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Thoughts on Google+ — Medium
When it comes right down to it, maybe I just don’t want to admit that I spent 3½ years working on something that will become irrelevant. Even if Google+ regains focus and simplifies its mission, I want to believe that we were working on something significant and that had an opinion about what the world should look like. Lately, I just feel like Google+ is confused and adrift at sea.
november 2014 by straup
Letter from Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer | if:book #acd57267db23d2153e44b811ff8978ab
We are afraid of Google. I must state this very clearly and frankly, because few of my colleagues dare do so publicly. And as the biggest among the small, perhaps it is also up to us to be the first to speak out in this debate. You wrote it yourself in your book: “We believe that modern technology platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, are even more powerful than most people realize (…), and what gives them power is their ability to grow –specifically, their speed to scale. Almost nothing, short of a biological virus, can scale as quickly, efficiently or aggressively as these technology platforms and this makes the people who build, control, and use them powerful too.”
google  highlights  from:instapaper  dt:year=2014  dt:month=05  dt:day=07  url:8e3757fc10e9f4612d01b6d07a34514a 
may 2014 by straup
Letter from Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer | if:book #44943cf90fefc4ef331d27cb96ae6d4d
This means,in plain language, that we –and many others –are dependent on Google. At the moment Google has a 91.2 percent search-engine market share in Germany. In this case, the statement “if you don’t like Google, you can remove yourself from their listings and go elsewhere”is about as realistic as recommending to an opponent of nuclear power that he just stop using electricity.
google  baselines  highlights  from:instapaper  dt:year=2014  dt:month=05  dt:day=07  url:8e3757fc10e9f4612d01b6d07a34514a 
may 2014 by straup
The Black Stack | e-flux #55033b2d5f2441cb4e6fb9d0bb3ef3bc
The immediate geographical drama of the Cloud layer is seen most directly in the ongoing Sino-Google conflicts of 2008 to the present: China hacking Google, Google pulling out of China, the NSA hacking China, the NSA hacking Google, Google ghostwriting books for the State Department, and Google wordlessly circumventing the last instances of state oversight altogether, not by transgressing them but by absorbing them into its service offering. Meanwhile, Chinese router firmware bides its time.
bratton  nsa  motive  google  china  highlights  from:instapaper  dt:year=2014  dt:month=03  dt:day=06  url:07cf27888ae3a2304d0a8ebec20ceea7 
march 2014 by straup
Manhattancraft: The quest to make a full-size city of Minecraft blocks | Ars Technica
While generating a building or a single structure is tough but doable, the challenges of replicating an entire city composed of those building models are gargantuan. The buildings are an expression of a larger system that Mitchell is pulling together that he has termed "SparseWorld." According to a paper Mitchell wrote for the magazine Technophilic, the system combines "orthoimagery, bathyspheric, and elevation data from the USGS EROS service, and 3D buildings from Google’s 3D Warehouse" to create models. In the case of Manhattan, it takes a server cluster with 300 cores and 200GB of RAM a few hours to render Mitchell's current best version of a model of Manhattan.

"I owe some mentorship on how to interact with USGS data to the author of the TopoMC tool," Mitchell told Ars via e-mail. The TopoMC project itself handles models best when scaling them 1:6, but Mitchell rewrote TopoMC to better handle 1:1 scaling for SparseWorld. In Minecraft, one block is considered equal to one cubic meter, so that becomes the limit on how granular the Manhattan model can be.

