Was There an AIDS Contract?
I heard about Jakob Segal's theory that the AIDS virus originated in a
US government biological warfare research laboratory in early 1989.
After some preliminary research, I was amazed to find that this shocking
theory had received no attention whatsoever in the mainstream American
press, and almost none in Europe.

The questions this theory raised were a matter of pure science, or so it
seemed to me. There were only three possibilities: 1) Segal was wrong;
2) he was right; 3) it could not be determined either way. I resolved to
find out which of these was true.
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7 days ago
Automate the Boring Stuff with Python
Practical programming for total beginners. Written by Al Sweigart.
Free to read under a Creative Commons license.
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10 days ago
Get Body Smart
An Online Examination of Human Anatomy and PhysiologyAnimated Text Narrations and Quizzes to Explain the Structures and Functions of the Human Body Systems.
24 days ago
Sylvia Rivera Law Project
The Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) works to guarantee that all people are free to self-determine their gender identity and expression, regardless of income or race, and without facing harassment, discrimination, or violence. SRLP is a collective organization founded on the understanding that gender self-determination is inextricably intertwined with racial, social and economic justice. Therefore, we seek to increase the political voice and visibility of low-income people and people of color who are transgender, intersex, or gender non-conforming. SRLP works to improve access to respectful and affirming social, health, and legal services for our communities. We believe that in order to create meaningful political participation and leadership, we must have access to basic means of survival and safety from violence.
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5 weeks ago
Porsche Little
the editor in chief of Drunk Magazine, and a new york based photographer challenging the everyday beauty standards in the industry, enjoy this tour- of a whole new side of Fashion.
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6 weeks ago
History is a Weapon
History isn't what happened, but a story of what happened. And there are always different versions, different stories, about the same events. One version might revolve mainly around a specific set of facts while another version might minimize them or not include them at all.
  Like stories, each of these different versions of history contain different lessons. Some histories tell us that our leaders, at least, have always tried to do right for everyone. Others remark that the emperors don't have the slaves' best interests at heart. Some teach us that this is both what has always been and what always will be. Others counsel that we shouldn't mistake transient dominance for intrinsic superiority. Lastly, some histories paint a picture where only the elites have the power to change the world, while others point out that social change is rarely commanded from the top down. Regardless of the value of these many lessons, History isn't what happened, but the stories of what happened and the lessons these stories include. The very selection of which histories to teach in a society shapes our view of how what is came to be and, in turn, what we understand as possible. This choice of which history to teach can never be "neutral" or "objective." Those who choose, either following a set agenda or guided by hidden prejudices, serve their interests. Their interests could be to continue this world as it now stands or to make a new world.
  We cannot simply be passive. We must choose whose interests are best: those who want to keep things going as they are or those who want to work to make a better world. If we choose the latter, we must seek out the tools we will need. History is just one tool to shape our understanding of our world. And every tool is a weapon if you hold it right.
7 weeks ago
Since Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014, discourse about racially targeted policing and imprisonment in the US has proliferated. This course will put current debates in context by exploring interdisciplinary materials that provide critical perspectives on policing, imprisonment and proposals for reform. We will examine policing and imprisonment in criminal punishment systems, immigration systems and psychiatric and medical systems, looking for overlaps and distinctions between how these systems implement policing and imprisonment. We will draw from intersectional feminist scholarship, critical disability studies, anti-colonial scholarship, critical ethnic studies, critical legal studies, and queer and trans studies. We will examine contemporary debates about approaches to reforming policing and imprisonment and the role of grassroots social movements in analyzing these systems, building pressure for change, and developing alternatives.
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7 weeks ago
ADAPT is a national grass-roots community that organizes disability rights activists to engage in nonviolent direct action, including civil disobedience, to assure the civil and human rights of people with disabilities to live in freedom.
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7 weeks ago
DAD Agency






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7 weeks ago
Takachizu is a community archive that identifies and reflects on that which is most valuable about Little Tokyo. Submit to our growing archive.
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7 weeks ago
Enjoy Public Art Gallery
Established in June 2000 as an artist-run initiative, Enjoy Public Art Gallery is a leading independent contemporary art space located in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. Located on Cuba Street, the gallery generates and facilitates contemporary art projects to support the development of new work and promote critical discourse across contemporary art practices.

