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Your Git Repository in a Database: Pluggable Backends in libgit2
You can actually use a relational or a NoSQL database, or an in-memory data structure, or something like Amazon S3. This is made possible by the pluggable backends provided by the libgit2 library.
git  database  via:deusx 
july 2015 by straup
Commitbook: photobook of my commits | blog post
A few blog posts back, I decided to take a webcam snapshot on every git commit I do. After doing this for almost a year, I decided to put all the pictures together into a photo album.
git  papernet 
march 2014 by straup
"GitHub now supports rendering GeoJSON files. This makes it easy to collaborate on geo data. GitSpatial provides a spatial API for GeoJSON hosted at GitHub."
git  github  geo  maps  database  search 
september 2013 by straup
"A simple Git client built right into Sketch."
git  design  vector 
september 2013 by straup
More Git and GitHub Secrets
"much like james cameron's avatar git doesn't make any goddamn sense"
git  github 
july 2013 by straup
OpenStreetMap | mikelmaron's diary | National Park Service Mapping
"This allows public domain NPS data to flow into OSM, but what about the other way. Of course, there are license issues. But otherwise, there's the interesting technical question of how to manage, conflate, and synchronize multiple master databases. The NPMaps team are looking at setting up their own infrastructure (ie local osm_website) to manage and collect change. GeoGit is an emerging approach to integrating OSM into GIS workflows. Or perhaps OSM can be something like a monitoring tool for NPS, changes providing details to their own surveyors and cartographers. What's helpful about the NPS case is the very well defined data boundaries, which will make it easier to try different legal and technical approaches to data sharing."
map  community  geo  git  mikel 
february 2013 by straup
1962 - today and tomorrow
"1962 is project by Raphaël Bastide which isn’t that easy to explain. 1962 are sculptures conceptualized using a revision control system and represented physically. Euh … again, Raphaël made a sculpture and documented it on github, a service primarily used by programmers to document and save their code. Then he started to make changes (revisions) to it and also documented those on github. Now you can build that sculpture, thanks to the documentation and you can even modify it as long as you document it on github and let Raphaël know."
git  sculpture  whosonfirst 
january 2013 by straup
"Go to http://localhost:3000/HEAD/test.html to view the file you created. You can replace HEAD with a specific commit version. In the future, git-static will support revision parsing, so you can use short names and aliases for commits such as "0ad4156" or "HEAD~1"."
nodejs  git  httpony  version 
august 2012 by straup
Introducing Prose: A Content Editor for GitHub | Development Seed
a bit like being pie-ed with buzzword bingo and probably requires installing bleeding edge versions of x, y and z but interesting all the same.
github  git  archives  bwr 
june 2012 by straup
"Takes a snapshot with your Mac's built-in iSight webcam every time you git commit code, and archives a lolcat style image with it."
camera  git 
march 2012 by straup
Releasing the collection on GitHub | cooper-hewitt labs
"The idea for using GitHub to host collection datasets had actually been bouncing around since April 2009. Aaron Straup-Cope and I were hanging out in-between sessions at Museums and the Web in Indianapolis talking about Solr, collection data, and APIs. Aaron suggested that GitHub would be the perfect place for museums to dump their collections – as giant text blobs – and certainly better than putting it on their own sites. Then 2010 happened and the early-mover museums all suddenly had built APIs for their collections. Making a text dump was suddenly off the agenda, but that idea of using GitHub still played on my mind.

Now, Cooper-Hewitt is not yet in a suitable position infrastructurally to develop an API for its collection. So when the time came to make release the dataset, that conversation from 2009 suddenly became a reality."
museum  archive  github  cooperhewitt  git 
february 2012 by straup
Code Your Own Multi-User Private Git Server in 5 Minutes - Moocode Blog
"I was recently working on a client project that we converted to git, we hired an agency to work on the front-end for the project and they had four users that needed access. I didn't really want to create them individual accounts on the server so I started thinking how I could securely manage multiple-user access to a git repository running under a single git user without giving them shell access."
git  ssh  security 
october 2011 by straup
gits: git push over Amazon S3
"gits3 is an implementation for git push to use Amazon Simple Storage Services S3 as a remote repository storage"
aws  s3  cloudcastles  git 
september 2011 by straup
danlucraft/git.js - GitHub
"A git implementation in pure JavaScript.

