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NCC approves transfer of 800MHz spectrum to MTN
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
MTN  Nigeria  Africa  spectrum  800MHz  2019 
8 days ago by stevesong
MTN interested in available 4G spectrum -
MTN Ghana has made enquiries into the available remaining 2x5MHz spectrum lots in the 800MHz band for its future network expansion.
Ghana  Africa  2019  spectrum  auction  800MHz  MTN 
16 days ago by stevesong
MTN acquires selected assets of Goldkey - Graphic Online
As part of its network expansion plan, Scancom Plc, (MTN Ghana) has confirmed the acquisition of what it described as “the individually identifiable and selected assets of Goldkey Limited including its spectrum in 2600 MHz band”.
Ghana  Africa  2019  MTN  GoldKey  spectrum  misc  2600MHz 
25 days ago by stevesong
Big win for Jamii Telecom in Sh2.5bn licence fees push - Business Daily
Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom will, however, miss out on law change benefit owing to shareholding.
Kenya  2019  Africa  spectrum  700MHz  auction 
25 days ago by stevesong
Mauritania reopens 4G spectrum sale
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
Africa  2019  Mauritania  spectrum  auction 
9 weeks ago by stevesong
NCA to Accept Bids for 4G Spectrum - Tech Voice Africa
Ghana's telecoms regulator the National Communications Authority (NCA) is yet to decide whether to accept bids by Vodafone and Quantum Oil for two 5MHz slots of the available 800MHz spectrum, or reinitiate the tendering process
Africa  Ghana  spectrum  2018  auction  800mhz 
november 2018 by stevesong
Vodacom é a primeira Operadora a lançar tecnologia 4G em Moçambique
Vodacom é a primeira Operadora a lançar tecnologia 4G em Moçambique
Africa  mozambique  4G  LTE  spectrum  2018 
october 2018 by stevesong
TCRA invites comments on 700MHz spectrum auction procedure
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
Africa  Tanzania  spectrum  auction  700MHz  2018 
september 2018 by stevesong
Mozambique to conduct 4G auction on 25 October | Balancing Act - Africa
In the 800MHz range, five lots of 2×5MHz will be sold, with a reserve price of USD15 million per lot, while six blocks of 2×5MHz will be auctioned at 1800MHz, with a minimum bid of USD30 million per lot. At 2600MHz, meanwhile, nine packets of 2×5MHz spectrum are on offer, with each lot carrying a reserve price of USD15 million. If all frequencies are sold the auction will raise at least USD390 million.
Africa  mozambique  2018  spectrum  auction  800MHz  2600MHz  1800MHz 
september 2018 by stevesong
Airtel sets for massive network transformation
Tanzania\'s leading online News Edition (The National Newspaper). Get access to the most current and latest authoritative news on local issues, politics, events, celebrations, editorial, columnists, features, people and business
Tanzania  Africa  3G  2017  spectrum  900mhz 
november 2017 by stevesong
Rural areas to receive improved 3G through 900MHz rollout
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
Ghana  900MHz  Africa  spectrum  3G  2017 
september 2017 by stevesong
NCA Holds Workshop On TV White Space Spectrum Regulatory Framework
The National Communications Authority (NCA) is developing a Regulatory Framework for the operation of a new internet technology called Television White Space...
Ghana  Africa  2016  TVWS  dynamic  spectrum 
august 2017 by stevesong
Ghana's govt rejects calls for 4G license price slash - ITWeb Africa
US$67.5m price tag "reasonable" says country's communications minister.
Ghana  Africa  spectrum  auction  2017  800mhz 
july 2017 by stevesong
Gigaba's action plan for spectrum | ITWeb
The web's community of communities now has one central hub.
SouthAfrica  spectrum  Africa  auction  2017 
july 2017 by stevesong
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