This kaupapa is carried out through exhibitions, an annual residency, open calls for proposals, offsite projects, public programmes and publications. Enjoy provides both emerging and established practitioners with opportunities to develop new and innovative work.
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7 weeks ago
The Office For Curating
The Office for Curating is the generic name for a curatorial practice and an agency, formalised and established in 2012 by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, and currently active in and from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Both the naming and the seeming neutrality of this hybrid institute have been instigated to generate a buffer between oneself and the world, but foremost to be inclusive and responsive towards a multiplicity of different complexities, conditions, and temporalities, and to allow these influences to enter the frame and approach them curatorially. In that, The Office for Curating acts as an assembler of a growing programme of exhibitions (including publications, texts, and speech acts) and as a support structure for initiating exhibitions as a rise to the occasion – presented in different shapes and configurations, along different temporal structures and rhythms, as hosted by different institutions.
Preceded and represented by the image of a desk – commonly referred to as The Kidney or sometimes The President Desk, designed by Cees Braakman in 1962 – The Office for Curating is looking to expand and advance curatorial research methods and methodologies, as prompted by a physically grounded desk structure as an assembling template. Here, the desk’s surface facilitates an assembly of resources and their subsequent reshuffling and displacing from within a single space to a multitude of external locations, from fragments into analogies of examples and social assemblages. In that, The Office for Curating takes a strong interest in curatorial practice as a tool for thinking contemporary society through artistic practices. It examines social and political issues such as daily living and working conditions, cultural norms and ideologies – often intersected and informed by fictional devices and texts (scopic and non-scopic, audible and inaudible) as a means of approaching exhibitions more dimensionally, and to foreground a speculative response towards addressing complexity and working with it
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7 weeks ago
The Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania presents Endless Shout, a multi-artist performance project exploring collectivity and improvisation. Endless Shout asks how, why, and where performance and improvisation can take place inside a museum. Its name comes from a 1994 composition by George Lewis, who was referencing “Carolina Shout” (1921) by James P. Johnson.

Over the course of six months, five participants—Raúl de Nieves, Danielle Goldman, George Lewis, The Otolith Group, and taisha paggett—will oversee an unfolding series of performances and encounters within ICA’s exhibition spaces.
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7 weeks ago
Folder Studio
Visual identities, websites, publications and other printed and digital matter for cultural and commercial clients. Founded in 2013 by Jon Gacnik, Takumi Akin, and Wesley Chou.

1031 N. Broadway, Los Angeles

Select Clients:
Archinect, ArtCenter College of Design, Bloomberg Business, Building Block, David Kordansky Gallery, David Lynch Foundation, Doug Aitken, East of Borneo, ForYourArt, Ghostly International, Google Design, Hat & Beard Press, L.A. Forum for Architecture & Urban Design, LD Tuttle, Machine Project, Morphosis Architects, Parker Gallery, Processing Foundation, Red Bull Music Academy, UCLA Architecture Urban Design, UCLA Design Media Arts, X‑TRA Contemporary Arts Quarterly

Select Press:
It’s Nice That ( 1, 2, 3 ), Walker Art Center, Shoplifters, Google Design, Manystuff

