month=07  dt:day=02  dt:timestamp=1404324143 
july 2014 by straup – valley of the meatpuppets #219c57d236f7d3dcc6e9e3d2f8759be7
Like one min you see Edward Snowden on the 24 hour news cycle, and the next minute, your child might be playing with Snowden and Assange action figures, as they attempt to make their escape through the playmobil airport security check point
superflux  snowden  highlights  from:dogeared  url:2e0c30579f06e39b864f5352aadf63f9  dt:year=2014  dt:month=07  dt:day=02  dt:timestamp=1404324143 
july 2014 by straup – fjcc4 #fff5325bf093bce10d129cdc0e787138
The exception is the root directory, or root, at the root of the tree. Although it is not explicitly pointed to from any directory, the root is implicitly pointed to by a fictitious branch which is known to the file system
unix  whosonfirst  highlights  from:dogeared  url:c6033db8edc541b0f40afa7a9a0b6d84  dt:year=2014  dt:month=07  dt:day=01  dt:timestamp=1404246533 
july 2014 by straup – symposium in riley v california a unanimous supreme court sets out fourth amendment for digital age #1b85db29a4ce910805358aa6c49409b1
Addressing the government’s claim that there is little difference between the search of cellphone data and the physical search the Court had previously allowed following an arrest, Roberts said, “That is like saying a ride on horseback is materially indistinguishable from a flight to the moon. Both are ways of getting from point A to point B, but little else justifies lumping them together
law  mobile  privacy  scotus  highlights  from:dogeared  url:d840ed636c9a59c7c92803cfb636f4f0  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=27  dt:timestamp=1403916142 
june 2014 by straup – symposium in riley v california a unanimous supreme court sets out fourth amendment for digital age #5026f1577ab1bbac8ac6a2f73c7b6b2f
The Court rejected outright the government’s proposal that agencies “‘develop protocols to address’ concerns raised by cloud computing.” The Chief Justice stated plainly that “the Founders did not fight a revolution to gain the right to government agency protocols
law  mobile  privacy  scotus  cloudcastles  highlights  from:dogeared  url:d840ed636c9a59c7c92803cfb636f4f0  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=27  dt:timestamp=1403916062 
june 2014 by straup – the war nerd googles big new dog #8cec0a3fc7a5378f6477444e18d14f46
For that matter, why is Big Dog a robot? It’s a small vehicle, with legs instead of wheels, but there’s no evidence it can choose its own route or mission. With a little help from Google, your Nissan can drive home without your touching the steering wheel, but that doesn’t seem to qualify it as a “robot” or entitle it to a fraction of the press Big Dog is getting
robots  motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:87e69455e542d851e216489bcd0bd975  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=27  dt:timestamp=1403882286 
june 2014 by straup – yapcna 2014 keynote programmin #be50d758d87a028e5a43fc7d1eb43d45
The world of 2034 is going to superficially, outwardly, resemble the world of 2014, subject to some obvious minor differences — more extreme weather, more expensive gas — but there are going to be some really creepy differences under the surface. In particular, with the build-out of the internet of things and the stabilization of standards once the semiconductor revolution has run its course, the world of 2034 is going to be dominated by metadata
metadata  highlights  from:dogeared  url:6584bcbe035a32aacf52c6c0d491eabf  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=27  dt:timestamp=1403882282 
june 2014 by straup – the war nerd googles big new dog #8793cb0d39a5c3335ed07d85aa5dcf4a
Mines don’t need any help, once in place. They never get bored or distracted. They remain in place until their sensors are triggered, and then they detonate. It doesn’t matter if the war ended years ago; they’re still not distracted or bored. Dull is not a problem for a land mine
highlights  from:dogeared  url:87e69455e542d851e216489bcd0bd975  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=27  dt:timestamp=1403882282 
june 2014 by straup – yapcna 2014 keynote programmin #e655e811a7e5bccab5d6ec04bb4950fd