The entire SparseWorld system is written in Python and uses Google 3D Warehouse data in the Collada format, as well as the PyCollada library, to create voxelized virtual models of available buildings. Initially, the system figured out the rectangular prism that contained the building in question and then filled it in with Minecraft stone. A later version "iterates over the surface of the [building] mesh rather than the volume of the enclosing prism" to reduce complexity.
minecraft  buildingequalsyes  nyc  python  google 
march 2014 by straup
Glass, Darkly #137c97533d1bc9fcf96b71ad1766c812
I still didn’t want to buy Glass, or wear Glass, or allow Glass to fathom my deepest longings in a SKU code. But I did want to be included in its future, to walk the path cut by its wearable promise. If that required a willful deafness to the chirping of my critical faculties, so be it. It seemed nothing more was asked of me than to possess a store of ingenuity and optimism, and a genuine openness to adoption, which was really nothing more than change.
google  glass  highlights  from:instapaper  dt:year=2014  dt:month=01  dt:day=07  url:620531814163f8ca4f6181205759f0a2 
january 2014 by straup
The Log: What every software engineer should know about real-time data's unifying abstraction | LinkedIn Engineering #e370e7c1355d3ca9edd27aa26f120a4c
Not everyone loves logical time for their logs. Google's new database tries to use physical time and models the uncertainty of clock drift directly by treating the timestamp as a range.
google  spacetime  highlights  from:instapaper  dt:year=2014  dt:month=01  dt:day=05  url:9bfbca5f26fecfbeba35a833837ee462 
january 2014 by straup
Google+ #09e620d7d95cb3685593701ffcd6b313
We designed this system to keep criminals out. There’s no ambiguity here. The warrant system with skeptical judges, paths for appeal, and rules of evidence was built from centuries of hard won experience. When it works, it represents as good a balance as we’ve got between the need to restrain the state and the need to keep crime in check. Bypassing that system is illegal for a good reason.Unfortunately we live in a world where all too often, laws are for the little people. Nobody at GCHQ or the NSA will ever stand before a judge and answer for this industrial-scale subversion of the judicial process. In the absence of working law enforcement, we therefore do what internet engineers have always done - build more secure software. The traffic shown in the slides below is now all encrypted and the work the NSA/GCHQ staff did on understanding it, ruined.
network  nsa  surveillance  google  socialcontract  law  highlights  from:instapaper  dt:year=2013  dt:month=11  dt:day=06  url:c54a31ede6f84aca43c3b4f352586f47 
november 2013 by straup
What Is 'Evil' to Google? #2ff7ad7b9680f56047a4710de048f428
Wiktionary’s entry is but one specimen, but it is exemplary of Google’s seemingly incongruous moral behavior. Understood in the programmer’s sense, “evil” practices are just counter-indicated ones. Things that might seem reasonable in the moment but which will create headaches down the line. This kind of evil is internally-focused, selfish even: it’s perpetrated against the actor rather than the public. Insofar as “bad practice” evils have victims, those victims are always members of the community of its perpetrators. Like the programmer’s stock rejoinder “considered harmful”, a phrase originally used to rejoin uses of GOTO in BASIC, a computational evil is one committed against engineering custom or convention.

This, perhaps, is the most helpful way to understand what Google means when it vows not to be evil. As both users of its products and citizens of the world it increasingly influences and alters, we would be wise to see Google’s concern for evil as a pragmatic matter rather than an ethical one. It’s a self-referential pragmatism, too: “Evils” like GOTO are evil insofar as they prevent a program from being effectively created and maintained, not because they make that program act wickedly. Under this understanding of evil, the virtuous actor is one who does not hinder future action.
google  bogost  evil  motive  highlights  from:instapaper  dt:year=2013  dt:month=10  dt:day=16  url:fdc8340647748353049a857497ab9d8a 
october 2013 by straup
What Is 'Evil' to Google? #5476bf4476570a5ebb6a3ba6703e62ce
The dissonance arises from our failure to understand “evil” as a colloquialism rather than a moral harm. An evil is just a thing that will cause you trouble later on—an engineering impediment. These practical evils are also private ones. Google doesn’t make immoral choices because moral choices are just choices made by Google. This conclusion is already anticipated in the 2004 IPO document, which glosses evil as the failure to do “good things.” At least we’re used to hearing “good” as an ambiguous term that can refer to capacity and validity as much as—and more often than—virtue.

Products and infrastructures eventually degrade, but ideas linger. This verbal frame shift might turn out to be one of Google’s lasting legacies. Google Evil, you might call it: evil as counter-pragmatism, and as an official public policy. As a replacement for a moral compass.
google  bogost  motive  evil  highlights  from:instapaper  dt:year=2013  dt:month=10  dt:day=16  url:fdc8340647748353049a857497ab9d8a 
october 2013 by straup
Google Accused of Wiretapping in Gmail Scans -
“Accepting Google’s theory of implied consent — that by merely sending e-mails to or receiving e-mails from a Gmail user, a non-Gmail user has consented to Google’s interception of such e-mails for any purposes — would eviscerate the rule against interception,”
google  law  email  surveillance  roboteyes  motive 
october 2013 by straup
Forward Retreat #ee7970936da80c04c3811fae47f4630d
Earlier this morning on the Twitter, I pinged a few responses back and forth with Brighton, UK-based curator Honor Harger, who feels that the “unironic” images “aestheticize surveillance and violence.” I disagreed on the former point, as I find the images completely self-aware: Klein clearly composed his shots in a stylized nod to retro futurism, as icons of the present. Fashion, I pointed out, has maintained a sufficiently investigatory relationship with technology.
fashion  google  surveillance  forwardretreat  highlights  from:instapaper  dt:year=2013  dt:month=08  dt:day=28  url:d75e13e7bc188d913da5751324840387 
august 2013 by straup
Convert a Google Drive Document to the Markdown format, suitable for publishing.
google  markdown  googledocs 
august 2013 by straup
Enabling USB Debugging for Nexus 7 on Windows 8 - Hanuk's Microsoft Platform Strategy Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
"Enable Developer Options (settings –> About Tablet –> Build Number (tap 7 times to make Developer Options available in the menu)"