Current & Past Collaborators:
Albert Lee, Adam Ferriss, Austin Redman, Ben Schwartz, Connie Chang, Erin Keeffe, Gleb Denisov, Jenny Hirons, Jon-Kyle Mohr, Marija Radisavljevic, Melia Tandiono, Richard Caceres, Sara Mon, Wilm Thoben
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7 weeks ago
A visual platform that helps you think.
Spend less time “liking” and more time thinking. Are.na frees your mind from distraction and lets you organize your internet more mindfully.
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7 weeks ago
The Normal Studio
This is the beginning of something special.
A partner, a playmate,
a place to experiment and create.
No formulas.
No pretensions.
All ideas and open for business.
We are Normal.
What we do is anything but.
design  normal 
7 weeks ago
Hyperobjects for Artists
A book of theory, essays, stories, and poems released in association with the exhibition Hyperobjects at Ballroom Marfa, which explores the overwhelming scale of today’s ecological crisis.
hyperobjects  objects  theory  essays  stories  poems  ecology  crisis  TimothyMorton 
7 weeks ago
Dalton Paula
Dalton Paula lives and works in Goiânia / Goiás-Brazil, holds a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and discusses the muted body in the urban environment. His productions propose a reflection on fear, ephemerality, individualism and otherness. He also works pictorialism contaminated by diverse languages ​​through his body in the field of intimacy. In 2018 he was one of the artists selected for the Triennial "Songs for Sabotage" of the New Museum in New York / USA, where he also made his artistic residency at the AnnexB for two months. He also joined the 11th Mercosul Visual Arts Biennial - "The Atlantic Triangle", in Porto Alegre / RS; and has works on the exhibition "Afro-Atlantic Stories" at MASP and Tomie Ohtake Institute. In 2017 he participated in the exhibition "The Atlantic Triangle", organized by the Goethe Institute in Lagos / Nigeria; composed the exhibitions "2ndChangjiang International Photography and Video Biennale" at Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art in Chongqing / China and "BERLIN SHOW # 5 - Collectors Loop" at GALERIAPLAN B in Berlin / Germany; and was among the finalists of the "6th edition of the Marcantonio Vilaça Award for the Plastic Arts (2017-2018)". He was one of the invited artists of the 32nd São Paulo Biennial, held in 2016 and in this same year, participated in the Multidisciplinary Occupy Brazil Project, at the Superior Institute of Art in Havana / Cuba. In 2015, he presented in São Paulo / SP, the individual "Amansa-Senhor" at Sé Galeria, where in 2014 he made his first solo exhibition "And a serene and imperceptible earthquake devastated the city ..."; and this
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8 weeks ago
Mickalene Thomas
New York-based artist Mickalene Thomas is best known for her elaborate paintings composed of rhinestones, acrylic and enamel.

Mickalene Thomas (lives and works in Brooklyn, NY) makes paintings, collages, photography, video, and installations that draw on art history and popular culture to create a contemporary vision of female sexuality, beauty, and power. Blurring the distinction between object and subject, concrete and abstract, real and imaginary, Thomas constructs complex portraits, landscapes, and interiors in order to examine how identity, gender, and sense-of-self are informed by the ways women (and “feminine” spaces) are represented in art and popular culture.
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8 weeks ago
Chicago Imagists
The Chicago Imagists are a group of representational artists associated with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago who exhibited at the Hyde Park Art Center in the late 1960s.

Their work was known for grotesquerie, surrealism and complete uninvolvement with New York art world trends. Critic Ken Johnson referred to Chicago Imagism as "the postwar tradition of fantasy-based art making."[1] Senior Chicago magazine editor Christine Newman said, "Even with the Beatles and the Vietnam War in the forefront, the artists made their own way, staking out their time, their place, and their work as an unforgettable happening in art history."[2] The Imagists had an unusually high proportion of female artists.

There are three distinct groups which, outside of Chicago, are indiscriminately bundled together as Imagists: The Monster Roster, The Hairy Who, and The Chicago Imagists.
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8 weeks ago
Jim Nut | Wikipedia
James T. Nutt (born November 28, 1938) is an American artist who was a founding member of the Chicago surrealist art movement known as the Chicago Imagists, or the Hairy Who. Though his work is inspired by the same pop culture that inspired Pop Art, journalist Web Behrens says Nutt's "paintings, particularly his later works, are more accomplished than those of the more celebrated Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein."[1] According to Museum of Contemporary Art curator Lynne Warren, Nutt is "the premier artist of his generation". Nutt attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, in Chicago, Illinois. He is married to fellow-artist and Hairy Who member Gladys Nilsson.
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8 weeks ago
Lena Henke
Lena Henke is a contemporary artist who lives and works in New York.
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8 weeks ago
Bbeyond came into being early in 2001, both as a result of individual artists interests in the Performance Art genre but also as an indirect result of a proposal made by Artur Tajber from Kraków, Poland, during a Catalyst Arts discussion in 1998. Artur proposed that a more formal link be established between Belfast and Krakow/Poland. His proposal was based on a series of previous projects between artists in Kraków and Belfast, including: Polish-Irish Exchange started in mid eighties (initiated by Alastair MacLennan, Gerry Gleason, Pawel Chawinski and Artur Tajber), experience of gt gallery in Kraków and its exchange programme, Available Resources – Orchard Gallery, Derry 1991, Free City of Kraków – Bunker Sztuki, Kraków 1995, and 24 Hour (Equinox project) – Fort Sztuki, Kraków, 1997.