At the same time, the amount of infrastructure you need to build at ground level to support a given air route — namely two airports — is pretty much constant however far apart the airports are, whereas the cost of railroad tracks scales linearly with the distance. A 2000 mile railroad route costs at least ten times as much as a 200 mile railroad route, and takes ten times as long to traverse. Whereas a 2000 mile plane journey — given jet airliners traveling at 500 mph — costs no more to build and little more to operate than a 200 mile route. Furthermore, a big chunk of the duration of any airline flight is a fixed overhead, the latency imposed by pre-flight boarding and post-flight unloading. Assuming two hours at the start and one hour at the end of the journey, a 2000 mile flight may take seven hours, only twice the duration of a 200 mile flight. So air wipes the floor with rail once we cross a critical time threshold of about three hours
highlights  from:dogeared  url:6584bcbe035a32aacf52c6c0d491eabf  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=27  dt:timestamp=1403874121 
june 2014 by straup – citizen bezos amazon #80b2e71fe6847fc358fe23b7e2b66234
Starting late in 2009, six major book publishers worked out a deal with Apple that would effectively raise typical digital prices to between $12.99 and $14.99. Under the terms, the publishers would receive less money per book than they would from Amazon at $9.99. Yet they were willing to accept short-term losses to defend “consumer perception of the value of a book,” as a federal judge later wrote
amazon  papernet  books  highlights  from:dogeared  url:14c38d5de66079c6624cc78af977f99b  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=23  dt:timestamp=1403569451 
june 2014 by straup – Untitled PDF Document #1403362685035 #aa72ce6e1c776a998dd5f699d7d13dca
The spread of Unix was enabled by a major effort of Dennis and Steve Johnson to make both Unix and C portable across machines. The value of portability of applications had long been recognized, but operating systems, which brokered the interaction between applications and hardware, had been seen as inherently tied to the hardware. Yet from a more general perspective an operating system is just a program that happens to run forever. Only small corners of it deal with the idiosyncrasies of a particular machine
unix  portability  highlights  from:dogeared  url:00dc5f18581ae629b1c3f5e2919977c8  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=23  dt:timestamp=1403533335 
june 2014 by straup – conjecture scalable machine learning in hadoop with scalding #558118a5e83194c331b15f76ce84a2a4
Many machine learning frameworks store features in a purely numerical format. While storing information as, for instance, an array of doubles is far more compact than our “string-keyed vectors”, model interpretation and introspection becomes much more difficult. The choice to store the names of features along with their numeric value allows us to easily inspect for any weirdness in our input, and quickly iterate on models by finding the causes of problematic predictions
etsy  devel  highlights  from:dogeared  url:039d27e86926163495e2a7842a353282  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=22  dt:timestamp=1403471011 
june 2014 by straup – ?tid=HP lede #c5980129e0494b0e6446101a2e5e4cb5
The documents describe a multitude of costly mistakes by remote-control pilots. A $3.8 million Predator carrying a Hellfire missile cratered near Kandahar in January 2010 because the pilot did not realize she had been flying the aircraft upside-down. Later that year, another armed Predator crashed nearby after the pilot did not notice he had squeezed the wrong red button on his joystick, putting the plane into a spin.
drones  highlights  from:dogeared  url:78633bed34dc74e5212f9979e6780d49  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=21  dt:timestamp=1403358777 
june 2014 by straup – the object offline 656448397bbb #b9f3af7910e7caf857ca1d1359625ac5
The Robocop statue is the maybe most successful trolling ever. It’s a very large memento of a viral moment. But it’s more than that. The Robocop statue gives its backers a kind of immortality. This thing they created confirms that they exist.