Has two clients:

a command-line node.js client,
and an in-browser repo API for accessing git through the HTTP protocol"
git  javascript  http 
july 2011 by straup
[OSM-talk] How to deal with versioning
"Maybe in the long run we'll throw away our svn-like central database, and everyone can simply fork the planet on github ;)"
historyboxes  osm  versioning  bigdata  git 
june 2011 by straup
apenwarr/bup - GitHub
"bup stores its data in a git-formatted repository. Unfortunately, git itself doesn't actually behave very well for bup's use case (huge numbers of files, files with huge sizes, retaining file permissions/ownership are important), so we mostly don't use git's code except for a few helper programs. For example, bup has its own git packfile writer written in python.

Basically, 'bup split' reads the data on stdin (or from files specified on the command line), breaks it into chunks using a rolling checksum (similar to rsync), and saves those chunks into a new git packfile. There is one git packfile per backup."
backup  git  python 
april 2011 by straup
Alestic Git Server -
"The Alestic Git Server makes it simple to start a new, centralized Git server with an unlimited number of private Git repositories under your control running on an Amazon EC2 instance. The access control for the Git repositories is performed using gitolite, which can be managed almost entirely through a private Git repository."
git  ec2  aws 
april 2011 by straup
» Gitmarks: a peer-to-peer bookmarking system
"Several months ago I was looking for a command-line solution for group bookmark sharing. I couldn’t find one, so I coded up a quick python script that runs on top of git. It’s very much a hack that takes advantage of git to manage users, preserve the URL, the tags, the description of the URL (in the commit message) and also includes the content itself (so it’s grep-able later). If you put it on github, you get the additional commenting and collaboration features."
git  hmason  bookmarks  community  unfinishedhistory  bwr 
april 2011 by straup
rcrowley/gitpaid - GitHub
"Git Paid is a console time tracking program that stores work logs in Git. Currently, it assumes begin and end commits are accurate in time and uses this to generate an invoice. In the future, user-supplied billable hours will be supported."
git  crowley  finance  database 
january 2011 by straup
Python Package Index : geocommit
"Geocommit allows you to attach geolocation information to your commits for later analysis. Everything happens on your machine to protect your privacy, you you need to push the geo annotations explicitly if you want to share them with others." ... weird, but interesting
git  geo  python 
december 2010 by straup
Git Submodules: Adding, Using, Removing, Updating :: Chris Jean
"Unfortunately, this is wrong. Git does not have a built in way to remove submodules. Hopefully this will be resolved in the future, because we now have to do submodule removal manually." ... oh, git...
git  from delicious
november 2010 by straup
Overview — GitDB documentation
"The GitDB project implements interfaces to allow read and write access to git repositories. In its core lies the db package, which contains all database types necessary to read a complete git repository. These are the LooseObjectDB, the PackedDB and the ReferenceDB which are combined into the GitDB to combine every aspect of the git database."
python  git  database  from delicious
november 2010 by straup
The Thing About Git
"Remember that? No? Then you were probably the one shoving nasty shit into your face, but the important thing to understand here is that your uncle is crazy. And so is Git."
git  devel  read_e  from delicious
november 2010 by straup
GitSubmoduleTutorial - Git SCM Wiki
"If you want to make a change within a submodule, you should first check out a branch, make your changes, publish the change within the submodule, and then update the superproject to reference the new commit:" ... git is WEIRD
git  devel  from delicious
october 2010 by straup
Help.GitHub - Changing author info
"If you need to modify the author info in your repo’s history, you can do so with this script." -- git is weird
git  from delicious
october 2010 by straup
We Don't Need a GitHub for Data - Sunlight Labs: Blog
"So let's share our transformations -- our code -- in a social way. I think that'll work fine, and convey real advantages. Better still, the tools are already built. But data is different than code, and we should think carefully before we jam it into the conceptual framework of VCS."
readme  bigdata  community  git  guthub  from delicious
august 2010 by straup
Git Reference
"This is the Git reference site. This is meant to be a quick reference for learning and remembering the most important and commonly used Git commands. The commands are organized into sections of the type of operation you may be trying to do, and will preset the common options and commands needed to accomplish these common tasks."
git  from delicious
june 2010 by straup
minad's git-wiki at master - GitHub
"Git-Wiki is a wiki that stores pages in a Git repository."
git  wiki  ruby  from delicious
may 2010 by straup

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