Brian Patterson and Malgosia Butterwick began discussions on establishing a further project between both cities. As result of their initial discussions, an informal committee was established, which included Brian Patterson, Malgosia Butterwick, Alastair Mac Lennan, Peter Richards, Brian Kennedy, Rainer Pagel, and Brian Connolly. This committee was formalised into Bbeyond on 22nd May 2001 and a Mission Statement was developed:

Bbeyond is committed to promoting the practice of performance art and artists in Northern Ireland and further afield. Our aim is to raise people’s consciousness of live/performance art as being integral to the world in and around us, inspiring reflection and enriching lived experience.

We host artists of international reputation throughout the performance art world and encourage newer artists to experience performance art practices for themselves. Bbeyond encourages greater access to and appreciation of this visually based art form, through facilitating modes of active private/public participation, allowing people from all sectors of society, not just the traditional arts, to experience and enjoy performance art directly.

This hypothesis for Bbeyond has a two-fold nature, one the ‘actual’, the other liminal, one based on the physical/literal journey, the other on a more elusive journeying through the process of being and becoming.

The literal, overtly physical aspect deals with the location of Belfast and hosts international artists here to present work alongside local artists, thereby increasing the knowledge and consciousness of performance art here and increasing opportunities for local artists to travel abroad.

The liminal nature deals with transition, transformation and transcendence. This is the more subtle aspect and the power of the work rests in that it can only be realised in the process of actual being and doing. “Bbeyond” has the potential to become a directional force towards a lived philosophy of being, that continues long after the framing of any specific performance has ended, becoming the real transitioning and transforming energy in the life consciousness of the practitioner, to literally ‘be beyond’.
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9 weeks ago
Internet Art Book Fair
INTERNET ART BOOK FAIR is a project by Leah Mackin, who in addition to still being shocked that this URL was available, is wholly grateful to the robust lineage and history of artists utilizing the book form, the proliferation of art book fairs, the power of publishing, and the magic of the Internet.

and as if this wasn't enough...
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9 weeks ago
Liza Lou
Born in New York City, Liza Lou emerged in 1996 when her room-size sculpture, Kitchen was shown at the New Museum in New York. Representing five years of solo labor, this ground breaking work, now in the Whitney Museum's permanent collection, utilized glass beads as an index of intensive labor and it engaged the materiality and social consciousness that continues to underscore her practice today.

Lou has exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo; Fondation Cartier, France, Contemporary Art Museum, Houston, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Lou’s work has been featured in solo exhibitions at Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf; Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Norway; Fundacio Joan Miró, Barcelona; SCAD Museum of Art, Georgia; Aspen Art Museum, Colorado; the Bass Museum of Art, Miami and the Neuberger Museum of Art, New York. Her work has also been featured internationally at the 5th Biennale de Lyon d'art Contemporain, France; Taipei Biennial, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan and ARS 01, KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki.

In 2005, Lou moved to South Africa, where she established a studio with Zulu beadworkers. Today she divides her time between her studios in Los Angeles and KwaZulu-Natal. Lou is the recipient of a 2013 Anonymous was a Woman Award and she is a 2002 MacArthur Fellow.
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9 weeks ago
Super Future Kid
My work is largely based on themes that strongly relate to certain ideas of childhood and youth, a time that still has a great influence on my personality and artistic identity.
I am deeply fascinated with the perception and perspective on the world from the view of an adolescent mind, and particularly in ideas of the mysteries and strangeness associated with being grown up. Those ideas include the realms of character identity, curious behaviour and spirituality as well as games and playfulness, and lastly the idea of the freedom of the youthful spirit itself.