kickstarter  robocop  highlights  from:dogeared  url:b15e4f68da3520f32a22c574017b930a  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=20  dt:timestamp=1403269229 
june 2014 by straup – 372107 #b2d8916139c2785e91cb9e785057a258
Given an absence of evidence either way, why not choose the more aggressive interpretation: Everything that takes place on the bridge of the Tamarian vessel during the episode is encapsulated into the single move, “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.” So dense and rich is Tamarian speech, that these five words are sufficient to direct a whole crew to carry out an entire stratagem over two days’ time, and not by following a script, but by embracing it as a guiding abstraction
motive  ibogost  startrek  highlights  from:dogeared  url:c63f8911cc6c3b9ea0177764cd85df8c  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=19  dt:timestamp=1403187150 
june 2014 by straup – the physics of stamp collecting #955d1840ef4b3aa10c84fa9d30adc4aa
Collecting is a way of tokenizing an open, unstructured domain in the form of an evolving vocabulary. It is a process that allows you to structure your understanding while you’re learning
archive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:04709ec95d06e4be1bb2aee7fc17d246  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=19  dt:timestamp=1403187150 
june 2014 by straup – the physics of stamp collecting #dfdbf4b8e41be7591e27d43b4c786f50
By the time my enthusiasm for airplanes leveled off sometime in the 10th grade, I knew the entire history of the twentieth century through the lens of the airplanes that were used to fight its wars. I became unpredictably good at history trivia in ways actual trivia buffs couldn’t grok, thanks to airplanes. I understood the structure of the global economy through the lens of commercial flight
airplanes  history  highlights  from:dogeared  url:04709ec95d06e4be1bb2aee7fc17d246  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=19  dt:timestamp=1403187150 
june 2014 by straup – 372107 #643408ac2a70ab38b980fefe6b021b6d
Allegory might have been a better term for explaining Tamarian. While metaphor represents one subject as similar to another object, allegory replaces one with another entirely. Allegory’s veiled language is powerful, because allegories effectively freeze time, making a historical or fictional scenario immortal. Allegory is what makes it possible for us to continue to derive lessons from the Old and New Testaments, week after week, homily after homily
language  ibogost  startrek  highlights  from:dogeared  url:c63f8911cc6c3b9ea0177764cd85df8c  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=19  dt:timestamp=1403187150 
june 2014 by straup – the physics of stamp collecting #77ef4e6b110357d7a652ab1a0846f36a
After reading a couple of fat world history books in high school, I finally understood what might draw people to stamps, matchbooks and other cultural tokens: they allow you to organize your understanding of culture and history in ways that follow the contours of your own thoughts, rather than those of professional historians
history  archive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:04709ec95d06e4be1bb2aee7fc17d246  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=19  dt:timestamp=1403187148 
june 2014 by straup – the physics of stamp collecting #688cd1f3df3390ed29273bccdd24c08b
But there’s another kind of edge: a horizon. A horizon is what you see when you see when you get to the edge of the realized possible, without exhausting possibility itself. Stamp collecting is the process of chasing after that horizon, and in all but the simplest of domains, can go on indefinitely. Physics may define the boundary of the possible but stamp collecting defines the essence of it. If physics separates the possible from the impossible, stamp collecting separates the realized from the unrealized
highlights  from:dogeared  url:04709ec95d06e4be1bb2aee7fc17d246  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=19  dt:timestamp=1403187148 
june 2014 by straup – buzzfeeds jonah peretti goes long e98cf13160e7 #106e564b524c1beb7277110e33ae20c0
I feel like what you see in the industry now is people jumping around and trying to find the God metric for content. It’s all about shares or it’s all about time spent or it’s all about pages or it’s all about uniques. The problem is you can only optimize one thing and you have to pick, otherwise all you’re doing is making a bunch of compromises if you try to optimize for multiple things. So you pick the one that matters and maybe you have minimum thresholds for a few others. The problem with that is that the natural inclination, if one metric is seen as the important, true metric
highlights  from:dogeared  url:2ad7d6d74678a1d467b2460bc585443c  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=18  dt:timestamp=1403148037 
june 2014 by straup – buzzfeeds jonah peretti goes long e98cf13160e7 #b24ffa1043bc514f7dd904b18eeb0e33