no... really, WTF
android  google  tablet 
august 2013 by straup
Google Glass hacked with malicious QR code to yield its pictures and video #ec80f972dbe685d673f9f7ec1f66e3d2
The Google Glass vulnerability meanwhile points to a new challenge as “connected devices” become more widespread - especially if, like Glass, they lack standard input systems such as keypads and so must rely on image recognition for control.
google  roboteyes  highlights  from:instapaper  dt:year=2013  dt:month=07  dt:day=26  url:f609274f4eafc83194c3c75ea61cacd1 
july 2013 by straup
Google+ #aaf0826027cce530bbc676f1dc499ae4
But the main design principles of App Engine are generic – structure your code so that small front-end workers can respond to requests quickly, pushing longer-running tasks onto a queuing model; separate out short-lived data from long-lived data, and leave the former in memcache and the latter in a key-value store; don’t assume a local file system, because they scale poorly and fail often; don’t hard-code to specific versions of operating systems or libraries; etc. These are good practices for any modern system that strives to be scalable, reliable, efficient and easy to maintain.
google  appengine  highlights  from:instapaper  dt:year=2013  dt:month=07  dt:day=10  url:5cd98f8f60373c80674d86ea7400bce2 
july 2013 by straup
Mirror with Memory and a Blind Spot — Editor's Picks — Medium
"We are hardly talking about images any more. We are talking about experience saved as visuals."
photography  google  jomc 
july 2013 by straup
ChromiumBrowserVsGoogleChrome - chromium - Differences between Google Chrome and Linux distro Chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Google Project Hosting
"In short, Google Chrome is the Chromium open source project built, packaged, and distributed by Google. This table lists what Google adds to the Google Chrome builds."
chrome  chromium  www  google 
june 2013 by straup
Greg Allen: Man With A Pano-cam
"As I do, I immediately began looking for Street View's evidence of itself: the distortions where panoramas are stitched together, and the traces of the photographers who make it. It's information Google is apparently just as interested in eliminating. The promenade includes three mirrored buildings, but every pano is perfectly sited to exclude the Google cameraman. Whether selfies are considered distracting, extraneous, or just undesirable, Google is trying not to photobomb itself.


Is there a Street View equivalent of Moore's Law? Because Google's scanning setup is getting smaller, lighter, and more invisible, and their data turnaround time is dropping. It is now easy to see the convergence of Google Street View and Google Glass, where all the Google-powered devices we wear, carry, and use relay information back to the Server in real time. We will be Google Drones surveilling ourselves and each other within a few years, and most people won't even notice it."
selfies  google  streetview  hongkong  gregallen  surveillance  museums-and-the-network  week10  must 
june 2013 by straup #2141a44142b0efde6578d0938cc695d5
Buying that data set, plus the Waze team, would give a competitor not only a jump start into a mapping platform (the software that draws the maps, geocodes, routes, etc) but also to a proprietary map data base layer. That’s something rare and hard to do. Apple has the platform but not the data (they use TomTom and others). Yahoo and Microsoft use Nokia. No one else, except Nokia and TomTom own their own data.

Google didn’t need that data. They have their own. That’s not why they did this deal. But buying Waze makes sure that none of their competitors get a head start in covering that competitive advantage.