The medium of Painting serves me as a very sensual tool in this respect. Paint is a very primal substance that constantly evokes my curiosity. I am also fascinated by its power to create a whole world of its own, an entirely non-verbal space. Most of all do I see the act of painting as an ongoing extension of my own childhood, it allows me to explore ideas that are deeply rooted within myself and therefore help me to continuously map out and shape my identity as an artist and in the end as a human being.
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9 weeks ago
Gil Bruvel
"I am an artist because it is the conduit to release the ideas and visuals I carry daily. Since I was a little boy I have pursued my own exploration of creativity, rooted in the unconscious mind and nurtured with daily practice using a variety of mediums of artistic expression. I am very passionate about my new Flow Series. The overwhelming feeling of purpose and expression I felt started with the idea of using ribbons as lines of energy to show the complex intersections of beauty and pain, inner and outer, the ephemeral and the eternal now, we are capable of experiencing every day." ---- Gil Bruvel

Artist. Sculptor. Creative Force. Dreamer. Visionary. Craftsman. Aesthete.
The first seven of many monikers that come to mind when considering the force of will and majesty that is contained in the work and mind of the Wimberley, Texas artist Gil Bruvel.
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9 weeks ago
Ron English
One of the most prolific and recognizable artists alive today, Ron English has bombed the global landscape with unforgettable images, on the street, in museums, in movies, books and television. English coined the term POPaganda to describe his signature mash-up of high and low cultural touchstones, from superhero mythology to totems of art history, populated with his vast and constantly growing arsenal of original characters, including MC Supersized, the obese fast-food mascot featured in the hit movie “Supersize Me,” and Abraham Obama, the fusion of America’s 16th and 44th Presidents, an image widely discussed in the media as directly impacting the 2008 election. Other characters carousing through English’s art, in paintings, billboards, and sculpture include three-eyed rabbits, udderly delicious cowgirls and grinning skulls, blending stunning visuals with the bitingly humorous undertones of America’s Premier Pop Iconoclast.
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9 weeks ago
Carolyn Drake
Carolyn Drake is interested in photography as a medium for reshaping reality and history, and for its uncanny capacity to activate human emotions. Initially known for her lyrical approach to documentary work, she has most recently earned acclaim for her visual collaborations, through which the traditional divide between author and subject, as well as other accepted binaries, are brought into question.

Drake lived in Istanbul for nearly a decade, developing personal projects and working on commissions in Turkey, Ukraine, Central Asia, and China. She was drawn to working in communities whose identities resist domination and authoritative definition. Drake returned to the US in 2014 and is now based in Vallejo, California, from where she is currently looking at the performance of community in the US – the gendering of space, safety and surveillance, and the role that photography and digital worlds play in seeing and defining ourselves at home.

Drake’s awards include the Guggenheim Fellowship, the Lange Taylor Prize, a Fulbright Fellowship, and the Anamorphosis prize, among others. Her independently-published photo books have received wide attention, and have recently been translated as installations, including recent solo shows at SFMOMA and the Houston Center for Photography. She is a graduate of Brown University and an associate at Magnum Photos.
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9 weeks ago
Grace Weaver
Born 1989 in Burlington, Vermont

Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY
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9 weeks ago
nibble blog
Nibbleblog is a powerful engine for creating blogs, all you need is PHP to work. Very simple to install and configure (only 1 step)
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9 weeks ago
Since its inception THE THING has provided a flexible and supportive venue for developing, presenting and distributing innovative forms of on-line activism, media art and cultural criticism concerned with exploring the possibilities of electronic networks.

THE THING was founded in 1991 by artist Wolfgang Staehle and became a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation in September 1998. Prior to that date it was supported entirely by the dedication and enthusiasm of a community of volunteer activists and artists. Even with these limited resources THE THING quickly gained a reputation as a center for new media practice and theory, social forums and on-line art projects.

Initially, in 1991, THE THING took the form of a dial-up bulletin board system (BBS) that facilitated discussion and experimentation, primarily within the New York City arts communities. In 1995 THE THING launched its website http://bbs.thing.net, expanding and intensifying its efforts through initiating individual and collaborative efforts with an extraordinary variety of emerging and established artists. This website currently undergoes restoration and will be back as an online archive by the end of 2009.

Over the last two decades, THE THING has played a seminal role not just in fostering a generation of network-oriented activist, artists, critics, and curators, but also - and equally important - searching out ways to interconnect their diverse interests and activities. It is no exaggeration to say that the list of people and projects THE THING has supported comprises a who's who of contemporary electronic culture.
activism  art  cultural-criticism  website 
10 weeks ago
The House That Herman Built
In 2003 Jackie Sumell asked Herman Wallace a very simple question:


Herman Wallace spent over 4-decades in solitary confinement in the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. On October 1st, 2013 his conviction was overturned Herman left the prison unshackled, free and innocent in the eyes of the law. Less than three days later Herman joined the ancestors passing peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by supporters who loved him dearly.