When we have something that’s a hit, usually our response is not, “Let’s do more of those.” Our response is, “Let’s figure why this is a hit and make variations of this.” This was successful because it was tied to someone’s identity, it was successful because it had cats in it, or it was successful because it had humor, or it was successful because it tapped into nostalgia. If you’re making entertainment content, which is a big part of what we do, you look at that hit and you say, “Why was that successful? Can I do it again? Can I make something else that people really love and want to share?” And you try to vary it, even though you know doing something derivative would work. Long term, you want to have a deeper understanding of how to make great things. That’s really the focus. That comes from people in a room talking and saying, “Oh, let’s try this, let’s try that.” And valuing people doing new things, not just valuing people doing big things
highlights  from:dogeared  url:2ad7d6d74678a1d467b2460bc585443c  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=18  dt:timestamp=1403148035 
june 2014 by straup – buzzfeeds jonah peretti goes long e98cf13160e7 #3e7ffc75437559d8a8320be5d777212a
So there’s not going to be one metric that you look at. I love metrics and I love thinking about optimization, but I think that the optimal state is being slightly suboptimal because as soon as you try to actually optimize, particularly for a single metric, you end up finding that the best way to optimize for that metric ends up perverting the metric and making the metric mean the opposite of what it used to mean
metrics  motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:2ad7d6d74678a1d467b2460bc585443c  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=18  dt:timestamp=1403148035 
june 2014 by straup – 140623fa fact lepore?currentPage=all #e8c89faccc3d51feb5ab829d8eb6b271
The idea of progress—the notion that human history is the history of human betterment—dominated the world view of the West between the Enlightenment and the First World War. It had critics from the start, and, in the last century, even people who cherish the idea of progress, and point to improvements like the eradication of contagious diseases and the education of girls, have been hard-pressed to hold on to it while reckoning with two World Wars, the Holocaust and Hiroshima, genocide and global warming. Replacing “progress” with “innovation” skirts the question of whether a novelty is an improvement: the world may not be getting better and better but our devices are getting newer and newer
highlights  from:dogeared  url:271a85f92e668ef06e51c5730778124e  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=16  dt:timestamp=1402979056 
june 2014 by straup – selling out is meaningless 3450a5bc98d2 #b458cb74d2feb13e674c19c23fc49987
Today’s teens are certainly living in a world with phenomenally famous pop stars, but they are also experiencing the greatest levels of fragmentation ever. Rather than relying on the radio for music recommendations, they turn to YouTube and share media content through existing networks, undermining industrial curatorial control. As a result, I constantly meet teens whose sense of the music industry is radically different than that of peers who live next in the next town over. The notion of selling out requires that there is one reigning empire. That really isn’t the case anymore
highlights  from:dogeared  url:eb6b907ddf72e40f13b591c58634192d  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=16  dt:timestamp=1402979052 
june 2014 by straup – 051d5924 2790 11e3 b3e9 d97fb087acd6 story #19eb6c637e7750b41d5e10576b4931ab
Sit in a room at the National Gallery and watch the people watching the art. You’ll be treated to a silent serenade of flashes and the quiet clicks of cameras, with, now and then, the gentle hum of a lens focusing. Nearly everyone looks by photographing, the camera a filter between them and the image before them. A museum offers the chance to see works of art in the flesh, without intermediary; for many people, the response to this is to get the artwork into the form of an image as fast as possible. How do we look? We take a picture
highlights  from:dogeared  url:cd167c80931063c09dec99ecb88483c4  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=16  dt:timestamp=1402920965 
june 2014 by straup – 051d5924 2790 11e3 b3e9 d97fb087acd6 story #d68a5e6e144bc03b58b3c6f84b909790
And yet, on some level, I embrace the picture-takers. Their actual pictures aren’t really the point. What you document, when you photograph a painting, or a view, or a person, is not the subject alone, but you looking at the subject; and this is as true of an amateur snapshot of Renoir’s “ A Girl With a Watering Can ” as it is of your house, your dog, your child. Yes, the museum’s official image is “better.” The colors look different in your snapshot; there’s a glare on the canvas; the rectangle of the frame comes out in the picture like a trapezoid, because there were so many people in the room and you had to stand at an angle. But that proves you were in the room with the painting to begin with. Our photos assert our own presence in the world around us, bearing witness to what we’ve done and where we’ve been. Like the snapshot of the celebrity in the airport, these images have far more meaning to you than the best professional photo, and almost none to anybody else.
