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Convert Optical Mouse into Arduino Web Camera
「Optical mouse uses a small camera that records surface to calculate movements of the mouse.
In this tutorial I will show you how to display video signal of this camera in your browser.」

arduino  webcam  diy  newaesthetic  via:karlcow 
january 2014 by straup
Arduino - ArduinoBoardYun
The Yún distinguishes itself from other Arduino boards in that it can communicate with the Linux distribution onboard, offering a powerful networked computer with the ease of Arduino. In addition to Linux commands like cURL, you can write your own shell and python scripts for robust interactions.

The Yún is similar to the Leonardo in that the ATmega32u4 has built-in USB communication, eliminating the need for a secondary processor. This allows the Yún to appear to a connected computer as a mouse and keyboard, in addition to a virtual (CDC) serial / COM port.
september 2013 by straup
Rachel Sakai, MFA Design 2014: [interaction practice] final project
My final project for this class mixed Processing and Arduino. The onscreen prompt asked you to type a message and press 'enter'. Processing encodes each letter into a row of half rectangles and sends the resulting pattern to the Arduino. The encoded rows below are for the letters r, a, and e.

My Arduino was hooked up to a thermal printer, and on button press, the printer printed out a strip of paper with your secret message and a time stamp.
papernet  arduino  barcode 
march 2013 by straup
ecto/duino - GitHub
"Arduino framework for node.js"
arduino  nodejs  javascript 
december 2011 by straup
Wireless Arduino Programming | Sean Carney's Website
"For an upcoming project (some Christmas lights) I need to place an Arduino in an out of the way place (attached to the soffit/fascia of my house) and be able to continue to modify the code running on it from the comfort of my desk. Time for a wireless programming link!"
arduino  xbee 
november 2011 by straup
Antique Weather Clock | Sean Carney's Website
"The Arduino runs a sketch that connects to the Environment Canada website after a set interval, parses the page which is received, and updates the hands accordingly. The Arduino also has a web server which hosts pages to the local network which provides a more detailed forecast, allows the update interval of the clock to be changed, and allows the temperature to be shown with or without windchill."
arduino  weather 
november 2011 by straup
HashNuke/Python-Arduino-Prototyping-API - GitHub
"The Python Arduino Prototyping API helps you to quickly prototype Arduino programs, without having to repeatedly load the program to the Arduino board."
python  arduino 
november 2011 by straup
Andy Gelme - Google+
"Upgrading to Mac OS X 10.7 stopped my Arduinos from being recognised by my MacBookPro ... problem solved after some head scratching"
arduino  osx 
july 2011 by straup
bildr » A Slow Display… E-Paper + Arduino
"Luckily for us, SparkFun started selling and E-Paper display, and breakout board finally bringing this great technology to a place where we can slap it on the back of our Arduinos." –– this is good
papernet  arduino  epaper 
june 2011 by straup
Adventures in Arduinoland: A "Minimal" Arduino/XBee/Pachube Sensor Network
"So with that in mind, I cut out the extraneous stuff, and just left the bare essentials: A remote sensor unit which transmits a single reading from a photocell once per minute to a base unit which connects to the internet and forwards the data on to Pachube."
arduino  pachube  xbee  bwr  sensorworld 
may 2011 by straup
russell davies: homesense bikemap
"If there are more than five bikes at one of these bike stations the relevant LED comes on. It's a glanceable guide to which way to walk when we head out. It's going on the wall by the door. No need to reach for a device, launch an app and navigate to our favourites."
geo  bicycle  ubicomp  russelldavies  arduino 
april 2011 by straup
arduino.js: JavaScript-to-Arduino I/O control interface
" An experimental JavaScript wrapper for the ActionScript "AS3Glue" library<br />
allowing for JavaScript <-> Flash <-> Socket/serial proxy <-> Arduino USB<br />
communication/control within a web browser. Needs Flash 9 + Firmata 2.0."
arduino  javascript  flash  hardware  from delicious
november 2010 by straup
Sustainable Suburbia: Datalogging & file storage with OpenLog
"As part of the Arduino Slave Network project, I thought it would be neat to port OpenLog to a suitable serial slave, and have it act as a central fileserver for the rest of the network. As the slaves are somewhat limited in their RAM resource, and cannot hold much data locally, having a central storage facility will be an asset to the system. In this way, slaves with sensors connected could record perhaps a hour's worth of data and then write it out to the communications network, where it could be loaded into the RAM buffer on the Master or Hub unit - but more importantly stored as a CSV file on the OpenLog slave."
arduino  hardware  buckets  from delicious
september 2010 by straup

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