The House That Herman Built is an on-going (he)art project that radically transformed the lives of both Jackie Sumell and Herman Wallace. It began as a simple exchange between two and over the course of a decade has expanded into an international art exhibition, a book, a documentary film and now it is in the fundraising stages to build Herman Wallace’s dream home in the city of New Orleans- where Herman grew up and Jackie now lives. Please stay tuned as we ultimately transform this great loss into the visuals of resounding victory- to honor Herman Wallace, the legacy of his struggle and the struggle of all people forced to endure wrongful convictions and the inhumane conditions of long term solitary confinement.

In the wake of Herman’s death, this project continues to elevate the conversation around the practice of long term solitary confinement in hopes of bringing it to an end. At present, more than 80,000 people are held in isolation in US jails, prisons, and detention centers. Solitary confinement places prisoners in single cell isolation for a minimum of 23 hours a day, 7 days a week. The context for this struggle is informed by the reality that the United States is the greatest incarcerator in the world, maintaining 5% of the world’s population and 25% of its prison population. 97% of those who are incarcerated will be released back to our communities.

Herman’s House is intended to spur debate, interrupt the status quo and to bring about positive change- pushing humankind in the direction of compassion, kindness, and prison abolition.

All Power to the People.
11 weeks ago
Memory of the World
The vision of the Memory of the World is that the world’s documentary heritage belongs to all, should be fully preserved and protected for all and, with due recognition of cultural mores and practicalities, should be permanently accessible to all without hindrance.

The mission of the Memory of the World is:

To facilitate preservation, by the most appropriate techniques, of the world’s documentary heritage.This may be done by direct practical assistance, by the dissemination of advice and information and the encouragement of training, or by linking sponsors with timely and appropriate projects.
To assist universal access to documentary heritage. This will include encouragement to make digitized copies and catalogues available on the Internet, as well as the publication and distribution of books, CDs, DVDs, and other products, as widely and equitably as possible. Where access has implication for custodians, these are respected. Legislative and other limitations on the accessibility of archives are recognised. Cultural sensitivities, including indigeneous communities’ custodianship of their materials, and their guardianship of access will be honoured. Private property rights are guaranteed in law.
To increase awareness worldwide of the existence and significance of documentary heritage. Means include, but are not limited to, developing the Memory of the World registers, the media, and promotional and information publications. Preservation and access, of themselves, not only complement each other – but also raise awareness, as access demand stimulates preservation work. The making of access copies, to relieve pressure on the use of preservation materials, is encouraged.
books  library  ebooks  catalog  preservation 
11 weeks ago
Twisted Spoon Press
Twisted Spoon Press is an independent small press based in Prague, publishing English translations of writing from Central and Eastern Europe.
independent-publishing  small-press  Prague  translation  blog  Tumblr 
11 weeks ago
Jose Torres-Tama
I aspire to forge performances that exemplify a divine marriage between experimental form and socially conscious content. I cannot bask in a privilege I'm not afforded to make experimental theater about nothing because the urgency confronting my brown body
and my immigrant community is far from abstract. -JTT
art  artist  performace  performanceart  met-at-the-library 
september 2018
Trusted House Sitters
Helping pet lovers travel
Keeping pets happy at home, sitters stay for free & owners travel without worry
pets  travel  houses 
september 2018
Help Exchange, HelpX for short, was launched back in April 2001 by Rob Prince from England. He has travelled extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand over several years, during which time he worked at several locations for accommodation and sometimes for meals as well. These places were usually farms or backpackers' hostels. He sometimes used the casual system where owners of farms ask for help by putting up notices on hostel notice boards. There are also schemes producing booklets that list such places. But, realising the best way for many prospective helpers to find suitable hosts was via a system that operated online and finding there was no such thing available, he decided to develop one himself. It was a great opportunity to put his new Web development skills to use after gaining a Diploma in Internet Technology.