That’s what they were blocking.
geo  maps  google  waze  highlights  from:instapaper  dt:year=2013  dt:month=06  dt:day=13  url:bccb8e7b1cc80e8b777962ad08bb6b16 
june 2013 by straup
Google Maps, Google Plus, Cards, and the Evolution of the Company's Design. : The New Yorker #a44e27adcfd503e828cf02ec61e8b298
For Plus, cards are effective in the same way that Brutalist architecture is; there is an ordered beauty to the cardified Plus. But there is no love.
google  design  highlights  from:instapaper  dt:year=2013  dt:month=05  dt:day=16  url:aa0d24639b18f37645b256ccfb844850 
may 2013 by straup
Junk Drawer – The New Inquiry #50e1bbdf07f58ab2f385193fb5b15332
For example, in Rafman’s photo essay, one of the photos is of a prostitute lying facedown in the street. So I went to that address in Street View, and if you look down the street, [Google] just took out that frame. They just quietly removed it. And the thing is, when you’re clicking down the street, it’s really arbitrary how much distance you’re going, so you would not ever know that it’s missing a frame.
google  roboteyes  highlights  from:instapaper  dt:year=2013  dt:month=05  dt:day=16  url:2d5f23f61b88b4d19aed7e95847cad7c 
may 2013 by straup
"The Tarbell template uses Python Flask and Google Spreadsheets to create simple, static sites that can be baked out to Amazon S3 or your local filesystem."
google  spreadsheets  s3 
may 2013 by straup
Google Is Alive, It Has Eyes, and This Is What It Sees | Raw File |
"His first experiment with it, for example, was a picture he took of a tennis racket. Google sent back a series of pictures that, while similar in tone and shape, had nothing to do with tennis. There was a polar bear, a nuclear missile launch and stock photo of a box of pills, among other things. Instead of being disappointed, Bland was fascinated. He liked that Google was confused.

“The way humans beings understand images is often through their content,” says Bland, a photographer and videographer who lives in London. “We have an instant emotional or intellectual reaction, whereas Google couldn’t see any of that.”"
roboteyes  google  goggles  computervision 
may 2013 by straup
Apple Outsider » Home Turf
"However, the Google – Facebook war is sure to be more vicious than the Google – Apple war because Google and Facebook have the same customers: advertisers. Users are their currency, and Facebook is about to rob the bank."
facebook  google  mobile 
april 2013 by straup
copiesofcopies/youtube-transcription · GitHub
"Scripts to retrieve videos, upload them to YouTube, and retrieve the automatically-generated transcriptions."
python  video  google  api  transcription 
march 2013 by straup
Your favorite Thursday sandwich – #0a91808428c32e55542f8145d07bbe0c
And unfortunately for users, Google doesn’t owe anyone a “conversation” about what they do with their products. Companies can do whatever they want. They could shut down Gmail tomorrow if it made business sense. There wouldn’t be a conversation.
google  highlights  from:instapaper  dt:year=2013  dt:month=03  dt:day=23  url:7849da373cab7a64524614781029bedc 
march 2013 by straup
Your favorite Thursday sandwich –
"I don’t mind using Dropbox because it’s compatible with responsible practices. If Dropbox goes away, you still have a folder full of files, and there will always be other ways to sync folders full of files between computers. Even if Dropbox’s client somehow screws up and deletes all of its files, you can just restore them from a backup, because it’s just a folder full of regular files on your computer.

When most “cloud” companies or proprietary platforms cease to exist, they fall out of the sky like a plane without power, and everything is lost. Dropbox failing or ceasing to exist would be more like a train losing power: it stops moving, but everything’s still there and everyone’s fine, albeit mildly inconvenienced."
archive  cloudcastles  google  dropbox  marco 
march 2013 by straup
interactive-spaces - An API and Runtime for creating interactive, physical spaces - Google Project Hosting
You can see an example above. There are cameras in the ceiling which are doing blob tracking, in this case the blobs are people walking on the floor. The floor then responds to the blobs by having colored circles appear underneath the feet of someone standing on the floor and then the circles follow that person around.

Interactive Spaces works by having consumers of events, like the floor, connect to producers of events, like those cameras in the ceiling. Any number of producers and consumers can be connected to each other, making it possible to create quite complex behavior in the physical space.
google  publicspace  ubicomp 
march 2013 by straup
Google Admits Street View Project Violated Privacy -
Google on Tuesday acknowledged to state officials that it had violated people’s privacy during its Street View mapping project when it casually scooped up passwords, e-mail and other personal information from unsuspecting computer users.

