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schollz/find3: High-precision indoor positioning framework, version 3.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
golang  gps  bluetooth  via:geetarista 
march 2018 by straup
Simple commandline tool for unit conversions
golang  conversion 
february 2018 by straup
The gofeed library is a robust feed parser that supports parsing both RSS and Atom feeds. The universal gofeed.Parser will parse and convert all feed types into a hybrid gofeed.Feed model. You also have the option of parsing them into their respective atom.Feed and rss.Feed models using the feed specific atom.Parser or rss.Parser.
golang  syndication  rss  atom 
february 2018 by straup
schollz/snaptext: A simple webapp to send and receive self-destructing messages in real-time.
snaptext - A simple webapp to send and receive self-destructing messages in real-time. :envelope: :zap:
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february 2018 by straup
CSRF protection middleware for Go.
golang  security  csrf 
february 2018 by straup
smartcrop implementation in Go

smartcrop finds good crops for arbitrary images and crop sizes, based on Jonas Wagner's smartcrop.js
golang  via:mapzen 
april 2016 by straup
Blackfriday is a Markdown processor implemented in Go. It is paranoid about its input (so you can safely feed it user-supplied data), it is fast, it supports common extensions (tables, smart punctuation substitutions, etc.), and it is safe for all utf-8 (unicode) input.
golang  markdown  via:mapzen 
september 2015 by straup
Fast parallel version of golang filepath.Walk()

Performs traversals in parallel so set GOMAXPROCS appropriately. Vaues of 8 to 16 seem to work best on my 4-CPU plus 4 SMT pseudo-CPU MacBookPro. The result is about 4x-6x the traversal rate of the standard Walk(). The two are not identical since we are walking the file system in a tumult of asynchronous walkFunc calls by a number of goroutines. So, take note of the following:
golang  filesystem  via:mapzen 
september 2015 by straup
Contribute to libsecurity-go development by creating an account on GitHub.
golang  security  via:pinterb 
august 2015 by straup
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