HelpX has steadily grown over the years both by number of hosts and helpers, as well as by continual further development adding new features and improvements all the time. Two years after HelpX was launched Rob had a life changing accident whilst paragliding which resulted in extensive injuries to his lower legs and feet. Due to complications Rob could not walk unaided for nearly 4 years and even now has only limited mobility. What was a disaster for Rob proved to be a boost for HelpX as Rob was stuck at home for along time. To make good use of his time and keep his mind off his predicament, he channelled most of his energy into further developing HelpX.

Now that Rob is well enough to travel, and now that HelpX has grown, Rob is visiting hosts, advising them how to get the most out of the HelpX system. He is getting direct feedback on how well it is working from both hosts' and helpers' perspectives. From this feedback he is finding even more ways to fine-tune and further develop the HelpX system.

We hope you find Help Exchange to be a useful service. Help Exchange relies heavily on word of mouth for new members to discover the service, so please pass the word on to others who may be interested in it. You may wish to put up a poster at your local hosts, backpacker hostel, information centre, internet cafe, etc. Click here for our poster page.
travel  resource  networks  help 
september 2018
The Creative Independent
Our logo is a spiral. We like spirals because they’re about circling back to a core idea over time, something all creative people must do to create whatever it is they’re creating.

“You will circle through some of the issues over and over, each time at a different level. There is no such thing as being done with an artistic life. Frustrations and rewards exist at all levels on the path. Our aim here is to find the trail, establish our footing, and begin the climb.” — Julia Cameron, The Artists' Way
You can read more about our spiral in this note.

Mission & Existence
The Creative Independent is a growing resource of emotional and practical guidance for creative people. Our goal is to educate, inspire, and grow the community of people who create or dream of creating. The Creative Independent is ad-free and published by Kickstarter, PBC.

Schedule & Format
Each weekday we publish one interview or how-to guide featuring a different type of working artist—including musicians, authors, filmmakers, dancers, designers, visual artists, and others. Conversations explore themes like collaboration, beginnings, process, failure, triumph, fear and anxiety, and bouncing back. Guides explore the practical sides of making new work, and living life as a creative person. Sometimes, we publish other types of things—such as resource collections, essays, podcasts, or drawings. You can see what’s new each week by visiting our Homepage, or you can explore specific topics or content types by browsing our Archive. Each interview also features a few personal recommendations (tools, books, films, etc) from the interviewee—you can explore some of what’s been recommended via our Library.
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september 2018
The small content management system that can handle big ideas.

Textpattern CMS is an elegant content management system that is free, open source software. Web designers, developers, publishers and bloggers love its flexibility and extensibility. It has a powerful, sophisticated engine that can be infinitely tuned to suit whatever type of website you can imagine.

Who is it for?
With its built-in simplicity, a blogger can start publishing in minutes. Designers and developers appreciate the ability to control all aspects of HTML and CSS from the administration interface, and with hundreds of plugins available, the power of Textpattern CMS is easily extended.

How does it work?
Textpattern uses built-in tags to determine how dynamic content should be retrieved and displayed. You have complete control over the content and presentation, making the CMS both simple and elegant to use.

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september 2018
anchor cms
Anchor is a super-simple,
lightweight blog system,
made to let you just write.
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september 2018
Of Relationship Anarchy, accessibility & sitting shiva | Rotten Zucchinis
Someone in my life died about a month ago. It was a long time coming. It was also the first time I’d actually been through the process of sitting shiva.

I believe in shiva— it makes sense to me for a lot of reasons. But there was a disconnect between why I believe in it and what it was like because of the disconnect between me and my family-of-origin, including some things that are enforced through accessibility issues. I’ve been thinking about all of that. And it fundamentally boils down to a voluntary-yet-coercive model of interactions and commitments.

The anarchism of Relationship Anarchy is a good tool to explain that… but before that would make any sense, I need to explain what that means and how it’s disconnected from what “Relationship Anarchy” commonly means today. And apparently, all that ended up being an 6-part series…
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september 2018
Sator Press
Sator Press is a nonprofit publishing company founded by Ken Baumann in 2009. Its madness: produce and promote challenging literature, and do so slowly and sustainably. Its method: Ken edits, designs, publishes, promotes, sells, and ships its books. For a look into the ethics of buying a book from Sator (and publishing with Sator), click here. For a list of indie bookstores that stock independent publishers, click here. (And I've been pronouncing it "sah-tor".)
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august 2018
Small Press Distribution Books
When you buy a book from Small Press Distribution, you don't just get something terrific to read: you help independent publishers and writers keep more money from their projects, which in turn helps nurture and sustain the literary arts as a whole.