In agreeing to settle a case brought by 38 states involving the project, the search company for the first time is required to aggressively police its own employees on privacy issues and to explicitly tell the public how to fend off privacy violations like this one.
google  privacy  surveillance 
march 2013 by straup
I used Google Glass: the future, with monthly updates | The Verge
"Some of the issues stemmed from a more common problem: no data. A good data connection is obviously key for the device to function properly, and when taking Glass outside for stroll, losing data or experiencing slow data on a phone put the headset into a near-unusable state.


"At one point during my time with Glass, we all went out to navigate to a nearby Starbucks — the camera crew I’d brought with me came along. As soon as we got inside however, the employees at Starbucks asked us to stop filming. Sure, no problem. But I kept the Glass’ video recorder going, all the way through my order and getting my coffee. Yes, you can see a light in the prism when the device is recording, but I got the impression that most people had no idea what they were looking at. The cashier seemed to be on the verge of asking me what I was wearing on my face, but the question never came. He certainly never asked me to stop filming."
google  network  surveillance 
february 2013 by straup
Facebook policy now clearly bans exporting user data to competing social networks
"Facebook says its platform is designed to enable rich social apps, not serve as a data export tool. The company says apps that aim to export data into networks like Google+ should use the Download Your Information tool, not the platform APIs. However, the format of that export is not necessarily useful for transferring data to another social profile. It includes some email addresses, but only for friends that have opted into sharing this information. The option is buried within the email settings section of account settings, so it’s unlikely that many users have done this.

Google and Facebook blocked or put up roadblocks on importing and exporting data between their services in November 2010. Google had accused Facebook of not supporting data portability because users couldn’t export email addresses of friends, but could import addresses from services like Gmail. Facebook responded by saying the email addresses of friends are not a user’s own data, and therefore they don’t have the right to export them. Meanwhile, it allowed these same email addresses to be exported through Yahoo! Mail and some smaller third-party email services."
archive  walledgardens  lockedbox  google  facebook 
january 2013 by straup
underdevelopment » the incredibly lazy guide to installing mod_pagespeed
"I haven’t fully looked into mod_pagespeed and all its filters and implications there of myself, but I always like following these kinds of lazy quick guides myself to start poking around instead of actually reading something for a change. So i figured I should just make one as well."
apache  google  mod_pagespeed  httpd 
october 2012 by straup
interactive-spaces - An API and Runtime for creating interactive, physical spaces - Google Project Hosting
"You can see an example above. There are cameras in the ceiling which are doing blob tracking, in this case the blobs are people walking on the floor. The floor then responds to the blobs by having colored circles appear underneath the feet of someone standing on the floor and then the circles follow that person around.

Interactive Spaces works by having consumers of events, like the floor, connect to producers of events, like those cameras in the ceiling. Any number of producers and consumers can be connected to each other, making it possible to create quite complex behavior in the physical space.

The initial releases of Interactive Spaces were written with collaboration from the folks at The Rockwell Group's LAB. There were many conversations about how to do this kind of software and Interactive Spaces would not be what it is without their expert knowledge of interactive design, experience, patience, and many scary nights of trying to get the project done.

This is an initial source release. As the final licenses are finished, there will be a binary release. Please see Downloads for a PDF file for documentation. This documentation is in progress."
google  museum  ubicomp  museums-and-the-network  week7  bonus 
july 2012 by straup
"Label overlays for Google Maps"
maps  geo  google  iamcal  css  javascript 
july 2012 by straup
How Google and Microsoft taught search to “understand” the Web | Ars Technica
"The efforts are in part a fruition of ideas put forward by a team from Yahoo Research in a 2009 paper called “A Web of Concepts,” in which the researchers outlined an approach to extracting conceptual information from the wider Web to create a more knowledge-driven approach to search. They defined three key elements to creating a true “web of concepts”:" ... fucking yahoo
google  microsoft  search  whosonfirst 
june 2012 by straup
Google Issues New Warning for State-Sponsored Attacks -
"Starting Tuesday, look out for an unusual warning atop your Gmail inbox, Google home page or Chrome browser. It will not mince words: “Warning: We believe state-sponsored attackers may be attempting to compromise your account or computer.”

Google said it planned to issue the warning anytime it picks up malicious–possibly state-sponsored–activity on a user’s account or computer. How does Google know whether an attack is state-sponsored? It won’t say."

google  surveillance  security  roboteyes 
june 2012 by straup
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