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5 weeks ago
Bayside Marketplace | Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp.
In December 2014, General Growth Partners sold 49 percent of Bayside’s ground lease agreement with the city of Miami to New York City-based Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp. The land underneath the waterfront shopping center is owned by the city. Ashkenazy took over management of Bayside on Jan. 1 of last year.

A GGP spokesperson said the company no longer owns a stake in Bayside Marketplace, though the mall is listed on its website.
Between September 2016 and September of this year, Bayside Marketplace filed eviction lawsuits against 15 tenants, including Miami Waves, according to the Miami-Dade Circuit Court online docket. However, Giller claims Bayside has moved to evict 40 tenants since Ashkenazy took over.
5 weeks ago
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