Because we're a nonprofit, everything we do is aimed at helping essential but underrepresented literary communities participate fully in the marketplace and in the culture at large. We do this by offering book distribution, information services, and public advocacy programs to hundreds of small publishers.

Buy a book from SPD, enjoy a great read, and support the literary community!

At SPD, we connect readers with writers through independently published literature. Founded in 1969, SPD is currently the only distributor in the country dedicated exclusively to independently published literature.

Diversity, inclusion, and a safe working environment for all represent core SPD values. Toward demonstrating our commitment to ensuring that all corners of the literary community are as safe as possible, we are proud to be partnering with VIDA in promoting the SaferLIT pledge.
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august 2018
WikiSpooks was established in 2010 as a collaborative space for the joint re-examination of recent history.[2] We research people and groups not subject to proper scrutiny by corporate media and as such, poorly treated by Wikipedia. WikiSpooks is particularly focused on those official narratives which do not seem to fit the facts, such as the 9/11 event and concepts such as the "war on terror" or the "war on drugs".
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july 2018
Sarah Davachi
Sarah Davachi (b. 1987, Calgary, Canada) holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Calgary, and a master's degree in electronic music and recording media from Mills College in Oakland, California where she studied with Maggi Payne, James Fei, and David Bernstein. As a composer and performer of electroacoustic music, Davachi's projects are primarily concerned with disclosing the delicate psychoacoustics of intimate aural spaces, utilizing extended durations and simple harmonic structures that emphasize subtle variations in overtone complexity, temperament and intonation, and natural resonances. The instrumentation she employs is varied, including analog synthesizers, piano, electric organ, pipe and reed organ, voice, analog samplers, orchestral strings, and woodwinds, with mutual idioms often layered in textural and timbral counterpoint. Similarly informed by minimalist tenets of the 1960s and 1970s, baroque leanings toward slow-moving chordal suspensions, and experimental production practices of the studio environment, in her sound is manifest an experience that lessens apprehension of consonance and dissonance in likeness of the familiar and the distant.

Her work as a researcher considers aspects of organology, archival study, phenomenology, and hermeneutics and has been published and presented in North America and Europe. Between 2007 and 2017, Davachi also had the unique opportunity to work for the National Music Centre in Canada as an interpreter and content developer of their collection of acoustic and electronic keyboard instruments. She has held artist residencies at The Banff Centre for the Arts (Banff, Canada), STEIM (Amsterdam, Netherlands), WORM (Rotterdam, Netherlands), EMS (Stockholm, Sweden), OBORO (Montréal, Canada), and MESS (Melbourne, Australia) and is the recipient of grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and SOCAN. In addition to her recorded output, including 2018's Let Night Come On Bells End The Day on Recital and 2017's All My Circles Run on Students of Decay, Davachi has toured extensively across the globe and has shared the stage with artists such as Donald Buchla, Morton Subotnick, Aki Onda, Grouper, Arnold Dreyblatt, Ariel Kalma, Alessandro Cortini, Oren Ambarchi, Aaron Dilloway, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Ellen Arkbro, Loren Connors, and filmmaker Paul Clipson. She is currently a doctoral student in musicology at UCLA and is based in Los Angeles, California.
music  composer  art  artist  electroacoustic 
july 2018
And Other Stories
And Other Stories publishes some of the best in contemporary writing, including many translations. We aim to push people’s reading limits and help them discover authors of adventurous and inspiring writing. And we want to open up publishing so that from the outside it doesn’t look like some posh freemasonry. For example, as we said in this piece in The Guardian, we think more of the English publishing industry should move out of London.

And Other Stories is readers, editors, writers, translators and subscribers. While our books are distributed widely through bookshops, it’s our subscribers’ support that makes the books happen. We now have about 1,000 active subscribers in over 40 countries, receiving up to 6 books a year.

We also have reading groups where people can help us unearth and discuss great foreign books we could publish in English. Curious about our reading groups? Follow The Guardian or Publishing Perspectives to one of our reading groups. ‘The future of publishing?’ Why not?! We love the books we’re publishing and we hope you will, too.
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july 2018
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