highlights  from:dogeared  url:cd167c80931063c09dec99ecb88483c4  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=16  dt:timestamp=1402920956 
june 2014 by straup – winning formula one future of data and sport #573e5921341bdd2c1bae168847ba93c3
From the basic grid design to the feature and department selection to the choice of production (using Newspaper Club , running on traditional newspaper presses), the aim was to create something tangible, accessible, and even realistic—after all, despite the claims of some, print isn't dead yet, and it's even taking on new life in some areas. Print will still be the key touchpoint for sport and cultural information for hundreds of millions worldwide in four or five years, just as it has been for the past hundred or more. Change takes time
designfiction  sportsball  papernet  highlights  from:dogeared  url:66566aaa32e9e265e05508ade6f69c96  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=13  dt:timestamp=1402668944 
june 2014 by straup – Qv4DhNLIRGI #4116c5495fbb79a8f104c05a56eb5d99
The characteristic feature of closed-world competitions is that there is a clear and unambiguous external error feedback signal from an authoritative source that also supplies extrinsic rewards such as money and status. Learning to incorporate that signal in your ongoing deliberate practice is the purpose of the metacognition.
motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:531c9479db625fe1d44fa3f9fd8e8ad1  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=13  dt:timestamp=1402668864 
june 2014 by straup – docker misconceptions #f7228d0fdbfa261f2a6cbf2c7a2a34ad
Service discovery is very useful when you get to very large scales and are using auto-scaling. In those cases it becomes too costly and problematic to manage hard-coded service locations. However, service discovery apps introduce more complexity, magic, and point of failures, so don't use them unless you absolutely need to. Instead, explicitly define your servers in your configurations for as long as you can
sysadmin  highlights  from:dogeared  url:f1f9c5790be02aede60f2713e1095333  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=13  dt:timestamp=1402668864 
june 2014 by straup – Qv4DhNLIRGI #73d4fe7f4726b4bc52e9fcfa5fbd9172
Under such conditions, repetition for 10,000 hours becomes important not as a way to achieve perfection, but as a way to get the law of large numbers to work in your favor
highlights  from:dogeared  url:531c9479db625fe1d44fa3f9fd8e8ad1  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=13  dt:timestamp=1402668864 
june 2014 by straup – 31838 #08c6c2d71d9d01cf490549c49f2b204f
Is the Nest really an heir to the Round? Or is it merely a decorative object (that leaf!) whose real functionality has been off-loaded to the cloud, where it is business as usual. This bothers me, partly because it seems like you can get easily-programmable functionality under the nouveau-Dreyfuss hood without an app. And second, why isn't this just an app? People are paying $250 for the pleasure of something better looking on their wall, but there's no real need, and little long term purpose, for it to be round. The Honeywell Round was easier to use than the competition because of its hardware, while the Nest is easier to use than the competition because of its software. The really sustainable move would be software for all the programmable thermostats, not a proprietary system for design geeks. Can there be a Linux of HVAC? Maybe the truly iconic 21st-century thermostat would be an invisible one
design  dreyfuss  highlights  from:dogeared  url:99a37a1b1e9801af119998519ebf1dea  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=12  dt:timestamp=1402612074 
june 2014 by straup – the history of entertainment weekly #7daaab114b5e8cec84bbf9c758c066b3
When EW panned Pretty Woman in March—"slow, earnest, and rhythmless," wrote Owen Gleiberman, slagging off Julia Roberts on the way—the Time Inc. bosses were livid. Not because Pretty Woman was a Time Warner product in need of protection—the film was from Disney—but because "it was irresponsible not to acknowledge its value as popular entertainment
highlights  from:dogeared  url:3f98fee58b4d3fef53ac0c524875dffd  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=12  dt:timestamp=1402583205 
june 2014 by straup – a drone was caught spying on france at the world cup #40d78127609b6961834bd6e37fe755a6
