Wagtail 1.8.1 migration issue, migration erroneously reporting duplicate renditions · Issue #3420 · wagtail/wagtail · GitHub
django.db.utils.IntegrityError: could not create unique index "bylandeng_customrendition_image_id_322fb02e_uniq"
DETAIL: Key (image_id, filter_spec, focal_point_key)=(167, , ) is duplicated.
wagtail  byland 
Configuring JIRA's SMTP mail server to send notifications - Atlassian Documentation
mail address for this field (e.g. jira@example-company.com). JIRA will
jira  tracker 
6 days ago
aptitude install fcgiwrap
npfs  nginx 
8 days ago
Can't receive incoming calls or texts - Page 2 - Virgin Media Community
ve changed my voicemail greeting, but people trying to call me are still getting my old greeting which suggests that incoming calls are still being routed to the old Virgin/EE network. 789 was no help at all.
9 days ago
Bandicam installation completed successfully!
screen capture video making software as used by Borodante
25 days ago
byHands | Hanne Berkaak
maker of self harm animated short
illustrator  animator 
4 weeks ago
Creating abstract compositions with Blender - BlenderNation
recommend people experimenting with 3D compositions, but most importantly I really wish people would open their minds to abstraction. It’s super relaxing but more than that, it’s such a great practice for understanding how objects, colors and textures interact with each other. If you have any questions or if you’re doing something similar with Blender and want to share it with someone, you can find me as @ikyste pretty much everywhere. :)
4 weeks ago
Parallel vs Concurrent in Node.js
Concurrent operation means that two computations can both make progress and advance regardless of the other.
nodejs  npfs 
5 weeks ago
javascript - Round to at most 2 decimal places (only if necessary) - Stack Overflow
I'd like to round at most 2 decimal places, but only if necessary.
5 weeks ago
Huawei P8 Lite 2017 review: Can this slick-looking pretender match Moto? | Expert Reviews
The Huawei P8 Lite 2017 is a dual-SIM smartphone that features a 5.2in Full HD display, a fingerprint reader and an octa-core processor, and runs on Android 7 Nougat. Its price? £185. In fact, you can even find it for as low as £149 if you get with a Vodafone PAYG SIM, which makes it a pretty good deal.
6 weeks ago
Paint.NET - Features
simon recommended graphics software
Software  windows 
6 weeks ago
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