But this year’s " The Last Game " was an entirely new, full-on CGI take of famous players playing in an epic grudge match against clones. The opening has a Prometheus feel to it, with the same creepy English villain championing human evolution. In this iteration, the clones lose, but you can’t help but think Nike is tacitly aware of the discussions surrounding future replacements for players. And the idea is more interesting when you consider there’s an entire shadow World Cup for robots that plans on producing a robo-team capable of beating human players by the mid-21st century
sportsball  drones  nike  highlights  from:dogeared  url:aad7c492aaef6973e0e668b41e6c4280  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=12  dt:timestamp=1402583205 
june 2014 by straup – spectacular sports visualisations #94d912bb8a23c7b2a260607f8df552ed
This total release of the visible “point of view” from any “human” viewpoint corresponds to the perceived freeing of decision-making from human error
stml  sportsball  motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:3ca1b99e8d96359f55b4657616a69068  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=10  dt:timestamp=1402420221 
june 2014 by straup – spectacular sports visualisations #eb63a091d0190d3a95f003d6b6c03a08
Sporting fields have become the testing grounds for these technologies, providing as they do enclosed, hermetic fields of view, and strictly managed rules of movement and engagement - the kind of laboratory only dreamt of by scientists developing surveillance and monitoring platforms for military and urban situations, their most common applications
stml  sportsball  motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:3ca1b99e8d96359f55b4657616a69068  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=10  dt:timestamp=1402420221 
june 2014 by straup – displacement new translation #3cc761cb7ed742684d5329c4d36d4043
Displacement, on a larger scale, is no different. Acid rain is displaced weather. Petroleum is displaced prehistoric life. Nuclear waste from Fukushima washing up on the shores of California is displaced industry. Melting polar ice caps are displaced Ice Age. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is displaced geography, a displaced landmass comprised of displaced rubbish
highlights  from:dogeared  url:c8634dbcba4a922dbfab31f337edf950  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=10  dt:timestamp=1402420225 
june 2014 by straup – Trusting Browser Code #0f599714519162d4ad6359d15e1a47f5 , a secure-offline-backup provider, has a more so­phis­ti­cat­ed war­rant ca­nary ; a doc­u­men­t, signed with their key, as­sert­ing that no war­rants have been served on them, con­tain­ing headlines-of-the-day scraped from a well-known news­pa­per
surveillance  security  motive  highlights  from:dogeared  url:2bd7809cabb86c732b128ab308186421  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=10  dt:timestamp=1402420225 
june 2014 by straup – 6 12 tiles #d3c14ebf2cdb2c87e3120da9b2ab820d
So, who knows someone with guanxi at Boeing? Or how to file a more usefully specific request with NASA? Or a FOIA/archives wizard to talk to? I’ll pay as much as a really fancy dinner for one-time retrieval costs, but I’m not looking to cut any kind of special deal for access. The data is taxpayer-funded and of special historical importance, and should be free. If whoever’s sitting on it now wants to play landlord with the heritage of the contemporary manufacturing process, it can wait another generation
vruba  archive  space  highlights  from:dogeared  url:1b86ed0da2e25232ee494b3779ba7cf9  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=10  dt:timestamp=1402420226 
june 2014 by straup – Untitled PDF Document #1402154680309 #90c1c57dc2cb6a17e2c5e2fa6700c225
Probably the most important thing I learned in talking to the folks building TVs and VCRs was that their priorities were quite different from ours in the computer industry. Whereas five years ago our mantra was compatibility, the consumer elec- tronics industry considered secure networking, portability, and cost far more important. And when compatibility did become an issue, they limited notions of compatibility to well-defined interfaces— unlike the computer industry where the most ubiq- uitous interface around, namely DOS, is full of secret back doors that make life extremely difficult
portability  highlights  from:dogeared  url:f5f6be97eb326eea97a5300679fb1016  dt:year=2014  dt:month=06  dt:day=10  dt:timestamp=1402420226 
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